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  2. I wonder who are you talking about...
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  4. Chelsea interested in Monaco starlet Thomas Lemar.
  5. O finally someone other than me
  6. He last signed a contract deal with Everton when he made a permanent move to them in June 2014. His current deal expires in June 2019.
  7. How dare he. That f**king pricking c**tish assholish bar stewardish rascalish son of a bitch.
  8. Pedro has been an MVP for the team of late.
  9. We will thrash them 3 nil a pair from Diego and one from Pedro
  10. Yesterday
  11. Didn't he just sign a contract last season? He's probably still got 4 years to run even without another contract. The issue I see with Lukaku is, he signs a new contract every year to get a pay rise, and no club will bid the ridiculous amount of money Everton holding out for. I reckon he will stay there for another season at least, he's too happy with being the biggest fish in the small pot.
  12. Goddamn it I always forget to get me some popcorn before entering this thread.
  13. he did wash it down w/ a bottle of water xD - BTW who was the commentator of your match feed? I believe the one I had was Martin Tyler, but I could be wrong - any peeps here watch the FS1 feed?
  14. ^ That image seems woefully incomplete without a pint to be honest. That was a fun enough game. It was a shame Sutton didn't score as it would have given the fans something to remember, but I suppose the fact that they completed at least two passes will be a sufficient reward. I would have had much more fun if I had been the commentator mind... "Ospina apologetically makes the save"; "the linesman begrudgingly gives Arsenal a corner" as opposed to "Oh look, it's David O'Leary - remember him?"
  15. Pub, ground, pub.
  16. I'm sure @moi meant to say 'knees'
  17. Semi's and final are at Wembley so will be settled on the day
  18. Your point was that he does not turn up in games against small teams. I have given a list of 'small teams' who he has torn apart. That is several games where he has been our best player. So just pointing out that the statement you made is inaccurate and there is no player who is good against every small team.
  19. reserve GK for Sutton United taking a dinner break around the 75th minute of the match
  20. good shout
  21. Yeah and I could name so many games where he hasn't turned up against the small teams
  22. Spanish Duff
  23. Good valued members are reporting posts here. This thread is getting unnecessarily nasty and boring. Those who want to say nothing constructive and persistently insult will get their posts either edited (wasting your own time) and / or if it continues inevitability banned.
  24. Not fully sure. With that one I think they take a lot of things into perspective such as dribbling, passing success, goals, assists, team goals (maybe). I don't read all into stats but even if he is not at his best he always does the littlest of things that have a big influence in games. I agree that he needs to be more consistently quality though. For example by his standards he has been poor last couple of games but against Swansea he prob will now give us a performance to behold.
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