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  1. Yes, a highly successful goalkeeping coach with an unfortunate name... Louis van Gaal's name is being touted once again, and so is Henk ten Cate's... remember him? You're so lucky if you don't.
  2. It's mind-boggling, isn't it. Can you imagine the discussions in the Belgium FA boardroom... I certainly can't At least the Dutch are heading towards a second international tournament spent on the beach
  3. Must be. No way we're going to buy someone who changes his haircut every week.
  4. Climate change. Perhaps now Trump will believe it exists
  5. Well said, Argo.
  6. Name obscure German footballers (one very familiar to us): 47%.
  7. Watch out for the duct tape armbands at Liverpool's next match.
  8. One of my contenders for Player of the Year. Usually, I have no problem casting my vote. This season it's going to be difficult. Quite a few are having a great impact this season.
  9. ^ I didn't know this What a terrible, traumatic thing to happen.
  10. Excellent analysis. Klopp probably lacks the character to overcome his thin lippedness. Once more Chelsea comes out on top.
  11. Plus: people have remarked on his thin lips. I put it to you that Jürgen Klopp has much thinner lips. There is a reason for that messy stubble, it hides.... well, nothing. It had to be said.
  12. 9/12 thank goodness a decent result
  13. I bet Hughes had a laugh about this afterwards. He knows how things are done on the pitch.