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  1. I am constantly reading, watching & hearing things about this kid. I heard that he scored today for the English U21.
  2. Then the Angels sang w/ joy until Mexico got the equalizer
  3. New season starts next month - I am looking forward to this
  4. I don't speak Dutch, but from this article I believe it says that Eden Hazard has suffered a broken ankle. @Valerie can you provide a brief translation?
  5. Or ask them how many times those bums won The European Cup. I am sure that is a conversation stopper right there.
  6. My God...twitter is putting out some awesome stuff with the #wengerin hashtag - here is an hilarious one
  7. IMHO Conte got it wrong w/ the tactics - I was thinking at the 60 minute mark to take off Moses - then I saw Willian warming up - then Moses got his 2nd yellow - then DC equalizes only for Don Antonio to take him off - can't win them all & Wenger in - still for me Win or Lose up The Blues - still happy to have the League Title
  8. well I heard Eden say himself that he wants to win a FA Cup cause he never won one of those - I liked hearing that, so hopefully he follows through - I will be rooting for him to do it every bit of the way
  9. A Blues fan from Sac-Town Bro we need to go to the Streets of London to watch a match together...don't think this one will be the one though...9am KO here on the Left Coast
  10. as long as The Blues don't overlook the gooners, then it's in the bag. The one thing to remember is that this is another London Derby. Underdogs seem to always win in London Derbies. Chelsea vs Crystal Palace....West Ham vs Tottenham - we know the results - the players need to remain focus on the gooners for 90 minutes
  11. Side Show Bob is a True Blue - I will sing the David Luiz song for the rest of the weekend
  12. that is a funny one right there - props for the wit
  13. FYP - sorry I couldn't resist
  14. I have that image. Used it as my desktop like forever. I believe you told me this fact & even if I did thank you. I will thank you again