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  1. nice to see that Tibo & the defense all get votes in this poll or we could cringe cause it was Hull City - this next match at lpoo will be a lot more difficult
  2. so when the MOTM poll goes up - I have to give it to this guy Hull came into the Bridge to fight & fight they did - that Maguire guy was a beast - he was all over the pitch & he impressed me - Silva might be able to keep Hull City from the drop
  3. It appears that the Hull GK is telling Cahill to go ahead & score
  4. I still view the kid as a midfielder - I guess he does get forward into the attack like he did vs Peterborough
  5. was listening to Don Antonio's press conference & he mentions that he believes that RLC is an attacker
  6. update on Baba - apparently Baba was injured in Ghana's AFCON match vs Uganda & has returned back to Schalke for treatment
  7. Baba is currently in Gabon representing Ghana @ the African Cup of Nations
  8. didn't Man City just buy a bunch of new players in the Summer? where's the tactics or strategies to make a difference like Don Antonio has performed to change CFC & that is w/out the money spent on new players. Robbie Earle said it the best today about how Pep has been given the money & has this stellar reputation, but just hasn't delivered in the EPL. If I find the a video of that conversation, I will post it here.
  9. that Citeh fan is just pulling at straws at the moment - remember the press was all saying last year when it was annouced Pep was coming to Citeh that The Citzens would win everything - remember Pep is the Best Gaffer on the Planet - look at him now
  10. not sure if this was already posted so I apologize in advance
  11. I would love a draw - starting to worry about spudz though - they are on a 7 match winning streak
  12. is there even a question about who is the MOTM today? his technique on that volley was superb - loved how Grame LaSaux had an orgasm of the shot
  13. BW - you know what you are?