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    I was expecting a crap game, they would score, close it down, we wouldn't have enough going forward, and we would lose, a very disappointing end to a very disappointing season. Instead, we scored, we closed the game down, they didn't have enough going forward, and they lost, and I feel strangely ecstatic, despite the disappointing season. Beating Utd is always good. Beating Jose is always good. Winning trophies is always good, and we just can't stop winning trophies, no matter how sh*t we are. We win when we're sh*t and we win when we're good. It's all good. The best bit of the game? Jose's post-match interview, where he complained about our negative tactics. I'll probably never watch the game again but I'll have that interview on a continuous loop for a good few years. We learned from the best Jose me ol mucker. You were the one that taught us it. Anyway, Hazard is a hero, Kante is phenomenal, we are so lucky to have him, thank god Cahill played instead of Christensen, our whole defence were bloody good. Even Baka was good. Courtois was good. We might not have played any football but we were all good. It's a positive end, a very positive end, it brings some positive vibes back to the club which is very important, it reconnects the fans to the club and to the team and vice versa, I feel it's a very important win, it's important we build on it, it's made Chelsea fans happy and that's important after the sh*t we've suffered this season, and some of our players win their first trophy with us which helps them with their confidence going forward, winning breeds winning, we want these guys to win a lot more with us. Lastly back to Jose. He was very uptight from the outset. His body language was all wrong. He was very upset Lukaku declared himself unfit, you could see it clearly in his pre-match interview. Without his big lump up front he had no ideas and he was livid about it and blamed Lukaku and couldn't shake it from his mind. He was scowling before a ball was kicked. I was dreading watching him lord it over us at Wembley, with Lukaku and Matic in tow, with c**ts like Young and Herrera in their side. It would have been horrible. Edit: Instead it was very very nice indeed. We beat Jose at his own game. It tastes so sweet.
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    We won all three FA Cup’s: Youth, Women, Men’s.
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    Richy C

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    That 83/84 Leeds game was special , while a lot of fans went on the pitch I stayed in west stand at the end of the game giving abuse to our Yorkshire friends while they smashed our scoreboard up , I also done Newcastle home and away , for the away game I was on the first special and the old bill had it well sorted getting us escorted in and escorting us out , hardly saw a Newcastle fan outside all day , our support that day was great had the whole end which was packed out , best away support Newcastle had seen for years , and we got a good 1-1 draw , great game no dramas . For the Newcastle home game I remember it being freezing , like an idiot went just wearing a lacoste polo shirt , got to Wimbledon tube station for those who can remember there used to be a little knit wear shop just outside the station , picked up a nice round neck pringle jumper cant remember how much but it was expensive for a 17 year old earning 70 quid a week , as for the game the atmosphere was electric , for me the best I`ve ever been to at our old ground , I was in the west stand which was rocking , the benches were going for it the shed and I mean the whole shed were bouncing , east stand lower ( normaly gate 13 ) but the boys were both sides of the tunnel and rocking we even had big pockets of lads singing in the east upper , as for the game 4-0 fantastic performance . I`m 51 now and a lot of games from 82 83 84 85 will live with me forever , some games I still remember what clobber I was wearing which is sad , I was a season ticket holder for many years up until 2006 following the blues home away and Europe , now when sky put on the old premier league seasons my boys who are Chelsea mad will say were you there Dad , I normally say I think so , I cant remember , My oldest boy who`s 16 is of to the FA cup final this weekend , when I was 16 I was of to Cambridge Utd away div 2 . I would not swap my time for all the tea in China win or lose up the blues Richy
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    Gutted for you that you missed the game mate..... Maybe have a bit more faith next time and you won't miss watching your team beat Manchester United in a cup final ;-)
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    It's a bit worrying that a lot of us think a Premier League title and an FA Cup final one year, followed by an FA Cup, a League Cup semi-final and European qualification (albeit not Champions League) in 5th place are valid reasons for getting quite so exercised about getting rid of Conte. I think our expectations need to be a bit more managed, myself. I'm not saying Conte didn't make mistakes during this season (nor last, come to that), but some of the words used to describe our season, such as "abject", "disgusting", and "dire" are just plain silly. Every other club in the land would kill for our FA Cup, every other club but 2 would kill for our League Cup run, and 15 other Premier League clubs would kill for our league position. Sometimes, you just have to accept that you can't win them all, all of the time.
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    No time for any negativity today. I don't give a toss what people say, I still love FA Cup final day. Absolutely buzzing!
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    Whatever your feelings or opinions about Conte and players in this team today we are winners and not everyone gets to say that. Well done Chelsea, well done Antonio. Enjoy your evening fellow blues. KTBFFH
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    Jose Mourinho thread

