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  2. Happy with the result and what a great start. High tempo,great movement and two great early goals. Brighton did come back in spells and all credit to them for that. Some of Eden Hazard play was simply outstanding.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    You can't win titles without spending money, it's just very unlikely, no matter what we need to spend money. Sure City & United seem desperate, City spent over 150 million on 3 fullbacks but they are winning the league because of it and have quality players at their disposal regardless. There is no possible way for us to have the best players in the league if we do not spend money and pay big wages, and more times than not you win the league by having the best players.
  4. Most hated opposition

    There is an old picture of me when i was about 6 years old in my older brothers t-shirt, it had Andy Cole and the words Manchester United on it. It was just assumed back then that everybody would like United..........if i ever find that photograph i am burning it.
  5. Random Rumours

    I'm really surprised we aren't in for Olivier Giroud.
  6. The next 'big thing'

    I forgot to mention Ampadu. He's only 17 but he plays like a well experienced defender. Probably the youngest valuable player we got at the moment. Future is looking bright for our youth players. Dujon Sterling included. He's only 18.
  7. Yep, but the fixtures have been absolute sh*t for us this season. I see that once again after playing mid week football, we will be playing an early kick off on Saturday. I don't think any club has had it as hard as we have with fixtures this season.
  8. Palmieri

    It is what it is, maybe you're right who knows, we did get two league titles, but we've also gifted our rivals two great players who could have been ours. We'll see which one was more costly over the years, but even then it doesn't really matter, it's pointless to just stare at the what-ifs all the time, we need to move forward. Signings like Palmieri might be just that.
  9. Palmieri

    Willian played near 38 PL games and I thought that was his worst season in a Chelsea shirt, Salah should and could have had more playing time. KDB did very well on loan and played well in the Hull game when he came on, even grabbed an assist. He could've rotated with Oscar, who's performance definitely declined just after we got rid of KDB. I mean, these two players right now are incredibly good, it's not even feasible to think that couldn't have happened at Chelsea when you look at how good they are now in a matter of just two years. I think we certainly could have won the league with the way Oscar & Willian played that season after January, they were both very bad.
  10. Palmieri

    KDB showed signs of being a good player but Salah didn't, not for me anyway. He was like a dog chasing a tennis ball... Complete speed merchant with little to no composure in the final third. So when you say play them regularly and make sacrifices, what sacrifices are we talking about here? Giving up the two league titles we've in the last four seasons? I'm not denying that Salah is having a good season but two and a half years is an eternity in football and there's no way he'd have become the player he is now by staying at Chelsea because he simply wasn't good enough to get any playing time, especially ahead of the likes of Hazard, Willian, Schurrle and Oscar who were all better than he was.
  11. Random Rumours

    He's improved quite a bit ? how so ? He still doesn't score goals and his end product is still woeful. You say he is still young at 21 and can improve, but at 21, a player should be showing some signs of world class ability, he hasn't shown that once in his career yet. I would rather give any of our youngsters a chance than sign Adama Traore. Musonda is better than Traore, and we would still be better off playing Willian and Pedro over Traore. So signing him would be a waste of time.
  12. Dzeko the Gecko

    I must admit I've always liked Dzeko, even at City when he didn't suit the system I thought he would have been a perfect player for us at the time. I always said we & City signed the wrong players in that January transfer window, we should have gone for Dzeko and they should have gone for Torres. But this guy is 31 years old, we have Michy who's young and ambitious. I think there is definite potential in Bats to improve his game and make it as a good PL striker, he played a superb game last one, buying Dzeko will not do his confidence any good and we will get like what? 1 or 2 years out of Dzeko for near 30 million?
  13. Palmieri

    If we’d done that though we may not have won a league title and league cup double in 14-15. We also won the title last season too so although we may have lost two talented youngsters who have turned out to be sh*t hot players we won trophies without them.
  14. Palmieri

