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  1. Random Rumours

    Lukaku and Bakayoko are not the level required, Sandro will be great, and the jury is still out for van Dijk. No, I'm not that excited. For the similar amount of money we could have got Morata and Tolisso instead of Lukaku and Bakayoko.
  2. Random Rumours

    Wow. What a terrible list. Seriously, these are all second tier players. Can you see Manchester United signing these players, Man City? Not to mention Bayern, Barcelona? These are Arsenal/Tottenham type of signings. We are champions of England ffs, we should be chasing the very best there are. There are at least 5 available top class strikers better than Lukaku. Or Mahrez, Barkley??? Seriously?
  3. Random Rumours

    Well, if he were as good as De Gea maybe he would get what he asks for. For now, beat it. News about Morata, if true, are great. Much better option than Lukaku.
  4. Corentin Tolisso

    f**k f**k f**k! Our board does absolutely nothing
  5. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Because obviously his mission is to feed entire Africa.
  6. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Poor man's Yaya Toure. No thanks.
  7. Bernardo Silva

    good post +1 Just hope we don't get tier II players this summer, much like we did last time we won the title (Papy, Rahman etc...). We need world class quality, here and now.
  8. Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    You've got a point but still, it's different. Varane was just one out of the bunch, with Lukaku is different. He is striker, he is expected to deliver titles, he is expected to score 30+ goals in all competitions. I'm not saying he is not capable of it - just that I don't expect Jose to put all that pressure on him immediately. He will introduce him step by step.
  9. Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    If we don't get Rooney, Torres will be the first choice next season, that's for sure. No matter how much I like Lukaku and expect him to be world class forward soon, I cannot believe certain people in here actually expect a 20 year old to take all the pressure on him and lead the team through Premier League and Champions League. Even worse, expecting Jose to put all that pressure on a 20 year old. Not gonna happen.
  10. Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Not gonna happen, in recent interview Mourinho said his favourite formation is 4-2-3-1 and that will be the one he will be employing most of the time. Sometimes, he says he will switch AM to DM and sometimes if we are behind, he will play with two strikers.
  11. Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Yeah you all know better than Mourinho! From the day I joined here I've been saying that it was because of wrong system that Torres doesn't score, that we need to play counter attacking football instead of possession to get goals out of Torres, and that when Jose comes he will employ that. And everyone was like "man, what the hell you talking about"? Neither Ancelotti, AVB nor Di Matteo couldn't figure this out, so much of them being "top coaches". All one had to do was watch two or three Liverpool games while Torres was there and it would be clear to you.
  12. Van Ginkel to Chelsea

    What number he chose I somehow slept on that
  13. Van Ginkel to Chelsea

    True, true. Matic on the other hand is whole different kind of player, and increased interest in van Ginkel has nothing to do with Matic not coming. Compared to Bayern, Lampard and van Ginkel play Scweinsteiger's role and Matic plays Javi Martinez's.
  14. Van Ginkel to Chelsea

    We are far from deep in that role. Actually, Lampard is the only player we have in that role at the moment.