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    In the Shed End Forums, his account was raised. The rumour mill was where he spent most of his days Chilling out, bullsh*tting out, lying it's a wrap And making up accusations, full of crap When a couple of users, saw right through his disguise Started calling out his obvious lies Got in one little fight, And his mum, you bet Said "Timmy, you should stay off the internet"
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    For me the most interesting aspect of this transfer is what it tells us about the team Conte is trying to build. Last season he brought in Batshuayi, Alonso, Luiz and Kante. This season it seems he's going to build the team more in his own image, with quick, athletic, raw, pacy and strong players, all of a certain age, that magic spot in your mid 20s when you're yet to hit your peak, when you still have a lot to prove and you're motivated, when you should in theory be giving your team the best years of your life. Rudiger, like Lukaku, has just turned 24. Bakayoko will be 23 next month, Sandro is 26. They're all tall and they're all imposing athletic creatures. Nobody's going to bully us, nobody's going to dominate us in the air and nobody's going to outpace us. I know there is some debate over Lukaku but these are all technical players too, these are all top-level performers, who perform on the international stage and, with the exception of Lukaku, the CL stage. I think many are underestimating Rudiger on this thread. This guy was a full German international at the age of 20 and he remains a regular in the German squad. Considering he's just turned 24, considering he had a bad injury last summer, considering Germany are the world champions, 16 caps isn't bad. Those saying he isn't an upgrade on Ake need to consider this guy has nearly 200 club appearances to his name, whereas Ake has just over 50. That's not to say Ake won't turn into a top player, he's clearly a good player and he's doing very well for his age, even though it's worth considering he's only 2 years younger than Rudiger. One thing's for sure, Ake will never have Rudiger's pace nor his height, although he does match him for versatility. That's the other interesting thing about this transfer, the fact Rudiger gives us options in a number of positions, as he can play anywhere along the defence. I'm sure Conte already knows where he ideally wants him to play however, be that at FB, WB or CB. It's possible Conte sticks with the 3 man defence, plays Rudiger on the right of the 3, and plays Azpilicueta as the RWB instead of Moses. Either way, it seems Conte has identified an area of the team that needs strengthening, and he's identified Rudiger as the man to strengthen it. Rudiger may not be a beast, in the mould of a Koulibaly or whoever, he may not be the world's best defender, but he's still a top player playing at the top level, with bags of experience for one so young. We'll be challenging for the CL as well as the PL this season and with that in mind, Rudiger's presence gives us a far better chance than Ake's presence would have done, and that's why Conte's made a pragmatic choice. Truth is, it's hard for a young player to break through at Chelsea, as we all know. Kids have to play or their development is stifled. Conte has to decide if he can give that kid enough minutes. He decided the answer was no in Ake's case, and sad as it may be, that made it the right decision to sell him. He's had his loans, he's 22, this was the time for the manager to make his decision and he made it. He's seen the player and he's made his judgement. Chelsea play at a very high level and the manager's no mug. As a youngster you're going to have to be very special indeed to break through. Rudiger simply plays at a higher level. That may not be the case in a season or two but that's the case now, and Ake will be forever stifled if he stays at Chelsea, so it was the best thing for all parties. Don't forget Christensen's back too, and if he's as good as they say he is, he's going to need minutes as well, otherwise we'll lose him. Then there's Zouma, who may or may not go out on loan. His chances have definitely diminished with Rudiger's arrival and maybe it's time for him to consider his future too. Either way we have to make room to accomodate these players and that means we have to make sacrifices too. The manager gets paid the big bucks to make these calls. The top managers get these calls right more often than not. That's what makes them top managers. Sure, Rudiger may not have been Conte's first choice but maybe his first choice wasn't available, or maybe the club weren't prepared to be held to ransom, which is fair enough. You never know, maybe another CB is going to come in. Maybe Conte has plans to play Rudiger at WB. Either way I think he represents good value, I think he'll make us stronger, I think he'll develop under Conte, and I think he's likely to prove a good signing. Edit: I'm happy with this piece of business and I think you should all be too.
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    Last time we broke our transfer record for a Spanish striker, I went out and bought the shirt with his name and #9 on it and wore it to the pub for his first game. To this day I take responsibility for the calamity that followed and I shall not be repeating my mistake.
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    Monaco: "We want £40m" Marina: "£35m" Monaco: "Not good enough. 38m at the least Marina: "£35m" Monaco: *Sigh*.. "Ok, really the lowest we'll go is 36m. Pay it and he's yours." Marina: "£35m" Monaco: "f**k it! Fine! £35m!" Marina: "£30m"
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    Jose is managing. Everyone will be in the box.
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    Apparently not, but some teenage Brazilian he hadn't heard of until this morning is. Go figure.
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    That's garbage IMO. Torres has always spoke well of us when with us and when he left. He regularly tweets when we do well and such. i prefer not to be bitter I guess
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    Breaking news... Lukaku is still going to Chelsea apparently. His first touch took him to Man United for a minute but he's back on track now.
