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  1. The press push and push for outbursts like Mourinho's after the Southampton game so they can create a story to run during the week after the game has finished and the drab internationals take over. The fact he has been fined £50k is an absolute disgrace. The FA are an absolute embarrassment, sadly we have anti-football etonians running our Football Association, and we have anti-football criminals running the game at the highest level. It's all so brilliantly mad that it's just about enough to keep us talking during the week while we crave our true football fix. I'm hoping we use this latest bout of injustice to spur the team on. Mourinho's name will ring around Stamford Bridge on the back of this and we will use it to propel our season. Come on Chels.
  2. Think we need an alternative to the power of Costa and Drogba, Remy offers that. Think he should be the one we go for, particularly at the price he's available at.
  3. Hope we've written in a clause where we can recall him in January......
  4. A "2 year loan deal" confirmed on twitter. Cheerio
  5. I'd like to think we've incorporated some kind of sell on clause. Ordinarily I'd say a buy back clause as well but him and Jose clearly don't see eye to eye so can't see that. Hope this isn't another 'one that got away' like Sturridge.
  6. Regardless of what happens this season if Drogba comes he will a) be better than Torres and b) always be remembered for what he's done in previous seasons rather than this one alone. Ryan Giggs wasn't the same player at 40 as he was at 28 but it won't change his iconic status at Old Trafford. If Jose wants him, and Drogba wants to come then it's perfect. The only thing I fear is that Lukaku may make way for Drogba leaving us with Costa, Drogba and Torres which I don't feel is enough. If Lukaku is staying then this is a fantastic signing.
  7. A sensible post when it comes to player sales at last! All is well saying we can sell Cech, Torres, Ivanovic, Ramires, Mikel and Ba along with the likes of Moses, Marin, PVA and Romeu but in reality it isn't feasible. For instance the chance of us even being able to sell Torres on a free transfer is minimal. No team in the world would pay him the same wage he's getting here. Could be a similar scenario with the likes of Mikel.
  8. To be honest I think a lot of it has come from the picture of Pogba playing football manager as Chelsea and signing himself for us. Although as a fan of his I'm hoping there's more to it than that!
  9. I thought we were building a squad for the future? Or after falling short last season have we decided we'll just delay that for a while? If we sell Lukaku there's no doubt in my mind we'll regret it. Surely his size, strength and speed make him the perfect Mourinho player? It can't be his work rate Mourinho doesn't like, Lukaku seems like a real pro. Something just isn't right. Mourinho hasn't had a good word to say about him. In Jose I do trust, but disregarding Lukaku would be one of his bigger mistakes (there hasn't been all that many)
  10. Not what we need (if the quotes are 100% accurate)
  11. He hasn't been able to pass the ball since he joined but his energy has been very useful to us. Unfortunately now we have our wingers doing much more of a job 'legs' isn't really what we need. We're crying out for some quality on the ball, someone who can pick a pass and pick holes in the opposition, not a Ramires. I'd sell him but Mourinho won't
  12. Well just the other day I read comments on here that he is the present day Kalou! Had a good chuckle at the time and laughing even harder now. Been impressed with Schurrle and how direct he can be, the fact he headed the ball and ran across the defender towards the goal today rather than carrying on down the wing showed his attacking instinct at it's best. He seems passionate and puts plenty of effort in, has pace and can put the ball away. I'm surprised Mourinho hasn't done everything in his power to make him our first choice striker. But for now it's just good to have another player who's likely to be full of confidence for the remainder of the season.
  13. It seems fitting that he has scored at a time when he's been one of our better players this year as well. Seems like a genuine guy. Well in John Obi
  14. The support for Torres absolutely baffles me. 'Moving the defence around' and 'making space for others' by simply being on the pitch can not be a defence for someone who cost £50m and is on £175,000 a week. If he played for another team I think people would come to this thread and have a right old laugh about him.
  15. Must confess, I don't love Torres at all. If we had signed him for £10m he'd have left the summer after he joined but because we've invested so much we seem reluctant to cut our losses. He's one of our highest paid players yet produces very very little. How must that make other players in the squad feel, particularly the strikers. Countless times I've seen us going down the wing and Torres hasn't made a move in the box, front post or back post he just casually jogs in and makes it to about the penalty spot. I will continue to 'support' him while he's a chelsea player but of the current 22/23 man squad, I think he's the worst we've got. Hopefully it'll all fall into place under Mourinho and he might be able to get him somewhere close to a good player, unfortunately though he'll never recreate the Liverpool days again.