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    A Man Utd fan complaining about time added on.......... Bloody hell, that takes some nerve! Maybe you lost the privilege a few managers back.
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    well bobby it isn't that simple because it is a matter of opinion not a matter of fact. for example, I don't agree that he had a run of poor games; liverpool away he didn't get into the game often and second half against hull he struggled but otherwise I haven't seen too much to criticise. more fundamentally, I don't think that a player deserves to be criticised for every poor game or mistake they make- IMO that is immature and unrealistic. and that is a general view- when you're talking about a player who has done it for the club on countless occasions over the years, lead the club to a title and has been a key player in a side that is unexpectedly top of the league in february, never mind by 9 points, I think that player shouldn't be questioned severely (not necessarily by you in fairness) because he goes a couple weeks without giving an 8/10 performance. and then when you remember the player is eden hazard, who is an attacking player, and an attacking player who doesn't lean on an outstanding physical attribute to be effective, and who plays nearly every game and takes more physical punishment than any other player in europe, then perhaps even more slack could be cut for him? I can only imagine what people would be saying in this thread if he put in a performance anything like alexis sanchez' on saturday.
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    Pinched from The Guardian's comment section: "Joel Matip missed out on winning AFCON with Cameroon so he could lose to Swansea, Southampton, Wolves & Hull with Liverpool."
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    God help us if we ever, ever, ever tire of this man.
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    arsenal mania Fabregas taking pity on us and not celebrating is the absolute darkest moment in the history of this club. Jesus Christ.
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    I hope that after Ivanovic departure we have a new goal scoring machine.
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    Great performance by Wolves so far but in Liverpool's defense it is windy out there.
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    arsenal getting two non league team in a row they didn't name it the emirates cup for nothing
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    Those achievements mask how bad we were under him. I loved us winning the Europa League, it's one of my favourite moments as a Chelsea fan, but if we had lost it, it would have been embarrassing. Look at the level of opposition we played against to reach that final. With the team we had, losing those games over two legs would have been laughable. Also, we were competing for the league when he took over, we ended up struggling for a top 4 finish. We should have won the Club World Cup, which again was another tactical f**k up from Benitez. You don't get many chances to win that competition and i was gutted to see us lose it. Then there was the league cup semi final where he persisted with Torres even though Demba Ba was clearly the player who looked more likely to get us through to the final. Then you have him trying to end Terry's career early by coming up with some bullsh*t lie about Terry not being able to play more than once a week anymore. Terry is right up there with our greatest ever players, the greatest in my opinion. To single him out like that was never going to go down well with Chelsea fans. He refused to apologise for the bullsh*t he said about the fans in the past. And finally, he kept on bringing on fullbacks when we needed to win games. All we were to Benitez was a club he could use to reignite his career, which he then went and messed up once again at Real Madrid. You can see why he is in the Championship now. Top clubs are done with his f**k ups. I also find it odd that you like Benitez. How can you praise this guy and at the same time constantly aim abuse at Mourinho ? Mourinho has never attacked the club or it's fans like Benitez did. You also praise Benitez for his achievements with the club but never do the same with Mourinho, i find that quite hypocritical.
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    Can't help but feel a bit sad today following Lampard announcing his retirement. Frank's playing days are now over, Ivanovic has left after 9 years at the club, Mikel after 10, Drogba could be set to call time on his playing days, JT's no longer in the first team and could possibly leave at the end of the season., Jose is at Manchester United. Very much feels like the end of an era. Obviously players will always come and go but it's feeling like this season is very much drawing a line under a significant period for the club. I started to watch Chelsea in 1996, so my first era was Zola, Vialli, Wise, Di Matteo, Lebouef etc. Second era has been Terry, Cech, Lampard, Drogba etc. Seems like now that 2nd era has drawn to a close although we seem to be in good hands with Conte moving into this new period at the club.
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    Apparently this LEGEND of a troll was blocking Arsene's view during the game, hahahahahahahaha.
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    So many memories and special moments... Anyone remembers this?
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    Typical Arsenal isn't it ? The only way they can get to the final of these competitions in recent years is to beat lower league teams.
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    I'll never tire of watching Hazard's goal from today. I think we will be talking about it for years. Amazing.
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    If Klonk ever does this at Slippypool, those Dippers would have his watch and wallet.
