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    Can't wait to see him rip into the players, and the press alike. The one thing I've notices in his interviews is there isn't really that "us against the world" mentality that you had with Jose. He is intense, certainly, but he loves his football and I think he wants his players to share his passion. Laziness and lies will not be tolerated. Whereas with Jose, it was "all aboard the Jose show!" I don't think it'll be like that with Conte. This isn't me bashing Jose. Merely sharing my observations in subtle differences of their persona
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    I just heard Hodgson's press conference. " I don't know what i am doing here " he says " I thought i said everything that needed to be said last night " he says.........f**k off. A prepared speech for us going out is enough is it ? nah, i'm not having that. Hodgson owes us fans more than that. With the amount us fans go through, with the amount of money the fans spend to follow England, we deserve much more than some sh*t prepared resignation speech, a speech that he probably already had planned out when things went wrong again. And that Martin Glenn dick at the F.A can get stuffed too. " I'm not a football expert "......then what the hell are you doing being involved in the F.A then ? piss off, let someone who knows what they are doing help pick our next manager. That press conference was England in a nutshell, a joke.
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    Cough *Dennis wise* cough
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    I don't for a second imagine that quote is actually real.
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    The earliest Euro dawning on Conte’s management skills broke during The Guardian Podcast prior to Italy’s group stage defeat of Belgium. The presenter, James (Jimbo) Richardson, was encouraging debate on who was likely to win the match with his assembled crew for that morning, one of whom was Michael Cox, the newspaper’s very own tactical analyst. It was he who bucked the trend in favour of Belgium and the conversation went as follows:- Michael Cox - “There is something about this side [belguim] that I don’t trust that I do trust with Italy and maybe that’s all about the manager. Italy have probably got the best manager in the competition, whereas Wilmotts is somebody who hasn’t really proved himself at any level of football.” James Richardson - “You’re a Conte fan are you?” Cox - “Oh, I think he is the best manager by far in this tournament, by absolutely miles.” Richardson - “Really?” Cox - “I can’t imagine any other manager in this tournament getting a really top club job.” Richardson - “Okay…” Cox - “…whereas Conte obviously is… well, it’s Chelsea you know…” Richardson - “Okay, interesting, interesting. “ Interesting, indeed, and classic dumbing-down on Richardson‘s part, bearing in mind he is a self-confessed admirer of the Italian game and therefore knew of Conte’s qualities only too well. The fact that he struggles to give Chelsea the time of day, let alone have any time for the club at all, accounts for his feigned surprise and rapid closure of conversation, but Cox was prepared to go out on a limb anyway and has duly emerged as a good judge of Conte’s managerial talent. The Italian press were also quick to follow suit, a rapturous Gazzetta match report concluding “Italy played the most beautiful game of the Conte era. They did it playing in an Italian style - but in the most noble sense of those words - without using catenaccio, but defending themselves with a compact and intelligent block to then counter into those spaces that [belgium manager Marc] Wilmots presumptuously failed to close.” Then Xavi gave his two-pennyworth, in a prophet of doom style prior to Spain’s comeuppance. He didn’t mince his words either - “When Italy need to come out with the ball, having three at the back and two wide players means they have five possible people to carry it out - which makes it difficult for Spain to press as they would like. Then, playing with two strikers complicates things further forward, because it occupies both of our centre-backs and then one of the two full-backs has to step forward to close down [Antonio] Candreva or [Alessandro] Florenzi - leaving you with only three at the back. At the World Cup in Brazil, both Holland and Chile chose to use a 3-5-2 against us and it put is in great difficulty.” Such a contrast in mood and honesty when compared to an indifferent Marc Wilmots who, clearly bristling at the criticism he was getting, dismissed Belguim’s humiliation in all too simplistic fashion, declaring it to be the natural outcome when faced with a back three steeped in irreplaceable knowledge of the Conte system and its workings. To imply that the Italian can’t replicate this tactical master class with another set of three [or a mix-and-match of them] is both naïve and ungracious, but I suppose the proof of this particular pudding will come next season, when he is with us in the Premier League. Of course, there are many Chelsea fans who believe our new boss should think again about playing 3-5-2, regardless of personnel, citing the system’s failure in other managerial hands in recent years, but if anybody can repeat the back three card trick with a completely new deck it is surely this man and his well drilled backroom staff. More to the point, he has a massive pack to draw from, not only defensively, but in the other interwoven midfield and attacking areas as well. At the last count, Chelsea’s retained list of Contract Players had a Carlsberg feel to it, with probably the best and longest retained list in the world looking like this in alphabetical order… Abraham, Aina, Ake, Ali, Angban, Bekanty, Azpilicueta, Baba, Baker, Bamford, Beeney, Begovic, Blackman, Boga, Jeremie, Brown, Cahill, Chalobah, Christensen, Christie-Davies, Clarke-Salter, Colkett, Collins, Conroy, Courtois, Cuadrado, Cuevas, Costa, Dabo, Dasilva, Davey, De Souza, Delac, Djilobodji, Fabregas, Feruz, Grant, Hazard, Hector, Houghton, Ivanovic, Kalas, Kane, Kiwomya, Loftus Cheek, Maddox, Marin, Matic, Miazga, Mikel, Mitchell, Moses, Mount, Muheim, Musonda, Nunes Ancient [Kenedy], Oliveira Dos Santos [Wallace], Omeruo, Palmer, Pantic, Pasalic, Perica, Piazon, Pedro, Quintero, Remy, Rodriguez, Salah, Sammut, Scott, Solanke, Suljic, Swift, Terry, Thompson, Tomori, Traore, Ugbo, Van Ginkel, Willian, Wakefield, Zouma. By my reckoning, a half-dozen, half-decent 3-5-2 teams can be cobbled together from this lot and while I wouldn’t know where to start in terms of selecting, schooling or motivating them, who can deny that Conte isn’t the right man for that job and he wouldn’t be able to find a Premier League winning team in there somewhere within a season or two? Leonardo Bonucci certainly wouldn‘t and I‘ll leave the last words of eulogy to him, delivered after yesterday’s victory over Spain:- “Conte is a coach who is really able to implement a plan. He is more and more important in every match. This process [which he] started two years ago has been essential. This national side is shorn of great talent, so we have to come together as a team. We need a playing style, and Conte really is the master in this area.” .
