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  1. Luiz was superb but i will give it to Cahill for yet another important goal.
  2. Three points against a thoroughly horrible side.Hughes reckons they deserved something from the game,a couple more red cards you w**ker.....UP THE CHELS !
  3. Match day.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  4. The machine with Eden not far behind.Player for player we are so much better than United.
  5. Ten or eleven players the result would have been the same.We are way better than them all over the pitch.Kante was superb and Hazard a constant thorn in their side.....bring on the Spuds.
  6. Match day.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  7. Obviously the league is the priority ,but if we go all the way its only three extra games.Strongest side possible please and lets try for the double.....UP THE CHELS !
  8. Eden for that special goal.Luiz Kante and Moses were excellent.Good all round team performance.
  9. Easy.The late goal just flatters them.As i keep saying we are playing really well as a team.Luiz was superb and we are deadly on the break.....UP THE CHELS !
  10. Match day.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  11. Fading ? We are playinģ really well as a team.
  12. Cesc for me and Kante was superb.A very good team performance,confidence is very high.
  13. Three points and now eleven clear.The beers in the fridge and i am more than happy.....UP THE CHELS !
  14. Match day..... COME ON YOU BLUES !
  15. Cesc for me,never wasted a pass.