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  1. Well considering he made the exact change we were asking for, it might do him well.
  2. How can Conte be so bad tactically. Surely after our last 2 losses he LEARNT something about playing arsenal. No wonder his cup record is abysmal.
  3. Willian

    I just wish he would stop doing that 'pause' move. It's terrible. That's just ahead of hazards one touch flicks which never come off on my pet peeves list.
  4. Zappacosta

    Defensively the guy looks shaky and he gives the ball away far too easily offensively but hopefully he can improve on both fronts. Moses is far better defensively, but Zappa has a bit more going forward. Moses is still first choice for me.
  5. Tammy Abraham

    Looks like Nigeria is trying to poach him for their national team. Nigeria 'working' on luring England U21's Tammy Abraham "We are working on getting Abraham," said Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) president Amaju Pinnick. DID YOU KNOW? Tammy Abraham's full name is Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham Pinnick is hoping his relationship with Abraham's father can help his bid. "Tammy is like my son. His father and I grew up in the same neighbourhood," he said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41188906 Will be really upset if this happens. Surely after all his experience with the English teams he would never switch.
  6. Alex Sandro

    I just read that Juventus offered barca Dybala for 120m on two seperate occasions, which barca rejected because they thought that he wouldn't play well with Messi. And yet they turn down a 60m bid for a left wing back. Does this mean Juventus thinks Sandro is a more important player than Dybala?
  7. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Musonda will never make it.
  8. Jordan Lukaku

    Yeah I wasn't sure where I should post this thread.
  9. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    The club needs to hire a mediator and get him back here and training. Tell him that if he comes back we'll pay his fines to a hospital near his Brazilian hometown. Surely something could be done. I wonder if Diego blames Atletico at all. Bunch of cheap c**ts who will sell greizmann for 100+ million but won't pay what Deigo is worth.
  10. Jordan Lukaku

    So i watched some highlights of lazio beating Juventus in the supercoppa and he sets up the winning goal in the 94th minute. End up watching some highlights on youtube and I am impressed. He plays as LB/LWB and seems like he can attack and make a tackle. He is pacey and has better dribbling than his brother too. His main problem is he's a bit of a tool, getting done for speeding 3 times and losing his licence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jordan_Lukaku This guy has a big move in him, wouldn't be suprised if we see him in the prem next season. Highlights Assist vs Juventus
  11. Deadline Day Drama

    I think drinkwater will be our last signing of the day. Doesnt seem like mahrez is coming.
  12. Deadline Day Drama

    Ships sailed I'm afraid. Deal will be announced when they sign Bony.
  13. Deadline Day Drama

    Sky sports italy reporter saying Zappacosta can play on the left too. Sky sports deadline day stream if anyones interested : http://nexit.fun/
  14. Deadline Day Drama

    Sky sports just reported Arsenal bid 92 million pounds for Lemar. What the f**k
  15. Deadline Day Drama

    If things get really bad there's always Cahil.