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  1. Sod it ? I was so angry after the game in rush I started cooking two main dishes for the whole family. I did something have never done before I am glad I found a stress relief : COOKING that was the only positive from the game.
  2. Morata + Christensen to start every match now
  3. Will Chelsea board complain about this ref to the FA?
  4. This ref should be beaten so hard that he retires
  5. The ref has awarded Arsenal the tree points and this ref cannot stop enjoying it I might think , it will be trendy to red card Chelsea players it is now gonna be a sh*tty season with those refs
  6. Christian-Ronaldoesque goal
  7. I saw the studs , does not matter what I think The ref gave red for studs this match
  8. EPL downside is the refs this is a worldwide known fact
  9. It is ridiculous how the ref missed this penalty against Rudiger
  10. Where in the field Willian fits?
  11. it is a gridlock tactic we need an advancing attack forcing Burnley t make too many mistakes P.S. I laugh too much when michy shoots like a 5 year old trying to score
  12. Who told Willian we need 4+ touches on the ball before he passes
  13. When I said that last burnley away match , our team is weak. I was attacked vehemently by everyone even by the moderator who only replied to call me embarrassing and then some here called for banning me. Even Conte looks lost now Even the ref was appalling by not awarding Bats the free kick , Courtois unable to even collect the crossings.
  14. Alonso id knackered again like him Moses..LBW is too tiring