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    If anyone wants to know who’s going to win the Grand National, PM me.
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    Franco Baresi prior to tonight's Derby della Madonnina. https://twitter.com/btsportfootball/status/981572691244195840
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    What a difference a year makes. This time last season I was so taken with our new manager, who despite not getting the players he'd asked for managed to put together a brilliant title winning side, which was just what the doctor ordered after the 2015-16 10th place fiasco. Now it's the opposite feeling. i still blame the board and owner for not backing him in the transfer market but that's no excuse for giving up and bitching and moaning at every opportunity about your hard lot in life. Disgraceful is what I call it. Magnificent in his first season and absolute shambles in the second. It's not even that we've been losing, it's the defeatist attitude coming from someone whose job is to motivate the players. I've already said it on this very thread, he should have walked in the summer, I'm sure he would have had no problem getting a job in a top club after the title winning season. If he's such a man of principle that he reminds everyone who'd listen at every presser how he was let down by the club, why not just leave and go where you'll be appreciated? No, he chose money and a bigger contract for the same duration. So why then are you constantly bitching how tough your job is? Non one forced you to stay. Shut the f**k up and get on with it. We have a separate thread to discuss how sh*t our board is, so I won't mention them here. But there's simply no excuse to fail like the team did this season. Cry all you want about broken promises, about the players you didn't get, and crappy players you got instead, the fact is, you've had more than enough to finish in a top four spot and you f**ked up. This is on you.
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    Forget about the CL, forget about the league, all we need to have in mind is Ray Wilkins. He's the reason we should put our best performance this season! We must pay him the respect he deserves.
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    Devastatingly sad news, for his family and friends especially, but also for the extended Chelsea family. We truly have lost one of our own, another link with what many older fans will always think of as "our" Chelsea. Ray was the same age as me, lived next door to my uncle way back when. Not that I knew him well, more of a friend of a friend, same goes for his brothers. You'd often see Ray on the Underground on a Saturday morning on his way to the match. At the time he was already a first team regular, our youngest ever Captain, and a full England international - somehow I can't imagine meeting any of the current crop of players under similar circumstances. Not a dig at the modern game, just an indication of how much things have changed. Described as a footballing nomad, no matter where he went, no matter who he played for, at heart Ray Wilkins was Chelsea through and through. RIP Ray Wilkins 1956-2018
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    R.I.P. A great club stalwart over the years.
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    Some of our fans don't deserve Hazard. Some of the things I read about this player sometimes is appalling. 2 time PL champion, arguably the best player in 2 title winning campaigns under two different managers, 3 time CFC player of the year (all time record), one of the only 3 Chelsea players to win the PFA player of the year, most team of the year appearances by any Chelsea player ever. Yet some of you talk about him like he's nothing in a moment of adversity or/and dip in form and just right off what he's achieved. He's been very loyal to us. He didn't hand in a transfer request like Suarez did. He didn't hand in a transfer request like Coutinho did. If he wanted he could have left last season or the season before. Let's show some loyalty in return to a Chelsea legend. It's only fair.
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    Just shows you that wherever he went he was loved. Not many people can have that effect.
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    I am gutted, Ray was Chelsea through and through for the younger ones him playing for Manchester Utd was not such a big deal for us back then it was a bigger club and we were div 2 .... he remained a Chelsea supporter his whole life and was such a gent when he was out of the game I used to stand next to him down at the old Harlington training ground he used shout encouragement to the lads training the speak Italian to Vialli, Robbie and Franco after the sessions he was such a gent and bring the fans into the discussion. Such passion for the game and the club despite his understated demeanour. When he came back to the club as assistant manager I waited out side The Bridge after a game to welcome him back and he was mobbed, he took his time to speak to everyone and had a tear in his eye about the reception he received RIP Butch Chelsea legend all thoughts to his family a lovely man
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    This place is brilliant, few months ago Willian should have been dropped for Musonda now he's better than Hazard
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    Nice touch adding him to the banner on the top of the site
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    Dear chelsea, you have let me down a lot this season and quite frankly been a big disappointment...I can forgive you, after all you've spoiled me with more trophies than I could have dreamed of over the last 21 years...but I beg you, please don't lose to this sh*te at the Bridge for the first time since I was 14 on Sunday...I can't ever forgive you for that. regards, Desperate middle aged fan
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    Perhaps when he wants to be.....but not at the moment he isn't. Quite frankly, he doesn't deserve another season after the way he has chosen to conduct himself this season.
