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    I won't believe the Zappacosta deal until I see him in a Liverpool shirt.
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    Well that was absolutely immense!! I think that might be the best night of my life! My only slight disappointment was not getting to see Morata live as that would have been the icing on the cake! what a game!
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    Souness - "Alonso's never scored a freekick like that in training, let alone in a game". What a twat, has clearly never watched Alonso hit a deadball.
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    What's wrong with having a neutral net spend? Why do you and others have some misguided conception that owning a football club means you are obliged to constantly spend money? I think it's amazing that Roman pumped his own money in to build the club to the global force and brand that it is today and has turned us into a club that can sustain itself and remain competitive for trophies on a consistent basis. Go and ask a Blackburn fan about how a football club looks that competes artificially on the back money being pumped in by a benefactor. It's not a pretty picture if that benefactor suddenly pulls the plug/dies/runs out of money. Roman has built the club to the extent that it is no longer dependant on his money. This is a great thing to be celebrated, not complained about.
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    I don't know how it can be disputed otherwise and worse be compared to 2015 which is ridiculous. Yes there were some not so great points so ill start there. The Sandro saga was frustrating, starting the season with such a thin squad was not nice but with the deadline day arrival's plus Eden and Baka coming into the fold we are much stronger there, not making a real push for Llorente i didn't like as i don't rate Bats (i can't consider missing out on Lukaku as a bad point as i don't think he suited us atall) and i think we should have kept Traore but much more positive than negative. But more good than bad has happened, we have made 3 major signing's that will maybe form part of our spine for year's, a backup keeper with vast quality and experience, brung a highly talented academy player into the fold and made two solid signing's on deadline day who will at worst provide quality depth. Won't pretend i know anything about Zappa before Thursday but from what i have read he is likely to climb above Moses sooner or later, which in turn will make Victor a good squad player for WB. Drinkwater's signing makes us 10x stronger im CM than last season, Baka is an upgrade to Matic in this system and Drinkwater is a huge upgrade on Chalobah (what do people see in that guy that i don't?). Would it have been good to have got our business done earlier? Ofcourse, but this isn't fifa career mode and put it this way there's a reason 90% of clubs are active on that famous day, negotiation's are a very complicated procedure, i have on and off helped run my local club in recent year's and believe me, even 4 figure transfer deals are a pain in the arse to negotiate. Also we appear to have given our biggest prospect Tammy a loan which he is excelling at and fits in well, Swansea fans are heavily impressed and Zouma and Ruben have got great loans and are getting games, massive win in that regard. As starting with Glenn said the other day, it's a fantastic achievement by the club that we balance the books while winning trophies, especially up against the spending in Manchester. Do i think we have no flaws? No, but the way some people bang on you'd think we had The Venky's incharge. I certainly prefer our way than City's way. Put it this way, if we had Stones, Otamendi and Mangala for a combined £110m while City had Azpi, Luiz and Christensen for a combined £40m you telling me you'd be happy?
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    “Football, from its birth as a Victorian leisure product, has always been, at bottom, a business. But this is something else. When the variables of league positions and on-field glory are increasingly narrow, when signings are cheered like goals by the digital diaspora, when having a “good window” is a season’s goal, commerce really is beginning to intrude inside the chalk markings.” Barney Ronay (The Guardian, 2nd Sept, 2017) Admit it. Deadline Day is meant to end in the blues for us Blues. Reportedly flush with net spend cash and hell bent on consolidating our position at the top of the Premier League money tree, it was ever thus and whether it be under Jose, Carlo, or as now seems to be the case with Antonio, we simply cannot make the required transition when actually in transition. But, as Barney Ronay points out above, in this paragraph from his latest article, are we really surprised that this relatively straightforward act of progression is beyond our club's capabilities, individual great managerial abilities or, of late with stadia costs looming, Roman's sensibilities, and especially when the commerce, the hype and all the excess has become even more important than the game itself? Logic suggests that it shouldn't be like this, but we are going way beyond financial sense now, heading deep into Ronay's diaspora territory where the scattergun rules and even Arsene Wenger bids £93m for a player. In truth, this transfer window has not so much been about the story, but the telling of it. For example, when we land a big fish like Alvaro Morata and comparison is made with Romelu Lukaku the media men and pundits emphasis is immediately placed