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  1. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    RLC is starting again for Palace vs L'pool. He holding his own so far.
  2. Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    not so fast mate. Not sure if you picked up on this fact, but Kenedy was on the bench last Saturday. True he didn't play but I am under the belief he is with the first team.
  3. Game of Thrones

    so who will kill who? Arya Stark or LittleFinger? I am putting my money on LittleFinger getting knifed in the back by Arya with her new Valyrian Steel dagger
  4. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    that was an awesome play - I just hope Don Antonio realizes that this guy is a Box to Box Midfielder instead of a CAM or a Forward - then again maybe he did that cause RLC didn't always display the ability to cover the pitch & he does have the Lazy tag to his skill set
  5. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    is that the same one when he sent that cross field ball to Zaha?
  6. Alvaro Morata

    ok, but it seems that DC is non-existent w/ your last post. no worries I am going to join you on the Alvaro Bandwagon. He made a believer out of me. Down 3 goals & a man, Alvaro came on & spun the match on it's head. We almost witnessed an incredible comeback. Morata seems he is all that & a bag of chips.
  7. Alvaro Morata

    I want people to take a screen shot of this post - PacMan was one of DC biggest supporters & look of what he thinks of Morata - straight threw DC under the Bus :P
  8. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    just want to emphasize RLC performance a bit I know that @enigma posted a video & I applaud his efforts
  9. you are a bit funny - even a ref disagrees w/ your statement
  10. two things from this match that I learned I love England, but your refs suck Morata is a Game Changer - Best Debut of a Blue that I have ever witnessed - Sorry Batman but you can be a Hero from the Bench Up The Blues!!!!
  11. They didn't waste any time for those banners to fly
  12. Gaffer's Pre Match Press Conference