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  1. Victor Moses.The improvement continues.He really is enjoying his football.
  2. Form is temporary,class is permanent,he will bounce back.
  3. All the best on a complete recovery Ryan Mason.
  4. We have fire power all over the pitch so im not going to lose sleep over one player who can take a free kick.Let them worry .
  5. Couldnt have put any better than this,well said Maidstone.Close the thread.
  6. Just enjoying the season.If we win it,great.I like the fact that we are back after last season.
  7. Didnt see this thread just posted on rumours about him.Needs a ton of work to get up to our standards (if at all possible)but he is the fastest player i have ever seen (and i am 60)Wonder what his 50 mtr time is?Might be that he just isnt that good a footballer,but wow that pace.
  8. I wonder if Traore could be coached in the arts of crossing and finishing ? The fastest footballer i have ever seen. Leaves defenders for dead.Could be that he just isnt a good footballer (looks like that at the moment) but wow that pace.
  9. My biggest concern about this game is the late kick off.Far too much drinking time before hand ,too many trips to the toilet during the match lol.The way the whole squad is performing,with the confidence so high i really dont mind which team Conte puts out.If Costa is picked i would like to see Fab play but i also like the fluid front three.Spoilt for choice.No game should be taken lightly though.....UP THE CHELS !
  10. Still better than Bravo though,sorry.
  11. Sorry but he has looked very poor for City in the premier league.Better than Hart ? No.
  12. Up to now i havnt been impressed with his tactics or his composure.Stubborn enough to keep playing a very poor keeper.As i said on the Conte thread,good for him,who cares.
  13. So glad we got Conte.
  14. I find it funny that he plays a keeper who is crap and a defence that cant defend lol.Good for him.