on Premier League experience rather than Champions League appearances, thereby toeing the it's-my-party line and I'll-buy-if-I-want-to attitude that now pervades PSG, Manchester and, since Philippe Coutinho became a wanted man and Bill Kenwright got into bed with Iranian billionaire and ex-Arsenal shareholder Farhad Moshiri, both red and blue halves of Liverpool as well. Of course, I hear you say, the Fourth Estate was bound to peddle the pro-Mancunian argument that Rom was worth the extra money whereas Alvaro is no more than an untried and untested risk, yet by stark contrast and fast-forwarding to Deadline Day you will hardly hear mention made of Danny Drinkwater's league-winning 'experience' above the babble of criticism based on him being over-priced, over here and unworthy of a supporting actor's role in our line-up, even if it does now mean that he is reacquainted with N'Golo Kante, last season's Chelsea star of the Premiership show. No, apparently this counts for nothing in a print world that would have us believe our constant fears of a sterile Matic/Kante midfield were completely unfounded and still periodically panders to Jose's mock astonishment that we should ever have let the Serb go, to him of all people and United in particular. How silly we were to shoot ourselves in the foot in this way and how regretful we will be whenever he makes an interception, sets up an attack, shields the defence, or merely turns up wearing a red shirt. Moreover, Drinkwater's arrival means comparison with Matic is an easy one to make, assuming him to be his replacement rather than Bakayoko, whereas anyone who watched Monaco last season knows we have upgraded on Matic with this signing and Danny has been brought in specifically to partner Kante in a 3-5-2 formation, or be the insurance man from the subs bench when 3-4-3 is deployed. Whether Chalobah or Loftus-Cheek could have performed this role is a debate for another day and another forum, but for the moment I think it safe to say that the outlay is justified, if for no other reason than our net spend figures are good when compared to those of the northern juggernauts. However, not so when it comes to 'gross splurge', as Ronay puts it is his piece, which is why he is one of many telling the story in such slanted terms. Here there is an overall rise of 23% on last year’s spending in the Premier League with Manchester City the biggest gross spenders on £215m, followed by £180m from Chelsea, then Manchester United and Everton on £145m. This is the less acceptable face of football capitalism as far as Chelsea is concerned and it will also be the one that is most repeated, but it hides a multitude of cold, hard facts and figures that make a mockery of the contention, for instance, that United has had by far the better transfer window. Even using gross spend [cost of moves in] as the common denominator, Chelsea achieved the following:- Álvaro Morata Real Madrid £58m; Tiémoué Bakayoko Monaco £39.7m; Antonio Rüdiger Roma £29m; Davide Zappacosta Torino £25.8m; Willy Caballero Manchester City free, whereas, for only £35m less United merely acquired Romelu Lukaku Everton £75m; Nemanja Matic Chelsea £40m; Victor Lindelof Benfica £31m; Zlatan Ibrahimovic free agent. So, to suggest that we did so poorly in the marketplace compared to United when we brought in these five players and they ended up one player less, even taking into account the hokey-cokeying Zlatan, is to stretch credulity to incredible lengths in most peoples worlds, but not, it would appear, in our footballing sphere. Indeed, even Ronay's curiously dampened down verdict on both clubs dealings seems to confirm the media myopia that surrounds the game at present, with efforts [ours and theirs] assessed as follows:- “Chelsea kept missing out on their man, no doubt leaving Antonio Conte tearing out his chestnut-brown nylon weave at times. But Danny Drinkwater is a good signing and Tiémoué Bakayoko a fascinating one: Bakayoko is a convincing midfield cruiser, although the Premier League may ruffle that splendid strolling style. Manchester United have handled the window well, buying early then getting out. Romelu Lukaku seems a much better deal now than he did at the start of the hyper-inflationary summer. No goals conceded in the Premier League, no pieces to be integrated through the autumn: this is a damage-free window.” Strange, is it not, that in the space of just two paragraphs Chelsea move from missing their men to finding both a good and then splendid one, while United shift uneasily from having a well window to one that is merely damage-free. Distortion is clearly the order of any Deadline Day and the assessments subsequently hang on its coattails, but when brought into sharper focus, Chelsea have made good signings and now have this strong squad:- Goalkeepers: Thibaut Courtois, Willy Caballero, Eduardo CBs: David Luiz, Cesar Azpilicueta, Gary Cahill, Antonio Rudiger, Andreas Christensen, Jake Clarke Salter WBs: Davide Zappacosta, Victor Moses, Marcos Alonso, Abdul Rahman Baba, Kenedy CMs: Cesc Fabregas, Tiemoue Bakayoko, N’Golo Kante, Danny Drinkwater, Kyle Scott Wingers/Forwards: Eden Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Charly Musonda CFs: Alvaro Morata, Michy Batshuayi Only time will tell whether this squad is good enough to defend the title and also have a half-decent shot at the Champions League, but it is far from the shambles some would have us believe and quite close to the finished article that might emerge after the January window opens and an additional big striker signing is made to offset Diego's departure.
