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  1. Alvaro Morata

    Needs to be stronger and stay on his feet more. Once he gets used to this isn't laliga he will be fine.
  2. Worrying thing is in the few minutes left on Sunday Cahill played the central role. Luiz plays that role for being free to cover, bring the ball out and speed. I haven't got a big a problem as some but don't think he can play the central role. If he plays that's a big responsibility for christiansen to play.
  3. Alonso wouldn't be able to play in a four if Conte made that switch. Struggled earlier in his career in a four. Lacks pace and can't get back which can cause ctr bk to come out to help and loose defensive shape.
  4. Interesting flicking through thread about the game. Had Pedro scored the one on one it would've been a different game. He and Moses had injuries which Pedro came off and Moses carried on but both not at their best today. Cahills distribution wasn't great but we didn't concede. I also think he isn't suited to this fixture but some of the things said about him is disappointing. Willian worked hard off the ball but we didn't use him enough and not just him but players passing was going astray. We also became too predictable in keep pumping it to Morata.
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Great how we even went into the part of the North stand that wasn't redeveloped for safety certificate 1978/79. Seem to remember with the help of pictures the North stand boys running across towards the dippers. Strange how the segregation was a police line and not by pen sections.
  6. Frank Lampard retires from playing football

    Like the fact he can have a laugh at himself with the new BT advert. The full ad is on YouTube. Would love to know how many takes it took to get it right!!
  7. Zappacosta admits it was a cross!!
  8. Willian great tonight, Zappacosta good debut, Cesc defended well as going forward. minutes for players who weren't playing Saturday. Six goals, no apparent injuries, so a good night.
  9. Thought Morata was going to come on, which would of killed Michy. He has been poor though.
  10. Need to make the next two subs soon.
  11. Get a couple more and then make three tactical subs to get ready for Sunday
  12. What a goal!!!!!!! The eyes when he looks up and the power can't wait to see if he meant it
  13. Stupid place to give away a foul, even worse the booking.
  14. Good start. Glad Pedro scored, been given a bit of stick on here recently.