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    A Chelsea second string, that have never played together and barely trained as a group i would wager just beat a full strength everton team desperate for a win.... I say well done the young lads and those who don't get regular starts. Can't some just give some credit where it's due, on paper they should have battered us.
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    I always wondered if you were a Chelsea fan, now i'm sure that you're not.
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    Brilliant game, brilliant performance, brilliant result. I have seen us beat United quite a bit at SB over the years, but despite the score line only being 1-0, I can't actually think of a game where we comprehensively outplayed them to this extent. And that includes last years 4-0. Had it not been for our awful finishing, we could have won that by 5 goals easily- 1-0 flatters United massively. And they had the leg up of our goal being chalked off; soft to say the least. It was fairly even for the first 10-15 minutes when they had the Rashford chance, and the last 10 minutes United were on top when we sat back and went 5 at that back, but other than that, we wiped the floor with them. Our midfield destroyed Herrara & Matic all day. Kante is obviously essential, but that midfield 3 with Bakayoko & Fabregas gets the best out of all 3 of them, as we saw in Madrid. It was just too good for United, and we dominated the middle of the park and there was a period in the second half where United just couldn't cope with it and struggled to get out their own half. It really was men against boys. Seeing Bakayoko get the better of Matic was delicious, especially after months of the media trying to convince everyone we sold United a player who had, overnight, turned into Zidane. He looked pretty damn average yesterday. Morata was outstanding. Stepped up to the plate in the big game and did what you want your centre forward to do- score a match winning goal. Should have got another when through on goal but fluffed it. We will let him off given his overall performance; he caused United problems all day long, and was a threat from the first to final whistle. Compare to Lukaku who ran around all day scratching his head, and posed no threat what so ever. The fact Lukaku didn't even touch the ball in our box says it all, and goes a long way to reinforce the suggestion that up against the better sides, he goes missing. To be honest, every single player did their job out their today- every one of them. Fantastic performance, probably the best of the season. I thought the crowd played their part too and created the best atmosphere I have experianced for a while. United fans usually make a decent racket themselves, but I didn't hear them once in the second half from the MHL. Seeing Mourinho in his post-match interview just capped off the day. He must have been seething, as we all know he wanted to win this one, and I am sure he had his smug little speech (with a dig aimed at Conte), all rehearsed..... but instead he had to rather pathetically try and convince himself, any anyone dumb enough to believe him, that it was a fairly even game. It wasn't even in the slightest. His half a billion pound squad got played off the park, and in a last throw of desperation resorted to hoofing it up to Fellaini to try and get something from the game. The fact that United fans have a song about "Jose playing the way that United should..." is pretty amusing on days like today, and only gets funnier when you see their record away from home against the big 6. If he wasn't so bitter, and disrespectful to a club whose fans stood by him to the end, I would actually feel sorry for what he has become. Anyway, brilliant day all round, much needed win, and with Kante back there is reason to be positive that we can kick on from this. CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA
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    Bakayoko gets home, empties his pockets: Keys Wallet Spare Change Matic
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    Emenalo leaving has just reminded us all that there's palpable friction backstage, as there always seems to be at Chelsea. Clearly Conte was very unhappy that signings hadn't been secured, not only for pre-season but for the actual start of the season, and we only managed to beef up our numbers to a respectable level on deadline day, and even then it's clear Conte still feels the squad is too small and lacking in the quality he craved in order to compete on four fronts. I find it unforgivable from the board that they allowed this situation to arise, when everything looked so good last summer. Remarkably, Conte has found himself under pressure, with speculation about his job, and I don't think these stories come out of nowhere. There are problems, problems with his relationship with the board and problems with his relationship with certain players. Maybe he's very demanding of his board, maybe he's very demanding of the players, maybe he isn't easy to work for, but what a manager, no manager in the history of the Prem has a higher win or points ratio. Ponder on that a moment. The guy continues to impress, in difficult circumstances, with all the speculation, he comes out fighting, because that's what he is, a fighter. Make no mistake we could be bang in trouble, things could have got out of hand, confidence was low, injuries, story after story, what does he do? He reads the riot act to the players, he drops Luiz, he makes a big call, imagine the criticism had we lost a big game against Mourinho. He wasn't afraid and he reaped the reward. Unlike in Mourinho's last season he's managing to keep the vultures at bay, with results, he's managing to make the players play for him, he's managing to maintain his authority. Edit: He's a deeply impressive manager and I find it astounding that he could find himself under pressure, but then again I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, given that this is Chelsea.
