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  1. Mertesacker had a flawless game but we played to his strengths. I don't know where Hazard was half the time and we rarely attacked down our left side with Haz and Alonso getting in behind them. Disappointing. I expect that for Chelsea next season the CL will be the players' main interest and that could be reflected in indifferent league and cup performances. I'd expect Spurs to be mainly focused on the league, treating the CL as a nice bonus.
  2. I agree Spud - not sure what to put that down to. Is it that nowadays the FA Cup is a sad second to the League; is it that the foreign players don't "get it" about the Cup or the Double? I wrote yesterday that we were playing like it was the Charity Shield. As we all saw they just weren't up for it and lacked the urgency and desire shown by Arsenal. I'm convinced you have to change something season to season or you just get found out - especially in attack. Any team that fails to inject something different to what they did this season is going to have a tough time.
  3. Very sad story this one, such a young guy.
  4. The more replays of Arsenal's opening goal I see the more shocking it is that that was allowed to stand. Really poor from the referee. It goes without saying that had that been ruled out the afternoon could have been completely different.
  5. on reflection that defeat might turn out better for us in the long run than a victory would have - it proves that there is more work to be done to make us an elite side. on the other hand, a win today might have suggested that we need little more development Conte has been given the perfect example to point to of how it can go pear shaped if you underestimate your opponent and fail to turn up from the kick-off roll-on 2017/18, it's going to be a cracker!
  6. well I hope if they reach the All-Ireland they don't choke like Chelsea today, good luck!
  7. Hazard did go missing today, disappointing but he was just one among many who failed to turn up.
  8. I would like to see us move Matic on, Costa too if we can secure a quality striker - we need to keep Cesc, Hazard and Alonso If we want to win the double we need to educate our players about what the FA Cup means and how important it is in England. I think though if we are sitting a week away from a Champions League final this time next year, today will be long forgotten.
  9. the good news is that tw*t of a referee will never ref a cup final again
  10. At least Wenger stays? or does he now leave on a high?
  11. no complaints - the scoreline could be 5 or 6-1 sometimes I wonder if the foreign players really understand what the FA Cup means to us and in this case what winning the double means. Too many of us have played as though this was the Community Shield
  12. Broadly speaking all our guys have been off the pace today. It really looks like reaching the finishing post last week sapped a lot of energy from us. I think too that all the talk of how weak Arsenal would be played against us psychologically. Shame, but there you go...
  13. our worst Final performance since 1994?