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  2. The best talent is Tammy by far. I have always had doubts about Ruben but i have tried to convince myself otherwise for a while. Conte played a 19 year old free transfer at Juve who had even less first team exposure than RLC at the time, if he thought he could do likewise with him he would have played more.
  3. I just feel so deflated after losing this. I just can't understand why we showed up so poorly. Things keep running through my mind, why didn't Conte make changes at HT? Why didn't Moses just pass instead of taking a dive? We didn't we try to shut the game down after the equaliser and nick it? I just don't get what happened to us. It sounds spoilt to say but it has put a downer on the end of the season for me. Had this been the League Cup in Feb/March I don't think I'd have cared all that much.
  4. That's Claude's summer ruined.
  5. Just seen Wenger signed a new 2 year deal. LOL
  6. The next two years of Arsenal Fan TV are going to be fun blud!
  7. Good points but still won't happen due to his stature and there are no end-of-contract situations plus he's playing at a superior club.
  8. Nah it's a pipe dream. Nice to speculate about though.
  9. I've always liked red on our home shirt. First kit I owned was the 94 one.
  10. I think Pickford will be the number 1 in a years' time. I think he is absolutely quality and would walk into Everton's first team.
  11. If this is what you think of the biggest talent to come out of our youth academy since Terry im scared what your opinion is on the others lol
  12. If we did that Torres would like a bargain, plus can't imagine a Championship/league one player commanding that fee.
  13. Yup. We could be Arsenal. (Yes and the more serious nature of your post)
  14. Wenger's agreed a new two year deal unsurprisingly
  15. i would bring in diego lopez from espanyol, he's 35 but he can do the job for a couple seasons i reckon.
  16. So our woeful cup final performance wasn't completely in vain then.
  17. Cahill is coming up 32 and David's been playing with injury for month's there's no guarantee either won't hit the rocks at some point and apart from the winning run the defense hasn't been brilliant. Heart's saying the current 3 plus Christensen and Ake is enough, heads saying we need a new defender.
  18. Now that adidas is no longer our kit manufacturer. I might get some Chelsea clothing at the adidas discount retail outlet in Livingston.
  19. This 100%. Top strikers score the important goal, the one that is the difference scaremongering 1 or 3 pts in a game of few chances. Yes there are strikers who will outscore him but often they are adding the third goal in a stroll. Diego has an attitude no doubt, he infuriates sometimes but when he's on his game a defender knows he's there, stretching and leading the attack. Get a decent backup for him, one that will challenge his position and we'll get the best out of him. On a footnote now many of us wanted Drogba gone after his sending off in the CL final? He had an attitude and frequently some to the press in France etc. Wouldn't we have looked a set of twats if he had been seen off earlier in his Chelsea career. He careful what you wish for.
  20. Aaand he's staying! Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has agreed a new two-year contract, extending his 21-year reign at the club.
  21. Both the change strips in 2010/11 were awful looking strips in my opinion. Liked the yellow change strip from 2014/15.
  22. Good move for Solanke and wish him all the best, though I may not agree with his decision if he feels he's doing what's best for his career then good luck to him. Sadly by opting to sign for a rival it's unlikely we'll welcome him back with open arms if/when he plays at the Bridge. As a way to show our appreciation for Solanke my hope is we'll sign Jann-Fiete Arp and fast track him into the first team.
  23. Palmer should have been sold by now.
  24. I would say so, yes. Klopp is also more likely to play him in the league.
  25. Today
  26. Not had bad luck with signings of similar names.
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