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  1. What a load of tripe, an outright lie that I don't care what anyone says. Such an immense player who never quite settled, best of luck to him but shameful behaviour at the end.
  2. Empire magazine should sponsor us. "Welcome to the Stamford Bridge Empire" (stadium)
  3. I'll be there.
  4. If I recall from Twitter only three players have played every minute of all 38 PL matches in the title winning team - Pallister, JT & Morgan. Azpi would make it 4. Unless of course that's three OUTFIELD players...? Now watch someone go off and find 20 other examples.
  5. I was wondering that, it's normally showcased during the last game of the season, maybe we'll see it in the FA Cup?
  6. So nervous and so glad this is at home. Feel for those Boro fans though, that's some distance to travel on a Monday evening...!
  7. My god I've been itching for this game since Friday's result.
  8. Did all my housework etc yesterday so I could lounge out on the sofa all afternoon and watch the two entertaining games today. Absolute bore.
  9. Haha indeed! But alas, my negativity comes from my absolute belief in jinxing things and karma. If I'm negative then nothing can come back to haunt us and I haven't jinxed anything. It's all hocus pocus I'm sure but I can't stop it. Liverpool got major karma in 2014 after all their jinxing and arrogance.
  10. They're playing One Step Beyond on Sky. Are they trolling Tottenham or do they have no idea what we play after a win??
  11. Wow, that's some Scouse level delusion right there. Everyone's been bloody bowing down to them, hardly needed to get out of third gear. I'm currently enjoy the Twitter meltdown ;)
  12. Good thank you sweetie, I hope you're doing well. This will only add to the conspiracy theory that we disappeared together as I only came back a couple of days ago!
  13. I know we'll still be top regardless of tonight's result but come on West Ham just bloody try & don't roll over like a lot have been doing. Still fuming we've got to have this gap reduced for the whole weekend.