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  1. I guess it kicked off a bit @ lpool today
  2. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    RLC's last match
  3. Will we win the FA Cup final?

    This match will be played on May 19th - I have faith the Ghosts from Munich will help spur this team to victory - I know I will be cheering for Chelsea regardless of the chances of winning
  4. man I hope this guy gets the call to be le arse's new gaffer
  5. Live on FS1 here in the States - 7am kickoff - so coffee & Chelsea :D
  6. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    I have to add Pedro doing Burley filthy
  7. so are you suggesting Chelsea tank this match so Burnley can surpass the gooners? remember the gooners have a shot of qualifying for the UCL, but first they must get by Diego Costa & Atletico Madrid - I won't lie I will be watching & hopefully laughing at the gooners again - yes I am a hater
  8. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    nope & I not so sure Giroud is a Head & Shoulder's model. I only heard this on Arsenal Fan TV
  9. Marcos Alonso

    Alonso's challenge did look clumsy - look at it again
  10. RIP Ray Wilkins

  11. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    My Man-Crush for The Head & Shoulders Model has just increased
  12. Marcos Alonso

    I found a crappy version of the issue w/ The Great DD & Fucking Jonny Evans nice quote from Butch on that play too
  13. Marcos Alonso

    One play I will never forget happened in 2009 at ole crapfort. Johnny Evans laid out The Great DD with a NFL style tackle. Of course nothing is called on him, Drogba received a yellow card for diving. No Justice for those in Blue I tell you. BLUE LIVES MATTER!!!
  14. Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    didn't watch the match but the barcodes defeated the gooners - I read from some geordie sites that Kenedy played well & was unlucky not to score - if I can find a video of his touches, then I will post it here if not then you know the drill
  15. I am reading that the FA will likely charge Alonso for his challenge on Shane Long. I didn't hear about it, but did vertonghen get charge on his challenge on Hazard on that dreadful day? IMHO that was 100% worse & Hazard was a lucky boy not to get injured. Just in case everyone forgot, look as this silly sh*t