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    Big disappointment ? He was bought in as a decent CB and has gone on to achieve far more than anybody expected of him. He's been far from a big disappointment, if anything, he has exceeded expectations. 6 trophies with the club in 6 full seasons as a regular starter. 3 of those season's he has been included in the team of the season. How anybody can say he has been a big disappointment is laughable. He wasn't signed to be the next John Terry and nobody expected him to be.
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    It's seems like some people have short memories when it comes to Costa. Conte didn't push Costa out at all, Costa wanted out before Conte arrived. He even said before last season started that he wanted to return to Atletico Madrid. Things only started to go wrong with Conte and Costa when Costa himself tried to force a move to China half way through last season. When Costa didn't get his move, his performances went massively downhill and he was almost useless for us for the rest of the season. Costa was the reason why Costa left, not Conte. He couldn't settle in England and wanted out, he would have left no matter who was in charge.
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    I get the impression a few people feel the same about yourself.
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    Funny how everybody's opinions fluctuate as the season goes. 2 months ago, we have a world class striker and now we are talking about wanting to sign a replacement. I did not expect him to score 20 goals (around 15 was my thought), but he has a great chance at hitting that mark. Couple that with his link up play and ability to create for his teammates, is say he is having a mighty fine first season in England. I think Morata has been good overall and outstanding at times. I am as frustrated as anyone with his 1v1 finishing lately, but I think he has proven capable of doing it. His first goal of the hat trick against Stoke jumps to mind and the winner against Bournemouth in the cup game, as well. I fully expect him to bounce back and start banging them in regularly, and we can all look back on this "dry spell" and laugh about it.
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    Conte won the league in his first season, we're one point off second now, qualified for the next round of the Champions League, and still in both cups, and you think he needs apologists. Odd.
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    Disagree. We all know Jose has become a complete and utter c**t. Conte has a lot more class than Mourinho will ever have. The difference is Mourinho started this and ALWAYS starts it. Conte would never come out and slag off another manager unless he is responding to provocation, which he is here and frankly I don't blame him. You can't let the likes of Mourinho walk all over you and hopefully he will find out that this time, he's picked on the wrong guy. If Conte was out of order I would say so but I'm backing our man, not our ex.
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    *loses to City* "We're a different team without Pogba" *Pogba plays* 2-1 L to Bristol 2-2 Leicester 2-2 Burnley 0-0 S'ton
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    A disgraceful comment, call yourself a fan? We have had some amazing moments in this competition. Di Matteo's goal, all of Drogba's goals in the finals. Brilliant memories. I would love to win it again. Well done to the team for converting all the penalties, after all that what happened it would have been easy to implode. I'm pleased to be in the next round.
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    If the scousers arent happy with this deal i like it even more, Welcome Ross!
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    90% of this forum spends every transfer window moaning about transfers now our manager says something and its shut up and stop moaning. Ok then.
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    If you thought for one second cahill was signed to eventually be the next jt, then you were obviously going to be disappointed. He's been a steady player bought for next to nothing, and has contributed to winning major trophies. I'm not sure what else you can really expect from him. He's arguably the weak link in the back 3 now, but at 31, we would be looking to replace him anyway. He gets alot of critism some warranted, some not, but you can't criticize his work ethic or commitment. He won't go down as one of greats, but he has been a great servant, and deserves more respect than what he receives from certain sections of our own support.
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    Big Andy Carroll. Strong as an ox and built like a brick sh*thouse. Raised on a diet of Yorkshire puddings and Newcastle Brown Ale. Finally we can play long balls from deep, pumping it up to the big man. That Spanish fairy Morata doesn't have the strength to play in the greatest league in the world. Move aide Alvaro, there's a real man coming. Proper English lad who doesn't mind getting down and dirty. Those Johnny Foreigners don't like it up 'em. Just you wait till we rock up to the Camp Nou with our British Beef Battering-ram, they won't know what's hit 'em. Brexit! Blue Passports! Warm Ale! Fighting on the Terraces! Andy Carroll! I feel like I've got my Chelsea back!
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    Basically, its a done deal to utd, chelsea board pretending we are in for him so they can say, well we did try
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    Exactly Right. You must realise though Scott, that those factual details don't fit with some folks agenda.
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    He's been all right, but let's not be blinded by blue-tinted glasses. He did well against Stoke, but the last couple of games he was bang average and misplaced a lot of passes. He's okay as a squad player.
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    Possibly the biggest over reaction I've ever seen on the site, and that's saying something!
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    This isn't remotely funny and is beyond childish. Please grow up a bit before posting again.
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    You are a joke of a a fan, and the type that shouldn't even be allowed to voice an opinion if it's going to be that idiotic
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    Even if you think he's inconsistent or should be taking the next step or whatever, he's such a great character and very down to earth and I think they are underrated characteristics when it comes to gelling with a team. He's humble but certainly not dismissive of his abilities and what is expected of him. A top bloke really.
