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    Hey lads, PAOK fan here, it was a honour playing with a club like yours. Chelsea is one of the most dominant clubs to ever play in Toumba Stadium and we faced lots of decent ones the last 5 years( Schalke, Ajax, Dortmund , Benfica, Tottenham etc.). I have never seen a club destroying us like you did today. just another level of football. You gotta respect the way Sarri's clubs control the game. Tactical masterpiece. I guess you are dissapointed by the incompetence of PAOK against such a strong rival, but you also have to take into account that our club plays with its 3 arch rivals in the next 10 days for Greek league and domestic cup, so our coach decided to play very conservative. People here are obsessed with those matches and losing them will be a disaster probably. Losing with dignity from Chelsea is not a big deal though.. Even full strength the difference of the clubs would be chaotic though, like 2-3 goals difference at least. Wish you luck for PL this year, it is a disgrace such a team not to participate in CL. See ya in London.
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    Enough of that nonsense!!
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    The best part of this goal was the fact the dirty red scousers never saw it coming - when Eden nutmegged Firmino, they didn't realize they were already done - Merci Eden!!!
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    We were second best for long periods of that game but when you’ve got someone world class up front in Hazard, and mark my words he is the true definition of world class, then you can pull a goal out of nothing and that’s exactly what he did. He is in probably the best form of his career right now, simply phenomenal. Not the best of performances from us. Think we learned more about why certain players are ahead of others rather than players making a claim for the starting XI. Barkley continues to show flashes but also has a few brain farts in him. Luiz was an assured and calming presence when he came on in contrast to Christensen’s more nervy showing. Fabregas, for me, looked to be trying to force the issue to much in that deeper role. That he couldn’t find space for long periods of the second half to get on the ball and play out suggests that he might not be suited to that role. Willian. Pants. Moses, some surprising flourishes forward but needs to find that final ball. Dave, looked off the boil. Cahill, life in the old dog yet. Emerson, okay going forward. Defensively suspect though. Kovacic, a work in progress. Overall. How can you not be happy to beat the bin dippers?!
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    Roman ready to sell?

    Must have found some damp.
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    SuperFrank Fanboy

    Super Frank's Derby County

    Fab night for us Rams fans - glad to see you chaps enjoyed it too! Lamps has already achieved legendary status amongst the Derby faithful. To go to Manure and go toe to toe rather than the typical park the bus stuff is the stuff of dreams for us. We are of course resigned to losing Mason and Fikori end of season but hopefully Frank and Jody will be around for another season at least. As long as it lasts we'll keep bouncing. It's been a hell of ride already.
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    No he didn't, and you saying it just makes you look a tad silly. I'm not denying that CHO has a huge potential, but he has a lot to do yet prove himself to be a better player than Willian
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    Welcome Ross Barkley

    As in most cases in life to me style is more important than substance. :) To some people certain things are taboo: shagging your wife's sister, slagging off Chelsea players, voting Tory... And to some - it just isn't... And may be something else is. Moral indignation is pointless and boring. But here's the "style" bit. "Stinkwater"? Really? What are you, 12? I mean, you gonna insult Chelsea players - can you please not be so lame and unfunny about it. Thought I'd chime in... :))
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    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Why do some people constantly feel the need to be pathetic and insulting towards our own players
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    Eden Hazard

    give the man whatever he wants! He wants to play with Mbappe? Sign Mbappe! He wants to play basketball? Start a basketball team! He wants to play in spain? Chelsea should invade and conquer Spain! Chelsea have to do whatever they can to keep this magician happy! Oh my goodness what a player!! He took the match over once he came on, no matter how many times Moses tried to pass the ball to Liverpool in front of our own box.
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    Best match day thread we've ever had....
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    f**king yes!!! I don't care if people see this as a second rate competition, beating Liverpool is always one of the most satisfying win's in the game. Now let's do it again on Saturday.
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    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    You're expecting Sarri to come in and wave a magic wand. We've won 5 and drawn 1 out of 6 games. A little bit of perspective is needed. Nobody even expected him to come in and achieve that in his first time in the PL. He's one of four managers to achieve 5 wins consecutively as a coach in the Prem. He's not a miracle worker, but he'll improve the players. He said we required at least 3 months to get his idea of football and the players have learned pretty fast. The space between midfield and defence is improved and slowly things are improving. Sarri has came into a PL that has improved even more with midtable sides getting stronger and better managers, and even the likes of newly promoted Fulham and Wolves playing good football and showing their tactical nous. Liverpool and City are 3/4 years matured compared to us, so I personally think Sarri's start to the league has been brilliant. You also criticise a new player in Kovacic who is new to EPL and is himself still adapting too. You have way too high expectations at the moment. I would recommend a lot more patience.
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    Dutch Football‏ @FootballOranje_ Vitesse fans pay tribute to those that fought in the battle of Arnhem 74 years ago.
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    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    He has given 100% in every game, never complained, captained us to Trophies and has been an outstanding signing especially for the price. Maybe not a legend up there with our greatest ever players but he's certainly going to be remembered as a top level professional. Nows the right time to go though, with Christensen and Ampadu ahead of him.
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    As far as I'm concerned he deserves red just for being a vain twat.
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    Eden Hazard

    Average player, Real Madrid should look elsewhere.
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    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Arguably one of our greatest signings, pound for pound. The time is right now for him to complete his career, hopefully he gets a good money spinning move. Thanks Gaz you won the lot.
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    He says, after a huge stream of posts berating him for every miss.
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    Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Newcastle away 84.
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    The Liquidator

    Eden Hazard

    Please don't ever put Eden's name next to Salah's again. That's massively disrespectful to Hazard. Salah had one good season that was hid purple patch, Hazard has a rather extensive body of work. He's been doing it since he was 19:
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    Scott Harris

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    The most down to earth top class footballer I have ever seen. Never seems to moan, looks like he just enjoys the game, never cheats, never get's in the refs face, never moans if he gives a foul away or is booked, gives everything to the team in every game, everybody seems to love him. For a club that is so hated, we have done well to get the nicest footballer on the planet to play for us