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  1. Whats the best add-on people are using for football at the moment, I used to use NJM Soccer but hasn't been working well recently.
  4. Being Linked with a move to Roma could see that happening tbf
  5. thank god for that! no knee jerk decisions being made, hopefully we can move forward now
  6. gets the Number 1 Shirt aswel
  7. Would love him to sign tbh great player although could possibly be the end of Oscar if he was to arrive.
  8. I don't think the Home kit is actually too bad but the the away and third are some of the worst we've had in my opinion!
  9. I would love to take him personally, would probably take him over falcao tbh
  10. looks like his career is over before its begun
  11. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has questioned midfielder Eden Hazard's commitment during matches. Hazard, 23, claimed after the 3-1 defeat by Atletico Madrid on Wednesday that the Blues are set up to counter-attack and not to take the initiative. "When the comments come from a player like Eden it's normal because he's not the kind of player to sacrifice himself for the team," said Mourinho. "He's not mentally ready to look to his left-back and leave his life for him." Mourinho added: "Normally you get these kind of comments from players like him, from players that can't resolve a problem like we had in the first goal. "If you see the first goal of Atletico you completely understand where the mistake was and why we conceded that goal."