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  1. My dad knew Harry from when he was a kid in the worlds end. Used to get tickets for big games off him. Always remember cheering Norman as he sprinted across the pitch, and he always waved at the benches
  2. Agree. A couple of my mates are Le Arse fans and they were not happy they won, as they were hoping this would be final straw and he would go.
  3. Just seen Wenger signed a new 2 year deal. LOL
  4. We want you to stay we want you to staaayyy Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay.... if only to enjoy the weekly meltdowns on Arse Fan TV
  5. Okay. That's over We are still Chelsea so be big and let them have their moment. Wenger will still be there next season, so one positive from this match
  6. Just saw the replay. Clear advantage from handball. Ref ignored. Then offside player moves towards the ball and linesman correctly flags. Ref overrules... joke
  7. And the offside player moved towards the ball, so offside
  8. Just get to half time. Moses and Matic off, Cesc & Willian on
  9. Has Hazard touched the ball yet?
  10. BBC commentators getting ready to present the cup to Arsenal and give Wenger a knighthood. great block from Cahill there
  11. JT on for a few minutes at the end when we're a few goals ahead. COYB!
  12. 7-0 just to sort out the goal difference and put Spuds in their place. cant believe not on sky.