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    Game of Thrones

    Oh God! I forgot it was tonight!! Going to watch it NOW!!!
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    Oscar - Little Diamond

    I've got to be honest with Oscar. In my view he was our best player at the start of the season and was deservedly ahead of Mata in the pecking order. However, since Mata has left, Oscar's form has dropped off the cliff. Other than his two goals in the rout of Arsenal, I cannot think of another game in 2014 where Oscar has performed well. We could argue if Oscar is 'knackered' or 'overrated' until the cows come home but right now all that matters is that he's just not doing the business. On current form, there's no place for him in the first team. Willian has looked much sharper in the No. 10 role lately and I am inclined to persist with him down the middle for the rest of the season, with Schürrle, Salah and Hazard (when fit) adding the pace to the wings. I do believe that Oscar has a future at the club and can rediscover his previous form. I haven't lost total faith him yet, nor do I believe that he's overrated. He does need to be taken out of the firing line though.