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  1. most sh*ttest celebration ever....They came second on that.. Wait till tomarro for our celebration..
  2. like when we lost to barca when we supposed not to :/..
  3. everyone needs luck so yeah
  4. Arsenal didnt even try so give it to barca :)
  5. tbh i dont think he has the tacitcal knowledge ...He made only 1 sub which was oly within 70 mins tbh .. Hazard should have came on after the second half even sgtarted or nevermind the match ..
  6. make a sub man ..its 70 mins...
  7. mikel is favourful in hiddink side hmm..tbh he hasnt done anything wrong since hiddink became manager
  8. if we win and newcastle win ..we will climb to 11th ..
  10. is he eligible for champions league ..would be asset
  11. So cool ..wonderful design
  12. Still 23 and young ...
  13. Love rosie ..amazing story of childhood love ..