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  1. Same scenario this time last season, with Leicester playing games before them. And we all know what happened then!!!!!!!!!
  2. Not that it will make a difference, but they have Man Utd at home ( not away ) after the London derbies. Although they have more away games, this will probably suit their game better, as there will be more space to exploit. Bottom line is, we have an easier finish to the season, and I still think we're win the League with a few points to spare.
  3. Good point Peckham Blue. Saw the one of D.H on Facebook last night, copied from here.
  4. Mike, next time you see Bob, ask him how his 2nd son is. Bob runs his stall with his eldest, and his middle son doe's the one right opp Fulham Broadway station. Last Nov he nearly died after choking, and was put into a coma for a week or so in Addenbrooke Hospital. Fortunately he made a complete recovery.
  5. In that case, suppose it's a good job he didn't love Doughnuts!. Dos'nt have the same aura about it!
  6. Any idea where he got that nickname from?. Over the decades, yet to meet any 'Blue' who knows!.
  7. Got a feeling this post is going to run for some time on here!. Look forward to seeing some more classic pics from back then.
  8. Wot he said!. Totally realistic assessment, agree 100%.
  9. Still 4 days for him to injure himself again, would bet even odds on that.
  10. Sure in 74/75 season home to Spurs ( Sept or Oct), after game as they started coming out, the gates got closed. Don't know how or by who, but their fans who had got out got pinned back against the gates, with no escape.
  11. Never rated him as one of the best Refs in the Premier League. Hope he gets his act together on Monday.
  12. 1st game of 72-73 season, I was one of many 'teenagers' who watched the game on the greyhound track. Probably a good job back then that 'Dirty Leeds' fans were yet to go to away games in London, otherwise could have been interesting!.
  13. Europa Lge on both Weds & Thurs, depends which day Utd play. If on the Weds would expect Sat 5.30pm KO?.
  14. When their Mile End firm were at their peak, est 71-74, most of those guys were all in their 20's, whereas the majority of guys in The Shed were at that time anything from 13-20, with a few exceptions. 1972-73 West Ham got in the shed in dribs & drabs, and kept quiet till around 2.30pm when out came the scarves and they announced they were there. Amazing thing was, most of us sensed they were amongst us, but no-one seemed to know who & where?. Remember one of those games when D.H & company stood at the top of the Shed stairs watching who were coming in, yet they were still in there. Possibly came in the Bovril entrance?. Think it was 73 when it all kicked off after the 'U-ni-ted' chant went up, big coloured West Ham guy in a leather coat went to pull something out of his pocket. A circular gap formed as we all thought he had a blade, but looked like a metal comb. Anyway he dropped it, and as he bent down to retrieve it, about a dozen Dr. Martens thudded into him, like something from the old 'Tiller Girls' TV routine!. As I've mentioned a couple of times on here on other posts, I was in their South Bank in 71, when a mob of 100 plus CFC ( word had it from Stockwell) steamed into their North Bank from the side. Only lasted a couple of mins, but watching it unravel as you could see this close knit crew make their way across the terraces, is something I can still visualise to this day!. Always wondered if that crew was a 'one off' or had they all been together in the next couple of seasons, when West Ham came to the 'Bridge', whether they'd have done what they did?.
  15. Understand where your coming from, but yesterday morning I couldn't see them losing 3 at home!. Funny game football, lets hope they continue their run, until they play Spurs in their next home game?.