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  1. “F*** off, Mourinho” chant #cfc fans after Mourinho wanted Hazard booked for diving. Mourinho holds up 3 fingers (for titles he won here). from a few reporters
  2. Well your assumption here is not accurate, I'm not sure what point in telling me this when your counter doesn't offer much than 'They have better players in KDB trust me I've seen Pep' Elaboration on my part would be helpful though, so below is what I mean: I said they have Touré as an option i.e now he's playing and not excluded out of the squad when he was all season which isn't false. City's team generally hasn't pressed efficiently until Pep came in to the point where Aguero is putting in a shift, as we've seen against the likes of Barcelona so while it's likely that we're going to see Gundogan alongside KDB/Fernandinho I doubt Pep would include him in the squad again if he didn't feel he was at least somewhat mobile. The above has shown he's often able to change the game in an instant by bullying the opposition and being one of the best passers in that team (which could be a problem for our midfield like it was for the first half of Spurs as well as Liverpool when they passed triangles around the likes of Kanté, although tbh we weren't playing the same formation there). He also pops up with a screamer every so often If we're defensively sound like we have been, or if we bring on Branna early on to try and shut up shop, he'll probably bring him on to help open the game up or alternatively if the game opens up with the players on the field then Touré is an option to help exploit that, especially if one of his current players isn't up to it on the day (i.e while Gundogan is just as good as a passer he hasn't done it to nearly the same level as he's done with Dortmund whereas we know Touré can do that with City) so his mobility relative to the rest of the players won't be as much an issue. Put it this way, City have Toure as an option is worse for us than Pep not having him as an option; he's not a liability.
  3. City now have Touré as an option which might cause some problems to our midfield similar to what Dembele did. Their defence isn't the best so if we can press their backline we could secure a fine result. Draw would do fine but I'm worried about what Pep might have tactically
  4. Really? The only issues I see they have is to do with their defensive organisation -- in particular among set pieces. Their attack is spectacular and each individual player they've had from last season has now improved.
  5. Liverpool look phenomenal tbh
  6. f**k I'm feeling so nervous. Hope they don't thrash us f**kkkkkkkkkkkkk
  7. Hope it's not a Mourinho type game where we look strong but they nick a scrappy goal but then defend pretty well after
  8. looks like a 4-2-4 of sorts edit nvm radio saying it's 3-5-2
  9. Warnock surely has to be in? He's been involved in a lot of sh*t over the years Also, Sky Sports News says there's a couple of managers who managed internationally.
  10. Normally teams would at least score or create multiple of chances against them in this time of match but clean sheet was never in doubt.
  11. the scary as f**k thing is if we don't make top 4 some of our better players might look to leave
  12. If this defensive calamity keeps going on I struggle to see how we're gonna make top 4. Please Terry Zouma be a good partnership again
  13. @RMCM so basically we need another right winger