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    Well, that's all over. Missed out on our key target. What is wrong with this club.
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    "Hello, can I have 2 Fish Fillets and some chips please?" "How about 1 fish fillet?" "What?" "Fine, 1 1/2 fish fillets" "No, I want 2 fish fillets and chips" "How about 1 fish fillet and Michy Batshuayi" "What are you even talking about?" "Can we loan you the chips?" "Screw this, I'm leaving"
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    Breaking news: Juventus submit 70m bid for Marcos Alonso as they seek an upgrade at left back.
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    Board got 2 players in today. Squad bolstered, tactical flexibility is now a potential. 1st 11 now Eddie is back can go toe 2 toe with any other prem title contender. Lets get behind the squad, the manager & the board and see some more tin cups roll in hopefully !!
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    Not just here but accross 'social media' in general, I think the level of whinging from Chelsea fans is pathetic ! We have (all bar two) kept our title winning first 14, added a couple of very good signings to balance that, plus another 2 defenders. It would seem we are not finished yet either. Just because we haven't signed Neymar, Sanchez etc it's all doom and gloom, FFS our board has bought the players that have won two titles in the last three years, a fact many seem to have forgotten about already. I for one will be glad when the transfer circus is over for a few months.
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    Emenalo signs Emenalo for Chelsea. #EmenaloOut
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    So let me get this straight. You have supported Chelsea since 1968. The internet has been about for best part of a quarter of a century. This forum has been here well over a decade. But you turn up the day after we hammered the spuds claiming we were lucky, and then go on about possession in your first couple of posts. If it smells like a spud, it is a spud.
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    Now in my 7th decade I have witnessed the appalling dumbing down of the media especially since the dawn of social media which has in itself become a repository of deranged tripe that is treated as verbatim by its readership. The 'traditional' media simply follow suit and play to the same audience. Even well established news programs such as News at Ten have become a joke-fest and hence unwatchable. Just have a listen to the drivel spouted out by presenters on Radio One during the daytime and that gets the tweeters and texters into a knicker wetting frenzy - today we had about an hours worth of Matt Edmonson (spelling?) in a self indulgent piece about a tweet he'd sent to 'Grimmi' about French Fancies - cue tweet frenzy etc. And we wonder why football and our club have dross written about us. Lies and vacuum filling claptrap are de-rigueur nowadays and as such appeal to the braying masses who delight in gossip and scandal.
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    I am completely bewildered..... We have a striker who has scored 3 in 4, and 2 assists.... Some of you are right, he really does need to get his act together, quite obviously we have bought a complete pony
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    that's 5 points #agentZouma has taken off our rivals
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    They must have showed him their title winning VHS tape.
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    I don't care if we field 11 non-British players.
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    Ha ha, Antonio saying the players told him to ditch the tracksuit.
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    Day "who cares": 20/08/2017 Have we signed Alex Sandro yet? NO WE GOT MARCOS F***ING ALONSO THE NEXT ROBERTO CARLOS
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    That's because people on social media are twats.
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    Sure we'll get these deals wrapped up as soon as the Nike deal kicks in.
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    Incredibly incompetent, the other day they ran out of Brasso to buff up the trophy cabinet ! Arseholes !
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    That's not good enough I want minute by minute updates, I pay my taxes.
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    Morata is getting slated. Yeah, he missed the a great chance but we had 33% of possession. He's not fully fit. He was totally isolated. He wasnt that bad, terrific defensive headers when we were under pressure. It reminded me of Drogba clearing the ball from crosses. We won't play like that all that often, when Hazard and Pedro are buzzing around him, it'll be a different story. He'll get better.
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    I thought he played ok today, he certainly wasn't the reason we didn't win but yeah let's call him a spastic, he totally deserves that....
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    Just arrived at our hotel for the night!!! Starting to get my buzz on now!! Gonna grab some food and then off to a pub for a few pig ear's before the game! Lets go Chelsea
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    Offensive or not (I personally think it is), there's no reason for it. The Willian song is brilliant because it actually means something, this is just pointless. It's similar to how some people chant "WE HATE TOTTENHAM" during the liquidator at the Bridge, can't stand that. Nothing wrong with singing about rivals, but not in every song and definitely not during the liquidator.
