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  1. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Wolves were in the east upper 100% , was in the benches that day , on the pitch at the end with everyone singing the bubbles song thinking we would play West Ham in the semis only for Luton to beat them . Richy
  2. I`m 49 now but like a lot of guys have said above the 83/84 season in Div 2 was special , at the time I was 16/17 and went a lot of the games above which have been mentioned , I`m sure there are a few guys who remember the 84/85 season first time back in Div 1 for a while - Tottenham away - lots of moody tickets available hundreds if not thousands for the seats in the Chelsea end above the terracing , me and a few mates got tickets from a good mate knowing they were moody , Previous home game word went round to meet at Liverpool Street , I remember turning up with my mates and being gob smacked looking down from the stairs their were 2000 + Chelsea boys , no women or children just lads proper lads no colours what so ever , if memory serves me right we went over ground to Tottenham Hale , it would have taken 2 -3 trains to get that Chelsea firm to WHL . The train lot I was with went straight to the ground , we were sussed straight away at the turnstiles old bill checking tickets , gutted should have been there earlier and could hear Chelsea singing in the ground , that day I bet there were hundreds of Chelsea boys sitting on each others laps during the game , for all us thousands who did not get in there would have been hundreds who did get in. As for trouble the only bits I saw was down the bottom of seven sisters road by that estate where the Tottenham Riots had been not long before , about 20 or 30 black lads steamed out of an ally and straight into us , Chelsea went straight back into them , job done but left it there , not sure anyone fancied going on that estate at the time, ended up having a few beers in some north London pub and a few more beers in Victoria before going home , Chelsea bossed the day and Tottenham could not live with us on that day OK not huge numbers in the ground ( sold out allocation plus another couple of thousand all over the place ) but huge numbers without tickets or moody tickets on Tottenham`s patch , Chelsea here Chelsea there Happy Happy Days Richy
  3. We've lost another true blue..

    Very sad and moving day but a top turn out for a great man , spoke to my mate next day and he was told the church stewards counted in 530 ( full house ) with another 150 outside , also great gesture from Sutton and Wimbledon black cabs giving Carl an escort to the church , if your interested some nice bits on youtube - Carl O`Brien Wurzel , RIP big man , win or lose up the blues , the poem .