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  1. Or so confident about this abilities thinking he will earn a starting place.
  2. I wasn't having a happy day, but now you've really talked me into despair
  3. You're suggesting civility? Whatever next...
  4. Oh god... Pitiful. So it's an over-elaborate silly celebration thing rehearsed in front of the mirror, hoping to please 12-year old kids
  5. You bought a new Spanish player's number 9 shirt again, haven't you
  6. I'm probably (certainly) out of touch, but what is dabbing?
  7. Big shoes to fill indeed.
  8. It could have been worded stronger, but Scott sort of mentioned it I'd like to add the selfie culture has invaded our dressing room enough already to add someone from the Kings of 4th Placed Selfies into the mix.
  9. We have a sleeve sponsor nowadays, I read.
  10. Don't be so shallow! He certainly is...
  11. I use a simple yet elegant app to count down to events I'm very very much looking forward to, such as the start to the new season. It's called Days Left Widget, if anyone experiences an increased desire for real football instead of off-season nonsense.
  12. Movie of this summer
  13. Oh god, let the season begin, I can't take much more of this.
  14. I think I will survive. It won't be the first time we field a team without Brits.
  15. Hank?