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  2. London Underground

    Should be fine, maybe don't hang around too long after the final whistle as there can be a bit of a queue.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    Remember Batshuayi steps up in the Champs League too, he can beat Atletico!
  4. Alvaro Morata

    You may be right about that Mod. It was the Batshuayi comparison that felt bizarre. Good to see you posting.
  6. Alvaro Morata

    That's the thing though Davey, it's easy to forget about the player once they've moved on (or it went sour with the club) in which, I think most are doing with Costa. How many games did Costa step up when we needed him, and win the game like Morata vs Utd. I'm not taking shots at Morata, I like him and hope he becomes a striker that is up there every season for us, but for me, at the moment, he isn't as reliable or confident in front of goal as Costa was for us, not by some stretch. Yes I saw the same yesterday in the champions league
  7. Alvaro Morata

    Bizarre. Costa started like a house on fire for us but I wonder if he had as many goals for us after as many games, remembering that Morata has missed a few with injury. Morata's been brilliant and I just can't understand your comparison with Batshuayi, who has no idea how to play up front on his own, although he will score goals. Batshuayi is just a very limited footballer and it's clear Conte doesn't trust him. Morata is better in the air than Costa, by far, he's faster, his link-up play is better, he's more skilful, and he'll get more goals. He'll easily surpass Costa's 20 if he stays fit, because although he misses chances, he also puts them away, and crucially the chances keep coming his way, because his movement and positioning is so good. All strikers miss chances. Morata is scoring crucial goals, big goals in big games, winners, opening goals. Costa invariably went missing in big games. Lest we forget, in both our title winning seasons of late, Costa faded badly in the latter half, when the pressure was on. It was Hazard that drove us over the line on both occasions. Given the choice, I don't see too many people taking Costa over Morata right now, and as for Batshuayi, he's at least one tier below them two in my opinion. I'm not saying there aren't better than Morata out there, but I don't think we could have done much better, given the options. He's been as good as any of us could have expected, and his goal against Utd was simply a great header. When we needed him he produced. He was absolutely brilliant that day. He gets injured and we're relying on Batshuayi our season takes a very different course in my opinion.
  8. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Your right. After Argentina 78 World Cup. My mum worked in a sports shop and the real thing was 60£! Mitre Multiplex 2.5 was around 25-30£ I found one in a tree at the Bank of England sports club which was near Barnes I think in 1980. Fantastic ball, lasted for ages and all my mates loved using it. Heavier than lesser priced balls but helped build your leg power for long passing and shooting.
  9. I'm not really worried about Liverpool. I like the way Chelsea are playing offensively. We seem to be having big team mentality these days and I think if we go and attack we will outscore these guys since our defence will likely concede less than theirs. These guys ship in lots of goals. Sevilla wasted chances in the first half and I think Hazard won't waste like that. I see us beating them 3-1
  10. I’d rather have Rudiger playing on the left over Cahill to support Alonso with his pace. Dave is generally solid wherever he plays but he’s very one footed (the game on Wednesday reminded me) and we need the width the wingbacks provide.
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I confess I did have the Don Rodgers Palace shirt, white with the thick claret and blue vertical stripes. The collar was so tight it hurt my ears getting it on and off.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    Agree with the first part :) Morata's play is just pleasing on the eye, very smooth. That's the simple reason I already prefer him over several of our previous strikers including Costa. Even if he isn't as prolific or clinical.
  13. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Got the yellow and green Umbro kit for Xmas 78 with Puma phantom boots and a couple of footballs. Went over the park it was wet and muddy hated getting my new socks muddy! Also found out the black and white ball like in the picture with Micky Droy when the paint flakes off it fills with water and it was like heading a medicine ball!! BUT in My fiftieth year glad I’ve got those memories rather than memories on a computer game.
  14. Today
  15. I’m glad the second penalty was given as it proves you don’t need to go down for it to be given. Also look at the two fouls in a couple of seconds on Pedro when running through. The second one he still nearly stayed on his feet, which also shows because a defender makes a touch players go down to make sure they get the decision. Hopefully if the players are honest and the refs give a foul for trips that don’t need stupid dives like they’ve been shot, we will see a bridge towards better decisions.
  16. Vintage Blues pictures and film

