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  1. Too predictable second half need ho move the ball quicker to penetrate the spaces
  2. Interesting with less pace at the back now. Plus Luiz and Cahill were together in a back four at Watford last season!
  3. The difference is Play the to Giroud and he gives a pass back or holds the ball up and brings players in
  4. It’s only a question of time now. Turn this possession into goals
  5. Richard P

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    To think we lost away to Wednesday. Home to City and Grimsby!! And lost for the final time at Boro 2/1/84. Strange we only took 1 point out 6 against Boro, yet the finished sixth from bottom.
  6. Richard P

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    Was a boring 0-0 draw with two more points dropped
  7. Richard P

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Cardiff

    Hazard for me but we look more threatening and have more options with Giroud in the team
  8. Richard P

    Eden Hazard

    Just Class. A great performance individually and the team.
  9. Richard P

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Gave the team a great option as a target man and also he was like wall where the players could just bounce passes off him and get them back. Was in the right places all over the pitch. The scary thing is Morata must see this everyday and hasn’t adapted under two managers on helping the team in build up play.
  10. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    May have bumped into each other back in the day!
  11. Richard P

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    Saw the two home games but missed the Sheffield Wednesday away game which was one of 4 games I missed the whole season.
  12. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yeah Bromley south and Beckenham junction when I was a younger!!
  13. Richard P

    Away support

    There was always more than that at the abbey stadium when we were in town!!
  14. Richard P

    Izzy Brown

    If they are good enough they will play.
  15. Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I was on the benches that night. The start of a bad season to come but then I wouldn’t have had the fun of being at Bolton for one of the biggest games in our history! By the way the wolves home game was 31/8/82 so it’s 36 years today!!