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    Zeta, no offence mate, please don't take this personally at all, but what the f**k are you on about? Last time we beat Utd in the league at home Jose shouted in Conte's ear, for no f**king reason. He's disrespected Conte and our club incessantly since he got to Utd. Last season in the cup he kicked the ball at Conte, deliberately, trying to provoke him. Conte done absolutely the right thing. The guy's a legend, and the other guy's a w**ker.
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    lol if Hiddink takes the role and spends all summer trying to get impossible transfer targets, I guess it could be called a Wild Guus chase. HA!
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    I could watch this all day... not just because it was a brilliant goal but the crowd going nuts, the celebration... oh and the Utd players looking around trying to figure out who to blame
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    Look at Azpilicueta from the moment he crosses the ball. Stands still and then goes mental
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    From Facebook... Long post but interesting, it involves the old East stand so thought it was relevant for here. Ps it's not me! Got to meet a couple of people closely involved in the project, yesterday at the ground, and had an interesting Q&A session. They were pretty open with me, and they were happy for me to share the below info to the public (apart from some other confidential things that I have left out). Reason why there has not been much communication from the club with regards to the development, is that since the planning permission was granted earlier in the year, there has been 'slow but significant progress' with regards to the discussion with the relevant parties (e.g. london underground etc) as well as the partners that will be involved in the construction process. They want to get all the finalization of the construction process/timeline (by mid-2018) so that it's ready to go (to avoid delays whilst we are away in a temporary stadium - not decided yet), before they start knocking down the non-football buildings like the hotels, apartments, gym and museum. They still hope to start demolishing these buildings around October 2018. So until they have the final 'construction' plans ready, there isn't anything significant to announce in terms of update. However, whilst the final legalities are being sorted out (which they do not anticipate being a problem: the granted planning permission cannot be challenged in court anymore, and includes the permission to build over the railway tracks), the project team together with Herzog & de Meuron, have been looking of ways at improving the inside of the stadium which HdM will be fitting out themselves (with obvious consultation with the M&E people and the fans), so it will not be cheap! One possible change is that the Northwest and Southwest corners of the stadium, which are at its narrowest and smallest in terms of height (I would have included the plans on here for clarity, but happy for someone to show me how to upload directly from my computer), will now be a 2 tier area instead of the 3 tier like the rest of the stadium. The lower tier will remain the same, but the middle & upper tiers in these corners will become one. This will increase the area of concourse in those corners which was very tight, and would also mass the supporters 'better' as the upper tier in those 2 corners in the last plans were very small indeed. I personally liked the idea, and one of the guys said that he thinks they've got the design of the tiers and inside the stadium pretty much as best as they can now in terms of optimizing the experience inside the stadium. HdM are just finalizing how the 2 tier corners will blend with the rest of the 3 tiers on either sides of them. The away fans may be moved further sideways, than originally planned, to this new 2 tier area of the Southwest corner. Also of note, we're looking more at a final capacity in the 59,000s rather than a 60k+ capacity. Even if we incorporated standing in the future, it would only add approx a further 1,000 seats. They don't think it is about cramming more seats in just for the sake of beating Tottenham's new ground capacity: there is always be newer and bigger stadiums. The seat widths are already 'cosier' than NWHL, but will still definitely be better than current seats. They did confirm that we will not be able to expand further in the future (when I pointed out that the West stand was only built 17 years ago and we're already going to tear it down due to demand), and this is a stadium for the next 100 years. They are confident that by the time the new stadium opens (be it in 5-6 years' time), it will be the best football stadium in terms of fan experience, possibly even in Europe. They admit that NWHL will be an 'incredible' stadium but it has been designed to host other sports and events, whilst Abramovich was adamant that this would be a football only stadium. They will also have learnt about the best (and bad) bits of the new stadia being constructed in Europe (not just NWHL - they will also likely have their 'own version of the tunnel club'). They are hoping that by the time the stadium opens, the 'journey' of getting to your seats from outside the ground will be seamless with the new technology that might be available by then. They are very much banking on the 'next generation stadium' concept in terms of experience and technology even if the outside will be gothic looking and iconic in its own way (the outside look has not changed since the last published plans). Personally, it was reassuring to know that slow but steady progress was being achieved, and the project is still very much on. Expect to have a separate microsite up and running on the web over the next 6 weeks, with regards to the new stadium after which, once the final design plans are confirmed, we'll start seeing more information/renders as time goes. They will be engaging with the fans and community throughout this process (as they have done upto now) onto the construction phase to still see what they'd like incorporated inside the stadium (like different memorabilia, finishing, etc) as the final fit outs by HdM won't be done until much later during the construction.
