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  1. daledotman

    Guy Laurence - The New Scapegoat?

    He has nothing to do with transfers so doubt it...
  2. daledotman

    Norwich away in the cup

    Webbed feet away, Boring!
  3. daledotman

    Danny Drinkwater

    Would of liked to of kept Chalobah really not expecting much from Drinkwater but hope I'm wrong.
  4. daledotman


    Cheers mate, Ill give them a go.
  5. daledotman

    Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Cahill is getting beyond a joke now.
  6. daledotman

    Jamie Vardy

    It would be an absolute disgrace seeing that pikey in a Chelsea shirt, lets pray to god Leicester don't sell him to us.
  7. daledotman


    anyone found any good add ons for the footie this season? I used use NJM soccer but that seems to have stopped working..
  8. daledotman

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    If we had more options I wouldn't be against selling Michy I don't think he's physically cut out for the PL but we just can't afford to get rid of him as things stand.
  9. daledotman

    Alvaro Morata

    Hope we start him against Burnley, perfect game for him against lower opposition will do his confidence a world of good if he can get on the scoresheet. Batshauyi looked very lightweight to me against arsenal I think Morata certainly gives us more of a presence up front.
  10. daledotman

    I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    Unbelivealble, the season hasn't even started and some fans are already having meltdown! lets see where we are in 10 games and then we can all panic. I have full trust in Conte and the squad i admit it will be difficult to retain the title but if we can compete for the title and secure a top 4 finish and do well in the champions league i think most of us will be happy.
  11. daledotman


    Whats the best add-on people are using for football at the moment, I used to use NJM Soccer but hasn't been working well recently.
  12. daledotman

    Radamel "the project" Falcao

  13. daledotman

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

  14. daledotman

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Being Linked with a move to Roma could see that happening tbf