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  1. CFCholland

    WC 2018

    That is quality from Kuipers (referee). Acknowledged his own mistake and corrected it.
  2. Well, nikes not setting the bar very high for next season.
  3. CFCholland

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I've been following this thread very sporadically,but every time I do check it, there's about 7 new pages with absolutely no new news. It's going to drive me crazy soon.
  4. CFCholland

    WC 2018

    That Portugese left back is sh*t, way to aggressive every time the ball comes near him. wouldn't be surprised if Portugal concede a penalty because of him.
  5. CFCholland

    Our New Stadium

    f**k that's big news, and very bad news too. Really wonder what's going on.
  6. CFCholland

    Mason Mount new deal

    This has become such an awful thread to read. I'm sure we all want him to succeed. Some people think he's further along in his development than others. What are you two really arguing about? You're just nitpicking each other's posts. I'm not trying to police the tread or anything, but this really is going nowhere.
  7. Just can't see this finishing positively for us.
  8. CFCholland

    Chelsea Legends vs Inter Forever

    How great is it seeing these guys again. I have a quarter of a master thesis to write but I can't turn off the stream.
  9. CFCholland

    Chelsea Legends vs Inter Forever

    It's working good for me .
  10. CFCholland

    Chelsea Legends vs Inter Forever

    Robbieee, get him on for the FA cup.
  11. CFCholland

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I can confirm this
  12. CFCholland

    Mason Mount new deal

    I watch Vitesse occasionally, have been doing so for a while. In my opinion there's no question about who the best loanee at Vitesse has been. It's Mason Mount, without a doubt. Now of course that doesn't mean anything. Physically for instance you can't compare the dutch league to the prem. Let's face it. He probably isn't good enough yet, but we'll never know if he doesn't get a chance. To me he looks like a player who will be able to adapt to a higher level fairly easily, but if he's ready for our first team already I really can't tell, but I doubt it .
  13. CFCholland

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Hope he's sacked before the final to at least give us a fighting chance.
  14. Really thing people are being overly harsh on Morata. From that distance there is no way he, or anyone for that matter, would've gotten it over the keeper. Maybe he could've gotten lucky if he took a shot on but imo he made the correct decision. There was just no one in the box to finish it off as usual.
  15. Don't think Morata could've done much more with that.