  17. He was incredible in the air, despite being about 5 foot 6. Freakishly good. We were awesome aerially that year, with Dixon, Speedie, McLaughlin and Colin Lee all exceptional headers of the ball. EDIT: In the current side, Morata is superb in the air, but so are Cahill, Alonso and Rudiger. Luiz is good, too, but Alonso is the one who's really impressed me. He hardly ever loses an aerial duel.
  18. Alvaro Morata

    What of the previous seasons prior to those 5 months at the end? If we're judging the players against each other, there is no way Morata is better than Costa. As it stands today,in my opinion, there isn't much between Morata and Batshuayi. Most of the time, if it isn't put on his head, it's hitting the stewards each side of the goal. I wanted Morata and it's early days, but I think we need some clarity comparing him to Costa as it stands.
  19. London Underground

    Hoping to get down from Scotland for home game either West Brom or Crystal Palace,some good deals on train but last return is 18 30,would I have time to get from Fulham Broadway to Euston Station in time for train after match ?
  20. I would respect Liverpool's pace & pressure and set up more defensively, which we would anyway and have been doing since the United match. Someone made a good point about playing Azpilcueta on the left-hand side, a big call and maybe showing too much respect would be a problem, besides Alonso has played against better players on that side and Azpilecueta as a wingback against Roma went horribly wrong, but this time it would be a full defensive duty. If we play like we did against United then we are going to cause Liverpool a lot of problems, no time for being rusty, we've got to be 100% because 3 points right now are vital and we have dropped far too many points against the top 6 this season.
  21. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Juan Mata is going to be on Russell Howard’s Formerly Known As Good News on sky in tonight if anyone’s interested.
  22. First Post

    Hi all,just joined forum,I'm from Larkhall in Scotland,been to a few Chelsea games over the years but never a home game,although I was down at The Bridge for a tour and visit to the museum last month.
  23. Five Chelsea games you would love to have attended.

    All rather early 80's heavy, but if you take out any of our victorious finals, and in no order, I would go for: 1. Arsenal 1984. On holiday in Torquay as a 9 year old at the time. Would have loved to have seen so many Chelsea in the ground that day. No where's my TARDIS? 2. Fulham 1985. Milk Cup replay. My old man went and always said it was a goalkeeping masterclass by Eddie Niedzwiecki. Saved a penalty too. 3. Brighton 1983. Again for the massive turn out. 4. Bolton 1983. Could have been so different without Flasher. Easily in the top 5 most important games in our history. 5. Newcastle 1983. Not just for spanking Keegan's lot, but for the legendary box-to-box run from Wee Pat. One of those things you'll only ever hear about....
  24. Alvaro Morata

    Normally I'd be worried but morata seems like the type of player that will win you the UCL in the 93rd min with a piece of magic, best striker since drogba for me already as costa was a complete prick when not scoring and tried to derail our title winning season in Jan to go to China the f**king mug!!
  25. We all know Liverpool are going to absolutely press us like lunatics around our goal , they seem to put more effort into beating us than they do United or Everton . We must not allow them the opportunity around our goal area by ***** footing around trying to play it out , Courtois should be instructed to hoof the ball as long as possible to negate this and get Hazard and Pedro/Willian or whoever to get ready for the flick ons , their defence is average and their keeper too short although he is a good shot stopper. We in turn must press their defence like demons , I love beating Spurs and (now) United , but this one is the one for me.
  26. Honestly wouldn't sell him for 500m he's that important to us. Can't see anyone good enough that we can realistically replace him with.
  27. Random Rumours

    Messi is an obvious choice. Let the poor bar steward score against Chelsea, even if in training, before he retires.
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