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  1. Obviously defeat wouldn't be the end of the world but if we don't have a decent run in this and/or the FA cup we lose the chance to bring on some fringe players. Still hoping we thrash them 6-0
  2. Thread for discussion and news of Rangers as they start life under Stevie G. The season starts on 12 July - home game v Shkupi of Macedonia. The game will be televised on BT Sport. Come on the Gers!
  3. carrickblue

    Rangers 2018/19 Match Day Thread

    well, what an interesting day. The Tarriers slip up at Killie, Brendan Rodgers tells celtic supporters to be "alarmed" by their start to the season and Rangers demolish St Johnstone to go 2nd.
  4. i think we can be certain that the line-ups and pattern of this game will have no bearing whatsoever on Saturday's game hoping we can stuff them anyway - i despise Liverpool, can't bring myself to like them at all come on Chelsea
  5. carrickblue

    Rangers 2018/19 Match Day Thread

    Rangers were terrific tonight a 2-2 result away to Valencia would be considered an achievement by many teams. Thought the Gers competed well throughout the game and got a deserved draw despite a couple of near misses from Valencia right at the end. Having said that, Rangers did have a chance to nick the 3 points too. Still making progress under Gerrard, lots to be proud of - just a pity we didn't try to have a go at Celtic the other week. WATP
  6. that's a bad knock for Pedro - likely to be concussed. but was the push on his back not inside the box?
  7. bet we score now that Giroud is on
  8. oh well, that didn't last long 2-1 Valencia
  9. Rangers equalise at Valencia
  10. maybe if JT does end up on the coaching staff that's something he could sort out
  11. anyone I can think of over recent years (liverpool come to mind) have always looked weak at set pieces main problem is the defenders are static and the attackers are moving freely - seems pretty obvious that that's not a great idea
  12. only joining the thread and someone may have commented on this already but I'd be surprised PAOK escape UEFA action over that MACEDONIA banner given the political issues behind it
  13. Real football at last - come on Chelsea!
  14. carrickblue

    Rangers 2018/19 Match Day Thread

  15. carrickblue

    Rangers 2018/19 Match Day Thread

    Lafferty and Morelos starting. Get intae them!
  16. carrickblue

    Rangers 2018/19 Match Day Thread

    not going to make any prediction for tomorrow but one thing is certain, this season's Rangers team have a different mentality and a never say die attitude that just wasn't there last season. come on Rangers
  17. maybe people picked this up from the match commentary but 6th time we've won our first 4 games. In the other 5 seasons we did this, we won the title 4 times and finished 2nd the other time. high expectations!
  18. Giroud played a huge part in that win. We should give up on Morata he's an enigma...
  19. RLC can't hesistate like that in your own box
  20. what was Rudiger doing there?
  21. quality from Pedro again
  22. nice goal from Pedro - I think we deserve to be in front
  23. here's a Portugese stream - added bonus there's no ex-Liverpool has been making snide comments about us http://www.wizistreams.com/p/epl1.html