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  3. I agree if it's one or the other but including them all we'd be very deep. I think we have yet to see Conte have a full squad as he'd like it. If he has more players he could trust we'd see much more rotation than last season when we used more or less 15 players. Luiz, Kante, Hazard, Moses and Alonso played even when they had knocks or needed a rest. Hopefully we get to a point where we can sit them down for a weekend and let them recover properly.
  4. The broadcasting companies just won a court case to force internet service providers to crack down on illegal PL streams. Expect it to be more difficult this season, this is only in uk mind you.
  5. New assistant coach Antonio Prewigo
  6. I never support not signing players that improve the squad in place of giving youth a shot, not how modern elite football works but paying for Barkley and ox even lorente the prices they want....will they improve us other than depth? You could argue ox is versitile and quick, got experience, Barkley I think could be very good if he was consistent but he is a risk, do we have any youth that are as good, if we do play them instead. This boga kid looks good, Baker....not seen enough, but he looks extremely technical, do we have anyone else good enough that we can say bring them on he will do a job like ox would? We sold or loaned our best youth, why sell ake and buy ox for more, is he better? Is Barkley better than RLC or chalobah? I get why we don't play youth and agree, it's about the best men available in the pitch, but under that philosophy why buy these level players that will have minimal impact,
  7. Agree but llorente can be a good plan B (or maybe C) and Ox can cover a couple of positions that we are short on. As for barkley, cant get my head around the rumors.
  8. Yea I later read that, he also sh*t on Tottenham a bit which isn't a bad thing.
  9. Bar Sandro the rest are average footballers imo.
  10. Barkley would be a redundant and useless signing. If we want a "wha-if" scenario to play out, I would rather hope we do it with Baker/Musonda/Boga than with an over-rated player like Barkley.
  11. We'd have a very good squad with those 4 tho
  12. 180mil-ish. Barkley (40mil), Ox (40mil), Llorente (30mil) and Sandro (70mil). Crazy insane rates.
  13. That would be another 140 odd million, doubt that would be happening.
  14. Contes said himself we tried to get him
  15. Yesterday
  16. If from here we signed Sandro, Llorente, Barkley and Oxlade-Chamberlain I struggle to think how we could have had a better realistic window.
  17. This is easily the most beautiful and haunting John Barry composition ever
  18. Fabulous music, who don't love john Barry
  19. Top, top Tune
  20. I really rate him but yeah i'd be shocked if he's our top scorer. I was going to say I hope he is but not sure if it's liklier that means we've had a disappointing season or not.
  21. People are so used to seeing sh*t English players being overrated, they assume all English players are overrated.
  22. Must have been watching a different match because that was entirely JT's fault.
  23. He wasn't short on effort to be fair but he looked incapable of pressing to a good standard, he kept trying and it kept looking worse. It was exaggerated even more because Lingard and Rashford were two whippets either side of him. He's a big unit so in fairness a stateside Mourinho pre-season will take it out of him more than others.
  24. It's good to be seen "taking care" of these players. It shows that you will be looked after and contracts honoured, club still acting in your best interests even if it is clear you will never make it at the club. It's a good look for the business model. If we cut ties as soon as we thought a player isn't going to make it or isn't going to show a profit then it'd be much harder to attract certain profiles of player in the future.
  25. What a load of B*llocks, Our beloved JT does him with a sneaky knee in the thigh, all JTs own doing, and Sanchez would be the Best signing we could feasibly make this window!!!!
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