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  1. I'd happily take him. Most of us didn't know Moses could defend, so maybe Conte can teach AOC to defend as well. Going forward he's already better than Moses. He can also play in midfield if need be, and he's home grown. If Arsenal don't ask for a monster fee I don't really see any downside to this transfer.
  2. Oh the irony, some people go through such lengths to defend him. And now he's taking the piss with them.
  3. He is when he tries to be. But he only tries for half a season. The last half he didn't even bother making runs, when he doesn't do that there's almost nothing left. It's his own fault too, he constantly tried to dribble past players, or he picks the ball up from deep and loses it. I don't think anyone will disagree with you that he is one of the best strikers in the league when he is on form, but when he's not there's nothing he can fall back on, and he becomes more of a hinderence than anything else.
  4. Well maybe it's not his first touch, but his ball control that is bad then. Maybe he does control it with his first touch but then he loses it with his second. In my opinion he's a good finisher but a bad footballer, and that includes his first touch and all round ball control.
  5. Diegos first touch is one of his best attributes? I think I've heard it all now.
  6. Why was footballagent banned?
  7. Well to be fair I don't think you should be looking at your 9year old grandson for convincing arguments.
  8. double post
  9. Ah right, but you hear it quite often. Thought it meant something
  10. While I agree with you I've always wondered about the phrase 'could care less'. Surely if you don't care about something at all you'd say 'couldn't care less'. Where does this come from?
  11. I'll be happy when he fecks off. Brings too much negativity.
  12. Did anyone else see Conte say to Sanchez 'see you next season'? Or was that my imagination?
  13. yeah non of the streams are working for me. must be my internet connection. thanks anyways!
  14. anyone have a working stream? Having an absolute mare finding one.
  15. Hahaha yeaahhh, what a performance from us this season. f**k off spurs you c**ts!