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    Never any need for pride, national or otherwise where the bin-dippers are concerned
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    As someone who saw Ray make his debut for us at the age of 17, and who is in the same age group him, I am totally floored by his death. He was one of the true greats that I had the pleasure of seeing come through the ranks down at the Bridge, and who I also had the genuine pleasure to meet at several informal "Disco Nights" the club used to run in the West stand on Saturday nights back in the 70s when the players would happily attend and mix with the supporters (different days back then!) Ray aways had time to talk to people and was always willing to smile and pose for a photo with the fans, something he continued to do for the whole of his life. One of the truly nicest people you could ever wish to meet, not only in football terms but as a human being and a person. God bless Ray, it was a pleasure to have you associated with our club. If the people upstairs had any sense, (which they clearly don't) they would have kept you and Carlo on and by now we would probably have several Champions League titles under our belt. R.I.P SIR, WE LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL.
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    Completely disagree with you on Rudiger, Davey. Rugider has been one of our best players this season. If he isn't good enough, then pretty much the whole team aren't good enough.
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    i'm still convinced the guy we think is Bakayoko is an imposter and the real Bakayoko is tied up in a basement somewhere in the south of France
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    Just seen my dog pinch a choc button off my 2yr old grandson, at the same time Southampton dispossessed Cesc, the similarities were uncanny.
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    Of the four teams left, anyone but Liverpool rule applies
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    Davey, that's an absolutely brilliant question and so rudely ignored by everybody else on these boards. Kenedy has two more years left on his deal after this season. No need to thank me Davey. The pleasure is all mine.
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    City's new sponsorship with Tinder working already. They've been f*cked three times in a week.
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    Yep can still remember going through the turnstiles and up the steps into the mighty shed to see Ray lead out that young Chelsea side so full of promise that got promoted out of the old second division. I can still hear the chants of Eddie Macredie's Blue and white army or Wilkins Wilkins born is the King of Stamford Bridge. Then there were the girls dotted around the ground with their I'm a Butch Wilkins Babe scarfs wrapped around their necks. Thank you Ray for giving me so many great memories of my teenage years. you were taken too young-Rest in Peace.
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    Things you can't blame Conte for: - Individual errors. It must be said there have been plenty in recent weeks; the Barca & Tottenham games probably decided by them. You are always going to get the odd mad mistake over the course of the season, but we have shot ourselves in the foot time and time again this season. I can't remember a season peppered with so many individual bollock dropping moments. - Injuries. Every team has them. Last season we barley had any, this season we have had plenty. We should be able to cope, but it's undeniable that it hasn't been a good season when it comes to injuries (Luiz, Morata, Barkley, Cortouis to name a few who have all missed more games than you would hope). - Squad Strength. I believe Conte has had input on who we sign, but not a great deal more than that. I believe our squad is a lot better than Conte (and his apologists) would have you believe, but it could be better. Unlike Pep & Mourinho, he clearly hasn't had all of his primary targets (Sandro, Llorente, Bonnuci and the like). Things you can blame Conte for: - His Attitude. It stinks, and it has done for most of the season. His body language has been the worst of any manager I have ever seen in the Chelsea dugout and it's unforgivable. I have never genuinely thought that a Manager might be intentionally trying to lose games, but this season I have had to question that theory. He, at times, has looked like he genuinely couldn't give a toss (stark contract to last season when he was the other end of the spectrum). No emotion, hands in pockets, straight down the tunnel at full time regardless of result. Add his constant pissing and moaning about the board (woe is me), and his weekly reminders that his squad isn't good enough and it's no wonder there is such a dark cloud lingering over the club with non stop gossip of players wanting out. He has created a complete sense of negativity around the club, and I think it has clearly effected the players. - Tactics. Last season he was rightly given full credit for switching to 3-5-2. This season, he has watched us be out-done tactically time and time again and done nothing about it. No change to formation, no change to tactics, and substitutions are too little, too late (often consisting of like for like swaps or taking off our most creative player when chasing a game). Nowhere near good enough. - Players Under-performing. You can't blame him for individual errors, but for me, he is paid to get the best out of players. This isn't happening. Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Luiz to name a few, are all players who have disappeared this season. There is a £100M worth of players there who have made no meaningful positive contribution this season. Fall Outs- I think the Costa & Luiz situations have lead to his popularity plummeting in the dressing room. This is my own speculation only, but I can't imagine it has helped get the players on side. Two massive characters, and he has gone to war with them. At the time, I didn't have an issue with him laying down the law and letting everyone know who was boss, but in hindsight, it hasn't gone well has it. Also, his pathetic spat with Mourinho was painful to watch and did him no favours at all. Mourinho came out of it with no credit either, but it's what he does, Conte should have known better than to get involved. All in all, I don't see how anyone can suggest Conte has done nothing wrong this season. He has done a lot wrong.