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    One post was a pic of him saying f**king China the other one was a sleeping security guard saying wake up China...and it was "racist" new term for anything that a non white person disagrees with, stupid posts but racist?? Come on, misuse of the word ditracts from people who actually suffer racism
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    Bit much calling Torres a clown. he didn't live up to the fee but he did always represent us well.
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    I am the owner of Chelsea FC and I have never heard of you. You sir, are an impostor.
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    We've lost a 20 goal per season forward but let's remember he played almost every minute of both our title-winning campaigns, so you'd expect him to score a few goals. Some will say the fact he played almost every minute proves how invaluable he was, and that's true to an extent, but there were other players who were more valuable. Diego Costa is replaceable, there are more prolific and better strikers out there and let's just hope we've signed one in Morata. I'm not saying Diego isn't top drawer I'm just saying there are better out there which is an undeniable fact. Let's not forget also he went through spells in every season with us when he went seriously off the boil, yet because he's such a high-maintenance player, he couldn't be dropped because his ego couldn't take it and it may have resulted in him losing interest, or worse than that, being a disruptive influence, something a manager wouldn't want to risk. Look at Jose, he finally dropped him against Spurs at WHL and it was long overdue. Costa had a face like a slapped arse on the bench. Anyone remember his warm-up on the touchline during the second-half? He couldn't have looked less interested if he tried. Then of course there was the bib-throwing incident. It's telling that the only time Conte dropped him was at Leicester and he could cite a back injury as his reason, and against Spurs at Wembley when he conveniently also dropped Hazard, which I guess massaged Costa's ego as it made him believe he was as important to the team as Hazard and therefore was being rested for the league game. That was expert management by Conte. Costa needed to be dropped as he was playing so poorly but he had to find a way to do it that would keep the player onside and instil some belief. The only time Conte subbed Costa when we needed a goal was the Cup Final, which tells us everything we need to know. He didn't care about Costa's fragile ego at that point as he knew it was his last game and if he lost the player it mattered not a jot. I imagine Costa is a very high-maintenance player to manage, particularly if he's not settled or truly happy, which he never really was at Chelsea. He's attention-seeking and self-centred in my opinion, and contrary to many people's view of him he actually tends to go missing in big games, because he's not quite as big and tough as he thinks he is. I said way before the season ended that Conte would get rid with relish as soon as he could. Conte being the arch pragmatist kept him onside by the skin of his teeth in order to win the title but as soon as he got his chance he cut ties. We needed Costa to win those titles, yes we did, mainly because we didn't have adequate replacements, but now we do, and I really won't miss him one bit. I won't miss all the nonsense, on the pitch and off it, and I won't miss all his pining for Atletico. I won't miss him punching teammates in training nor arguing with teammates on the pitch in crucial games. I imagine his act can grate a bit after a while behind the scenes. It might be fun at first but after a while I bet the management feel like they're having to mollycoddle a toddler, because that's what he appears to be, a child inside a man's body, a man who's yet to grow up. Conte texted him, I've no doubt of that, but what's telling is that Costa squealed to the press immediately, whereas when Costa threw his dummy out the pram in January the manager kept it all in-house and only spoke highly of the player. In January it would have been apparent to Conte Costa wanted out. Everybody knew Costa wanted out, he even waved goodbye to the SB crowd in his last home game. He was the one that was angling for a move, and yet, as soon as Conte texted him he went squealing, trying to portray himself as the victim. This is the guy that was seduced by China midway through our title challenge and this is the guy who's been pining for Atletico since he arrived. He likes to play big and tough but really when it boils down to it he's just a big girl's blouse, running to the press as fast as he can possibly can. Diego, it's been entertaining, I'll give you that. There's been goals and there's been good performances aplenty. Don't let the door slap your arse on the way out.
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    How can you say Pedro s not good enough after last season?
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    A Real Madrid fan's opinions on the transfer:
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    Fully agree with all of that, the transfer threads are a clusterf**k if idiocy, petulance and ignorance unfortunately. I used to enjoy the close season, a few rumours here and there, a few good signings. Now it's just Twitter dickheads spouting unsubstantiated bullsh*t and Muppets believing all of it, then kicking off at the club when we don't actually sign some random player for £90m. Also agree on the lukaku thing, morata just has so much more to his game.
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    All done by that terrible board of ours who are idiots if you were to believe certain"fans". Fans who go strangely quiet whenever we make a good signing. It's very weird.
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    Probably because he is STILL a Chelsea player and on Chelsea Books and will get his next monthly paycheck from Chelsea and owes the Club the bare minimum respect?
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    Wish him the absolute best, seems like a great kid. This is the second time he's shown balls, first taking a loan abroad at Napoli (on his own, not with several others at Vitesse) and now backing himself as too good to play 10 games a season. Good on him.
