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  1. I appreciate your candid reply but surely this isn't the place to be taking issue with the things youve now bought up ? Its no secret the media here in the UK love any opportunity to dig up the dirt, and they don't have to dig too deep to find forums like ours. Rise above it and show we are better than that.
  2. For fcuks sake. I get that there are some annoying prats posting here, and I get that we are all pretty much annoyed about todays result, but is there really any need for comments like this ? It's common knowledge that the press trawl forums like this in a desperate effort to get column inches, why hand them the ammo on a plate ?
  3. Being outplayed, outfought and beaten by a truly woeful Palace team is bad enough, but a Palace team coached by Roy Hodgson makes it 10 times worse.
  4. Erm, we're playing Palace, not Brighton
  5. I was thinking exactly the same thing and sure enough, it's happened ffs.
  6. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    As an Englishman, from my personal point of view it's been anything but fun watching our national team play since Euro '96. They never fail to dissapoint.
  7. Mourhinho's exit transfer blunders

    Oh do feck off.
  8. No offense to you personally because there are several other posters spouting the same tosh but for goodness sake get a grip. The title ( tittle ? ) race has barely started, it seems some of you have already forgotten how last season started, and how it ended up.
  9. Cheers atomis, I'll give it a go later.
  10. I only had the radio commentary on Radio 5live and a pathetically short highlights section on Itv to go on but it sounded like a tremendous performance by our boys in Madrid last night. Does anyone know a source where I can see the whole game or extended highlights please ?
  11. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Currently being mentioned on Talksh*te, especially the KLopp to Bayern part.
  12. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    The Clock End ??
  13. How on earth is that not a blatant handball and penalty ?