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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Wow some have really forgotten where we’ve come from. Don’t all jump on the media bandwagon, support the club. Spuds are supposed to have had a good season and have no chance of winning anything, again! Yes we’ve not played well and there are things going on behind the scenes. BUT we’ve got to the semi’s of the lge cup and F A cup with a chance of winning. We are one place below spuds, I know 4th to 5th is big re chmp lge. If you don’t have a squad big enough or good enough there is no point in competing in the competition.
  2. Ken Bates: The Chelsea Years

    Ken seemed sharp and funny with his answers, shame he never patched up his relationship with Matthew Harding.
  3. Perhaps people might give Conte some credit now with his changes in formation and subs
  4. We have gone with three central midfielders and two up front so we have two to hit up front and the wing backs will provide the width. Don’t see it being negative.
  5. People will be happy that Cesc made a tackle in the box when needed
  6. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Loads of extra got in on a fiddle at the turnstiles! I was 11 and it was packed that night, more than the Scousers the year before in the cup. I’ve spoken to people before about this and reckon on the 50,000 mark, programs ran out that night as well. The modern day Moscow game!
  7. Thought both teams sold their 33,000 allocations, looks like the neutral’s didn’t fancy it
  8. Some good early movement when attacking, let’s hope we carry on like this
  9. Conte has kept the goalkeepers the same through the cup competitions. Also we are down the other end of the stadium as Southampton are the most southern team.
  10. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Remember Eusebio playing in the above testimonial but forgotten who’s. Ian Hutchinson was against QPR, Peter Bonetti’s second was against Manure, Ron Harris’s second was against Our 1970s team. Trying to remember who had the game against the World eleven around the time of this away kit 78/81. The forwards in the squad were great, Cruyff, Best, Eusebio. Cruyff came also with New York Cosmos.
  11. Roy Bentley

    So sad. Great to see him at the Bridge in his latter years, always stopped to talk Chelsea and Football if you asked him. This man WAS a legend and I’m sure he will be greatly missed.
  12. Thought before the game and after watching, that with the personnel on the pitch before the substitutions that we could change formation easily from 4 4 2 or with a break down the wing Moses or Pedro could tuck in to let Dave make a third Centre back. We could’ve gone to three central midfielders with Pedro dropping in to a number 10 role. I thought it looked a good balance.
  13. With the players out there we can change from 3 5 2 3 4 3 4 3 3 very easily. Will be interesting to see if it happens
  14. FA Cup Semi Final

    Shame we haven’t got the green man. Great time at the semi and final last year, must get a good couple of thousand inside and out.
  15. Still can’t believe we haven’t sold our allocation. People always asking for tickets and say they can’t get them. 25,000 season ticket holders, corporate and surely must have around 50,000? Members. At this rate it’s not worth making the ground bigger or leasing Wembley.