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  1. Vipbox soccer had a good stream for the Bayern game
  2. Can't believe Kerry missed that and another penalty that game. He missed a few 83-84 and 84/85 Nevin, Spackman, Mc Andrew, Durie and Roberts all took pens in the time Kerry was still here. He would have smashed the goal scoring record had he stayed on the pens.
  3. Few years previously they would have all been pale blue with three wheels
  4. Interesting that BT are showing The Big Match which was shown Sunday afternoons when I was a kid. They must have bought The rites to it, am assuming that ITV can still show their own footage. BT also do a programme of the best goals of each season back in the 70s and 80s that is both BBC and ITV
  5. Watch the Chelsea vs Blackpool game. Ian Britton kicked off the ball and 3 or 4 fans come on the pitch to sort out the culprit!!
  6. Chelsea vs Man U 84/85 and Chelsea up at Blackburn early 80s
  7. Kerry celebrating his goal at three point lane 84/85
  8. Game only on premier sports 12:30 pm so it's search for a link on the net
  9. chelsea vs Man U 84/85
  10. Aug 78/79 on YouTube itv big match. Drew 2-2
  11. I thought the idea of a plain home kit is what the majority of people wanted. That can still be messed up but I think Nike have maybe listened to what people wanted.
  12. Is this similar to what you're looking for?
  13. Embarrassing day for Palace. We were given the whole of the Homedale Road end, plus the seats behind the terracing in the Arther Wait stand. Palace were getting around 5,000 at the time, the official attendance was over 19,000 there were more there than that and we were everywhere that day. I was in the seats behind palace and it was a great game atmosphere wise. Look how packed we are in the background of the picture. Great days!!!
  14. Think he will be more versatile than Lukaku, will pull out wide and make goals as well as score. Who ever plays wide will be able to rotate with Morata and go through the middle, which could make us exciting and faster to watch.
  15. Chelsea vs Sunderland 84/85