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  1. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    man city need to have about 2 draws 4 losses and 16 wins to beat our record. Seems very doable
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

  3. Deadline Day Drama

    thought we wanted somebody HG which is why we didn't go for others? Should've gone for Conti who was the best in the league last season Guess Conte knows him well but if he wanted Ox more...
  4. https://my.mixtape.moe/jvqirp.mp4
  5. Forum update Today

    I'm not really sure why you've decided to quote me considering mine and Michael's finalising comments above but all I can say is that this is wrong if you would care to look into larger forums which don't just involve Chelsea FC (as I stated before). I've seen it happen plentiful and your suggestion that any posts that are 'too long' (whatever that means?) should be written offline isn't a viable long-term solution for lots of posters who like to post and argue often. If you posted this a thousand times over detailing your experience about posts that you deemed too long, it wouldn't make any difference to what my experience was, which I and many would fully say informed and articulated arguments superbly on many occasions, so this is a bit of a needless comment. The Shed End is just unique in its inability to review posts that have been edited / deleted and that's that.
  6. Forum update Today

    Ah, well when I was a moderator of another forum we could see edited and deleted posts; upon reporting a copy of the message was sent. I guess it comes down to that.
  7. Forum update Today

    But why does there have to be a time-limit imposition for editting posts? Does editing a comment 40 mins later cause issues? Not an issue for brief comments such as this but my experience of browsing Reddit, rival forums and non-football sites has shown plenty of people to edit beyond 30 mins e.g. when people multi-quote or want to make larger informative posts and/or arguments -- there will always be errors and things to add which weren't considered at the time. This would be present especially when it involves statistical posts and/or figures being used. It would also be useful because there might be a correction another poster makes to a previous post, which the OP might then realise, but cannot edit (which would be more efficient for others reading else they'll just read misinformation and might not see the subsequent correction from another poster). Although this is a smaller forum so wouldn't see the same amount of larger posts being made, but I would've found it especially useful I didn't know about the delete abuse, although that's the first I've heard of such a thing :)
  8. Forum update Today

    Well that's unnecessarily difficult.
  9. Forum update Today

    Can I ask two things: Will there ever be an update to delete your comments? I don't think I've seen another forum which doesn't have this feature. Will we be able to edit comments beyond 30 mins? Would be useful for longer
  10. Random Rumours

    Drinkwater has been a shadow of himself since November. I can't believe we're entertaining such an idea FFS. We have no idea how Bakayoko would perform with Kanté, and an injury / fatigue to him with Drinkwater replacing him is awful. There's a sh*tload of midfielders available in the Bundesliga with an aptitude in creative ability / work rate whereas Drinkwater only possesses a modicum of the latter
  11. Matic

    No, I would gladly sell him to Juventus for 30m but any price other than 70m to United would be awful. A destroyer in the Matic mould is exactly what they need. Mourinho isn't interested in controlling the tempo of games in possession (like Veratti would do) and dictating the midfield is the job of the 85m player they bought the other summer. Last season one of the problems they had was the Pogba wasn't able to use his full attacking prowess because he had to be a bit defensive-minded since there was no out and out destroyer to lock down the games. Matic on the other hand, in his favoured DM role, is perfect for this. He's poor in a 2 man midfield but when we played 3-5-2 at times he had less space to cover but could lay off the ball to others to go on the offensive. Pogba/Herrera/Matic is scarily dangerous especially with somebody like Lukaku to convert all those chances that Ibra constantly missed last season. Matic is big, strong and a very good reader of the game so he'll be good at trying to secure the back / midfield, Herrera doing the dirty work and Pogba having a completely free role in the offense. Man United fans are clamoring for Fabinho but there is a reason why Mourinho hasn't lodged anything for him when the player has even said he wants to join. I worry that we won't even get in a decent replacement and ultimately with this just further raises my anxiety (which was nicely put by Scott Harris / Carefree in the other thread). In fact as a separate note I have no idea if Bakayoko has the necessary qualities to augment our midfield (or Rudiger over VVD or Christensen...)
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    This guy is the clubs photographer. They've signed him
  13. Romelu Lukaku

  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    @coco mate each time I edit a post it creates a new one. What's going on?!
  15. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    http://www.gazzetta.it/Calcio/Premier-League/14-06-2017/premier-chelsea-conte-gelo-mercato-quell-sms-2001007115677.shtml mixed source but given Conte's frustrations a few years ago this doesn't look farfetched. If true, wonder if certain transfers out he's not happy with too? He desperately wanted Cuadrado in Juventus for example. Hopefully all will be unveiled by Conte next month