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  1. Glad to see Moses get a goal; great ball from Musonda
  2. don't know about a mandatory period but if it is concussion it could take a couple of weeks to fully recover
  3. just on the VAR business from the Norwich game, I heard Pat Nevin on the radio saying that the VAR official doesn't get all the angles and views that we get on TV - isn't that a bit bonkers?
  4. Really quite pleased that I didn't shoot myself earlier but I still don't rate Mr Bakayoko
  5. If Bakayoko starts I will be tempted to shoot myself
  6. Can't say I'm looking forward to this much. I fear it's going to be more of the same we've seen since Christmas. No doubt Brighton will give it everything and we're mentally weak (unless the shambles v Norwich has woken us up) so I suspect we lose this one - possibly 2-0
  7. Peter Crouch

    I've heard that Conte's deodorant got stuck at the back of a high shelf in the dressing room at Cobham so we're searching for someone tall enough to reach it.
  8. Yes. Playing in the Championship.
  9. we can forget getting past Barca - we might as well focus on the 2 domestic cups now
  10. I'm hoping there's a reaction from Conte and the team after that - we've got to turn any sense of injustice into something positive at the weekend
  11. Willi f*cking Caballero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!