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  1. bloke on redcafe writes "Feeling sorry for Lincoln. Looking forward to a big draw and all they got in the end was Sutton Utd" wouldn't it be a laugh if that turned out to be true???
  2. You have be happy with a home draws in a quarter final. Looks pretty obvious that Arsenal, Spurs and City are nailed on for the semis. I believe we can join them but it'll be a tough game v United. I'm not expecting a repeat of the 4-0 thrashing we gave them.
  3. that draw with Huddersfield could seriously affect City's season. their game v United is now likely to be played mid-week maybe 25 or 26 of April. That gives them 7 games in April and that will become 9 if they get past Monaco in the CL.
  4. As much as people here have been bemoaning our performance you have to give it to Wolves, they worked their socks off there and made it really difficult for us. If I was a Wolves fan I'd be disappointed to have got nothing out of that but I'd be pretty proud of the way the team acquitted themselves.
  5. A superb goal. That's what quality gives you.
  6. credit to Wolves, they are well set up, working really hard and fighting for everything. I still think we will unpick them in the second half
  7. i'm not sure if it is a dilly dallying, maybe it's more of a shilly shallying but whatever it is it ain't workin'
  8. has anyone anything positive to say?
  9. We don't look too clever at the back but what can you expect with a keeper and back 3 who have never played as a unit before. Conte clearly relying on our forwards to win the game regardless of how we defend
  10. I like the look of our line-up. COME ON CHELSEA!!!
  11. I am so glad Rangers got rid of Joey Barton. The guy is a disgrace.
  12. i haven't followed the youth players too closely this season but this does look like a kid with promise has (maybe) let it all go to his head a bit. i don't know who is advising him but surely he'd be better to work his socks off here for another season or two? while our track record for bringing young players through isn't great i believe there are signs that with Conte at the helm we will begin to see young players given a chance when Conte believes they are really ready.
  13. Indeed. We were privileged to witness his refereeing. He will be irreplaceable.
  14. I am gutted that we will never see Mark Clattenberg take charge of a Chelsea fixture again. No more condescending reactions to our players. No more curt dismissal of our cries for fair treatment No more waving away stonewall penalties in our favour Surely many of you will join me in wishing Mark well in the desert.