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  1. Shug

    Next Chelsea Manager

    The way this is going here’s our next manager:
  2. Shug

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Apparently Peter Odemwingie turned up at Stamford Bridge in his Range Rover earlier, fancied being a manager
  3. Shug

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I’d rather they just stick with Conte and give him the players he wants. At this rate the World Cup will be on and all signings stall for a month, then you either pay more for players you want if they had a good World Cup, or get more makeweights like Berkeley and Drinkwater...
  4. Shug

    Random Rumours

    Zidane to Chelsea for 2 years and then off to France for next World Cup?
  5. I was in an Irish bar in Chicago, having landed an hour before from UK, dropped bag at hotel and straight into bar next door. Full of yanks except for me sitting at the bar and another random English chap / Chels fan (also born in Fulham) sat next to me. The two is us stood there watching the shoot out and at the end went mental. The whole pub joined in and shots and beers started arriving in front of us, loads were sending drinks over, and for next hour were coming up to both of us saying they’d had a great time watching us during the game. Apparently we were up and down all the time, slapping each other, hugging, swearing, using weird language, etc. Had a US work colleague join me at half time and he couldn’t believe the emotions. Left the bar late that night, totally pi55ed (on a business trip and had stuck company Amex behind the bar on arrival, bill was massive but it went through on exes as client entertaining) and knackered having been up at 6am to fly from UK. Can’t even remember the other guys name, just a fellow Chelsea lad who like me did a lot of games in the early 80s. Good on ya fella!
  6. Although that head butt in the WC final vs Italy blots the copybook just a tad?
  7. Definitely up there with Drogbas’ header in 2012..
  8. Not like when Suarez bit Ivan, clearly Ivan’s fault for putting his neck in the way....
  9. Scousers, normal behaviour.
  10. Same here, never got on with Nike trainers, but love Adidas. Had some Ivan Lendel back in the 80s favourite shoe ever, apart from blue gazelles, wore them everywhere in the second division... photos stolen from internet
  11. Baka will be fine. Karius is below the bridge waiting to catch him
  12. Nah, he hasn’t mentioned rent boys or sworn at all
  13. Always good for a laugh. Always the victims...
  14. Spot on. although after defeat all the victim stories will reappear