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  1. And that’s the exact reason why we haven’t seen someone break through since JT. Other clubs are great at letting a youngster off of the leash when they’re playing well. Conversely we seem to reward them by letting them play a starring role in the reserves/youth team for the rest of the season.
  2. If Hudson Odoi doesn’t start the next game ahead of both Barkley and Pedro it’ll be an absolute disgrace.
  3. I only managed to catch the second half so can’t comment on the first half but from what I saw we never looked like scoring, which has happened far too many times in games recently. Their two goals were both fortunate but we really do need to improve quickly, or the Barcelona game could be an embarrassment.
  4. Well would you believe it, we’ve started on the front foot and we’re winning 2-0. A brilliant start from the boys. Long live 3-4-3!
  5. David Luiz displaying some fine skills in the art of what he likes to call marking, which involves standing within a minimum of 5 yards away from your oppponent.
  6. Every time I watch David Luiz play it reminds me of how much I should appreciate Andreas Christensen.
  7. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    I’m 100% confident we will not pay £30m for him. Anything other than a 6 month loan is ridiculous. Our board are not that inept... are they?
  8. To be honest I think Willian and Pedro both on was the right change to make. Looking more positive already.
  9. Tried to stay optimistic but this 3-5-2 business just doesn’t work right now with the midfield 3 we are using. Leicester are pushing us back and we have no out ball because Morata is so isolated. Hazard having an off day which kills any chance of this formation actually working. Please bring Willian on for Fabregas (don’t trust a midfield two of Kante and Fabregas) at half time and let’s play positively for the first time in weeks.
  10. Wasn’t convinced 3-5-2 was the right formation at home to Arsenal, even less convinced it’s the way we should go at home against weaker opposition such as Leicester. Nevertheless I’m hopeful of a win to get confidence going again. A big performance from Hazard with a goal or two from Morata will do just nicely.
  11. I think we’re at a bit of a crossroads at the moment with regards to what formation we should go with. Although the 3-5-1-1/3-5-2 gives us solidity in midfield it absolutely kills our attack and makes us painfully one dimensional. It worked perfectly away at Atletico Madrid, but I think that was partly down to the element of surprise. At home, in games we should be winning, I really think we need to go with 3-4-3 and show some attacking intent from the outset. All in all another poor game. We must do better.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    He’s reminding me more and more of the Chelsea Torres lately. He’s completely out of form at the moment at such a critical time in the season! Hopefully he can score at the weekend and get some of his early season confidence back.
  13. Sometimes I wish I was less arsed so I wouldn’t have to sit through such dismal performances. We never even looked like scoring.
  14. Maitland Niles really has the better of Moses. I don’t think Moses believes he even has half a chance of beating him and it’s really starting to show. Unfortunately our back up is Zappacosta so let’s stick with Moses and focus more of our attacks down the left! Bakayoko has been truly woeful, as has been the case too many times this season. I think we would benefit from putting Drinkwater in his position and allowing Fabregas to play higher up the pitch closer to Morata and Hazard. 3 points still up for grabs. Come on Chels!
  15. Poor performance all round. Still not convinced by Bakayoko or Zappacosta, hopefully they come good in time. Although I can see the benefits of playing Hazard through the middle in our new 3-5-2/3-5-1-1 system, I think we need to go back to what made us so successful last season with our 3-4-3, especially without Drinkwater. Hoping for a much better performance against Huddersfield, possibly a well earned start for Michy after his two goals in the week.