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  1. robdog

    Super Frank's Derby County

    The many faces of Phil Jones
  2. robdog

    Super Frank's Derby County

    dude will always be considered a Hero for Derby County fans ;)
  3. robdog

    Super Frank's Derby County

    No, this is Classic Phil Jones
  4. robdog

    Super Frank's Derby County

    things are tied up in ole crapfort
  5. no worries, I am starting to believe that Sarri will deploy both Side Show Bob & The Mighty Eden in the Starting Line-up
  6. Kloop wants to run our dicks into the ground tomorrow
  7. robdog

    Antonio Rudiger

    maybe we will get lucky & have Der Panzer in the home match vs the dirty red scousers
  8. robdog

    Jorginho is a Blue

    The only person that will berate you is Stuart Robson
  9. like the match w/ Wolves vs Man City - I am sure the Bookies were happy that day there was no var
  10. probably's Fabianski's best save of the match - I did like the one off the Barkley shot as well Ahh...I found a freeze frame of the incident
  11. if only there was a way to review such incidents
  12. Our best chance was saved by the face of fishfinger hands - another positive from this match - two matches on the road & two clean sheets - so defensively Chelsea seem to be getting better but Der Panzer is injured - let's see how Chelsea can handle this setback
  13. good point - tbf da hammers scored first in that match & I remember the gooners were worried but the gooners were able to take the match to them & roll them over
  14. damn good point - I didn't realize that - I do remember when CFC won the League a couple of season ago wet spam knocked us out of the League Cup - then I remember the lost last season - it is a London Derby & it makes total sense - remember when spuds put on the pressure on us? They lost this fixture, which enabled us to win the League - I guess we need to give wet spam more credit vs London sides, but didn't they get rolled over by the gooners?
  15. good rant there but think about this way - last season Chelsea lost this fixture - so already Chelsea are better off than last season - btw I felt Kovacic played pretty well today - I didn't want him to start over Barkley but in the beginning of the match there was a nice run from the back Kovacic had made me excited - now on to our last away match to L'pool in the League Cup
  16. Lee Dixon & Matt Holland have some interesting ideas & good analysis
  17. I got the info about Chicharito on a Spanish Channel Thursday evening. Arnautovic is struggling for fitness & looks to be a game time decision. Carroll has been out since July & isn't expected back until December or January. FYI enigma - Google is your friend
  18. robdog

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    I like to see Barkley vs Wet Spam because I think that match will be more physical & this will suit Barkley a bit more - The L'pool matches will be about finesse & this will suit Kovacic a bit more
  19. robdog

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    IMHO GC should be a Chelsea Legend for this tackle on Bales Most people want anoint Bale as the Next Coming of Christ but GC showed that he is not superior to a Chelsea Player
  20. well I read that Chicharito won't play - that dude always scores vs Chelsea