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  1. Sadly Celtic fans chose to glorify IRA terrorism at tonight's game at home to Linfield. I am sure Brendan Rodgers will be utterly ashamed.
  2. what time will it be in the UK when the Arsenal game kicks off?
  3. late to the party but someone might enjoy reading it
  5. For a minute or two that was quite exciting. Now we're back to Transfer Window monotony.
  6. United seem to be going for Lukaku instead of Morata. Morata to Chelsea?
  7. @Boyne @Chelsbear at least none of the Rangers players will be wearing green boots this season
  8. Just read that CL games are going to kick off at 6pm and 8pm so that tv can show 2 games back to back. Is this good for fans? I'm really only interested in Chelsea but with fixtures kicking off at 6pm, getting from work in time to see that will be a struggle.
  9. Rumour has it that Ibrox is a sell-out for Thursday night - awesome for the first qualifying round of the Europa League LOL! WATP
  10. The season kicks off early for Rangers. 29th June home to Pogres in the first qualifying round of the Europa League. There's so much going on at Ibrox these days it's hard to keep track of it all. New signings, a new Director of Football and a farewell to Mike Ashley. All of this has to augur well for the future if Caixinha can make his new team tick it could be a very enjoyable season.
  11. so we get the trophy at Newcastle - that'll be some day trip
  12. Morata has agreed a move to Man United according to the daily telegraph - looks like Lukaku for us then
  13. always hard to know the truth of these stories but Costa wanting away has been a theme for most of the last year. I'll not be overly sorry to see him go, he's had some great moments and at times led the line well but there has always been something about him that's just not Chelsea. Maybe I just haven't got over Didier yet!
  14. this is a football thread....
  15. welcome - hope you have an enjoyable season and have a good time contributing to the Shedend - it is the best footie forum around.