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  1. yeah non of the streams are working for me. must be my internet connection. thanks anyways!
  2. anyone have a working stream? Having an absolute mare finding one.
  3. Hahaha yeaahhh, what a performance from us this season. f**k off spurs you c**ts!
  4. Still incredibly happy Cuadrado doesn't play for us anymore.
  5. Playing like champions
  6. Was pretty much the same on the pitch.
  7. Welcome back spud, we've missed you!
  8. Yeah it'll be a great idea to get Younes, who has absolutely boned nothing less than the great eredivisie and scored the incredible amount of 3 goals, instead of Sanchez who is on 19 goals in the Premier League.
  9. Honestly you must either be joking or not watch Ajax very often.
  10. Yeah sorry let's not talk about our rivals in the rivals thread. Stupid mistake.
  11. If he wins the EL he won't need top 4 to qualify, so how does that make sense?
  12. Think it's time to accept United will win the Europa league.
  13. Well Essien wasn't big. Maybe physically a bit stronger than Vidal but there isn't much in it I'd say. Not that I'm a fan of buying Vidal to be honest.
  14. As long as we get good money I'm not against him leaving. Although he has been the only consistent goal scoring striker we've had in a long time I was never really able to warm to him. The Costa we bought was pretty good, scored a lot of goals but I wasn't a fan of his personality. The Costa we had in the first half of the season was a loveable guy, not moaning or arguing and just scoring goals and winning games. But it seems he can't keep that up for more than half a season. And when he doesn't score he fails do help the team in a different way. Hopefully we'll be able to thank him for helping us win 2 league titles after this season and give him a good send off.