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    Love this from one of the comments on Arsenal TV: Mourinho came to Chelsea in 2004 and won the league 2005 and 2006. Wenger in 2005 - building the team. Ferguson won the league 2007, 2008, 2009. Wenger in 2007, 2008, 2009... still building the team. Ancelloti came to Chelsea in 2009 and won the league in 2010. Wenger in 2010... still building the team. Roberto Mancini came to Man city in 2010 and won the league in 2012. Wenger in 2012... still building the team. Pellegrini came to Man city in 2013 and won the league in 2014. Wenger in 2014... still building the team. Mourinho came back to Chelsea in 2013 and won the league in 2015. Wenger in 2015... still building the team. Claudio Ranieri came to Leicester city in 2015 and won the league in 2016. Wenger in 2016... still building the team. Antonio Conte came to Chelsea in 2016 and already taking the EPL by storm until 2017. Wenger in 2017... still building the team. Wenger are you building the Ark of Noah.?
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    Today was the performance of champions and what it takes to be champions. We showed immense discipline in not reacting to the thuggery that Mark Hughes instills in his teams. When they know they can't beat a side on footballing merits alone, their best chance of getting a result is to kick seven bells of sh*t out of the opposition in the hope that they will react and be reduced to 10 or even 9 men. This could easily have happened today with the likes of Costa, Pedro or Luiz, but our players reacted with a calm head and a steady heart and knew the best way to react was simply to play your football and beat Neanderthal man with simple footballing ability and a footballing brain, two key elements that Stoke lack in abundance. I feared for Costa after his yellow, but AC obviously got through to him at halftime, because despite continued provocation in the second half, he was superb in his overall play, and his mindset was spot on. Whatever AC has done to this squad since the Emirates is nothing short of miraculous, but the man is clearly something unique, no shouting and screaming at the media, no blaming anyone else when things have gone wrong, just quietly going about his job of getting the best out of his team under any given circumstance or environment. I've been Chelsea since I was 8 years old, I'm 63 next September, and I can only remember 2 other managers with a similar demeanor getting similar results from their teams, Dave Sexton and Carlo Ancelotti. Two legendary managers who are hopefully about to joined by a third.
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    Manchester United are enjoying a long unbeaten run in the league stretching back to October. It has lifted them all the way from 6th to 7th. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
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    I'm sure no-one, myself included, who is criticising the fans for abusing mourinho last night, is saying we should love jose when we face utd...but don't hurl abuse at him ffs...some people have very short memories and are ungrateful...he may say the odd bs thing, but we should know better than anyone it's mentioned above, get behind antonio, get behind our team...Mourinho deserves our everlasting respect, even when he does act like a nob
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    It's David again. Please contact me. Here's a photo of Eccles:
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    The last time we looked this relentless was 2006. Away to Stoke, infamous goons of the league. A late winter chill in the air, gale winds, Hazard ruled out at the 11th hour - yet we grind out the 3 points in the dying minutes when we would have been forgiven for resting on the laurels of our 10 point cushion. Conte has reforged this team with a cast iron spine, and imbued it with a steel blue soul.
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    Jose summed it up himself for me tonight. He said 'I'll defend and back my club and players' or something to that effect. That's fine but so will our support. We're Chelsea FC not Mourinho FC. If he's going to go in to press conferences/on the touchline and take pot shots at our club and our manager then our supporters will defend our players, our club, our manager. Jose has soured this relationship, not the Chelsea support. We supported him when we were dire last year, welcomed him back warmly at the start of the season. It's only since he started acting bitter towards us it's all gone wrong. i love and respect him for what he done for us, but the love affair is over now, his behaviour towards a club he was supposed to love has been appalling.
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    At least now they have been knocked out of the CL, they can concentrate on qualifying for the CL.....
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    I see you are a new signing with 17 posts to your name. So, unless you are a banned person rejoining under a new name, what would you know about how hard the mods here work at keeping a balance, gently guiding people towards a more acceptable way of communicating before banning them? Please wait till you have been on here for longer than 5 minutes before making wildly erroneous judgments on the mods of this forum. I am also fed up with seeing complaints like this from people who have not used the report system to bring an offensive post to the attention of a mod. They all have full time jobs and families to look after. They can't possibly read every single post on the whole site in order to make sure that nobody is offended. If you ARE offended, please report the post that has offended you.
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  20. 15 likes Oh my goodness, he's really going to stay. It's like Christmas. 2 more years of Arsenal Fan TV
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    Since losing to Arsenal 59 points from a possible 66 in the Premier League.
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    Leicester have finished higher in the league and been further in the champions league than arsenal have managed in the last 7 years ha ha, what a f**king fraud Wenger is.
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    firstly lets hope conte has reason to celebrate and secondly lets hope he does it right in front of jose and when jose starts bleating, conte then tells him to f uck off because he belongs at old trafford now not the bridge
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    And now on TalkSport that w**ker Adrian Durham is saying that he is disappointed that football fans are focusing more on the cheating of Barcelona rather than the comeback. Well, that should tell you something Durham, we are fed up with Barcelona and their cheating. It cancels out any of the so called brilliant things they achieved that night. If someone was to cheat in another sport, we wouldn't be praising them, so why should a football team get away with it ? The media are a bunch of hypocrites. If that was England being cheated out of a competition, they wouldn't be praising the performance of the other team.
