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  1. well if le arse win, there will be double the pleasure - Wenger will stay & spudz lost points - I can be a gooner for 90 minutes on Sunday
  2. I wouldn't say that - it's a London Derby & every loose ball there is a fight to win possession - Up & Down action on the pitch
  3. well at least they were scored by Chelsea Old Boys - we could somewhat cheer for them...again somewhat ;)
  4. Soar High Today Eagles Come on Palace - Big Sam will get a meatpie from me for a win today!!!
  5. I had to ask my workmates what you meant - I only know of one thing that bung is used for
  6. yeah but spuds next 3 matches are London Derbies & as we all know, they are very unpredictable - anything can happen in London Derbies
  7. o a lil bit of puff puff pass
  8. so no magic? Waitrose scotch at least :P
  9. I was just thinking about this. If the gooners can somehow win that North London Derby, that will be a win-win for CFC. Help in the charge for the League title & le voyeur will stay a bit longer w/ the gooners
  10. Gotta give the love to the Man w/ the Magic Hat
  11. DC was a straight Beast today
  12. I hope Big Sam can stop thinking about Meatpies for 90 minutes & punk spudz
  13. The Magic number is down to 4 - Mods can we change the name of this thread to the following: Chelsea & the Quest for the Double
  14. Side Show Bob celebrating DC's goal