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  1. Fair enough but to me it's just an eyesore. Way too garish and looks almost cartoonish. That and the fact it's red really grates on me.
  2. Now this one I really like with it's return to a darker shade of royal blue that we used to wear in the 1970's, and the fact it's a simple no 'nonsense' design. I hope it means Nike have ditched the ridiculous idea of different shaded sleeves for our kit.
  3. This Ladies and Gentlemen of The Shed End, is my nomination for post of the year.
  4. Watfords first away league goal since January apparently........Chin up JT you will always be a legend.
  5. Jt you hero, 17 seasons in a row he has scored for us, what a legend
  6. I know it's done and dusted but I was hoping we might put on a real show at The Bridge tonight, disappointed so far.
  7. Kinell Coco, SW1 ?!
  8. Minor point but uneccessary kit changes really annoy me, why are Watford not wearing their first kit ?
  10. Antonio Conte has worked bloody miracles this season, so pleased for him and the team.
  11. Bounce in a minute !
  12. It's really quite painful viewing now. Dissapointed with the 2nd half performance.
  13. I know the feeling, my streams behind as well !