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  1. Wow, sorry Mr.Chelsea, I am off to the Emirates first thing in the morning.
  2. Conte played 4-4-2 after subs
  3. Less than convinced by Morata now
  4. Hail the Lord It is a miracle Batsman has angel wings
  5. I think we are worse than 2015/2016 season
  6. I believe Willian is anaemic
  7. ok now let us get the winner or we will concede again
  8. Willian coming in to save us..bye EPL
  9. I am not worried about conceding a third as I can see Fabregas is our hold up player defending Also Baka is Rubbish midfielder ..should by replaced now I would get Christensen in and play Cahill as a striker
  10. this awful clearance from Alonso to give in a throw David Luis is doing a nice assist
  11. No linkup between Cesc & Morata
  12. Morata must be wrapped in a bubble wrapper
  13. Baka was hit : studs on shin ref is obliviont
  14. Fabregas for the love Chelsea shoot