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    Thibaut Courtois

    Hopefully his ex moves to London now.
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    We've got a new Kepa

    https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2018/8/8/kepa-arrives-at-chelsea Welcome.
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    Thibaut Courtois

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    Don't think any Chelsea fans genuinely hate Mourinho. We just fell out of love with the guy and these days pity him.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Maurizio Sarri confirmed after tonight's friendly against Arsenal that Callum Hudson-Odoi will be a member of his squad for the forthcoming campaign. The 17-year-old produced another excellent performance showcasing his speed, skill and vision, and Sarri spoke about him after the 1-1 draw. 'He will stay with us for all the season,' Sarri said. 'He is a very young player. We have to wait. In the future he will be a very, very strong player.'
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    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Anyone else notice he was wearing the number 12 when he came on last night? Suggests he'll be around for the new season. Taking over the shirt number of his idol and a Chelsea legend is a big burden though.
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    Thibaut Courtois

    I`m not sure what the club are meant to have done wrong here. They have been negotiations for a while now, Courtois has indicated he would sign, Chelsea offer him a huge contract, he shafts us and yet the club are the ones being slagged of by some. Its so weird.
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    Thibaut Courtois

    If its true he's on strike then f**k him, stick him in reserves and let him rot. He's a gobsh*te, we've done everything to suit him and he does this.
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    Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Just picked up from a car boot sale for 3 knicker.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    How are we ever going to develop a world-class web team if we keep sacking these guys instead of investing in their development and giving them opportunities to grow?
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    Thibaut Courtois

    Good f**king riddance you gobsh*te.
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    Thibaut Courtois

    Tibo was pictured taking his medical today in Madrid...
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    Thibaut Courtois

    Agent is crying because next year the Courtois deal is a free one, and he won't get millions in commission to sit on his arse gassing down the phone. SCUM !
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    *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    I like him. Always have. He's had a faultless attitude whilst being at the club, despite two of this three years here being "crisis seasons". He had a very respectable season in our title winning season under Conte, weighing in with his share of goals. I think he is a useful player to have, and suits Sarri's style of play.
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    Alvaro Morata

    Zola asks the fans to show some patience while Sarri implements the new system, and we only get to half time in the first pre-season before people are calling for players to be binned..
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    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Call me crazy, but this actually makes me a bit sad. I had such high hopes for him when he signed. He was injured when he started and was rushed back into action, but kept his mouth shut about it. He played his way into being vilified by fans, and has kept his mouth shut about it. I know the millions of dollars will help make him feel better, but I really wanted this to work. It's best for the club he moves on, but it upsets me that this was such a spectacular failure, because he seems like a decent kid. Tactically Kovačić and Jorginho are massive improvements in the midfield over Bakayoko and Fabergas, don't think I don't recognize that, but I'll be keeping an eye on Bakayoko at Milan hoping that a fresh start kickstarts his career.
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    Yes it's fake, they aren't real Lions...
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    Scott Harris


