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  1. carrickblue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Story on WAGNH that none of his coaching staff are coming with him.
  2. carrickblue

    WC 2018

    can't believe the ref booked Witsel and then blew the final whistle - what a tw*t
  3. carrickblue

    WC 2018

    I think it's a bit of media madness just because he's a young English player. There are plenty of more consistent young defenders.
  4. carrickblue

    WC 2018

    i'm not sure he's worthy of any comparison with JT to be honest
  5. carrickblue

    WC 2018

    Hazard has had a great tournament - hoping he stays at Chelsea and consistently gives us this level of performance all season.
  6. carrickblue

    WC 2018

    ten minutes until England's farewell to World Cup 2018 and it's all quiet on the Shedend.....
  7. carrickblue

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    That's the worst case of concussion I've ever seen. He really needs to see a doctor.
  8. carrickblue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    the first season with Antonio Conte was a joy - pity it seemed to lose its lustre last season but he should be applauded for that league title, it was a huge achievement.
  9. carrickblue

    Rangers 2018/19 Match Day Thread

    2-0 in the end. Frustrating lack of composure in front of goal otherwise could have been 4 or 5. Shkupi worked really hard and could pose a problem in the return leg. This one's not over yet.
  10. carrickblue

    Rangers 2018/19 Match Day Thread

    Ibrox is jammed packed for this. One up after 20-odd minutes, playing some great stuff. Welcome to the Stevie G era.
  11. carrickblue

    WC 2018

    this is true too - wearing white on ITV was asking for it
  12. carrickblue

    WC 2018

    Pickford and Maguire did well - I'm sure their transfer values will see a rise
  13. carrickblue

    WC 2018

    yeah - I'll be backing France in the final, might as well have a couple of World Cup winners at the Bridge
  14. carrickblue

    WC 2018

    looks like Kane will still win the Golden Boot - Griezmann needs 4 to beat him, Lukaku needs 3
  15. carrickblue

    WC 2018

    I don't know who that play-maker is - whoever he is, he must be languishing in the youth set up at some Premier League club. That's a huge problem when you look at England taking that next step.