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  1. 'It's a terrific goal. For Everton', says that Everton guy. My God! After they made three faults. See what Rooney did.
  2. We played against Rooney and friends tonight. No, we played with Rooney and friends tonight. Good for him, that he had a lucky goal.
  3. So glad Mitchy still plays in Chelsea! Well done! He needs no other team. Please! Let him stay and let him play!
  4. Day 1 was amazing!
  5. No problem, Bob. Better late than never. How are you by the way? Uhm. I don't have any opion about Lukaku since he joins Man. U. KDB is still a very good player but he plays in a wrong team. But what is that about you? No so long ago, you asked everyone to go on. You have made even a special thread, I believe. To forget KDB and Mourinho and now you start this thread. That's a little bit strange, my perogative. Something deep. But you're still my friend. Sooner or later we are going to drink a beer. Always welcome in Genk!
  6. Sprichst du Deutsch, Undertow?
  7. Some news from the Belgians in Tottenham, Spudulike? What can we expect?
  8. Thank you! Welcome aboard, Geert The Flyer!
  9. Almost, Undertow. But it's Flemish. And it sounds Limburgs. The most beautiful language in the world! You can ask Thibaut!
  10. You have, mate!
  11. That's not possible, Special One. Yannick can not replace Eden. Or you need a different football system.
  12. That would be good for us in Genk.
  13. Waarom denk je dat, Geert de Vlieger? Please, explain, Geert The Flyer!
  14. 3-3 in Amsterdam against Ajax. Our preparation is good. I'm satisfied.