    Honestly, that just makes Willian look bad. Sometimes it's better when footballers say nothing. A few things he said that i didn't like "You're playing very well, then you get substituted. I do not understand. There were two times when I got substituted and I went straight to the locker room. It was hard to work with him" Oh poor you, you got subbed, maybe if you played better then you wouldn't. I remember the game against Southampton in the F.A cup Semi Final, if he thought he was good in that game then he doesn't know what good is. "There were two years when I stayed on the bench in so many games, coming in later in the game." And rightly so too. Pedro was the better player in 2016/17 and deserved his place in the first 11 that season. He was scoring important goals at important times. Without those moments, there is no guarantee that we would have won the title that season. Last season, Willian was awful for the first 3 months, how he can complain about being on the bench during that period is a joke. He was in his worst form since he joined. He picked up his form around December and played the best football of his career, but it didn't last long, he soon tailed off after the win against Leicester in the F.A cup. "I don't know if any of you have been in this situation before. You just feel that the manager doesn't like you, but he has to use you sometimes. But you feel that he doesn't like you at all. You didn't do anything bad, but he doesn't like you." Or maybe you just weren't consistent enough for Conte to guarantee you spot in the first team every week. Didn't like you? nonsense. If he didn't, then he wouldn't have picked you for most of our biggest games of the season. Willian needs to get over himself. If he has a problem with not being picked then he should force the manager to pick him by playing well consistently. Let's see more of these performances we seen against Barcelona. If that was how he played in the majority of his games, then he could complain about being on the bench so much. If he is going to carry on having those games where he miss places easy passes, messes up the final ball, has zero end product, messes up his ball control and runs forward only to stop and do nothing near the penalty area, then he can't complain when a coach decides to leave him out now and then. You can't pick a player consistently when they have proven that you can't rely on them to deliver. About Costa "I said: 'What do you mean?' And he said: 'He texted me saying that he doesn't need me on the team anymore and I am not supposed to go back.' "But you can't lose a player like Diego [Costa]. It was a difficult situation." I see that Willian has forgotten that Costa was looking to leave a few months before this, and at a crucial time in our season. He also seems to have forgotten that Costa had been looking to leave Chelsea every season and his form nose dived every time these situations came up. Costa was gone anyway, he had mentally checked out of the club when we rejected the move to China. Conte didn't handle it well, he should have spoken to Costa face to face, but Costa is no angel in this, he wanted out, he wanted a return to Atletico Madrid and he got his wish. Willian makes it seem like Conte forced Costa out for no good reason.......no, it was because Costa could have derailed our season and had been trying to leave the club every season he was here. My opinion of Willian hasn't improved after this. He just comes across as another entitled footballer.
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    Thibaut Courtois

    Maybe because he's Polish.
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    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Actually, it's posts like this that are embarrassing. You need to get a grip, mate.
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    @Liam!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time! You must have found some fuse-wire for your Windows 95 PC. Well done, you! I hadn't seen your Bargain Hunt appearance, but never mind, I'm sure you still have it on betamax. Any road up, what it means is that, in your prolonged absence, we have managed to attract a whole load of youngsters who are still in those wonder years when they actually DO know everything, and they have memorised all of the soccer buzz-phrases that !GOAL! magazine have come up with over the years, and they plump out their posts with a random selection of these phrases at every opportunity. They rarely mean anything, and, if they do, it's always something for which there is a perfectly normal and usable phrase already available, but that wouldn't make them appear to be fab and groovy, with a finger on the soccer zeitgeist pulse. (and then some of them get a bit defensive when they are called out about it, particularly if someone points out that it ISN'T something new that they have invented, but something that we've always had) Oh, and I forgot to say, they are also expert "googlers" (it's an internet thing that allows you to cut and paste something statistical that will prove you right whatever outrageous opinion you have expressed), so can always prove you wrong. or, at least win the argument in their own mind. Anyway, you'll get used to it, or, like me, the dementia will mean you don't actually care nail, hammer, head, job done.
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    2018/19 squad

    Juventus fan here in peace. Just wanted to say that if I'm supporting any team in the premier league, it's Chelsea. I think you guys will finish top 2 this year with the hiring of Sarri. As someone who follows Serie A closely, this guy is arguably the best coach in Serie A. It is between him and Allegri without doubt, and Sarri plays a much more exciting brand of football, and he's definitely better than Conte. Sarri is incredible at several things: 1) keeping teams together because he has excellent relations with his players. He is a player's coach. Players stay to play with him. He kept the entire Napoli team together, a year ago, which isn't easy. 2) Bringing the best out of unmotivated/underperforming players. Conte motivates with intensity, while Sarri motivates by having players enjoy playing. With Higuain, he basically told him that he could be the best in the world, but was too lazy. That year he tied the Serie A scoring record. Whoever ends up being his primarily goalscorer, (Batshuayi or Morata), I believe will compete for the most goals in the league). I think Luiz will prove key to the team. He is perfect for Sarri's system. 3) His game is exciting. Where Conte may nail out a 2-1 victory, Sarri will see Chelsea win by large margins when things are working well. Good luck to you guys this year - I hope you kick the crap out of Manchester United.
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    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Luiz is such a huge personality. I think he's worth keeping around for his leadership alone and if we're going to be playing possession based football he's going to work well in the system because he's one of the best passers of the ball we've got defensively.
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    Davey Baby

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    17 years old. If you're good enough you're old enough. If we loan him out I'm gonna go mental.