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  1. I saw that but have now stopped reading the stuff in there. Some really sad people on their site
  2. A few quotes from the f'ing cock. Luckily we don't have such vicious language on here. Makes RAWK look pretty moderate... "John Terry looked pleased at the end. I wish someone would castrate him, small mercy. We will never face him again in a Chelsea shirt." One of the few without the C word "Today the chavs had little option but to do that as we outplayed them" "However, what a bunch of inglorious, lacking in humility, soccer ball, new kit w**ker, russian gangster c£n7s" And one decent one: "They started with three nailed on first team players out. For some reason Poch decided that Davies would start on the bench, (if he picked up a knock why the f**k is he on the bench). Poch changed a winning side. They have a team where no player has signed up to lose a semi final 4-2, and we have no player on the bench that can come on and make a sh*ts difference to the game. It hurts me to say it but they were the better team, coached better and have some World class players up front, midfield, defence and at goalkeeper. We do not, but we have some very good ones. We need to invest in this team and whether we spend big or not is irrelevant but we have to have sufficient strength in depth, something we are lacking in spades."
  3. Just been reading the quality posts on the fighting cock... not bitter at all the Spurs fans.. and the language...
  4. Poor call from ref. loris handled outside box. RED CARD
  5. Definitely got something to prove. Plays well and scores a couple today then stays in the team for rest of season. Will give a different approach to Costa who quite frankly has been sh1t lately
  6. It's f'ing Spurs for gods' sake. calm down...
  7. Guess they all had to jump in the transit for the trip over to training at Mitcham in those days can just imagine today's multi millionaires going to training in a Ford transit minibus
  8. Remember going to a couple of blues v yellows matches in the early 80s. Stopping off at the little shop near Fulham broadway station or maybe the club shop on Fulham rd next to the shed entrance for the new Le Coq shirts (pre megastore) All the players with sun tans after their summer hols.and seeing them running round the lake at Virginia water the week before. Lots of them struggling as too many beers over the break.
  9. It's Spuds At Wembley 5-1 again, just like 2012
  10. What does Batman do wrong in training? Costa was woeful but Antonio showed no sign of wanting to sub him? must be something lacking somewhere????
  11. JT. did nothing wrong. hope the team get their act together for next weekend.
  12. Eel Brook Common. Used to play football on the gravel pitch there as a kid.
  13. In Nairobi on business trip for this one. Got the local office working on which bar will have the game on live. Chels win 3-0