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  1. Good match up for Citeh. Arse have only beaten non league teams in last two rounds...
  2. Talking sh*te. Referee didn't ruin the game. How many fouls against Hazard, .then 5 seconds later Hazard fouled again. What did he expect?
  3. Can we have Le Arse in the semis?
  4. Moses and Willian off, Fab & Pedro on
  5. As Frank just said "yellow card for stupidity" straight after ref told Smalling too many fouls on Hazard
  6. Lincoln are not a London club....
  7. Still got that shirt, seems to have shrunk a bit over last 30 years though... doesn't fit any more
  8. In Mexico on hols, hoping can find a bar with the match today
  9. Just watching the start of Le Arse vs Hull. Commentator mentions lots of empty seats following recent poor performances, then says there was a fire incident at the station earlier this morning ... what did 3,000 Gooners die in the alarm or go home instead?
  10. Was at that game too. Had tickets but still a nightmare getting in as so many had travelled there. we were in a pub near the ground soon after it opened. Absolutely jammed with Chels. Recall seeing a certain gent from Tunbridge Wells and his mates enjoying themselves inside the ground too
  11. Hazard for that goal Kante for all of the tackles or Cech for the assist!
  12. Wenger is such a missable old git!
  13. 3-0 and then watch the Gooners having meltdowns on Arsenal Fans TV on YouTube. Always worth a laugh when they lose..
  14. What a goal. Dippers all thought Willian was lining it up and Luiz ran up from nowhere and buried it