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  1. hope he pushes on and becomes a regular first team player. Shame about the c**t antenna on his head.
  2. Does anyone think it's a coincidence that at a very important time in the game when Sevilla really needed a goal, and were pushing for one, an ex Arsenal player fluffs up and gets himself sent off? Bottlers, the lot of them.
  3. Don't mean to be a party pooper but weren't the United players wearing black socks?
  4. That's how poor the refereeing standards are at the moment. Not even taking the future into consideration anymore.
  5. watch us get booked first again today
  6. i'm in oslo too for the semester.
  7. Does anyone think Sanchez and Ozil might stay if they sack Wenger? Everyone seems adamant that they will leave but I think Sanchez' main problem is Wenger and his attitude. If they sack him their top players might want to stay and see if things change with their new manager, especially if they manage to bring a top manager in.
  8. yeah it's a heat of the moment type thing. By the time our next game rolls around i'll probably think we'll bottle it
  9. This one's in the bag. First time I'll say it confidently, WE ARE GOING TO WIN THE LEAGUE!
  10. Fabregas ofcourse gets booked straight away.
  11. Give that f**ker Kouyate a card already.
  12. another game of kicking the sh*t out of Hazard.
  13. Feels almost like a cup final to me. Massive game.
  14. oh and, that's what she said.
  15. No matter how hard I try to listen to that troppz guy I just can't seem to last longer than 30 seconds. I just cannot for the life of me believe how people talk like that.