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  2. Hi there, Barca fan and owner of Barca forum and I come in peace (again) 12 times we've met already in this century and I watched all those clashes. Some sweet memories like Iniesta winner at Stamford Bridge and some not so great like 2012 exit and, ultimately, pep's last CL match as Barca coach. I am confident about our chances eventhough there are plenty Barca fans who consider this as first "real test". As if being unbeaten in the league accounts for nothing. Will we see our boys Pedro and Cesc tomorrow and how will Conte line up? 3-4-3? Anyways, came here for some friendly banter and to give you heads up if some of you would like to do the same with our bunch over at our forum http://www.barcaforum.com/showthread.php/14764-CL-1-8-Finals-Chelsea-FC-Barcelona
  3. It's incredible how this has been completely brushed under the carpet, it's never been mentioned since. If this had been done to Liverpool, utd, arsenal etc sky and the newspapers would have had it back page for weeks.
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  5. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    I'd put in Ossie, Ron Harris, Kerry Dixon and Wisey in that list if it was a top 10. Not on ability but what they did at certain times in our history, but your top 4, I can't argue with.
  6. Saying hi From Australia

    Gday mate. I'm from northern Victoria, welcome aboard.
  7. Race for Top 4

    Prediction time ... we'll finish 2nd :-)
  8. Hi All Just saying hi from the east coast of Australia. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves on here. Looking forward to contributing to the conversation. Cheers
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    You're denying Terry Garbutt his moment of glory, ersk'!
  10. D-1 ... This game will determine much more than simply going through the QF. Our future, for the next 3 to 4 seasons may very well depend on this Ro16 result. Deadly Counters and compact defense should be the way. Helped us in the past, helped us recently and will help us tommorrow. Wing support will be decisive to win this one. Whole world dream of a RM Barça final ... Just like 6 years ago! We'll play against 12 tommorrow once again. And we'll play against 12 the return leg too! A whole country will root for them hoping we get whooped... But hopefully we will prevail ! Prevail just like when in 2012 an almost invincible Barcelona was left in shreds by a subpar midfielder named Ramires. Torn to shred by the shadow of Torres. But also by Drogba, Lamps, Terry, Cech, Brana, Cole etc ... And we still have talent in today's team! You don't win the league with 30 wins and 93 points with a team of knobheads in terms of football quality!! Players should remember that we're champions (till May at least ) ! With the likes of Hazard, Kanté, Morata, Christensen etc we must believe in our chances! We may get deflated, spanked, torn, defeated, beaten after tommorrow. And the only hope that would be left, would be hoping for better days next season ... But what if! What if Chelsea Football Club remind the world that we became the first team ever to defeat the tiki taka barça (Bayern faced a lumping barça in 2013 they did not beat anything comparable to what we did !) that put 5 past RM... that we're a team who beat germans on pens in their homeground in a UCL final ... a team that finished 10th, in absolute shambles, to bounce back and claim back our PL the following season !! How many of the so called top 6 did that? how many of the so called finest in England have a positive record against Barça of such magnitude, except us? We're not the darlings of football and NEVER will be. We'll never be liked for the way we play. We'll never be liked at all ... but we could not care less !! We don't give a sh*t of being praised for beautiful football and get spanked double figures whenever we face big teams in UCL! Because we built our domination, history, pride and reputation on kicking the so called darlings of football right up the ass so many times that we've become their worst nightmares whenever they hear they drew us in the UCL. Call me deluded, unreasonable, dumb ... But I want to believe in these guys who gave us a great PL last season and redeemed themselves of the absoulte sh*tfest of 2016! Transfers were a let down, no doubt about it and this should be fixed ! But we also have players! Good players, very good and could prove great and amazing if they come tommorrow and rub their f**king balls on barça's forehead !! We beat them when they had Ronaldinho, coming off as complete underdogs and still won it!! we beat them afterwards of course, again as complete underdogs and never lost since 2006 against them! If the players, Gaffer, staff and all the supporters could remember that tommorrow, then, maybe, the "what if" would become "we've done it" and "we've done it before" for all the future encounters as we like to sing it!! Finally,as Eden Hazard said it : " We are Chelsea! We can do everything !"
  11. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    The fact that more songs are sung in support of Conte, whose whinging has taken the piss all season, than the players...I've not forgotten he won us title last year but he's been piss poor in a number of aspects this season.
  12. Here’s a similar piece from another rag. Interesting comments at the bottom from other normally hostile fans. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5405553/Infamous-referee-admits-mistakes-cost-Chelsea-2009.html
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  14. Chelsea V Barcelona (CL) Tues 20th Feb 19:45 UK

    Great analysis. I guess the whole world knows our weakness is the left centre back spot. I was always thought Cahil was trash but didnt know Rudiger was as bad positionally. If Bournemouth could have exploited that i am scared of what Barca will do. Hazard will be crucial for us and hopeully he turns up. If he has a stormer we will win comfortably
  15. Agreed except Cahill. KTBFFH!
  16. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Costa just had to sneeze funny and it was back page/sky sports breaking news...alli is a serial offender and either nothing is said or he's defended to the hilt
  17. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Watford had beaten Liverpool in the quarter finals in the FA Cup of 1970 at Vicarage Road. We won the Semi Final 5-0 to set up the famous Final v Leeds.
  18. Celebrated both Rochdale goals v Spuds today. Particularly their late equaliser. Well done Rochdale. Oh and Carlisle won 2-0 at home yesterday. They now travel away to both Barnet on Tuesday then Yeovil on Saturday! Two long away trips in quick succession.
  19. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Admit to celebrating both Rochdale goals v Spuds earlier today. Particularly their late equaliser.
  20. Leon Bailey

    He is like a mini Robben, would be too good to be true so I suspect it won't happen. He has massively improved this season as well and looks well on his way to reaching the highest levels.
  21. Chelsea V Barcelona (CL) Tues 20th Feb 19:45 UK

    This just rubs salt into the wounds, but the timing of the article might work in our favour, fingers crossed. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/920672/Chelsea-Barcelona-Champions-League-Referee-Apology-Tom-Henning-Ovrebo
  22. Christian Pulisic

    Don't get me wrong, in certain games Oscar was good, but those games were very rare. Pulisic is a decent attacking midfielder, but he's not a player of the quality of Pedro or Willian. He'd do ok, but I wouldn't look at him as a starter. I'd much rather take a Reus for a few seasons.
  23. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    I agree, i don't blame the ref on this one, i blame Alli for cheating. Kane and Alli are always given the benefit of the doubt, but when it's a Chelsea player, it's just assumed that it is a dive. It's crazy, we don't even have a player in the squad that has a reputation for being a diver. Pedro is the closest and it happens probably once a season. I have noticed something though. In Europe, we tend to get fouls and penalties that refs in England refuse to give to us and Tottenham don't get the soft decisions that they get in the domestic competitions. I'm sticking by what i have been saying for a while now, the refs in this country are biased in favour of certain English players. Alli and Kane are this generations Gerrard and Rooney.
  24. Christian Pulisic

    Agreed. I don't think it will happen anyway but if Willian or Pedro were to leave this summer I'd go as far to say Yarmolenko would be a better signing. Yarmolenko would at least be able to handle the physicality of the league. Fwiw I don't think he even has a tidy bit of skill, i.e. he doesn't turn have the quick turn of pace that Willian and Pedro have.
  25. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I believe she passed away in a home a few years ago. She use to make cakes for the players birthdays and bring them to Training.
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