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    http://www.goal.com/en-gb/amp/news/hazard-my-dad-is-in-trouble-for-real-madrid-transfer/1egqaok8igauf1a5p4889izlp5?__twitter_impression=true Eden Hazard has brushed off claims made by father Thierry that he is holding off on signing a new contract to encourage an offer from Real Madrid in the summer. The 27-year-old was in fantastic form as he provided two goals in Chelsea’s 4-0 win as they got back to winning ways in the Premier League on Saturday afternoon. Real Madrid are understood to be interested in signing Hazard but Chelsea are also trying to offer him a big pay-rise to remain at Stamford Bridge. Hazard joked that his father Thierry is in trouble for the interview he made in Le Soir but clarified that he will begin talks after the season has finished. “My dad says some bad things,” Hazard told reporters after the win. “Yes. I talked with him [to tell him off], no, no worries. “I'm focused with Chelsea. I've got two years contract left and I'm happy here. Like I said 10 times before, I want to finish this year and then we'll see. But I'm happy here.” Chelsea showed great improvement up front with Hazard playing alongside Willian and Michy Batshuayi at the Amex Stadium. Their exciting attacking play was a far cry from the recent struggles against Norwich, while before that the club had registered three 0-0s in a row for the first time in their history. Chelsea are still looking to sign another striker in January and may loan Batshuayi with the likes of West Ham’s Andy Carroll and Stoke City’s Peter Crouch being linked. However, Hazard thinks that the display against Brighton shows Chelsea don’t necessarily need a big striker to win games. “Football is simple: keep the ball on the ground and try [to play] like we did. I think we have two very good strikers in Alvaro and Michy. If they are not ready to play I can play striker, so I don't think we need [another one]. “Because we are missing chances people are saying we need another striker, but if we are scoring goals we are the best attack in the league and no one can say we need a striker. It depends on the form of the team and I think we're happy with the team we have. “Who is the best team this year? Man City. The strikers, [Gabriel] Jesus and [Sergio] Aguero, are not big. It's simple. It depends how you want to play. If you want to play with long balls you need a target man, if you want to keep the ball on the floor you need a small guy. It depends how you want to play. “Yes, it sometimes happens. From the first minute until the last one you feel confident. When you score early it's easier because you have the confidence straight from the start of the game. “When you see the second goal with Willian, it's one of the best of the season because we create movement with one touch, one touch, and then the finishing is good. We want to do more like this. “No, no. Maybe one big boy can do that also! Of course we are sharp on the floor, so maybe it's easier to do the movement we are working on in training.” Hazard completed only his second 90 minutes in the last nine games as Conte tries to protect him during a busy fixture schedule. The forward also missed pre-season and had a broken ankle that he recovered from over the summer. Hazard spoke about his fitness and how he is being managed by his Italian boss. “Yes I was not sure, but now I'm sure! It's good to play, good to score, so everything was good today. You can ask the manager. The manager answered last week, so I don't need to talk about this. “When I'm on the pitch I try to give my best, when I'm not on the pitch on the bench I want the team to do the best. That's it. I think it's normal when you miss two months of preseason with an injury. "I had a good start to the season after the injury, and then it's not easy to stay on the top. But I try, I try to work in training and when I'm on the pitch I try to give everything. Sometimes it happens like today when we play an amazing game, sometimes not. I just keep going, keep training hard and try to do my best."
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    After tonight's performance from the ref, i think they deserve their own thread to point out just how awful they are. VAR has been bought into football to assist refs in decision making ( or from my point of view, correct their amateurish mistakes ) and tonight we had a ref completely ignoring it on two occasions for reasons only he knows. The foul on Willian ( and it was a foul ) he was booked for, that alone made me angry, but i was saying to myself "it's fine, he will go to VAR and correct his decision"........nope. Instead of the ref taking a few seconds to ask for VAR, he ignored it completely and carried on with the game. It doesn't end there though, the official who was in charge of VAR said it wasn't a "clear error" from the ref so the penalty wouldn't have been given even if VAR was used and Willian still would have been booked......except that it WAS a clear penalty and Willian clearly DIDN'T dive, so it was a CLEAR ERROR from the ref!! This isn't a hard call, you don't have to be a qualified ref to see this. Now the Morata situation. As i have said in other threads, if that was Harry Kane, it would have been given, there is no doubt about it. I have seen penalties given plenty of times over the years for that. Not getting a penalty i can live with, because after all, it has to be a clear error from the ref, and a lot of people seem to be unsure about it ( i personally thought it was a penalty ) but to book the player for diving ? What a joke. He was clearly pulled by the defender, it's not a dive. Even if he did go down too easy, he was clearly being obstructed by the defender. But once again, this all could have been sorted had the ref just gone to VAR. Why would he refuse to use it ? what does he gain by ignoring it ? Why am i not surprised that the first major VAR controversy has gone against us, and twice in one game ? I hated the way it was used in the Confederations Cup and the same issues with it are happening now. But it's not the system that is wrong, it's the refs. Seriously, this is the only sport where i see the refs consistently getting things wrong. They are even pissing up VAR, something Cricket, Tennis and Rugby got right pretty much from the off. It's infuriating seeing these constant mistakes from the refs and i'm finding that it is ruining my enjoyment of this sport. I feel like i am constantly waiting on a decision or non decision from a ref rather than paying attention to the game. Their mistakes are that bad that they are talking points almost every weekend and midweek. You even have French League refs kicking footballers and sending that player off afterwards How can the most popular sport in the world have such dreadful officials, and when they have technology in place to help them too !?