    Let's be fair here FC, Salah is a sloppy player but he's no doubt one of the best players right now in the PL, he would walk into our side at the moment. Granted he was very poor in his second season here at Chelsea, but he was reserved to cup games and was shunned out of any first-team football. I think Jose got it wrong, twice, with him and KDB. Now JT did make a good point on Sky recently, he said KDB and Salah were not going to improve the Chelsea team at the time, he was right. But nobody really expects youngsters to fill the void right away, you have to give them time and be patient. KDB & Salah were both 23 at the time, if we had played them regularly and made sacrifices we may have ended up with two very good players, the potential was clearly there, evidently as they're now two of the best players in the Premier League. I'm very dismissive of Bakayoko but sometimes I look back on what we did to Salah & KDB and maybe it's a good thing to play him and be patient, or maybe not who knows. Regardless we should just admit we got Salah & KDB wrong and move on. Nothing more too it, hindsight can be a real bitch but so can Jose Mourinho.
  15. Dzeko the Gecko

  16. Dzeko the Gecko

    As long as signing Dzeko doesn't stop us also signing Andy Carroll, Peter Crouch and Ashley Barnes, I'm ok with this. It's the perfect tri-force....+ Dzeko.
  17. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Costa would be that player who would barely get a sniff at goal but he would still score. But there were still chances created and Costa wasn't near them, he always cut back instead of going forward, Alvaro seems to gamble a lot better. The team was better last season and Alvaro has had a lot more chances than Costa had. His attitude on the pitch though is getting irritating, the constant complaining, the diving, the going down too easily, it's getting annoying and most of the time it isn't working so he needs to cut it out. Chris Sutton as much of a twat he is actually made some good points on Morata and an interesting insight, Morata has said since arriving at Chelsea that he's a deep thinker and he's always thinking about his time on the pitch. Which means he could dwell on things more than other players, it's probably why he's so hesitant in front of goal, that I find a bit worrying. But those attributes have definitely made him an intelligent player nonetheless.
  18. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Costa has been passed round 4 but never delivered
  19. I think United will get the best out of him, it will be a like a Van Persie signing again, you'll get a good 2-3 years out of him. He suits United more than he does City, I've watched Alexis since Udinese and he's a sloppy player for all the positives he has. Pep shunned him for that reason, and he's still the same at Arsenal, I don't think Pep would be interested in signing Sanchez again. Something is wrong at United for me, they lack a good player in attack, you've got Martial, Mata, Mikhi, Rashford & Lindgaard and it isn't efficient enough. Mikhi is the weak link, swapping him for Sanchez is a smart move despite the wages he'll be getting, it actually makes me angry how Chelsea aren't thinking of hijacking the deal. But all things considered with our wage cap it wouldn't make sense.
  20. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Fully agree with you regarding Morata's movement, its very good and i like his hold up play but he does complain abit too much. For some reason Costa didn't like the 6 yrd box and it was so frustrating, when he wasn't involved in the game or things was going bad he was obsessed with the left hand side of the pitch.
  21. Eden Hazard

    I'm not one for man-crushes, but you can't help but melt a bit when you see Hazard interviewed after a game. As you say, Top Bloke. The guy just loves playing football and plays it like very few can. We are lucky to have him - may it last for a good while yet.
  22. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Wouldn't be so negative about Morata, he's already proven to have great ability. His form lately has taken a big dive due to the Arsenal disaster, but the Arsenal game wasn't just a one-off he's been missing a lot of chances in front of goal all season. Besides that, he has been superb, despite the constant falling over so easily his hold up play has been good so far. He needs to adjust to this league and he needs to be more clinical in front of goal, he has big potential. People might disagree with me here but Alvaro's movement is twice as good as Diego Costa's. I can't tell you how many times Diego Costa did not connect with a cross, he was a very poor ariel threat for such a lethal striker. I remember Hazard playing in easy tap-ins from the byline almost every game and Costa was never anywhere near it. Morata is missing a lot of chances but he's also creating a lot of chances for himself.
  23. Today
  24. If we go to 2 in midfield it could be the match of the season as both teams will attack. Kenedy would give us more pace though some have questioned his defensive nous, I haven't seen enough so I will leave it for others to comment further. Guess Kenedy would be up against Hector Bellerin so for pace alone Kenedy would be a good match.
  25. Eden Hazard

    I see that as a sign from Hazard he does not normally make statements suggest it might be wise to tread carefully......
  26. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    I thought so, though was being polite us some on here would be mortally offended!
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