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  1. Hemel Blue

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Been a good player for us but age is now against him.Will be no shortage of clubs interested and he will do a good job for whoever gets him.Very good finisher for a centre back.I wish him all the best for his future and thanks for his time here.
  2. Match day,COME ON YOU BLUES !
  3. Personally i would love to win the Europa again.That said it is time to use the squad.There are very good players waiting in the wings,its time for them to step up.
  4. 5 out of 5 and Edens on fire,happy in Hemel COYB !
  5. Hemel Blue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Cardiff

    Eeeeeeeeden !
  6. Match day at last UP THE CHELS !
  7. I rate both Luiz and Willian but they could do better imo.Luiz must cut out the slack passing sometimes and Willian needs more end product.Giroud needs to start as Morata has been poor.Pedro has an eye for goal at the moment so i expect him to start.Alonso pushing up gives us a big threat around the box.Plenty of positives so far and very entertaining.
  8. Hemel Blue

    Marcos Alonso

    Sure he has faults but has so much to offer.Dangerous in and around the box,great shot and good in the air.According to MOD the best left back in Europe.Is he really a left back though ? Well done Marcus,keep it up.
  9. Lovely day out in the sunshine.Poured myself into bed at 11pm lol,UP THE CHELS !
  10. Hemel Blue

    Man of the Match Chelsea vs Bournemouth

    Eden,pure world class.Was sat right behind him when he scored.Its a privelage to watch him.
  11. Hemel Blue

    70s photos of Shed Boys

    Love seeing the old photos,at 62 now it takes me back.Modern football is not the same.
  12. Spot on mate.So glad to see them get sweet fa.UP THE CHELS !
  13. Match day.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  14. Rollercoaster of a game.Eden made the difference when he came on.A work in progress maybe,but entertaining to watch.Anyway always nice to beat the gooners,onwards and upwards !
  15. Happy in Hemel, UP THE CHELS !