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    Drinkwater was probably sitting at home being a DrinkBeer, thinking, "thank god I didn't joint this shower of sh*t." This just shows how utterly overrated English players are, its the foreign players who prop up the league and make it respectable.
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    Getting into the referendum spirit, I've just started a petition to get this match replayed. It already has 4 million signatures.
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    The post match comments that meant the Munich doctor and all his team quit saying:- "the bond of trust is damaged' and called the blame centred at his department 'inexplicable' Amazing how many people seem willing to forgive Guardiola yet are more than happy to hammer Mourinho.
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    Playing players based on reputation rather than form, and playing so slowly, biggest problem for me. We attack at the speed of a knackered slug.
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    England out of Europe twice in one week. Once by Iceland, the other by the people who shop there.
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    How can I pretend when the evidence on the park was quite clear that a large percentage of our players 'chucked it'. These are grown men who are paid to play football, if something going on in the background makes them throw the towel in and put in disgraceful performances then they simply don't deserve to play at Chelsea. What I am saying is Conte wont allow those types of personalities to destroy our dressing room and effect our form...he will go through them and punt them into touch...Exactly what is in order.
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    This is probably the one thing Hodgson got right. After Milner's last 2 tournaments, i think he was lucky to have gone at all. Milner did play by the way, he came on for Sterling against Russia, he rushed out of position in his usual headless chicken way and gave the Russia player the space to play a cross in for their equalizer.
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    Trivia - I went to same schools as Glenn. Boring but true!
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    Back in 2004, I had an insider perspective for the selection process for an Olympic team event, and there was so much politics and other factors involved. The great players were selected obviously. After that, when you had many good but not great players competing for a limited number of slots, merit took a back seat. The coach was pressured by the national sports body to select certain players. Officially the coach had autonomy, but the pressure from the sports body was immense. Some national sports bodies really do give the coach complete autonomy. It was that way under the previous regime at this sports body until new people came in. I don't think for one second that Hodgson had, in practice, complete autonomy. Greg Dyke was previously a Manchester United board member. You don't think there was pressure to play Rooney and select Rashford out of the many players who would be equally qualified for that spot? You don't think there was pressure to play the new media darling Harry Kane? It's telling that Kane was the only player assigned to all official media sessions and photo shoots during the tournament. Not Rooney the captain nor Cahill the vice captain, but Kane. Mind you, this can happen at the club level too.
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    I found that very rude of him, all that money he's pocketed from the fans, and he thinks he can just swan off without being questioned. Shame because I thought he had a bit more class than that.
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    The manager isn't in charge of things like that lol. It's the people who deal with transfers/contracts who are in charge of all those kind of things. Why people want to blame Jose for absolutely everything is completely mental not to mention delusional.
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    The only thing they were running through last season was water. No one gave even half of what those Italy players gave to the cause. At least any slackers and work shy bandits will be booted from our's what we need,
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    Tactically Conte is better then Jose and Pep i have been saying that for a few years now, Jose is too negative and Pep has no plan B, I can really see Zouma becoming world class under Conte and Matic becoming a beast again! We need a few good signings as well and Conte will get our PL back for us! Here is Conte with Azpi and Pedro yesterday...
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    It was all too easy in that finale, didn't have the punch other big events had. The characters who died, died because they'd run out of story for them and the writers wanted a clearout. I don't think the writers really understand why the red wedding was such a standout sequence; it was shocking because it felt like most of the characters were in the middle of their story and had a future all lined out for them. None of the characters who died really had any sort of mysteries still to be revealed, you don't care they died because there was nowhere for them to go in terms of exposition or ambitions.
