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  1. Don't want the Tottenham loser/ bottler mentality at the Home of the Champions. Once a Spud always a potato
  2. Gutted to lose to Tottenham but hey-ho sh*t happens. Can someone correct me if I'm wrong "did Spuds win the Premiership last night?" The over reaction of their rascal fans is ...well over to top to say the least. Fair play they took their two chances and we where below par but the way there brain dead fans are going on,let's not mention they ain't won a Mecca since 1991, won't bring up they've not won or challenged for a title since 1961. They beat us Doh. I expect there will be loads of them missing work today to attend the "we beat Chelsea victory parade in Norf London. For us a bad day at the office we move on COYB
  3. Wednesday will be The Spuds Cup Final their biggest game of the season,for us it's just another game against a small deluded club with no history Will be tough, It would be great to win at our last game 3 point lane and shut their gobby brain dead rascit fans up. we all know Spurs win resort to their dirty trick trying to kick the sh*t out of us,its in their history they always do it,we must stay calm I'm going for a 1-2 victory COYB
  4. Poor game, WBA came for a point, no problem with their tactics for me it's our job to break them down. We are not going to smash teams every week. Good goal by Diego job done a victory of Champions to be. All in all another good weekend Spuds& sh*tty Lose,Dippers drop two points we now need for the Gooners to drop points, Sunderland & Palace are winnable for us can see Gooners dropping points at Everton or sh*tty so we could/ should be 6/7 points clear at Christmas..luvly jubbly
  5. Any other club zero chance, but because it's Chelsea and the media won't let it go there is a possibility that we will get punished. Fact is the media want the Dippers as Chumpians got help us if the shower of sh*te do win it,there will be a total bullsh*t overdose We did nothing wrong yesterday,those Northern Monkeys are soooo blinkered no mention of the challenge on Eden in minutes one. City where outclassed they have a really poor defence,no goalkeeper and a spoilt dirty C**T up top a four game ban ain't long enough 6 minimum the twats got history for fcuk sake. Anyway let's keep marching on COYB
  6. Great result & performance this afternoon, no question the best team won. Never a sending off for Luis at best a booking fact is by blocking that c*** Aguero,David prevented the dirty little cheating argie c**t from missing another chance. No mention of the tackle on Eden in the 1st minute, by hey ho we are Chelsea no one likes we care? Do we f**k.