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    Sergio Aguero

    Don't rule this out lads, Guardiolas a massive Aubameyang admirer. Knows he can't have both Aguero and Aubameyang at the club while it would absolutely destroy him to see Aubameyang join another PL club. Think he's moving the pieces in his favour - gets rid of a player he clearly does not rate/fits his style of play, at the same time prevents Chelsea from getting Aubameyang and then makes his move. Of course this assumption is based on the fact that Chelsea is presumably going to move for Aubayemang and Guardiola has found out about it. But if we're not interested in Aubameyang then my theory does not apply and Guardiola does not have to worry about Chelsea. But first he has to get rid of Aguero and frankly there is not a lot of big clubs in Europe desperately in need of a centre forward. Bar Chelsea and soon Dortmund but he would not join Dortmund anyway.
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    Andrea Belotti

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    Random Rumours

    It's been four years already since I've had an account here mate. Same amount of time that I've had an account on the other Chelsea forum, too, where I currently stand at 3,000+ posts if that's relevant to you. It's just that I've started posting there first and kept going while lurking around here from time to time.
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    Random Rumours

    Listen, I hate silly season with a passion, makes me vomit reading all the bs written on social media nowadays. I'm more excited about the Asian tour and the start of the season rather than the new shinny toys rumoured to be joining the club everyday. But here is my two cents about the remainder of this transfer window. Morata - laughable that a Madrid cast off with a worse goalscoring record than 90% of the centre forwards you could think of is valued at nearly 80M. What did this guy do so far to command such a high fee? Pretty face, movement, who cares, you need your centre forward to score goals and this guys record is piss poor. Belotti - again laughable. Torino won't drop the price? Back off then because 90M for a half a season wonder is a travesty. Who the hell even heard of this guy last summer? He's no prodigy that everybody kept talking about before last season, he came out of the blue and has had a decent season. Then we have the two most important news of the day - Aubameyang and Bonucci. Aubameyang - definitely one of world's best centre forward. Available at a lower price than both Morata and Belotti. Any reason why our club wouldn't make him the primary target for the centre forward position? Can't see any to be honest. Bonucci - now available at 45M? I say jump on it, offer the money and wrap up the deal. Similar to the Aubameyang situation, is there any reason why Chelsea would not be interested in one of world's best centre backs? If by the end of this window the likes of Aubameyang and Bonucci end up at Milan or any other smaller club than Chelsea and we somehow end up with Morata or Belotti leading the line then something must be really wrong at the club and we're in for a long season. As I said, could not care less for the silly season, but when world class players are available and they end up joining lesser clubs, then questions must be asked. Aubameyang and Bonucci, they are no Welbeck and Phil Jones, this two guys in particular would improve the team big time in two important areas of the pitch. Chelsea for sure needs a leader and a rock at the back and a goalscoring machine to lead the line.