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  2. Mutu was sacked for his use of drugs
  3. chance to go 9 points clear he will be resting nobody I can promise you that
  4. Not from what I heard we payed him 8 mil, we didnt "sack" mata, if a manager makes it clear he isnt going to play a player then the player will ok a move, you cannot make a player leave in contract, if he wants to stay you are stuck with him,and you have to pay him, hence injured players get paid even if they have a year out, but the fact is if teh club want to sell and the player refuses they will make his life hard and let him train with the youth team, never get a game etc, so he will want to move himself makes no sense to stay
  5. Today
  6. Yeah my apologies I seem to be getting easily wound up today.
  7. I'm sorry been a bit on edge today! it may not happen and I hope it doesn't but I just have a feeling they will.
  8. I think it's more to do with the lack of Liverpool's title challenge. Can't really get a reputation as a bottler when you've had what, 2 actual title challenges in the last 20 years
  9. No comments on today's games. But I will share my feelings. I would suffer watching Liverpool winning the EPL a 100 times rather than see Tottenham win it once. Christ I wanted City to win to day.
  10. Yesterday
  11. The curse of Steve Me is back at Anfield, happy days. We have a great opportunity to stick our fingers up to the dregs come 6pm, hope we do a class act on Hull. This is it Chels it's our season.
  12. if we can keep our hunger, focus and edge we will be just fine - it's complacency and losses of concentration that derail good sides
  13. Chelsea Football Club will not be able play any games at Twickenham when their west London ground is being rebuilt, rugby's governing body has said. The club will have to leave their Stamford Bridge home for up to three years during the construction of a new £500m 60,000-seat stadium. Twickenham was an option being considered by the club but a spokesperson for the Rugby Football Union (RFU) said it would not happen. Chelsea have declined to comment. Source : BBC
  14. It indicates it's his opinion that they will win the league. Why are we even talking about this? We've gone totally off the point of my initial post. Not sure why he took it as an attack.
  15. You really seem to be one the edge today. Nothing provocative in those posts. Had a bad day?
  16. You know the think befor the will indicates may
  17. Well that's not what your post said. This is what it said. Not "may", "will". So forgive me if I didn't read it as a may. And no one is attacking you for thinking that either way. Calm your tits ffs. You stated your opinion and we stated ours. It wouldn't be a forum if we didn't have a difference of opinions. Pointing out Conte's progress is not attacking you mate. Christ. For example, you say Jose always wins in his 2nd seasons, which is fair. But Jose had never been out of the top 3 in his career before last season and he may well end this season outside the top 3, maybe even the top 4. Nothing about the current climate of the league and present day Jose suggests it'll all follow the historical trend in his career. That's me pointing out my view on it. It's not an attack on you.
  18. Bravo is not bravo. Pep should show some humility and bring back Joe Hart.
  19. I sort of agree but then when you only concede two shots on target the whole game and concede two goals, You can't really expect to win many big games that way, Claudio Bravo makes Massimo Taibi's stint for United look world class.
  20. You can see something in there. Again it's a thought a prediction it might not come true. Jesus what is with people on here today?
  21. just watched City-Spurs on MOTD @Kinkladze1871 you were robbed mate
  22. All he did was put in one cross and score an offside goal, bit early to get carried away.
  23. He looks good that lad think you've got a future superstar there.
  24. That was funny as sh*t. Too bad you didn't get all three points today - how Sterling was not awarded a penalty is beoyond me.
  25. Moving onto a slightly different topic, Has Gabriel Jesus stopped celebrating yet?
  26. Worryingly i agree with your assessment, Mourinho's record in his 2nd year at clubs is terrifying, I think he has a 100 % record of winning the title at all clubs post Porto. Just saw your post above now Bobby.
  27. Based in the fact I don't think they're far off in their squad and Jose has a habit of winning titles in second season. Honestly I know we're all Chelsea on here (bar a few of course) but I can have an opinion on someone else winning the damn league.
  28. At the start of the season I would have taken top four and been over the moon, after the Dipper and FC Woolwich defeats I felt we would struggle to do that, however as it stands now, if we don't win the league, I will be rather disappointed. Been an emotional season for sure.
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