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  2. 2-5 win against the Tottenham-killers.
  3. Thank you, The Special One! Everyone wants Manchester United now. No me. It's says nothing to me. It's not fair. I would love to have played against Tottenham. On Wembley. So once in a lifetime, you know? And now, they lost. Unbelievable.
  4. We have won!
  5. In America. He should have played the final against Bayern Munich. That was Mourinho's first mistake!
  6. That's not correct, Yorkleyblue.
  7. I'm very happy, you are back, my good friend Droogba!
  8. Henry thinks it's Sanchez. That's a difficult one, Tibbers! I don't know. But I expect a lot. No! I will claim a lot. Nondejuu! (Something between Eden and me. He understands nondejuu.)
  9. Correct, Bob! Is it allowed to write that he's the number one in the Premier League after what I have seen on tv, yesterday and today?
  10. Awful reactions in the yellow wall. Such a shame.
  11. What do you guys think about Dries Mertens?
  12. Thank you, PythonLu.
  13. Benny Hill! Do you know he played in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Luckywerhters.
  14. Have seen some very good saves on Match Of The Day.