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Spudulike said:
"[Scrabble euphemism] If you post that you had a 'triple word score' we can make our assumptions. If you say 'I had a Q and couldn't use it', likewise."
On: Mar 01 2014 12:35 PM | Submitted by: Gem
Barn said:
"[Scrabble euphemism] My suggestion would be to ditch your mates just for one night and go round to his, watch crap movies and scrabble the bejusus out of him!!!"
On: Mar 01 2014 12:34 PM | Submitted by: Gem
Uno said:
"[re: Blueblur's date with a work colleague] When you see her tomorrow spank her on the arse on say can't wait till Thursday. She will love that sh*t!"
On: Feb 10 2014 05:03 PM | Submitted by: Gem
SeanWB said:
"[after seeing pictures of a '17' year old Joseph Minala]- That's cool that they let his dad try on the uniform and kick the ball around. So where is the picture of Joseph Minala"
On: Feb 10 2014 05:00 PM | Submitted by: Gem
Carloseyebrow said:
"Mick Hucknall looks like a cross between Mickey Rourke and a candle."
On: Feb 09 2014 07:30 PM | Submitted by: Gem
Coxy15 said:
"[re: Suarez having a 'Historical' season] every season is a historical season when you're a liverpool player, you're living in it!"
On: Feb 09 2014 02:19 PM | Submitted by: Gem
Phillip said:
"[who Piers Morgan is] He is a big unknown here in the U.S, Bluedave, kind of like Lamps girlfriend/cook, whatever her name is (Nigella Lawson?)"
On: Feb 09 2014 02:18 PM | Submitted by: Gem
AdamCFC said:
"I've come to learn that you can't live in Wales and moan about the weather. It's the equivalent to a boxer complaining that someone is punching them too hard. "
On: Feb 05 2014 10:35 PM | Submitted by: moi
Beerqueen said:
"(Whilst at work) - Sorry about the size of the font - can never manage to get it right when I cut and paste from word - (I was pretending to work so I did it in word first)"
On: Feb 03 2014 10:32 AM | Submitted by: Gem
G3.7 in Mata transfer thread said:
"My sources suggest we've accepted an undisclosed bid from Redcafé for a few of the 'supporters' in here, so silver linings and all that..."
On: Jan 23 2014 10:33 AM | Submitted by: moi