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    You do realise he wasnt involved in either of Belgiums international games, hard to criticise a player for not scoring when they haven't played
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    Whether some of you would like to agree or not, that is the fact. Go ahead and call me and everyone who shares this opinion "spoilt" or whatever word you may feel like using, it won't change the fact. I'm not going to blame Emenalo here. It's not his job to negotiate deals. It's his job to spot talent and point them out to Marina to negotiate the deals and he generally does a fantastic job at that (Azpi, Lukaku 2012, Courtois, Moses, De Bruyne, Salah, etc). The problem here is Marina Granovskaia. For all the great sales she has gotten for us and the great buys every now and then, she has taken one too many L's for us at this point. Since 2010, we haven't succeeded in having a great summer after a title winning season. There's no reason we should be going for Djilobodji and Hector after just winning a title in 2015. And those two were panic buys, mind. We win another title and have a big summer planned. Between January and now, we've lost about 10 first team players (Ivanovic, Terry, Mikel, Oscar, Chalobah, Loftus-Cheek, Costa, Matic, Ake, Begovic) and only replaced them with 4 (Bakayoko, Rudiger, Morata, Caballero). 5 if you add Christensen. Holes in the squad needed to be filled and we've known this since January but we've waited till the last 24 hours of the window to try to get deals over the line. This isn't even mentioning the fact that we should have tried to strengthen our starting XI to keep up with the rest of the league but we didn't. We're looking for a RB yet we let Conti go to AC Milan, Cancelo go to Inter Milan, Toljan go to Dortmund and Aurier to Spurs. ALL of these deals were there for the taking and guess what? They were ALL cheap! Now we're going after a Bosingwa incarnate in Rafinha. We spent months and months chasing Sandro with no assurance that he actually wanted to come and we seemingly do not have a plan B for him. Even if we did have a plan B, the price of that player will be 50% higher at this point in the window. This is the same way we spent most of the window chasing our tail with Koulibaly last summer. And Pogba the summer before. And Rooney the summer before. None of these deals ever materialized yet we spent over 2 months doing f**k all in each case. And although I prefer the option we ended up with, it says a lot about them that we bottled seemingly the easiest deal to get over the line with Lukaku by being complacent. Or should I say...incompetent. Last summer Luiz and Alonso were panic buys as well. If it weren't for Conte working hard to get them punching above their weight, we'd have had a terrible season. I give Marina and co ZERO credit for Alonso and Luiz doing well for us last year. If it happens once, you can just put it down to bad luck. But if it happens more than once, it's time to accept that they're incompetent and they need to go. Peter Kenyon never had problems closing deals like this. For the life of me, even Ron Gourlay got things done when we needed to. I think it's time to hire someone who'll do a better job. It's probably not going to happen considering how close Marina is to Roman but I sure f**king hope it does. How much more of this can we take? We've fallen behind Europe's elite in the past 4 years and we keep bottling every opportunity to get back up there. I can't be the only one of this mindset.
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    We're just going through the motions to adhere to our part of his contract with us. If he turned up super fit and ready to go, apologised to the club, made a public statement apologising for f**king the club about, and drop to his knees in Antonios' office pleading for mercy......then and only then can we consider playing him.
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    There have been a lot of odd situations and missed deals this window, not only for us but others too. Personally, I don't know why Ox was a target when he clearly didn't want to play the position Conte wanted him to play (that's partly why he was leaving Arsenal), by the sounds of it we never put a bid in for Llorente, and Barkley was a truly odd situation. I think it's easy to play the 'CHELSEA SNUBBED' card by the sensationalist media; by all accounts Lemar snubbed Arsenal but that got mostly reported as a deal that 'broke down'. Best to take these things with a healthy dose of scepticism. Deadline day is a complete circus, and looking at it a bit more objectively (and taking into account the whole window) we've signed Morata from Real Madrid, Bakayoko from a great Monaco side and a promising young defender in Rudiger who has already helped the German national team to a trophy. Then yesterday we got a very useful HG midfielder in Drinkwater (who already has a relationship with Kante and experience winning the league) and, by the sounds of it, some depth at wingback with a player who is a perfect fit for Conte's style. On top of that it looks like Christensen is going to get a chance, Musonda as well perhaps (although to a lesser extent). Yeah we've lost Matic and a few young players which was all genuinely disappointing, but with the guys we've brought into the defence and Luiz's flexibility, we have a few different tactical options that we didn't have last season. It's obviously not been a huge success, but at the same time it's easy to focus on the negatives and call it a failure. It certainly would've been useful to have a couple more players for even more depth, but it's not the disaster it was looking like at 10 to 11 when Football Focus were reporting the Drinkwater deal looked unlikely, we hadn't announced Zappacosta and I went to bed. Hopefully it's enough to at least keep Conte from walking and he has a squad he can work with. It's still unlikely we can challenge on all fronts, but that's tough regardless of squad size. We all know that trophies aren't won, or bought, in the transfer window, so here's hoping the squad we do have can do us proud.