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    Honestly you could make a good case for Kante being our player of the year. So influential in every game and he never takes a second off no matter what. Amazing player.
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    Hi Scott and many thx for your response. I really am so eager to get into contact with any of the Shed guys I knew in the 70s. I'd be v grateful for any help you might give me in contacting them. Can you spread the word? Meanwhile, here is another photo of the hundreds that I have:
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    He should be grateful we knocked them out the FA cup then
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    Not me mate. In this case Mpurinho being the manager is irrelevant, this is Man U we're talking about, and other than against Tottenham, there are very, very few occasions when I would want Man to win anything, and the same goes for Liverpool, Arsenal and West Ham. Above and beyond that, we are currently the only English club to have won all three major European trophies. If Man U win this year's year's Europa League, they will join that select band, having won the Cup Winners Cup back in 90-91, and the European Cup (as was) on three separate occasions. Ok if Man U were to win the Europa League, we would still be the first English club to have done the European treble, but surely "only" is better than "first"?
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    The irony! Oh Jose......... “If people are in love with football in this country then they must be in love with Eden Hazard. But the way, match to match, he’s being punished by opponents and not protected by referees … maybe one day we won’t have Eden Hazard. It’s one, two, three, four, five, 10 aggressive fouls against him. They kick and kick and kick, and the kid resists. He’s a very honest guy in the way he plays but that’s another problem.”
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    Did they seriously just justify Suarez diving there? That's atrocious. If that was Costa all four of those c**ts would be firing the boot in on him. I can't stand the bias in punditry, it's supposed to be their job to remain neutral and they never are.
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    Duncan Alexander‏Geverifieerd account @oilysailor 29 min.29 minuten geleden Meer 20% of the PL goals Petr Cech has ever let in have come in his Arsenal career. Which began last season.
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    Antonio swinging from the dugout after the winner was my favorite thing.
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    Do you guys remember what Jose said when Lampard joined City? "When he decided to go to a direct competitor then love stories are over." Same thing applies in this case.
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    It ruins football. It's blatant cheating and showing disrespect for the game. It's Barcelona though and it will get swept under the rug because they are Uefa's flagship club. It stinks but we all know that after what happened to us. How anyone can enjoy watching Barcelona I will never know.
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    A comment on YT: The worst part about the result? When you are searching for 'Bayern 5-1 Arsenal' you also have to add the date
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    In the interests of fair play, Kanté probably shouldn't be allowed. As far this evening goes, I particularly enjoyed the moment when he got onto the end of his own pass.
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  45. 12 likes Article is spot on about Jose. "f**k off Jose" and "Judas"(don't think anyone really said that but hey!) were probably a bit too far but actually having a go at Jose was fully justified. We gave him a warm welcome when he came around in October. But since then he has gone out of his way to slag off our new manager, our team, our style of play and even us fans who f**king stood by him all the way and turned on the players last season because of him. We f**king chanted his name at the top of our voices when he had us 17th. Respect is reciprocal. If he shuts up from this point forward, he might just start to gain that goodwill back. Favorite part of the article for me:
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    Millwall fans have a reputation for a reason, you've got to know your audience and act accordingly. I'm not condoning it, but if you didn't see that kind of thing coming you're being naive.
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    It`s not so much the cheating from barca that irates`s the total blase of indifference from the media and pundits who pick and choose when to be outraged from cheating and diving or other discrepancies from certain players and brushed over to others.....w**kers!
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    I love him. I appreciate what he did here. But I still want to beat him, no correct that, smash him to smithereens. More so because he is now Manure. If he had gone to some European club that we happened to draw (obviously not this year due to him ) I wouldn't care nearly so much. But, it's Manure.... and he is being a bit of a pain.....
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    There is luck, then there is cheating, and cheating is what Barcelona have been doing for years now. How many times have they got through Champions League ties and gotten to finals thanks to cheating ? They would be a few Champions League titles short right now if it wasn't for their cheating. Nobody else in world football get's away with the sh*t they get away with. It must be so demoralising for other clubs and their fans when they are playing against 11 players and the officials every time. Penalties from dives and / or unfair red cards are guaranteed in Barcelona games.
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    Ideal timeline for me would be:- 1. Arsenal win 5 games in a row. Wenger signs new contract. 2. Arsenal fan meltdown. 3. Form dips and Arsenal miss out on top 4. 4. Arsenal fan meltdown. 5. Wenger sees out contract and leaves club in 2019. 6. Arsenal fans rejoice. 7. Piers Morgan is found dead at home after his celebratory asphyxiw**k goes wrong. 8. Arsenal sign David Moyes on 6 year contract. 9. Arsenal fan meltdown. 10. Moyes hints at big signing. 11. Arsenal fans mildly optimistic. 12. Wenger joins Barcelona and spends £200 million on players in his first few weeks. 13. Arsenal fan meltdown. 14. Moyes spunks entire summer transfer budget buying Fellaini from Utd. 15. Arsenal fan meltdown, realising when Moyes said big he was actually talking about height. 16. Wenger wins league in first year at Barcelona 17. Arsenal fan meltdown.