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  1. Assuming it gets the Latin treatment, it must be. But is Latin used in galaxies far, far away?
  2. You're all bloody foreigners to me
  3. We know it's always you
  4. Hello Emily. How do you feel about Thorgan?
  5. Welcome Ramzi. How did you come to support Chelsea?
  6. I admire you. I always feel skeptical already after the first match of every season. Whenever we're in a reasonable position around mid-season, I totally freak out, and it's downright panic when we are top. Convinced we're going to blow it.
  7. ^^ Troll alert.
  8. I still don't approve. Make some sacrfices FFS!
  9. He looks more like the enforcer from the mob to me.
  10. A resounding no from me on David Luiz's hairdo At least Pedro and his short back and sides scored
  11. It's more pale orange than yellow.
  12. ^^ You call this a useless fact?! It's totally useful! In fact, this should settle it: no collars with B thingies. No football kit should have a collar
  13. Oh you make us proud!
  14. Goodness, they're ugly
  15. Jesus is going to save Guardiola's bacon.