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  1. Could be our last game in the CL for a long time so we might as well enjoy it. As others have said as long as it's not an Arsenal result then I'll be happy.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    He misses out on millions if he resigns. Him and his team get something like 15+ million pounds if he is sacked. He is never going to resign.
  3. Charly Musonda jr.

    Celtic just played and judging from twitter Celtic fans aren't impressed. I don't think he'll ever make it at a top club to be honest, should cut him loose at the end of the season.
  4. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    I think its fair to say that Spurs are hitting form at the right time in time for their CL game. Odds are that we won't have CL football next year. Hazard and Cortois leaving this year, lets hope we can replace them with some good young players and build a squad for the future.
  5. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    When I see posts like this I just shake my head. No wonder Matic was happy joining United.
  6. Bakayoko, Zapa Rudiger. All bang average players who no other top clubs wanted.
  7. What is the point of a new stadium if we are going to be a midtable club. Save the billion.
  8. That's not a positive, United winning would be to our advantage. After today spurs is only 2 points behind.
  9. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Jesus how did I miss that. But the transfers are different. Ashley burned all bridges at Arsenal coming here, completely different than what happened with Giroud who is leaving on great terms with Arsenal fans.
  10. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    I feel like the only fan who despises this transfer. Having a loyal Arsenal player who probably despises Chelsea really pisses me off. I feel like 10 years ago the fans wouldn't have accepted this transfer. Times are changing.
  11. Rudiger isn't Chelsea quality imo. Why we bought a player who was average at Roma is a mystery.
  12. I worded that poorly. When hes played in a formation with 3 up top, he has done well. But if he's will willian he is going to struggle. Hazard is best up on the left, if Bats is playing he can keep the central defenders busy and open space for hazard.
  13. That's with 3 attackers up top supporting him. If he's playing 2 up top he's going to be isolated and will have a terrible game.
  14. Not looking forward to watching hazard struggle up top with no support. I would put bats up top for his link up play with hazard and willian.
  15. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    Watch michy get sent to another team and bang them in. The problem isn't the players its the system.