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    Games like the one tonight don't reflect to well on him at all. Look at Liverpool's line up tonight: Which makes his excuse of lack of backing in the transfer market all the more shallow and downright laughable. Liverpool attacked City ferociusly in that 1st half. Not just when they had the ball but without the ball they pressed City high up the pitch and didn't give them room to breath and to recyle possession. De Bruyne and Silva were stifled. Conte on the other hand rarely utilizes a high press. He goes into games against teams like City with the mentality that his team has to "suffer". When City have the ball we immediately put 10 men behind the ball and hope for some misplaced pass by City to pounce for the sporadic counter-attack. We have a better squad than Pool, a team that were title winners before Conte's arrival. It's obvious Conte's biggest problem this season is tactical and he doesn't have the big advantage of playing 1 game a week to help the players with preparation and rest from his rigourous training methods. Conte's rotations, in game tactics, personnel use and player management have been well below the required standard this season. Not getting top 4 is just unacceptable.
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    Carlo Ancelotti in his autobiography couldn't speak highly enough of Ray: "Ray is one of those select few, always present, noble in spirit, a real blue-blood, Chelsea flows in his veins...without him we wouldn't have won a thing".
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    Oh this is awful news .... RIP Ray ... had him plastered all over my bedroom wall when I was a kid ... any pic any size that I could find in Shoot! magazine and the papers. Met him at the English Hickory Open last year (vintage golf tournament with antique wooden shafted clubs). Lovely bloke ... I was embarrassingly tongue-tied for a 50 year old man meeting his boyhood hero. I think a little bit of all Chelsea fans has died today ... condolences to friends and family. CFC Forever ...
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    Both were red card challenges, and i am certain that if it was our players making those challenges, we wouldn't have gotten away with it and the incidents would have been replayed again and again and talked about by pundits. It happens all of the time. The Vertonghen one was the worst of the lot because it was clear as day......the ref didn't even give a foul!! Lamela's was more sneaky, so i can understand why he would get away with it. You can also guarantee that neither of these two challenges will be looked at in the next few days. Both Lamela and Vertonghen WILL get away without a suspension. When things like this happen so often, you would think we would get used to it, but it's just making me more and more angry. It probably wouldn't have changed the end result, but that isn't the reason why i complain so much about this stuff. Even if we were winning 5-0 and the ref didn't punish these players, i would still complain if i thought the ref wasn't doing his job properly. Seriously, what has this club done to have such bullsh*t decision's go against us? The other clubs around us get away with dirty tackles and diving every week, we so much as lift a foot above the ground in a tackle and it's a red card! I look at the penalties Arsenal got today and i don't believe for a second that we would have got them. We have never had much luck with refs, but things have become farcical in recent years. Ever since that moment where Ramires won us a penalty late in a game against West Brom, it seems like it was from that moment when refs just stopped giving us anything. Ramires, us, the ref, all involved were heavily criticised by the pundits and media to the point where the head of referees felt that he needed to give a public apology! What a joke. A Chelsea player goes down easy, it's crime of the century, Dele Alli dives and it's "he's being clever".......the hypocrisy drives me mad. The worst thing about all of this is what Clattenburg said a few months ago. I think it's disgraceful to our game that what he said has been swept under the carpet. How can they ignore a former ref basically admitting to match fixing? That should have been the moment where the F.A finally stood up and actually done something about the refs in this country. We have all been laughed at for years for saying refs in this country are corrupt, but right in that moment, Clattenburg proved that all of the suspicions were correct. The thing even more bizarre about it was that the media and pundits tried to make out that Tottenham were ones that were hard done by! It's crazy!! Tottenham were the ones that got away with it, it was our players that were being put at risk because of the ref refusing to actually do the job he was paid for. Tottenham weren't the victims, they benefited from it. It's become unbearable now. It's hard enough trying to find enjoyment in football at the moment with us playing so bad, but these refs are making it ten times worse. It's so bad now that even when VAR is in place, we still somehow get screwed over!! I know this a rant, but it's really pissed me off this season, much more than ever before. It annoys me more because i know there is nothing we can do about it, all we can do is bitch and moan. Even if the club was to put in an official complaint, it would be laughed at. The only time action is taken is when the media get's involved, but it's more likely that pigs will fly before we ever get their support.
