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  1. btw I found Pep's Doppelgänger - his name is Marco D'Amore & he is an Italian actor from the popular TV Show Gomorra
  2. Thibaut Courtois

    interesting comparison between DeGea & Courtois
  3. I let the result settle & came to this conclusion. gave AM their only loss of the season - pretty remarkable since AM has played both RM & Barca was able to KO AM from The Champion's League - payback for 2013/14 season most teams still don't want to face CFC & yes even PSG especially since we have seen them drop 2 matches in a week I will say forward & upwards - I will just be a Carefree CFC fan & enjoy the rest of the Competition
  4. I was reading on the CFC redit site & saw that AM has only one lost in all competitions this season & we all know who that was from. I am sure they will be up for this match. Despite what the pundits are saying, AM are the Real Deal.
  5. I have never forgot because that match took CFC's confidence & started a downward trend which got RDM sacked - Also I remember this banner being rolled out in the League Cup match after that fiasco basically manure fans paid their respect to cuttenburg <_<
  6. the best reply to c**ttenburg
  7. same here - Mata was the Magic Man - I feel soo lucky to see him play for CFC up close & personal - I remember that time with him Torrres & Sturridge - I thought that was the best 3 up top for Chelsea - then Oscar & Hazard displaced Mata & Sturridge - Sturridge was a bit selfish, so I could see that but Mata was just class & still is that - I always like to see him play
  8. it's a London Derby - you know damn well that wet spam will be up for it & their fans will cause troubles - it's west ham & that is what they do
  9. btw AM was on the money this weekend with a come from behind win over Real Socieadad here are some highlights in Russian
  10. I am hoping we can win this group & get Real Madrid next round - just imagine Chelsea the Kings of Madrid if they win that tie ;)
  11. there was a nice chance there for wet spam, but in spammer fashion, the cross was over-hit <_<
  12. it's looking like Sakho - tbf he had a decent run after a ball & Otamendi kicked him in the shoulder area - no foul given