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  1. if catenaccio style play worked against spurs then play the same style over and over again ...I dont care if it clogs midfield and cancels out opposition attacking options, wins are wins and we dont care how the win comes.....recently we found out in middle of the park ...Games where Conte strategy worked best were against Spurs and A. madrid ...then repeat the same team, style and tactics ..why change? Just my cents PS: What's with the slagging against the fans from India? Club like Chelsea has global presence, TV audience is big deal nowadays, it makes major revenue for the club and we can't afford to slag 1.25 billion population do we?...again my just 2 cents
  2. And that system is dismantled..Conte better find the solution
  3. What a shame...as the game went on our performances dipped and their went up. Manegarial and ractical errors 100%. Just like man city pedro shoud have srarted. Willian should be miles away from this team for a while.overall very very poor game..
  4. For f**k sake rudigar at back and Luiz in middle would have been better than this midfield
  5. Last year conte made big decisions and sat big names on bench...needs to do that again. Willian and Cahill comes into mind 1st. Fix the 1st team 1st and then start rotating.
  6. Did not understand why change roles of Kante and Azpi , they are best at their positions
  7. He was completely isolated and frustrated not getting ball under his feet
  8. Azpi should have played his regular position instead of Rudiger and Moses and Pedro should have played as well....with Cesc in DF they were able to control the midfield and that was tactical mistake , same with Subs Pedro did play on Wed so he was fresh ...so as with Batman and with his Goal he would have been confident. Hope Conte make amendments just like he dis last season
  9. This Game did not need Cesc ....Baka and Kante would have managed ...Pedro should have started on right ....it invited City more and more ...Hazard and Morata were completely isolated, poor tactics and poor subs
  10. We actually made them look good ...same team poor Everton had draw at MC home
  11. honestly we didnt need 3 DM with Fabregas there ..it invited city more and more ...Pedro instead on right would have done better and keep Kante as DM to break down the attacks please