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  1. @coco mate each time I edit a post it creates a new one. What's going on?!
  2. mixed source but given Conte's frustrations a few years ago this doesn't look farfetched. If true, wonder if certain transfers out he's not happy with too? He desperately wanted Cuadrado in Juventus for example. Hopefully all will be unveiled by Conte next month
  3. Agreed with the above.
  5. Stones and Cahill are getting absolutely smashed. Jones has been amazing
  6. -----
  7. the 200k salary is probably BS. I don't think journalists are that good on speculating on wages
  8. Sam Lee said that City are confident of signings him after talks held. He's very reliable for them
  9. Tim Krul has been absolutely horrific and all the AZ fans want him out. I don't want a situation where we're biting the entirety of our nails every time the ball enters the GK area a la Ross Turnbull and we'd get that if we signed Krul. Ruddy who was released by Norwich because of wages would be good, as would an attempt at somebody like Stockdale.
  10. Yeah I understand where you're coming from lol. Great to win the PL but also very helpful with our finances and status The post you made before this one where you quoted me and havels, you quoted the unedited post, so if you can replace my quote with: Because city hired the people who wrote the FFP rules read all of the top posts
  11. Not sure but I suppose they've had a long-term vision for their project (they've wanted Pep for 5+ years) whereas Roman seems to look more in the short-term. I guess these things wouldn't come to mind (also minor request if it's not a big deal -- could you edit my quote for your post to include the updated quote? I know it's not major, just a minor OCD of mine lol)
  12. Because city hired the people who wrote the FFP rules read all of the top posts
  13. ---- delete
  14. Great comment. I would further state that it was a problem of formations as well: in big games we should just play a 3 man midfield, otherwise top teams are able to match our system quite easily. wrt Arsenal, Xhaka and Ramsey is better than what we have since Matic and Fabregas are not that good in a midfield pair so should have played a 3 to have an extra body in there like we did vs Liverpool (similarly to what you said about having a player who needs both qualities of matic and fabregas), or like when we changed the system vs Spurs in the semi final.
  15. The same guy who reported this first is reporting that they're close to singing Mendy. They got rid of a lot of their fullbacks so it's clear they're going to sign