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  1. Has enough back room staff before Steve Holland stepped down. As long as he knows and gets info on English players, he knows the European market as well as anyone. Emenola will do his bit to make his job justified and hopefully will be firm on what he wants. Bringing someone in who is English will only happen if he isn't totally comfortable with the Premier league.
  2. No I went on with Ruud and a couple of mutual friends
  3. I was in the Matthew Harding Upper and thought they spent too much time in one place.
  4. Thought I'd tell you that your avitar was taken by me. You've chopped out a mutual friend of mine and Ruud from the picture. I was lucky enough to be invited on the pitch after the game and went in the dressing room afterwards.
  5. Enjoy as no sky! IMG_0497.MOV
  6. Free programme to everyone with season ticket or match day ticket!
  7. Just leaving for the game. I will go through the match thread later, I don't want to see any misbehaving on the thread today!!
  8. Think adidas are going to get their pound of flesh. Won't see new kit until pre season.
  9. Where is the pub?
  10. No there were no rules back then. 78/79 Birmingham had Tarantini (arg) Ardieles and Villa ( arg) Borota (yug) Kasi deyna Man City Colin viljoen (Sth afr) Steve orgrizovic. can't think of any more off the top of my head, I'm sure others will add to the list.
  11. IMG_0483.MOV IMG_0484.MOV
  12. My view of the celebrations Monday. IMG_0482.MOV