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  1. if we can keep our hunger, focus and edge we will be just fine - it's complacency and losses of concentration that derail good sides
  2. Chelsea Football Club will not be able play any games at Twickenham when their west London ground is being rebuilt, rugby's governing body has said. The club will have to leave their Stamford Bridge home for up to three years during the construction of a new £500m 60,000-seat stadium. Twickenham was an option being considered by the club but a spokesperson for the Rugby Football Union (RFU) said it would not happen. Chelsea have declined to comment. Source : BBC
  3. Bravo is not bravo. Pep should show some humility and bring back Joe Hart.
  4. just watched City-Spurs on MOTD @Kinkladze1871 you were robbed mate
  5. Just come back in and read this thread from the start of the second half at Anfield. I love the "barista" moniker for Jurgen Klopp @DrogbaIsKing- maybe we should adopt that from now on - it could catch on.
  6. LOL - and Llorente too (can we call him agent Llorente just based on a rumour? - probably not!)
  7. No way @AlexTommo - you've got to be pulling my leg
  8. Well the trip to Germany exposed a few flaws and today we're back in action v Motherwell in the Cups. This season has been pretty flat. Winning the Cup could give the club something momentum going into next season but to achieve that either Rangers or someone else will have to take out Celtic. That's a challenge as they look well ahead of everyone. A giant killing surprise might be the only hope.
  9. I have a bad feeling about this one. Don't know why.
  10. that made me laugh....
  11. what's he said now? - or are you just making a statement of fact?
  12. ahhh...the romance of the Cup. Just need Plymouth to do the business tomorrow night.
  13. i feel the same way as @enigma - last season was dire and if there is any truth to the China/wage demand story it is a bit rich after 5 months of decent performances. of course none of us knows whats really going on or what Diego Costa is thinking but you'd have to believe that he realises that to leave us in the lurch just to get more money would mark him out as the world's greatest mercenary. when you do see him off the field, he doesn't seem that type.
  14. I a little surprised that no one in the media is commenting on the fact that Liverpool, that awesome attacking side, have not scored a goal from open play for 300 minutes. Of course losing Coutinho, Henderson and Mane affected them but with 2 of those 3 on the pitch today they still were not creating many chances. Long may it continue - come on Plymouth Argyle!
  15. looks like a bad day for big names - Guardiola, Pogba and Zlatan all falling well short