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    Note to the board members who read this forum: when we said 'why don't we just sign Crouch while we're at it', it was a joke.
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    Surprised people thought foul on Morata was soft. If the Norwich player didn't grab him he'd have gone past him. It's a penalty all day long. And I don't care if Morata is a moaner and has a reputation for falling down easily. That's what we have a referee on the pitch for, to judge everything and everybody on merit, and not on reputation. Instead that buffoon made two wrong calls on penaties, which he compounded by punishing Willian and Morata for diving which neither did. And, to add insult to an injury, he gave Morata a second yellow for daring to complain.
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    Imagine having a forty minute nap. That's the limit of my imagination.
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    I can certainly see where you're coming from but that's exactly the kind of thinking that resulted in Arsenal going for 14 years now without winning the PL, never winning the CL and currently playing in the second rate European cup competition. I don't know about their board, but if you think their fans are smiling I suggest you take a look at Arsenal Fan TV, it's downright depressing watch and who can blame them. We're one step away from turning into an Arsenal ourselves. Before you know it, we'll be mentioning new stadium costs every time we miss out on a quality player, keep moaning about manc clubs "buying" titles and take fake pride in finishing 4th while losing our best players to more ambitious clubs.
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    Great, great day. Literally loved every minute of that final. By far my favourite Chelsea Fa Cup win. Never forget the emotion on Robbies face when he scored. I'm sure his sister was the proudest person in that stadium when Robbie scored for her.
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    When managers are interviewed on MOTD, the commentator will immediately ask the manager what he thought of the penalty/ sending off, or anything remotely controversial. ( never mind how fantastic the actual game was) The manager then has to play this little game where he disagrees with the refs decision, regardless of the facts. Then Lineker will say " Maybe we should start with the penalty...." The whole coverage has been manufactured to focus on incident/ drama. They seem obsessed with so called "talking points". It's funny that when I'm on the way home after a game, the talking points amongst my mates tends to be a glorious 60 yards pass, or someone having a nightmare - the game in general rather than how the ref did or some other petty sideshow. Ive no doubt that television company's sit down with the Premier League and discuss how they want their product to be shown. Maximum drama and controversy have outrumped the football itself. It's alienating a lot of fans IMO
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    I don't really know what the hysteria is about to be honest. He's missed a few very getable chances and yes should have scored them. But it happens! Even to the very best. It's just compounded by the fact they happened in succession during a very busy period and every bloke and his dog is now a twitter expert. He's been excellent this season all things considered.
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    At fifteen pounds definitely worth it!
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    Brave of him to take the #8, heavy burden to take up Oscar's old shirt number... /sarc
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    This, this and this. People are really forgetting just how bad Michy was when starting games,and i keep hearing how he wouldn't have missed the chances Morata had, he probably wouldn't have got in the position to even miss them, not three times anyway.
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    Criticism is misplaced in my view. That is a good as I have watched Arsenal play and we still should have won. We lacked the clinical finishing and game management of past years. Drogba or Costa or Lampard playing today and we would have won comfortably. A managers job is to get the team into the final third and creating chances. We did that. You could hardly blame him for Bellerin smashing in a screamer. As for Michy I'm not sure what he has done to justify this sudden wave of affection. He is likeable sure, but he just does so little outside the six yard box.
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    The result is fair but it's criminal to have fluffed so many clear chances. Very frustrating. Oh well, at least the neutrals will have enjoyed it. Feel a bit bad for Morata, he has so much ability but appears to have developed some kind of mental block when one-on-one with the keeper. If I was Conte I'd be booking him in for a visit with a shrink. Calls to sell him are premature and really f**king stupid, IMO.
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    Barkley rumours are back. If we want a young raw Englishman with potential his name is Ruben and he is free.
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    Nothing wrong with him in the last 3 games, his partnership with Kante is becoming stronger and better. They're covering the central very well, offering defence extra help and going forward to join the attack. Could score if Jagielka wasn't clearing it.
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