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  1. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Who has trouble managing someone like Luis? Conte is just so bad at man management, even Avram Grant wasn't this bad. To be a successful long term manager, you have to be good at man management. I'm grateful for everything he has done but losing matic, luis and Costa is too much. Can't wait until this buffoon gets sacked.
  2. The subs were poor by Conte today, really let united back into the game and we were lucky that they didn't equalise.
  3. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Where is the proof that Conte wanted to keep Matic? I have heard differing reports The thing is I don't know what Bakayoko is good at. He's poor going forward, average at keeping possesion, and average at defending. I still remember him giving away stupid and needless fouls outside the box. You are probably right, but this season the market was insanely competitive and we ended up getting rudiger and bakayoko, players who no other top clubs seemed to be interested in.
  4. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I have to say I don't rate Bakayoko. The board thinks it can get away with buying sh*t players noone else wants and still compete for trophies.
  5. This video pretty much sums up all my thoughts perfectly.
  6. Can't believe there are people who thought we played well and were just 'unlucky'. We equalled our worst european result in 15 years.
  7. This is all Conte's fault, with his terrible tactics in the midfield. He changed a winnable game into a complete disaster. It's like he's trying to lose on purpose.
  8. He's protecting the three goal defecit. Agente Conte.
  9. Thanks for the laugh this cheered me up a bit.
  10. What a suprise, we didn't fix our midfield and looks what has happened. Conte's lost the plot.
  11. No Kante no control. Well Cesc could control but he can't retrieve the ball to save his life. Fabregas is really good at certain times. But you don't want him in a 2 man midfield in a tough european away fixture.
  12. That was really strange I thought. There was no urgency from him and he didn't put on the afterburners like usual. Maybe the injury has affected his pace and explosiveness?
  13. What's the point of getting to the knockout stages when our team is playing this badly? We are going to get decimated once we play a good side. As a club we shouldn't have a 'knockout stages' is good enough.
  14. This just common sense. How can Conte think Fabregas and Bakayoko are a good pairing in Midfield. Teams are dominating us in midfield and an extra man in midfield will stop attacks before they get to us. Putting Zappacosta on isn't going to change that at all. Conte honestly is making really bad decisions in terms of team selection and tactics. He's looking clueless out there compare to last season.
  15. Charly Musonda jr.

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