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    they're not really digs though are they? it is just standard jose really, he is using the same media tactics he always has (and from which we have profited in the past). is he doing badly? then he'll butter up his teams' support in order to ingratiate himself. is he doing well? oh well then he'll criticise his supporters to provoke a reaction in the stands. he'll play down the achievements of others and play up his own. he'll make it appear like his job is harder than it is so that he is judged by a measure of his own determining. he'll be abrupt and pretend not to care about things he cares about. and he'll act like he cares about things that he does not. this season he has gone through the motions of his greatest hits as far as his comments in the media are concerned. but it is 2017. every single person who watches football knows what he is doing. it is all manipulation to get those accumulated marginal gains. but because everyone knows this, they no longer shock, and they no longer convince like they did. he's like brando with an earpiece. so with that in mind, I can't understand how, in 2017, chelsea supporters- of all sets of fans in the world- could be frothing at the mouth, hanging on his every word and scrutinizing them as if they were anything more than hollow or transparent. you're acting like someone who has gone to the pantomime and decided to wait in the alleyways after dark so you can give the person who played the wicked witch a severe kicking for all of those nasty spells he cast.
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    There is? Because we draw away to a team with one of the best home records in the league? Not sure I agree with that at all to be honest. Only a week ago we tore apart one of our title rivals 3-1. They certainly hadn't figured us out.
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    Honestly, I think some people need a reality check if they think absolutely everything he does has some ulterior motive, or every word, every action is all designed to deflect attention from his players. He's a human being. Sometimes he's just a c**t.
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    There is something special about the sound of disappointment at Anfield, brings a tingle to the spine.
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    Only football related story I struggle to believe could actually happen was us winning the CL that year. That was movie level hurdles overcome. And then as a result it kicks spurs out of a qualifying spot? Puling my leg surely. Coming back against Napoli believable, but the bit where you come back from 2 nil down against Barcelona with 10 men is pure fantasy
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    Yeah I mean Jose won 3 in 5 years for us and you're always calling him a c**t.
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    Gabriel Jesus: "My celebration was a message to my ex girlfriend who didn't answer my calls at Palmerias, but messaged me when I moved to City."
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    Loved this line from " This unity of purpose drove them to victory against an Arsenal side who, it should be said, showed they too could play for a common cause, even if that cause was only the pursuit of collective failure once again. "
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    Ha ha mad bar steward.. Oh look, Wenger saw the first goal as a foul, after not seeing those handball goals etc, f**king moron.
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    Are we back to praising Eden now?
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    That BBC poll their running Lampard Vs Gerrard is just crass. They've both retired from playing now so why not just celebrate both their successful careers rather than resorting to what's such a petty and pointless debate, especially on the day Frank announced his retirement.
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    The state of some of these posts. Yeah let's sell Hazard... i think people forget just how bad things were last season. We'd have snatched at 4th place if offered in August. We are now 9 points clear! Theres a few areas we can improve upon but we are clearly a work in progress. We are clearly a good team with a great manager and it was a deserved point tonight I thought. A good result and we've extended our lead. Not that you'd know it...
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    Nah, some of us are just adults who aren't super sensitive to inane comments.
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    It's funny, when he was here, I would absolutely melt at the sight of him and I was devastated when he left, even though I knew that the last months were not right and he got on my nerves quite a lot (if I'm honest, but I tried to tell myself everything was fine). When he left I was sh*t scared that he'd end up at Manure. And then it was announced and I was gutted. I expected this season to be very difficult to cope with him there. But not at all. Even at the beginning of the season when we weren't doing well, I was sort of resigned to the fact that he was probably going to win the league with Manure but I could shrug and think pah ok we'll cope. And now? Nothing really. At all. No feelings. No concern about what he says apart from a wry smile and the occasional thought of "bitter much Jose?" That's current. Historically, I love the man and what he achieved here. But as others have said, he seems a different person to the enigmatic, charming man who I used to love. I still would though!
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    Sorry bobby but there's no way you can bag hazard for being inconsistent then claim Sanchez is better, he's as inconsistent as they come.
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    Get in, get the win, get out. Not great but job done, no injuries, Costa scored and a few squad players got game time.
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    I'm glad Thierry Henry is there to clarify the handball situation - he is recognised internationally as an expert on the subject.
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    If i give you enough money, will you go out and buy a hammer and smash that f**king ball.
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    A great day and result yesterday. Always great to beat the Gooners. One of my brothers-in-law is an Arsenal fan so I will give some stick when I see him next. My seat is in the MHU and I had a great view of Hazard's goal. What great strength, skill and movement. One of the finest goals I've ever seen from a Chelsea player. As for Kante what incredible energy and stamina he has. And of course after the game we had a few beers to celebrate.
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    When hazard scored that goal i quickly turned off the television And filed a complaint letter to my tv broadcast That was an absoluse disgrace. They shouldnt be showing porn on there
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    FUN FACT- Lampard holds the record for having scored the most goals from outside the box (41) in Premier League history. Legend.
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    Marco Silva is a great manager in the making. Just checked his record and he's done very well at the clubs he's been so far. Only 39 and have completely changed Hull. Harry Maguire might be worth keeping an eye on as well. Imperious tonight and against us too in fairness.
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    this is what happens when you don't respect the competition or your opponent. I'm sure thousands of Liverpool fans are disgusted with the way Klopp has approached this - really poor.