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  1. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Used to watch the Robins all the time, sponsored players etc., as you say loads of old Chels there. Remember a pre-season there a few years back against Millwall. Sat there with a couple of mates before kick off and loads of Millwall walked in, some of their youth quite vocal as presumably Carshalton were a non league outfit. I was in shorts with CFC tat on right calf, not a word from any of them. Was great there, even in the dodgy days with Graham Roberts as manager and Keith Dublin as captain. But then Dipre took over and not long after banned a few people I knew over a fabricated incident and it all went toxic. Not been there for over five years now. Shame as only ten minutes walk from home
  2. Both pi55ed off that Spuds lost yesterday
  3. .. and the north London serial bottlers.... Bottled it again
  4. As he came off I think he aimed a kick at the water bottle and missed
  5. Now the miss from Morata looks important. Why have Baka & Moses not been subbed? How does Baka keep getting picked in the first place?
  6. Baka owes us a performance Lets hope he gives us a half decent one. unlikely but living in hope
  7. If it’s a Chelsea player it’s a retrospective red and a three match ban Spuds player, no need to review, carry on
  8. Had forgotten what a dirty little player Alli is. Loads of little niggles and flicks at players off the ball. Also forgot that great Spuds song: ”Harry Kane, he’s one of our own, used to support Arsenal, but we’ll pretend he’s one of our own”
  9. Only upside was the commentator reminding everyone that Spuds have only won 2 trophies (league cups) in the last 27 years
  10. Now, 90 minutes of the damn plastic clappers COYB
  11. As the song goes “I was there when we were sh1t” Seen some awful players in my time and Baka definately on the list at present
  12. If I was 30 years younger If I was two stone lighter i’m not though, so not pretending to be a Chelsea player IF.... Bakayoko needs to start looking half decent or he’s gone
  13. If starting then Antonio should tell him, get out there and perform, otherwise bye! He’s looked like a passenger most games, so needs to step up and prove us wrong
  14. Anyone but Giroud. Dont understand why we bought him.
  15. Heard the commentator say average age was 18 tonight. Give these lads a couple of years, add a bit of strength, and will be some really good players coming through