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  1. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I was in the seats at the side behind Micky T and Pat in the picture! So glad I took the day off school during my exams!
  2. Richard P

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I’m glad I only told you on here!!
  3. Richard P


    How was the game? Left for Fuerteventura the day of the game! Thought there might of been pictures and stories by now
  4. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Chopper had a second Testimonial on the 21/4/1980 Chelsea vs Chelsea past 11 The current team were so bad they lost 1-0 to the past 11!!
  5. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Great times in packed terraces. Knees up mother brown! When a goal was scored or a near miss. i remember if I didn’t get seats away in the 80s everyone would crouch down doing one man went to mow and leap up at 10!!!
  6. Richard P

    Away support

    83/84 was a 1-0 win Tony Mc Andrew goal. Here’s the info on your game. Cambridge United (0) 0 Chelsea (0) 1 Date:Saturday, 28th August 1982 at 15:00 Competition:Football League Division 2 Position 7 Venue:Abbey Stadium Attendance:8,124 Referee:Howard Taylor (Oadby) Cambridge UnitedWebster, Donaldson, Murray, Smith, Fallon, Reilly, Cartwright, Spriggs (O'Neill), Mayo, Streete, Nicholls ManagerJohn Docherty Chelsea1 Steve Francis, 2 Mike Nutton, 3 Chris Hutchings, 4 Gary Chivers, 5 Micky Droy, 6 Colin Pates, 7 Clive Walker (12 Paul Canoville), 8 John Bumstead, 9 Colin Lee, 10 Bryan Robson, 11 Mike Fillery ScorerRobson 87 Debut PlayersBryan Robson ManagerJohn Neal
  7. Richard P

    Herman Crespo - Home and Away

    His reaction to the Matthew Harding stand singing his song really got to him! He stood applauding and bowing and looked emotional. I was invited to the party after and talking to the players they really love their songs and means a lot to them. I said that not all the current players have songs or regularly get sung and their isn’t the same connection with players as ten twenty years ago.
  8. Richard P

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Transfer targets will I’m sure been discussed with the new manager. no time will be lost in bringing in new players. After last year it can’t get any worse!!
  9. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    In through double doors. Long wooden bar top old shelves behind with crisps toffee popcorn and wagon wheels!! Tea and Bovril. In answer to your memory “just a big featureless space!”
  10. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Hoffmeister cans in the west stand late 80s early nineties. 1£ a can, the remarks re price were funny!
  11. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Didn’t we wear the yellow in 72 against Stoke?
  12. Richard P

    Chelsea Legends vs Inter Forever

    I don’t drink but those that do it was a free bar! With London prices I’m sure a few saved a fortune!
  13. Richard P

    Chelsea Legends vs Inter Forever

    Great get together in Under The Bridge after the game. Nice to chat about all things Chelsea and other things. Great 36 hrs, left the bridge at midnight got some sleep then off to Wembley for what turned out to be a great day!!
  14. Richard P

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The problem will still be here if Conte goes. We do not have the players to play quick attacking football, as apart from Hazard and Willian up front and Kante in Midfield we don’t have pace to play quick pass and move. We go down the line stop turn and come back inside by then the opposition are back behind the ball. A new manager will want HIS stamp on the team and could lead to big changes. This could have happened last summer and winter and would still have our existing manager here.
  15. Mate of mine was pissed with the club as he is an away season ticket holder, they were able to buy 24 hrs before everyone else. When his £145 ticket arrived he found he was in row 5 lower tier. I was row 1 £70! I’m sure they could have found better seats in that category.