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    I just don't get it. We had a formation, we had a style of football, we had everything set in place to have a decent tournament. Why ditch all of that for out of form players, why ditch that for one player who's legs have all but gone ? It's just unbelievable how we do this in every single damn tournament, it's unbelievable that we never frigging learn. People were calling it before the tournament started, i was one of them. We shoehorned Rooney in, nobody can deny it. He was bought in because he is Rooney, simple as that. Hodgson and the team ditched everything we had just to shoehorn that one player in. Absolutely pathetic and i am fed up with it.
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    I prefer him behind the striker rather than out wide on the left. He can be predictable playing on the left you know he is going to cut inside. I loved the way he played agains't Liverpool at Anfield near the end of the season playing as a no.10
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    #nohistory 1965/66 Barry Davies first ever commentary on TV for ITV as Chelsea play AC Milan
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    ok Mr Conte you have proven you have the minerals now come here and sort us out now.
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    Yeah hopefully more than just the one. Last night was great but it was one game against a pretty average opponent. It doesn't merit a change of captaincy based on one game. We know what he can do so he simply has to give more performances like last nights especially if he wants to be considered one of the best players in the world.
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    I'm not here to gloat in any way (Scotland didn't even qualify, ffs), just to share my observations. I know that a number of people have compared this team to the Chelsea team of the 15-16 campaign, and I suppose there is a lot of truth in that; in so much as, a number of players under-performed. However, I think taht the selection of players from the outset was shocking. One recognized winger. Wilshire being picked when he'd been out for ages. Rooney being used in whatever role he was in (did someone say shoe-horned?), it was all a massive set up for failure. And a lot of that has to ride on Roy's shoulders Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Roy have a history of picking players on merit? It's as if he doesn't want to upset the fans of the "bigger teams" by leaving their players at home. He certainly seems to have done that with Wiltshire, and Rooney, and constantly starting Kane...etc. I also think that there was a level of arrogance among the English players. It's to be expected considering how much media coverage they (and their "WAGS" get). However, it is the same media that will tear them to shreds if they fail to live up to the hype (hen calling them over-paid nonces????). Seriously, how many times are we going to hear about "the spirit of 66," when no team has even looked like sniffing that level of greatness in recent memory (maybe 86 and 90)? Now the inevitable "senior players lost confidence in Roy" stories to come out. It's as if the players are completely devoid of criticism. It's why I am excited that someone like Conte is coming in to Chelsea... no excuses. I think with the over inflated price of British born players, this is merely going to exacerbate the issue too. They'll look at their price tag, and use it as a benchmark for other players too. Seriously, Lallana could look at himself and think "I'm only a few Million cheaper than Eden Hazard...I must be great." And that's not necessarily a dig at Adam, just an example of how ridiculous prices are....i suppose the ultimate would be Sterling!!!
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    That is so true but I wouldn't even say it is down to hard work. It's not as if our players weren't trying (with perhaps the exception of Sturridge who always comes across as a lazy f**ker). Cahill, Walker, Rose, Ali, Rooney - they were all running about, going into tackles, busting a gut...........but we were just void of cohession, ideas and quality. Players switching off as we did for their throw-in and then Hart for what turned out to be the winner doesn't help, but at the end of the day, doesn't matter how hard you work and effort you put in, when you look as clueless as our side and manager did, you have little chance.
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    I love him already! A head kicker when he needs to be, but most importantly a passionate and tactically astute manager that we need for our rebuild to be successful.
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    Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard !
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    When you have clubs paying the likes of £50M for Sterling, and they cant even control a ball, you know there's something seriously wrong.
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    man the Icelandic commentator putting the smack down on England after the final whistle in Nice
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    Are our dugouts strong? If he starts climbing over them in celebration we may need to invest in sturdier structure.
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    £2m more than we paid for Hazard. Just let that sink in for a moment.
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    Did he think they were sh*t? I'm fairly sure that KDB and Lukaku were the ones who asked to leave because they were unhappy with their playing time/role in the squad. Jose may have had a development plan for them both, much like how Zouma was eased into the team but now we'll never know but let's not make baseless statements about a manager as skilled as Mourinho. Also let's not forget his decisions led to our first league title in five years. The fourth of Roman's time at the club and the third Jose had won for us so he's decision making was clearly pretty good overall.
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    I think with Conte we are clinching the CL spot maybe even fight for the title right away.
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    You'd have to ask that to the person(s) responsible for negotiating transfers which wasn't Mourinho.
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    It's infuriating the fake quotes that I've seen, and frustrating to the extreme that people believe it. Something similar happened with Jack Colback last month. The people who make this sh*t up should be sued for libel.
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    Leicester City's season there in one sentence.
  47. 2 likes Danny Baker showing more passion than all of the English players Some of his tweets are hilarious
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    The BBC player ratings are a joke. Gave Hart a 3 and everyone else a 4. Hart a 2 and everyone else a 3 is more accurate. And that's me being generous I think
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