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  1. + 1. I must be a similar age, first game was in about 1967.. As the song goes "where were you when we were sh1t?". I was in the benches, gate 13, Cardiff, Cambridge, Grimsby, all the crap away grounds in the late 70s and early 80s Looking forward to discussing games from then with the new poster...
  2. Neville is always a good analyst. He won quite a few trophies too, unlike JJ
  4. Ali isn't far behind. He's a sneaky little sh*te, little digs all over the place
  5. Dier is a dirty little fecker. could have been straight red for the tackle on Sideshow.
  6. Not sure about this one. Would love to smash Spuds at our second home today though. COYB
  7. Comedy Gold. Wenger getting annoyed when officials don't let a player not on the team sheet play!
  8. Clearly a foul and Ospina should have had at least a yellow for a reckless challenge
  9. Alvaro Morata

    Good news, only saw it on BBC website ten minutes ago
  10. Which striker should Chelsea buy?

    True, maybe give him the chance of a regular start... could be a great call
  11. Which striker should Chelsea buy?

    The way it's going at the moment we'll be looking at whoever has two legs and looks available. Sad but we should have been able to sign someone by now
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    No Chinese tourists wearing half and half scarfs either