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  1. I thought long & hard about this - I had to vote for this guy Cesc makes me wish I was in London singing the Magic Hat song as I walk down The Fulham Road on a Saturday afternoon
  2. they face off vs each other in training
  3. bro you should swap that out w/ some Champagne :) by my calculations, we are 22 points away from the Title - I heard Don Antonio say in his post match interview, that The Blues are 29 points away - 36 points available - let's see what the future hold for us
  4. by looking at the fortunes of Leicester City & Chelsea these past two seasons, one constant is This Guy should be called The King Maker
  5. I just watched the video that @Floyd25 posted - that tourney was in the video - I didn't recognize DC but I saw Side Show Bob running things for Brazil
  6. looks like the lads had a bit of fun at Cobham today Now I realize that Diego wasn't playing for Espana
  7. surprised no one here spoke about that Great West Ham reject Simone Zaza as he scored vs Real Madrid today
  8. don't feel too sorry for him - apparently Shaw went into the Bar at halftime
  9. not sure if homie is playing or not
  10. well at least spudz are thinking ahead
  11. he did wash it down w/ a bottle of water xD - BTW who was the commentator of your match feed? I believe the one I had was Martin Tyler, but I could be wrong - any peeps here watch the FS1 feed?
  12. reserve GK for Sutton United taking a dinner break around the 75th minute of the match