    No, he used to be a good fit. Now I'm not sure he's a good fit for anyone. Honestly wouldn't touch him with a barge-pole nowadays.
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    We live in Dorset so it was an early start for us but thankfully we were told that there was something going on in Windsor and that seemed to keep the roads clear I really don’t like driving into Wembley so we always book a hotel a mile or so away and this time we stayed at South Ruislip. What a good descion that was. Booked in to our hotel but a gulp as there were a dozen or so Utd fans sat watching that Windsor thing on the TV in the bar. Oh joy. Didn’t hang around in the hotel for long but next door was a pub jammed full of Chelsea . Pre football as it should be , a couple of lagers , something and chips, a laugh , a few songs and getting your head around just how important the game was. The railway station was just a spit away and was just a 9 minute journey time to Wembley. When we got to the stadium I just sensed the difference to 12 months prior. The fans zone was special and the good old Chelsea Pensiors were there in numbers they were lapping up the beer , the attention they were receiving from all but the magical and amusing thing was seeing them dancing to the music. Gentlemen you are special Took our seats, we were directly behind the corner flag to the right .The view was great but my god it was hot, very hot and to cap it all they use than flame things just to warm things up a little more. Much has already been said about the game but just like when we entered the fan zone something felt different yesterday and I have no idea why but, and I know it’s easy to say now, but I really didn’t see us losing. Its abundantly clear that something is wrong with the players and the manager.When we won at WBA the celebrations were inclusive yesterday they weren’t. After the game the queues to catch the trains were buzzing the odd Man Utd supporter who were still around seemed dazed. Them losing wasn’t in the script and if you listen to Jose he hasn’t really acknowledged that they did lose. Got a free ride back on the train and back to the pub where I struggled to have few more , but did, before hitting the sack At breakfast in the hotel this morning no sign of replica Man U shirts, there were a couple of Blues but there were a few Americans talking about that Windsor thing, never did find out what was going on! I am just about to watch a recording of the game hopefully I won’t see anything that surprises me,stupid I know as the result ain’t gonna change, I don’t know if I love football or hate football for in 90 minutes what was potentially goin* to be a poor one turned into a not too bad one. How many days to the Community Shield?
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    Rudiger finally getting the praise he deserves. Outside of Chelsea fans, he has gone largely unnoticed, but today everybody would have noticed how good he is.
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    My hands are shaking so bad, i can't even move my mouse properly on my Laptop
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

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    Blimey. The pinnacle of entitlement. It seems to me that Chelsea is a vehicle of reflected glory here. I'm sure followers of Grimsby Town want to be on the level of Real, Barca and Bayern too. I'd like to win the Euromillions ( your setting your self up for a lifetime of disappointment if you align YOUR ambitions to that of a football club) Weve come a long way, we've won everything in sight, yet it seems like anything less than guaranteed future world domination is a kick in the teeth for some.
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    We've become spoilt, entitled fans, that's what it comes down to. Like Yorkley said above, you can't win them all. Especially in today's climate in the league. There will be seasons where we don't win a damn thing. Conte has delivered two major trophies in two seasons and people don't seem to get that it's a big deal. Other clubs would kill for that- my housemate's constant moaning and crying about Spurs ("i just want us to win something", he whined, bitter tears down the phone to his dad after Matic's screamer put them out of the FA cup last time) paints a picture of how big a deal these things are. 10 years of winning diddly squat, compared to the, what, 10 piece of silverware we have won in that time? I'm fully prepared for Conte leaving. It's a shame he's been so jaded this season but I wish him the best.
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    Next Chelsea Manager

    But I WANT SOMETHING DONE, and I want it DONE NOW, and I want it young and sexy and of the gender of my choice, naked and wrapped in clingfilm, and dipped in chocolate. NOW.
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    Will Roman be forced to sell Chelsea?

    What a pathetic article, summed up its basically he must do exactly the same as he's always done, and everyone else does to get a visa. The mail really are utter trash.
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    I mean those who think he was always sh*t and did nothing but fill a hole next to JT, he's had his moments, scored goals and been consistent when we won those titles. We should all appreciate what he's done and not just think of him as a poor player in current form. "Don't deserve the armband" "Never deserved to play for Chelsea" are things that shouldn't be said for someone who's done a lot for the club
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    Petty and childish from Willian. Don’t like that.
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    Just enjoy it man.. talking about being unappreciative. He is still one of us until he leaves..
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    Mourinho just got Mourinho'd
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    chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    By far the best thread, no arguments or bitching, and people getting their knickers in a twist, just us old farts talking about the good old days
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    No one tell me the fa cup is Micky mouse, I've just checked the string is sound on my two big Chelsea flags and about to go and iron them, already for Wembley come Saturday. Would be nice to see the whole of our upper tier draped with Chelsea flags over the balcony, I hope our lot aren't going to sit on their hands all game and not make a murmour while the mancs give it large, our support must be top notch. Don't expect to win on the pitch with the team and manager we have, but winning off the pitch is up to us. Sing up everyone Saturday!