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    It's a big game for him, the biggest he's ever played, on a big stage with millions watching, and a lot at stake, not just for him but for a lot of those players on both sides. He done really well. Giggs was very astute talking about him I thought, saying he was better on the left, where the game opened up for him because he can see more of the pitch because he's right-footed. He also said he stood still a lot, which he meant as a compliment, that it showed he had confidence and a good understanding of the game. Wright and Dixon had a pop at Chelsea and in a way I agree with them. I think they're underestimating Bakayoko and don't really understand what his role is and how much you're required to run for Conte, especially if Fabregas is in the side, but there's no doubt we've completely mismanaged RLC in my view, and we have barely any idea how to nurture kids. RLC has effectively wasted the last two years of his career and he's way behind schedule in relation to his potential. He's nearly 22 and he should be starting for Chelsea at this stage because he has the ability but he hasn't got the experience because we didn't loan him out earlier. He's only got about 20 games under his belt which is criminal, he should have two seasons under his belt by now and he'd be a lot further down the line in his development. Edit: Anyway pleased for him. If he stays fit he'll be on that plane to Russia. He's got more class than most of the England squad put together.
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    With all the negativity online about him being incompetent and calling him names, i thought it was time to at the very least appreciate what he's done for the club and wish him the best of luck in the future. At the end of the day he was part of the club's successful years and our history, so at least deserves to be thanked for what he did no matter what our opinions were of him, positive or negative. His interview with Chelsea TV on his departure from the club. http://www.chelseafc.com/news/latest-news/2017/11/chelsea-tv-exclusive--emenalo-on-standing-down.html
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    People disrespecting him are so stupid honestly, they have no idea what he's ever done for the club for starters. I went on youtube and watched some videos about Emenalo stepping down and all the top comments with hundreds of likes were Chelsea fans saying "Thank god" "About time" "Great decision I'm so happy"... Why are people so sure Emenalo was making bad decisions at this club? Either way, I think we've had some good years at the club and I'm sure he has been responsible for some success and some negatives. What we can take is that since his appointment as director the youth department has significantly improved, the scouting has been tremendous, we have some great up and coming talent. I actually like our loaning system also, I think it's worked for a lot of players. We've made some tremendous signings since 2011, that was when he was promoted to technical director. Before then we were signing the likes of Shevchenko, Veron, Mutu, Torres, Crespo, Del Horno, Kezman, Boulahrouz, Shaun Wright Phillips... All for big fees during their time and absolute flops, I'm sure I can name more if I really think about it. Since Emenalo has been in charge we haven't made ridiculous signings like that, who has flopped here really? Marko Marin was a pointless buy but he was a bargain, we signed Salah & Cuadrado who are actually good players but we never gave them the chance. Besides those signings, we've made careful and superb transfers. We can only go by what we see, maybe Emenalo didn't purely make all those decisions, who knows, however since he has arrived we've been very short on squad depth which I believe has caught up with us this season and a few other seasons, I think we took a very long time transition from 2011 only to finally get the right team in 2014. Messing about trying to sign Modric only for him to go to Real Madrid, selling Daniel Sturridge when he was 10 times the striker Torres was at the time, selling KDB probably the worst decision we've made since Robben. Other than that, I would give him a good rating, while keeping in mind I could be completely wrong.
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    The reason he hasn't got many assists is because they have Benteke up front.
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    Damm, who will i blame now next time a hurricane strikes or a volcano erupts?