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    This is the Bakayoko thread, that's not on topic either!!!
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    Not as ridiculous as my beer tits would look in it if I ever bought one. #snugfit
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    I like the fact that when he scores goals, it will be great to shout MORATAAAAA ! You can really drag out the MORATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! for the really big goals. I like it when our strikers names end with an 'A'.
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    I have avoided posting on any rumours thread as it frankly makes very unpleasant reading... I wonder whether the Emanolo, Marina and board critics wil admit (and realize) that they were talking complete nonsense. How can you blame someone without information, I still don't get it. In any case, really happy with this. So glad we didn't get Lukaku.
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    He is hiding in the back of the megastore we just need someone to ask for him to be put on the back of their new Nike shirt and he will be announced.
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    How is Arsenal closing in on a £50m player any different to us closing in on a £65m player, a £35m player and another £35m player? I dont see how you can say ours has been underwhelming but then compare it to Arsenal who have signed the exact same amount of players as us.
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    This is bullsh*t, we are 6 minutes in and we STILL haven't signed anyone
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    Oh god, let the season begin, I can't take much more of this.
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    Here it comes, Morata, Pedro, Hazard MPH
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    If maka rates him then that's good enough for me.
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    The negativity is strong with this one.
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    We were never in for Sandro. It was just paper talk. Can confirm, as I am a Football Agent.
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    Finally a thread about the transfer window, we had no place to moan
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    Is it just me or is every thread just a massive bitch fest now days, literally, no one is able to post an opinion without either insulting the person they are replying to or fear of being insulted. The occasional squabble fine, but every thread now just descends to a mess with very little quality posting or analysis these days. deary me...
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    The academy is there to develop youngsters for a career in professional football, not necessarily a career at Chelsea FC. Practically all of them get sold for a fee that exceeds what the club have spent on them through the years. They get sold because they are not good enough to fit into a top team with top ambitions. To give them time to develop into such a player would take up places in the academy or the squad, so it makes more business sense to sell them for profit. Only a handful make it into the first team squad to prove themselves. And even then they may not make the grade and they move on. Factors such as the system we play or who is the manager also play a part, I suppose. Only a few develop into the kind of player we want to buy back, but nobody is clearvoyant to see which player we should have kept. Plus it can be argued that time spent playing elsewhere may help their progress in a way that they wouldn't have had they stayed at Chelsea. The money the club make from the academy helps to buy the top players we need to win prizes, rarely we buy back a player from our own academy. You can rant about why we have a youth system when they all go elsewhere: it's a business model, that's all.
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    Jesus those prices are ridiculous.
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    And there is no problem at all with posting it like that, it's how it should be. Unfortunately we now have fans who decide if a player isn't good enough they are deserving of abuse and vitriol, and sod appreciation and respect. I don't think Ake is as good as many believe he is, and I think it's great business getting that much for a player who in my opinion is 5th or 6th choice for us at best. But I don't think he's a prick or sh*t or a donkey or any of that other rubbish being posted about our current and past players.
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    Yes this was the season we played Liverpool 4 times winning both at home and losing both the away games. Was in the Shed for both at the Bridge and at the league game away when the bus in front of ours got a brick through the window as we were ferried to the ground from the Station. I remember the press being full of headlines stating that Liverpool were coming to London for revenge when we played them at home in the league follow their 4-2 defeat in the fa cup, but of course we smashed them again. Great days that stay with us all our lives
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    According to many other people pora translates as "damn". Put it this way, if he had posted "pora England" and "wake up England" would there have been this outcry? Would there hell, it's a massively over the top reaction to a kid posting something stupid. It wasn't racist in the slightest.
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    Ah social media, everyone is offended by everything these days. A world full of scousers
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    Funny, If Lukaku had signed for us and scored those two Michy goals everyone would be going nuts. Go on the bats!
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    Love how Conte has handled this. Little fuss but makes it clear exactly WHO is the Boss. No one player is bigger than the club, so off you go.
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    So, we have basically exchanged Oscar and Bamford for Morata. Let that sink in for a minute
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    its a great move for him. he had the choice of realistically getting the odd appearance here and there or potentially playing his way into the world cup by playing regular football. he's also going to be playing for a good manager and has the security of a five year deal. you have to be delighted for him, he completely deserves it. and, as you say, if he grows to the point where- without sentimentality- he's good enough to play every week for a top club, then we could bring him back. this isn't another de bruyne- honestly he is at a point a lot of players from our academy will find themselves: a very decent footballer but not ready to play serious minutes for a top side and also too good and a little too old to hang around watching from the stands. there is a reason big clubs 'allow' promising young talents (be they from their own academy or even other smaller clubs) to be signed by mid table sides, and it isn't down to short-sightedness or poor scouting.
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    Tbh he Probs speak more sense then most on here.
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    There have been a few posts about the famous red white and green kit recently so i thought i would post a few pics of some of the memorabilia i have in the loft