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  1. Nonono, just enjoy your birthday with your loved ones (or by yourself, which is my preferred birthday celebration). Happy birthday Edin!
  2. Oh, then I take my back. I thought this was your response to losing the final
  3. Proud to be Blue
  4. I was looking forward to your namechange
  5. Sorry for you and your fellow antipodeans (yes, I had to look up the spelling ).
  6. No, a few small tubs of Haagen Dasz and a big tub of a cheaper supermarket brand. I have an extended tummy now and I feel nauseous, either caused by our performance or by yhe icecream.
  7. I ate an enormous amount of icecream to get through this
  8. Wow, really? We're in the 27th minute.
  9. Do they realise they have to keep possession of that round thingy?
  10. Exactly, plenty of time to panic later on