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    Some fantastic performances today. Thought that Christensen in the centre of our defence was the change that made the difference. He is one of those players, a bit like JT, who reads the game really well. He always seems unhurried and in the right place and that’s not by luck. Defence looked a lot more balanced today. Kante is an out of this world midfielder and his coolness under pressure and his distribution in tight positions is underplayed by many. Rarely does he give the ball away or get caught in dangerous areas. Bakayoko was a monster in our midfield and caused them loads of problems with his forward runs. It’s a pity about his finishing, don’t think he’ll be a Lampard but he can improve. Fab enjoys this position much more where he can work his magic. I think Conte made the right call to replace him. In the few minutes before the sub Fab made two poor short passes and a half assed attempt of a tackle, I think he was tiring. Hazard is quality, enough said. Better from morata today, fantastic header but could have done better with a couple of chances near the end.
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    If Luiz has a behaviour problem, absolutely, but if anything he should be replacing Cahill in the long term. Not having a dig at Cahill by the way he was great today, but Christensen is a limited defender, very good defensively, good for balance in the side. Luiz however, nobody can do what he does so well, he's like a playmaker in defence, we will miss that badly without him mark my words. Defensively he's been poor this season, but that's because of the huge imbalance in the side.
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    Oh and Jose can just f**k off to the far side of f**kland and then carry on f**king off until he meets himself f**king off. My Arse did they deserve anything.
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    I caught a bit of that on 5 Live last night when I dragged myself off to bed and thought f**k OFF. What a lazy, boring thing to come out with. Matic - seems he has become one of the greatest players of all time since going to Man Utd. Oh God, how I hope Conte has them fired up for Sunday and nothing would be more fitting than to give Man Utd a lesson in football and see Matic f**k up like he did for us plenty of times over the past couple of seasons.
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    You have to say Conte knew what to change and when to change it, which makes him a great manager
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    It's always shocking to me to see posts like this. Even more shocking that majority of Chelsea fans seem to share this opinion that he somehow scammed his way to the position of Technical Director of one of the top football clubs in the world with zero prior qualifications or track record. Doesn't that sound ridiculous to you? How is it that majority of Chelsea fans (at least online) don't seem to know what Emenalo's background was? Didn't even know his basic role at the club either when all that information is readily available online? He has gotten blame for things that aren't his duty and been denied credit for things that were his duty. Amazing.
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    Not necessarily vintage but shows how the ground has developed and will develop over the years.
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    Plenty of time spent on the Q and A section. Gambling seems to have been the start but was helped by the club especially The chairman,who he sort of saw as a father figure.He was asked if he was contradicting what he'd said in his book about Bates but gave the perfect answer saying every son has had a row with his dad. He intimated he'd been the victim of a set up by someone when he received an early morning visit from OB looking for the usual which was a waste of his and their time saying " you can come to your own conclusions". The incident in the Nags head pub was him being pushed too far and he reacted probably like we might have done too but he wasn't on top form at the time. Obviously he's got a DVD and book to promote but he was good value and mixed with everyone posing for photos,talking about the bust ups with teammates and opposition,(great story about Alan McDonald,QPR centre back)and his and the teams awareness of what was going on off the pitch at Brighton,seeing us all over Highbury on that opening day, Friday night at City etc. He's now back doing some hospitality at SB and getting on with his life so good luck to him.Back in the 80's he gave us some of the best times we ever had as fans and regardless of recent times he should be remembered for that. He seemed a bit embarrassed when someone called him King Kerry but that's what he was at the time with a goal tally worthy of any top striker.
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    Interesting. It's impossible to know whether it's a good thing or not, since none of us actually know what the hell he does. Supposedly it was him given the task of a vision for the future, which saw the likes of Courtois, De Bruyne, Lukaku, etc.. signed, in which case he did well, but then Mourinho threw a load of them away. I have no idea what's true and what isn't, but we can hope this means Conte has Roman's backing and will be given the power to do things as he wants, which might lead to him committing for a longer period. I wonder if Guus Hiddink will come into that role now, someone Roman trusts and who is far more experienced and knowledable/
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    Wow! Just reading Red Cafe and a couple of Manure fans were calling Antonio a classless c**t! Really? Because he was too busy celebrating to shake your classless c**t's hand?,oh the f**king irony! Edited to add - I still respect Jose for all he did for us but really pot, kettle black?
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    Fabregas needs two things: runners ahead of him and ball winners next to him. Do that for him and he’s brilliant. Great player, I’ve criticized him a lot but he was amazing today.
