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  1. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Personally, I very much doubt it.
  2. Bit harsh. Barca have been in great form in the league, we certainly haven't. We used a formation that has let us down quite a few times, mostly because or best attacking player is ineffective as a false 9. This thread is there to discuss the game, I think the doubt people expressed on here is justifiable. People then being down because of the result is also very understandable because of the way the game panned out. We had 2 brilliant strikes from willian who played a great game. But let's not kid ourselves, we had very little in attack other than that, but we contained them well. Point is, expectations beforehand can be low, but people can still be angry at the final result if the game pans out differently than they initially thought.
  3. Well they reckoned the VAR would've given it. If you think the English media is biased against chelsea you should see them here.
  4. Dutch TV and analysts decided that rudiger on pique shouldve been a penalty. What a load of w**k.
  5. Back when we had massive characters in the squad like Lamps, JT and Drogba I didn't really fear anyone. They were always capable of pulling something special out of the hat and motivating the rest. Sadly, we don't have characters like this anymore. Can't help but fear the worst. Anyway, I hope I'm wrong. COYB
  6. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Courtois is massively overrated.
  7. Very easy blaming the red for this sh*t show
  8. Anyone remember when we had players like Lamps, JT and Drogs? Good times.
  9. Hate to say it after the amazing season we had. But I feel Conte has got to go. He's unwilling to chance a formation that hasn't worked all season and we're imploding at the moment.
  10. I've called him a very overrated goalkeeper before but you get slated on here for saying that.
  11. Well this is a game we can write off. The old chelsea I'd trust to pull out a result in a situation like this. But not this team.
  12. This is as bad as I've seen us, all that's missing is a few Watford goals. Why do we always start this slow?
  13. But how does that at all qualify him to be a leader?
  14. Pedro is a leader? Lmao
  15. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Good for him that he's got a goal already. I thought it was pretty obvious he wasn't ready to be our lone striker, but I do find it very strange we loaned out someone who has proven he knows how to find the net.