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  1. this has the statement about us having third largest support in the country when we were sh*t! (As opposition like to chant) the quote is 13 minutes in but the whole programme is a good watch!
  2. Saw Borota at orient, came out of his area dribbled up towards the halfway line the ball went into the air from a tackle and Borota did a overhead kick and ran back to his area!! We won the game I think 2-0, but I think he just got bored or wanted to entertain the crowd. He was popular and always reacted with the crowd.
  3. Yes you're right about 100k but a lot of them it's about the on line channel and magazine. Was just roughly estimating how many could buy a ticket every home game.
  4. Great old pictures to see for someone like myself who started going in 1978. Was only 9 but witnessed some terrace fun for my first 10 years or so!
  5. Looks like my mates Night Club. If it is I was there!!! Went to about 4-5 great nights, press never got a sniff of them. Did you take the picture or did you come across it?
  6. The English based support is there to fill it. Plus the tourist interest in coming to London to watch a game is strong whilst we are successful. Only about 6000 tickets are for sale for a home game if the away allocation is 3,000. So if we have in the region of 50,000 plus? Members. The extra tickets should be bought, also driving away touts as it will be easier to get a ticket.
  7. Totally agree, with Eddie around our team would have been better. We went through so many keepers in a short space of time, during and after his injury. Tony Godden, Les Fridge, Steve Francis, Kevin Hitchcock, Perry Digweed, Roger Freestone, Dave Beasent, Gerry peyton, Dimitri Kharine. That's up to 1992! Trying 9 people in 1 position in that space of time shows that no one really took the baton and ran with it apart from Beasent. He had a blip in 1993 and then we went down the route of changing them every 5 minutes again.
  8. Eddie Ned's testimonial game Souness played against Roberts and the crowd roared as they went for a 50/50. After, both players were laughing and shook hands. Also remember Micky Thomas gave the ball away and dropped to the floor to do 10 press-ups!!!
  9. Programme cover for return Bradford Fire Disaster friendly
  10. Chalobah plays as a holding midfielder where as R L C plays more forward now under Conte. So they aren't competing for game time as they are different players
  11. We had good support in 1986, it took forever to get there as it started to snow leaving London! I was in a minibus which left Victoria 7:30am and didn't get there until 6:50pm!! Left after the game drove through the night to get home back to Bromley Kent at around 7am. The things we do for football!
  12. Bought the Chelsea/Rangers ski hat 84/85 I was only 16-17!!
  13. Enjoyed the return game in freezing conditions at ibrox lost 3-2 on a Friday night. Flood lights failed on one side of the ground but game carried on after we all started booing!!!
  14. Thought Luiz kept us together at the back well yesterday. Mention to Cahill also for not letting the penalty affect him and come up with the winner.
  15. Is it in the museum?