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  1. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Think Ossie's getting excited!.
  2. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Was in the West Stand for that match, watched Pat Nevin collect the ball in our half, then went on a run, must have dribbled past 6 players before scoring one of the best individual goals I've seen at The Bridge.
  3. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Irish S*** I recall?.
  4. Premier League Fixtures 2017-2018

    Anyone know what the away clubs allocation will be when playing Spurs at Wembley?. Would presume around 7-8,000, allowing for however they segregate it?. Also be interesting if any local pubs are designated for 'away' fans there.
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Remember we rented a decent sized colour TV in 1980, for £12 per month. Brought a Beta ( doh! ) Video in 82/83 for £285!.
  6. Every cloud has a silver lining. Best news since last week!.
  7. Stayed overnight, if anyone turned up in Cardiff that night, not knowing the result, they would have thought we'd won it. Was in the 'Walkabout Bar' throughout the evening, heaving with Blue's fans, as were many more Pubs around there. Dancing & singing every 15 mins, when the DJ turned the music off, to let us have song!. Disappointing result, but absolute fantastic evening. Cant believe it was 15 years ago!.
  8. Watching Sir Bobby Charltons last game at Chelsea

    Remember that day. After the game usual Pilgrimage to Euston to say 'goodbye' to the Manc's!. Newcastle showed up mob handed, before going back to Kings Cross. They'd played at Tottenham, many of their mob wearing 'Alice Cooper' face make up!. Spurs also in attendance, ( Vic Donkin & friends ) bit like a 'roll call' of mobs. Manchester always brought loads to London games then on 'Specials', always swarming about Euston like Ants. Back then, their speciality was wrecking trains, Underground etc, through strength by numbers. Previous season Aug 71 went to see them in a pre season Saturday game at Fulham ( yep, that's right! ). Came out of Putney Bridge station, and a big mob of them had just trashed & ransacked a pub around the corner. After game, on District Line tube, it pulled into Charing Cross ( I think ), and mob of around 100 Chelsea skins ( D.H. & co?) on other platform chanting 'Chelsea', as Tube was full of Manx!. And for anyone into statistics, sure Fulham won 2-1!.
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    And probably their only one ever, shame it had to be against us. Memories of that day a little vague now, but honestly cant remember seeing any Stoke mobs of 'lads'. Seemed to be all families there for the day out?.
  10. Chelsea v Middlesbioro 1988

    These days, would probably take me most of the 1st half, to get across the pitch to The North Stand!.
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Probably the only time at home, when someone with a Baseball bat was'nt nicked!
  12. Same scenario this time last season, with Leicester playing games before them. And we all know what happened then!!!!!!!!!
  13. Not that it will make a difference, but they have Man Utd at home ( not away ) after the London derbies. Although they have more away games, this will probably suit their game better, as there will be more space to exploit. Bottom line is, we have an easier finish to the season, and I still think we're win the League with a few points to spare.
  14. 70s photos of Shed Boys

    Good point Peckham Blue. Saw the one of D.H on Facebook last night, copied from here.
  15. 70s photos of Shed Boys

    Mike, next time you see Bob, ask him how his 2nd son is. Bob runs his stall with his eldest, and his middle son doe's the one right opp Fulham Broadway station. Last Nov he nearly died after choking, and was put into a coma for a week or so in Addenbrooke Hospital. Fortunately he made a complete recovery.