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  1. Emanalo The Problem

  2. Our New Stadium

    I like the music choice to be fair. Do also miss a good sing in a home pub though as well!!
  3. Our New Stadium

    I think the pensioner is about the best bet these days. Good atmosphere but the beer can be hit n miss!!
  4. Mourhinho's exit transfer blunders

    Not sure how salah can be put in the same bracket as kdb and lukaku. He’s had a decent season at Roma and all of a sudden he’s worth that???? As said above, quadrado springs to mind. Apart from robben I don’t recall a chelsea player being sold and going on to win more?? All of the players we’ve sold, and let’s face it there have been plenty, I don’t believe we’ve made many mistakes.
  5. Bakayoko has to start so we over power them in the middle. I don't see how Cahill can come back in since rudiger has done so well. Tibo Dave Luiz rudiger moses Kante bakayoko alonso Willian Pedro Morata i don't think hazard is ready yet.
  6. Hi there, I'm interested in the 2 arsenal tickets. Can pay at qarabag tomoz or on Sunday.

  7. Alvaro Morata

    Not excusing the ant-Semitic behaviour but how many people singing that song on Saturday actually have a hatred towards Jewish people? Surely Chelsea have to use their heads here and make the right noises with regards to public statements etc and just move on. I really don't understand why this has come to light now when the 'y word' gets sung at every game home or away for the past god knows how many years.
  8. Alvaro Morata

    Didn't we have a similar problem with these a few seasons back where the club wanted to ban anyone using the "y word" for a while. That just didn't seem to happen. As said above, are they gonna ban 3300 people coz I'm pretty sure nearly the whole away end were signing it.
  9. I thought this was the leicester v chelsea match thread, not an aviation seminar!!
  10. Looks like the silva transfer has gone belly up for them so their midfield is pretty depleted. I can see them scoring but we will have too much in midfield for them. 3-1 to chelsea.
  11. Christensen has to start. He was superb against Spurs and Hes been awesome for Mgb for 2 years so deserves his chance. Wouldn't rush Eden back. I'm sure Everton would love to give him a kick. Give him another 2 weeks to get fully fit
  12. Does anybody know what the fan zone was like for the semi? E.g expensive beer and long queues?
  13. I'm surprised wenger saw it. He sees f**k all else
  14. Yes!! Almost worth missing the trophy presentation to go out outside and try and find Aftv for a good laugh!!
  15. I just think bats wants it more than Costa at the mo. Costa has already been sold in his head so has nothing to play for. Bats has everything to play for. No way will he want to be on loan at West Ham or some other mid table team next year.