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  1. absolutely, I was thinking that
  2. I know Jose's moaning about fixture congestion can be really irritating but as things stand United have 8 games in the month of April with the possibility of the Manchester derby being squeezed in as well. In contrast Liverpool have only 5 games. that's going to make it tough for United to finish 4th
  3. well, it is Liverpool... like @charierre i'd prefer Everton in 4th slot
  4. well he had bitten people at the world cup and was offered the chance to go to Barcelona
  5. the race for fourth poses a lot of dilemmas for me. as much as it's fun to see how Arsenal can blow their season in a couple of weeks and how United can go months unbeaten and end up in 7th place, I think that either of them finishing 4th would be preferable to Liverpool finishing 4th why? well Arsenal are perennial bottlers and so if they finish 4th it really means nothing at all United tend to recruit whoever they want whether they are in the CL or not, so 4th or not makes little difference to them but finishing 4th and getting back into the CL would make a difference for Liverpool in terms of the players they might attract; really don't want those barstewards to get any encouragement
  6. fancy Stoke in the final after today's game - I wonder what their youth version of Shawcross is like
  7. a repeat of this in the first teams' game in a couple of weeks' time would do nicely our youth set up is clearly the best in England
  8. agreed - and also a lot of people here gave some of our players a fair deal of criticism throughout the match. it was a dog fight, it almost always is against Stoke and when the opponent plays the game the way they do it can't be easy to produce your best great result, we march on
  9. 2 conclusions from that 1 - we have a side that is doing everything you would expect from prospective champions 2 - Michy Batshuayi is a hologram, that's why he never gets on
  10. Stoke are a detestable outfit - have been for years
  11. that keeper has stopped this being about 6-1
  12. who said Cahill would score???????????????????????????????/ Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i know you have to expect a physical encounter away to Stoke but this is ridiculous
  14. where's one of the those famous Walters' own goals when you want one?