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  1. It was called Tites first used to go there in the 70s had a big spider hanging from ceiling a few of us from Bellingham used to walk back from there along Copers Cope road I'm sure we saw Squeeze play there to get a late drinks license they had to serve food with your beer they used to give you a bit of spam on a paper plate by 2 in the morning the floor was covered with it
  2. It's on the downside of East Croydon station where the cabs queue up next to the old PO sorting office it's still there but a bit more upmarket now
  3. I know there were a few stabbings that day I was just talking about the mob I went with
  4. Sorry mate got no idea always called him Danny same with Babs just call him Dave
  5. Had a drink with DH (Eccles) last Saturday at Nuttys Do he said he was trying to organise an end of season do
  6. Should be a few there invites went out to usual suspects hopefully some of the old snotgang and time bandits will be there showing the footy live as well
  7. I'll be there this year hopefully after last years mishap
  8. In 78 when that picture was taken it was still the original terracing which went under the seats as well, we was on the left hand side Everton were on the right with no fence between just a couple of coppers they thought they would chuck a few things chant Everton and we would scatter we just charged through the Old Bill scattering them soon there was a lot more Old Bill suppose they thought we would run out the back like everybody else did in them days
  9. Didn't stop them throwing them at us in the Park End that day
  10. No I'll have a look, lotsa people had all sorts of badges on Tuesday
  11. Good Day out last Tuesday (20th) at the Shed End 50th Anniversary Xmas Bash at Marcos in Stamford Bridge then onto Clarence North End Road for some old style ska and reggae loadsa old faces and reminiscing about the old days just about recovered can't handle it like I used to.
  12. Millwall September 1976 can't say what happened in the ground before KO as I was in the 'shed' mob with B consisting of a Few Fulham lads, us Lewisham lot Nutty, Bulldog, Lighty and Lavenue sadly all no longer with us Rumpole Smiffy Shandy Ernie Tash etc, Slough boys and a few other odds and sods including a coach load from Bletchley. We met in the Swan pub in Lewisham the original plan was for DH to meet at Fulham Broadway tube and make their way to Lewisham unfortunately it nether worked out that way we got the train to New Cross had our first row at the New Cross Inn the windows went through. Found out Plumby and a few others were drinking in the pub as well we joined up and continued on the way to the ground outside the CBL met a few others including Tommy Gloves (RIP) who had already been in the ground they said we was getting done in there and we were mad to go in told them we are going in most of them decided to join us. After going through turnstiles we waited at the bottom of the stairs till everybody had got through then went up the stairs at the top turned right and stood in front of the bar there didn't appear at first to be too many of their firm in there a few of them were up the Ilderton road end after a Chelsea mob who had gone on the pitch and run up that end we started to be sussed out think it was Lavenue and Nutty who led a charge into them they scattered at first but we didn't fall into the trap of chasing after them we wanted to hold the Bar and the back of the Terracing soon they was coming from all three sides a few rows broke out but they seemed a bit wary of coming into us there was a few Old Bill there but not really enough to stop them the onus was on them to get us out the numbers of Old Bill grew throughout the first half so by half time they decided to start taking us out the ground through the second half a couple at a time seeing this a few started making their own way out. I got taken out with a couple of others there were a few Millwall waiting outside decided not to hang about walked up to New Cross and got a bus to Lewisham where we managed to meet up and made our way back to the Swan to await Millwall to come but they nether showed up. None of us got really battered that day apart for some of the the lot on the Bletchley Coach including one who I thinked got stabbed by a screwdriver.
  13. That third picture looks like Ayresome Park before the stand was built behind the goal it's not Arsenal no white sleeves
  14. Yes this Saturday send me a message if you want details
  15. You're right mate being relegated at the end of 74/75 seemed to stir up the interest Sunderland away as first game (another blinding day) saw people going who if it had been the previous season wouldn't have bothered them two seasons down in the second our away numbers shot up