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  1. The old walkabout was normally the "away pub" not sure if it's still open.
  2. I heard he likes San Miguel and paella as well......... Can't see him stepping back into the French lge so it's Madrid or Barca. If zidane comes calling will he turn it down??
  3. If the so called big guns did leave then we have the man to manage the team and keep going I think. Who would have thought at the start of this season victor Moses and Marcus alonso wud have been playing the way they are? When Diego does go there's no doubt we will make a tasty profit on him. Hazard is Madrid bound, no doubt about that. His hero is zidane. We will get 1 or 2 years out of him and that's it. We have to believe in conte to bring in players he thinks can make the team better. None of us expected to be where we are now so let's just trust the management to make the best decisions for the club. Also let's hope one day we give a youth player a chance and he becomes the new jt!!! well, we can hope can't we..................
  4. If we get millwall The met would rather having the game at the den I'm sure of that. Handling 2500 Chelsea fans in a 20k crowd is a lot easier than 6000 millwall fans in a 41000 crowd. Also I dread to think what state they would leave the Shed in.
  5. Looks like the best bet is a yate's or spoons just near the station. I'll be in the bank statement spoons.
  6. Can anybody recommend a decent pub for this game? Don't wanna drink in the harvester or frankie and bennies near the ground as its stupidly over priced. Cheers
  7. Anyone else worried we may sign Patrick van aanholt back for £12million now as part of an "agreement" with Sunderland?
  8. Not sure, but our shirt sales in Senegal have tripled......
  9. Maybe not the right thread but have we ever signed any other player for a fee and then sold the player for a profit without him having played 90 mins?
  10. I'm judging Oscar on the past 24 hours............
  11. Can we really judge a player on a pre season marketing trip to America and a game in Austria? If that's the case then get rid of the lot!!
  12. In fairness to Remy how can he show any kind of form getting 10/15 mins here or there. It just seems to me in some peoples eyes Kante has already been lined up as a complete squad changing signing. Like I said before, he's had 1 good season . That's it. He came from Caen to Leicester and played a bit part in a mediocre French team in the euros. I hope I'm proved wrong and he turns out to be a more important player than Maka but I can't see it. Obviously last season and towards the end of the title winning season the squad had lost their way but these players haven't turned in to a bag of sh*t overnight for no reason at all. We all know there was a fallout with Jose and a problem within the squad but that has gone now. I'm very optimistic players like Hazard, Matic, cesc,and all the others that were truly shocking last year will return to their best under Conte.
  13. Not sure how you can base bats as an upgrade to remy?? He's had a decent season for Marseille in a sh*te french lge dominated by PSG. Remy has had barely any minutes in a chelsea shirt but at least has the record of scoring in the prem for QPR and Newcastle. Also Remy cost £8million. Kante has had 1 very good season in a Leicester team which had a season which is unlikely to be replicated in any of our lifetimes. I agree Matic had his head up his arse last season but when on form, for me, easily outclasses Kante. Also how can you put Oscar in the same bracket as Kante and Matic?? He's a flair player with skill. He's a luxury player who showed glimpses under Jose of working hard but in my opinion would be better having a "free role" in a team to show the skills we saw against Juve.
  14. Not really sure how we can compare top quality players like hazard, Oscar, matic etc etc on last seasons form. Last season was a compete let down and we all know it. They all have a chance to make a new start, with a new manager and new ideas. There's every chance Oscar will go back to being the player that scored the wonder goal against juve. Every chance matic can go back to being the power house he was 18 months ago and we saw hazard returning to his best at the back end of last year. The only thing I find worrying about the current squad is a lack of full backs. With baba gone and Ivan another year older we only have Dave who is proven. Yes we have young lads coming through but I fear we will end up with Moses/cuadrado as a full back. Looks like the big fella from Napoli will arrive but he's a CB.
  15. Your life must be pretty empty .