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    Get in...what a performance, best we've been since atletico performance, should of been a rout Courtois - Couple good saves, no complaints Azpi - hero, looks a rock and again putting in the ball for a winner Andreas - should be first choice, cool on the ball, no issues handling power forwards and quick ones in Lukaku and Rashford, should of got his goal as well. Cahill - Did really well, I know he's hit or miss but can't fault him today - solid in the air against Fellani which is an achievement. Zappa - Actually thought he played very well, can do better going ahead but makes all the right runs. Alonso - Strong defensively and got forward well, needs to rediscover his crossing ability Fab - Brilliant, In a 2 he gets over run but pure class today. Interplay with Hazard was a signt Kante - makes every single player on the team better , no coincidence our intensity is upped the second he's back in the team. Baka - Showed what he's capable of, power house performance bossed Matic and Herrara and got forward brilliantly, should be man of the match but man, take shooting classes :s Hazard - My man of the match, class above, linked so well with Fab and Morata. United could only foul him. Morata - What a header, equally impressed with his hold up, he was so much more physical today and drew fouls and relieved pressure at the end as well. Should of scored more than the one. Overall a much more committed and intense performance, Conte got it spot on and I think this proves the players are in it with him. Titles not disappeared yet and this result proves the players are going to fight every step of the way and for me that's enough.
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    Due to "The Mourinho Factor" and how much I dislike the bloke now, this has become the game of the season that I want us to win above all others. It has always been a big game but in the past I got more pleasure out of us beating Sp*rs, Arsenal and Liverpool, but not any more. Last season, far & away the biggest highlight for me was the 4-0 drubbing we gave them and to see Mourinho absolutely broken on the touchline. Trouble is, he will want revenge or at the very least to not lose and a game against Conte's Chelsea has probably become more of a must not lose game than any other for him, even more so than Pep's City and Wenger's Arsenal. I can see him setting up, happy for the 0-0 but hoping they will snatch a goal and go away with all 3 points and a clean sheet. Got a feeling they might well target Alonso, who struggles against Pace so I hope we have them on the back foot like last season and we don't sit too deep. We need Kante back for this one and the likes of Hazard, Pedro and Morata to be on fire. I'll take any win but if we could repeat last season's performance, I'll be letting fireworks off in celebration!
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    We lie fourth, we're in the quarters of the LC, and we're top of a very difficult CL group. I think Conte's doing extremely well, given the tricky circumstances this season, and given the strengthening of our rivals. If we had got him a LWB and a back-up striker he wanted he'd be doing even better in my book, but I'm very impressed with the way he's negotiating this supposed crisis.
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    Are people going to scapegoat Fabregas again? He was very good today. Dictated the pace of the game. Bakayoko was the one who lost the ball cheaply. Thought Fabregas and Hazard ran the show. Ruidger was brilliant today as well. The scoreline does not reflect the game. We outplayed Bournemouth and scoreline should have been a lot higher but the 3 points is what is most important.
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    Jose is a w**ker he wears a w**kers hat, ever since he's left us he's become a bigger twat. What a win
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    bakayoko was tremendous as well today. apart from his shooting and decision making in the final third at times, he was fantastic. the whole midfield was brilliant.
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    So much wrong with this. In 03/04 we spent £150.72m (according to https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/fc-chelsea/alletransfers/verein/631) with sales of just £855k. A net spend of £149.87m, without even taking into account inflation this is mental. This is probably like spending £300m-£400m in today's market and selling no one. This summer we may have spent £179.91m but after the sale of Costa we have sold £176.94m. A net spend of £2.97m is impressive and i can't argue that the signings aren't an upgrade but we have done very little to improve squad depth and it isn't anywhere near the support in 03/04. Sure we can argue that the team didn't need such a major upgrade to the starting 11 as it did back in '03 but we sure as hell should have done more to strengthen the overall squad over summer.
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    Since Cahill has played for CFC, the Club has won the following: 1X CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNER 11/12 Chelsea FC 2X ENGLISH CHAMPION 2017 Chelsea FC 2015 Chelsea FC 1X ENGLISH FA CUP WINNER 2012 Chelsea FC 1X ENGLISH LEAGUE CUP WINNER 2015 Chelsea FC 1X EUROPA LEAGUE WINNER 12/13 Chelsea FC Yeah He has cost the club a lot <_<