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    Well said. We've been very fortunate for the last 15 years or so to have a benefactor who has been very generous. However, it became apparent some years ago now that that generosity could not continue unabated & that the club would have to at some future stage to make the move to become self-sustaining and in that regard we have mostly done very well. The missing piece in that respect as far as revenues are concerned was always match day revenues and of course this is now coming to fruition after years of wrangling and negotiations. So the parameters in respect to spending were set some years ago because of the need to re-develop the existing ground & the huge cost of doing so. And, despite that, we still remain very competitive and have managed to win the title twice and another european trophy since the self-sustaining financial model was adopted. The simple reality is that at present we will not always be able to match the likes on offer from Utd, City, Real, Barca et al for the very best players and nor should we be paying frankly ridiculous transfer prices for journeymen players. True it is that at present, our 1st team squad may be considered by some to be a bit threadbare and especially should injuries occur to key players but, it seems to me and others no doubt, that those who keep harping on about this have lost sight of the fact that the self-sustaining model must have preeminence. As such, and until the new stadium is finished this is where we are at. Now it seems to me that the club & board's position is very rational.
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    I wish Barkley's dad pulled out.
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    Anybody who thinks they are a better fan because they go to games, or have supported the club since the 60's, 70's, 80's....is a prick.
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    Oh well, i guess i'm a prick then because i watch Chelsea through a stream a lot. Not all of us can afford the obscene amounts of money that it would cost to pay for Sky Sports AND BT Sport on top of everything else in life. It's either not watch Chelsea at all or watch it through a stream because even if i wanted Sky Sports and BT Sport, i couldn't afford it anyway.
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    glimpsed some posts that say on another day, bla bla bla.. and we were lucky bla bla bla... It's called, organisation, shape and defending and a game plan. And if this was a seria A game in the mid 90's there would be absolutely no discussion as to who the better team was Having now see Chelsea under conte for the last year, it's clear to see that he isn't 100% brought in to this pure high press thing. Our team seems to go through periods of the game where they will use it and others where they will get in to shape, conserve some energy and make it hard to pull them out. To put this in to context, Ali, one of the best goalscorers from midfield and a player who seems to have similar movement and goal scoring instincts to frank had one touch in the box! on touch. Is it lucky that we prevented one of their biggest threats having any of the ball were he can hurt us. As the game went on you saw him more and more turn up on the left wing, exactly where you would want to have such a player show up. How many balls did Ericsson manage to whip in from open play? like he had in previous games that hurt us. He was was smothered out of it. And as the game wore on spurs got more and more fatigued, before the goal came you could see they didn't have the legs under them as much and even after going 1-1 the game was swinging towards us. Was it the perfect game, no, could we have kept the ball better for periods, absolutely... but it was not a lucky result, it was reward for executing a game plan that was effective and nullified spurs biggest assets
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    People deserve to be called idiots when they say something like "as for Morata, a total joke and waste of money" To say something like that when a player has only played 2 games for the club is incredibly idiotic. He also ignores that fact that we were playing with a squad depleted in numbers and that Morata was basically on his own vs 6 Tottenham players. It's totally unrealistic to expect a new striker to be dominant when you actually look at the situation we were in. He also described our performance as "totally embarrassing" when there was nothing embarrassing about it. If anybody had watched us over the years, they would know that we love a win like that, it's something we have become masters at. One of my favourite moments in football came from playing that way ( 2-0 away to Liverpool in 2014 ) If we was to lose the ability to win this way, then i think we would become a weaker side. I bet Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, City and United fans would secretly love to be able to get a few wins playing this way.
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    Return of the Don. Very happy with the result. We were there for the taking today given our injuries, suspensions, lack of squad depth and match fitness but it was a solid if unspectacular team display. Let's get a couple more bodies in by the end of the transfer window and show the rest of the league just why we're champions.
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    My emotions can make me swear and shout....but never reference the holocaust.