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  1. He also kept saying Katie instead of Kelly which is her name!!
  2. Brighton are trying to attack down our left to expose the lack of pace of Alonso. If they move our back three around enough they may get back in the game. The move down the right for the header that Willy saved is just one example.
  3. I wonder how many fans went home early thinking it was over!
  4. No obvious wrong decision! Accept accusing Willian of cheating when hoe didn’t!
  5. Players not showing Antonio they should be in the team more. Also hopefully people moaning at Antonio will see now that we can’t rotate and drop certain players. The Board and personnel responsible for player purchases have got to sort things out quickly.
  6. Clive Walker for me as my first game was a certain FA Cup game in Jan 1978 against the dippers!
  7. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    My first World Cup sitting watching all the games was Argentina 78 aged 10. If Danny McGrain had been fit and no Alan Rough in goal Scotland’s squad was unbelievably strong. I think the beginning of the 90s saw less players coming down to play in England that were top draw equivalent of European players coming in to our game.
  8. Welcome Ross Barkley

    A traditional diamond midfield is not played that wide, just because the arrows show a diamond shape doesn’t make it so. We play 3 4 3 but would never leave ourselves that open on turn over of possession. I repeat the original diamond was to stop teams playing through the thirds centrally.
  9. Welcome Ross Barkley

    Can’t play a diamond midfield with 3 at the back. Diamond midfield is to control central midfield, full backs picking up wide players attacking, using wide diamond player to give you crosses from either side.
  10. CFC facts website

    Yeah posted it on here before, great site
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Carshalton were you on the benches for the Barnsley game or in the seats behind? You did well to get on the pitch if you were up in the seats!!!
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Souness was already there he was injured along with McDermott but both played a few weeks later when we won 3-1 Aylott was sub and didnt play Chelsea (0) 3 Liverpool (0) 1 Date: Saturday, 4th March 1978 at 15:00 Cutting Competition: Football League Division 1 Position 15 Venue: Stamford Bridge Attendance: 35,550 Referee: Peter Reeves (Leicester) Chelsea 1 Peter Bonetti, 2 Gary Locke, 3 Ron Harris, 4 Ian Britton, 5 Micky Droy, 6 Steve Wicks, 7 Steve Finnieston, 8 Ray Wilkins, 9 Tommy Langley, 10 Ray Lewington, 11 Clive Walker Scorers Langley 50, Finnieston 60, Finnieston 90 Sub Not Used 12 Trevor Aylott Manager Ken Shellito Liverpool Clemence, Neal, Smith, Hansen, Kennedy, Hughes, Dalglish, McDermott, Heighway, Souness, Fairclough (Case 68) Scorer Neal 48 (Pen) Booked Neal Manager Bob Paisley
  13. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    https://goo.gl/images/twpe4D https://goo.gl/images/EizdJo laughed when I saw the programme page. Went to both games, beat Manure 5-3 and think we beat L A Aztecs 2-0 but don’t remember the yellow and red cards!! Not seen the Bonetti Wilkins one before, you can see the new terrace bars being installed ready for the 78/79 season. We obviously didn’t have the cash to do the whole thing. As the club reduced the capacity to about 45,000. Which if I remember it only got to that for New York cosmos, Scousers 78/79 chelsea areas sold out. Scousers 82 fa Cup and Spuds 82 fa cup
  14. BT now going to discuss Bats and Bakayoko for an hour!,
  15. I don’t like having a go at players but am struggling to defend batshuayi temperament. If you’re struggling ability wise you can still run your self into the ground, but just don’t see it.