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    Totally avoidable. It just takes posters like you to shut the fukc up, stop going round in circles. Please.
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    The passion is still there. Like I said a few days ago, if, and granted it is a big IF, Conte can resolve his difference with the board then I do think he's still more than capable of being in charge next season. He's a good coach and a good tactician. He's got his short fallings like any manager but his good points more often than not outweigh the bad. There's no question in my mind that should he leave he'll continue to be a successful manager because he's demonstrated at Chelsea and Juventus he more than capable. I'm just struggling to get excited at the prospect of any of the rumoured coaches coming to Chelsea because it just sounds like a continuation of our boom or bust style appointments. I'd be happy to see an attempt at a less chaotic approach to our managerial appointments.
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    Graham Poll confirms decision not to grant a goal is text book application of the rules of the game. Conversation becomes, “rules are wrong and should be changed”. Ha ha, brilliant. We still won, so f**k em.
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    Pubs will be closing early in Stevenage tonight. Another season and feck all for Tottenham again. Love it.
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    @Nibs You might want to see his tweet. I don't think any Chelsea fan can be unhappy with that response. Fair play.
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    The club should be wary of getting rid of him, he will be very hard to replace. Give him some cash and the summer to get some players he actually wants.
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    Lets not forget that Mctominay is getting quite a lot of minutes because Jose has had a falling out with Pogba. I mean you're having to go back 26 years to give me an example of youth integration working in England, it's not exactly a tried and tested model is it? As for that Barca side, that was a freak of nature that happens once in a blue moon. They've not exactly been littering their team with academy players since have they? We're 5th, Spurs are 4th. They're one place higher than us... I'm sure they'll have an open top bus parade for it but it's not exactly flushing them with silverware is it? End of the day trophies in the cabinet is what it's all about and our business model has been more suceessfull than any other club in England since Roman came to Chelsea. It's this ideological fantasy that some fans trumpet that you can litter the first team with youth players and win everything... But look at the players we've sent out on loan and sold this year. Chalobah and Loftus-Cheek have had forgettable seasons, Zouma's been part of the worst defence in the league. Abraham is behind a sluggish Wilfred Bony. There isn't much to suggest we'd be any better off with any of them around.
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    Yeah this. Seriously, people have pointed out his mistakes constantly and he hasn't been dropped. We really scraping the barrel to insult ourselves here.
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    Absolutely devastated. Such a lovely bloke. We used to go and watch Chelsea train and we was always lovely to us. I once got a ball smack in the face from a misplaced shot of his and he was very apologetic. I still have the photo my friend took of me with him - was so happy to have his arm round me.... Thanks Butch, you'll be much missed. One of us.
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    The talk at the Bridge on Sunday was so grim, I had a bit of time to prepare for the inevitable..but now it's real, I'm still in a state of shock..just can't believe he's gone...just one of those people that's always been there in your life...as a player, as a coach, as a commentator, as a bizarre contributor to a tango advert...and he was brilliant at them all. RIP Ray...you will be missed
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    We've been in transition every two years recently. This is the challenge. Frankly I think we need to start with a look at our governance and the inclusion of more football/Chelsea people around the club. Marina and Emenalo I think largely have done a good job. But we can't continue to operate without top level football brains. In my view the addition of players from our golden era (who have a direct connection to Roman) into the club's hierarchy is a must. This has been the model of other big clubs such as Juve with Nedved and Bayern. The likes of Lampard, Drogba and Ballack should be utilised as drawcards for players and to insert much needed football knowledge into the equation. Secondly there needs to be a view of what we want to be as a club. A golden thread that runs from top to bottom and influences our manager, our recruitment and our youth policy. The injection of those great players should help drive that. No more short termism. We have a direction and we follow that.
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    Hazard's poor form started 4 games ago: https://www.whoscored.com/Players/33404/Fixtures/Eden-Hazard Coinciding with the Man City game. Still our top scorer this season. 15 goals, 10 assists after coming back from a broken ankle. The worst injury of his career yet some talk about him like he's been crap all season when he's actually been as he's good as he's always been for most of the season.
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