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  1. England defeated Germany in Berlin last year & yesterday IMHO England represented themselves in a good manner - very unlucky not to score in the first half & in the end that was the downfall of England - nothing to be shame of really
  2. Ashley Cole's take on le arse's trophy-less struggles
  3. Here in the States we count points to end out the regular season to determine Champions. We call this this The Magic Number - many people used this as a gauge & mark it off the calendar - so it's ok bro - basically Don Antonio has already stated that getting to 95 points is the goal, because that is what spuds can achieve this season currently & we are 21 points away from that mark - keep the faith & try to enjoy the ride
  4. Don Antonio on the virtues of GC going forward & leading the line "For me Gary can play also as a centre-forward. He has a good quality, acrobatic qualities, and he's very strong during set-pieces."
  5. I was just about to vote when I saw your post - MA nearly scored on two occasions & I thought he stood up when we needed the players to be counted upon
  6. I guess the WBA fans were singing that tune as well
  7. shame he didn't score off that brilliantly taken free kick
  8. I see a lot of people on this thread complaining about Stoke City's play, but what did we really expect? We knew coming in here that they would play their famous rugby style, however the ref let it go on - whoever that guy was sux
  9. Leads by example!!!!
  10. bro don't feel bad - Monaco have a way of knocking English teams out of the UCL - as CFC fans we know this all too well - guess who knocked us out in 2003/04 after Chelsea defeated the so-called Invincibles - it's part of the learning curve sorry to say, but your side are one of the Best Teams money can buy - take a look at that & feel good for yourself - also grab another pint - that might help you feel a bit better
  11. one can take a player out of the gooners, but still can't take the gooner out of the player
  12. By the look of things, Kante still has love for Leicester. Cheers mates & enjoy the ride
  13. for just that play Kante gets my vote, but he also did this to Pogba as well - then you add the goal he scored - don't think there is doubt who the Real MOTM is - again who is worth 89 mil compared to who is worth 32 mil?