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  1. That winner was the sort of scrappy goal you see the underdog scrape an upset with, very sweet end to a difficult match. We're proving effective against pretty much every "style" our league opponents bring to the table. Very satisfying. Now just hope this international break flies by!
  2. Well organised and just about enough came off in attack. Entirely forgettable win but every one's important, delighted. Shout out to Martin Tyler's misery when we continue to deny him some glorious upset story to burst a blood vessel over. Makes these wins all the more enjoyable.
  3. Kante's been excellent, he's like a magnet to an interception. I think its been a decent half, we've been a sloppy touch/pass away from adding to the lead several times. Moses, Cesc and Costa all guilty, but we only need 1 to get it right and we're in. One more goal and this will fizzle out, lets hope we get it early.
  4. Not the worst result we could've got at a tricky ground to visit. Don't think Conte got the selection wrong, you don't break a winning formula, but Hazard and Costa just didn't look sharp at all today. Matic will take the criticism for the goal, but he alone wasn't the problem. We played into Burnley's hands, the only route through this side was through the middle on the ground, yet Pedro was the only man making those runs. Too many pointless crosses from out wide, too many forced through balls that weren't on. Credit to Burnley for their organisation. It's awful football to watch, but its often enough to keep an average side competitive. We've setup similarly ourselves in Europe in years gone by so we can't complain too much. Thought they got away with a ridiculous number of counter fouls without yellows, but its probably clutching at straws to imply a few more yellows would've changed the result. 10 points clear, probably 8 by Monday. It's a good lead, and it's close enough we shouldn't be getting complacent. Two weeks until the Swans game now, good timing I reckon for a much needed rest and regroup!
  5. Not terrible but we've been guilty of forcing it a bit. Could do with a Fabregas introduction but there's nobody I'd take off just yet. Referee's doing us no favours, every other counter we've a player mowed down and not a single yellow. Free reign to foul. (And that's without mentioning the human elbow Barnes. How he continually gets away with it is beyond me).
  6. Great result, huge win, and good performances all round. Despite the masterpiece of a goal from Hazard I actually thought we were really wasteful going forward. Better final passes and this could've been 5 or 6! Roll on the next one!
  7. I think that was a good half, and a one goal lead seems about right. Our front three aren't quite in sync, it seems every counter we have one of Hazard or Costa are too busy catching their breath. A few nervy moments on our wings, Pedro and Moses both have a silly foul in them and the bermuda triangle on our left side that neither Alonso nor Hazard cover has looked bigger than ever at times. Maybe I'm being too negative. We're 1-0 up against our (current) closest rivals. I think we need a second, but we're in a good position.
  8. He was superb tonight. Some vital interceptions, shrugged off the high press and never caught in posession. At worst he released out of play to protect against the counter, but I can only think of one occasion he even did that. Anyone critical of Kante or Matic tonight need to appreciate how difficult their jobs were, particularly in possession. They had 2 red shirts sprinting at them any time they saw the ball, waiting to pounce on a mistake in the middle. A big part of Liverpool's game is that central trio hounding and snatching possession in the middle, and they're good at it. Sure they can't pick a pass like Cesc, but they were never given the time to evem think about trying. Our midfield duo did very well.
  9. I thought we were unlucky not to take three points, but it's a decent result all things considered. We looked relatively comfortable defensively, made sensible decisions passing out against the high press. The three Liverpool chances I counted came from our sloppy passes in the final third, and all of those breakaways came with a deflection in their favour along the way. I thought we looked threatening when we commited in attack, but between Pedro and Moses' half chances we really should've seen the ball in the net in open play. But I suppose you could argue Firmino's chances were on a similar scale, and we got the goal from a bit of class from Luiz, so it's not all bad. Costa's penalty miss is what it is, he earned it and there wasn't a better option on the pitch, it was a poor penalty but I can't criticize him for stepping up to take it on. Kante was excellent, doubly so in the second half. I thought Costa and Matic also stood out in a tricky game to take a hold of. There's definitely a bit of work to do on how our wingbacks position themselves when we sit deep, as we've conceded too many from a far post cross. I'm also reluctant to criticize Moses and Alonso, as they put in such incredible shifts every game, but its clearly a weakness our opponents are exploiting. Now to look forward to the Arsenal game, Saturday can't come soon enough!
  10. Funny how Pedro's penalty claim has been completely forgotten by the commentators. That and Costa's first goal. Maybe I'm biased but I still think we've had far more of the (many) wrong decisions.
  11. The refereeing has been apalling. Correct decisions and we're 2-0 up against 10 men.
  12. Like the look of the lineup, a good amount of youth with experienced heads around them. Strong bench too but hopefully this XI can make this as comfortable as it looks on paper. Big chance for fringe players to make a statement, and a win really is so important.
  13. I think you're being a bit harsh on Llorente, and given Swansea's form for much of this season you can argue a case there's been very little service for him to work with. For whomever our backup is for the next 6 months, appearances are going to minimal. We're as well having an experienced impact option, capable of offering something different on the occasion needed, and Llorente fits that bill. nd Batshuayi should get more PL minutes on loan than he would here right now, which should benefit us in the long run. I say 'should', because this is hypothetical, but its the way that makes most sense to me.
  14. Would be a very decent backup to Costa, I'd be happy to see him here. Can see this being a 6 month stint, but it could easily be longer. Pleased if a Batshauyi loan goes ahead too, clearly a lot of potential there but he's in desperate need of minutes & exposure to the physicality of the league. Might not yet be good enough to lead the line for Chelsea, as appears to be Conte's opinion, but a half-season run elsewhere could do wonders. The big question mark has to be the £32M fee and 80K wages. It's an awful lot on a propsect, I haven't seen any of him before his time at Chelsea, but I'd hoped he'd be arriving ready to start games. Sometimes think we're too quick to just bring in flavour of the week youngsters from other leagues who aren't 'quite there', and then appear lost as to what to do with them if they don't set the world alight after one or two 20 minute cameos.
  15. I think we'll need Matic in there over Cesc. They'll want to control the ball, and Matic is the better option to contain the middle alongside Kantr. It'll be a tricky game, and they'll have every reason to be very motivated going in. If we play at our best we win, but we'll likely need a better start than we had at the Bridge earlier in the year. Must be very difficult being a Spurs fan though, there's barely a likeable player in their whole squad. A real nasty streak about a few of them, and they're hilariously petulant when it doesn't go their way.