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  1. Supposedly Pep has given the green light for Chelsea to speak to Aguero. He's 29...injury prone, and has some bad blood between Chelsea players and himself. It's just not worth it...unless it's for like 15 million. Even then it's more squeeze than juice.
  2. ChelsTransfer‏ @ChelsTransfer 11h11 hours ago More #Tianjin has offered €85m for Aubameyang. As a consequence, #BVB will start at that valuation for the striker. (via @DiMarzio) #ACMilan #CFC Seems vastly over valued at that price. Hopefully he says hell no to China heh.
  3. I'd be very happy with Aubameyang, he has crazy pace, great ball control and puts himself in position to get good poaching goals. Those are all great things.
  4. He juked Smalling out of his shoes. It was brilliant.
  5. (not me but shows an incredibly awesome play of the game) There are plenty of characters that are more annoying than Torbjorn. Like the Hanzu or however it's spelled and his giant ultimate that covers half the damn map.
  6. It's a first person multi-player shooter, like Team Fortress 2, with like 16? 20? "heros" to play as, each with their own style, moves, specials, etc. It's really quite fun! I've been enjoying the dwarf that builds a gun turret Tjorborn.
  7. I'm meh on the Tyres bit, but really like the lions in the background.
  8. Just got the DLC Jack the Ripper for Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Amazing! So much fun.
  9. Hooray, Traore is coming in.
  10. I'd like to see some of the young kids now. Traore, and Pedro. Let them get a good run out.
  11. KDB blown knee and ankle ligaments out 10 weeks
  12. It's official. Ramires has today joined Chinese Super League club Jiangsu Suning in a permanent transfer...
  13. Really enjoyed AC Syndicate. Also really had a great time with Just Cause 3. On the PS4 I also picked up a super fun side scroller spy game called CounterSpy. Lots of fun.
  14. Having a lot of fun with Just Cause 3 on the PC right now.
  15. Just saw an hour long demo for Just Cause 3. It looks incredible. Definitely a buy on Dec1. So good. Also Black Ops 3. Utter crap. Very disappointed.