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  1. Lord

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Loved his first interview. Seems the exact opposite of Mourinho, both in demeanour and overall footballing philosophy.
  2. Expectation: Like Sarri said in his first interview, exciting football that excites us all and makes us all proud of the team. Top four league finish. If a cup trophy comes along the way, it is an added bonus. Hopes: Hazard stays and continues to shines. We get a replacement for Morata and Higuain is NOT that guy. Fear: Losing Hazard; missing out on the top-four.
  3. Lord

    Eden Hazard

    Willian: 60 m Courtois: 50 m Hazard: 180 m ------------------ That's close to 300 m for three players that are either already in the prime of their careers, or just past it. All three probably have only one final big transfer in their careers. They have given the best years of their lives to CFC. I know there are risks, but you can build a great, great squad, and one for many years to come with that kind of money. There would be at least around 50-75 m remaining for this season's transfers even after the Sarri-Jorginho deal. (around 100-125 m total is what early rumors suggested) One or two young players can be shipped out too. The only question is whether we can trust the Board, given the current state-of-affairs, to invest close to 350-400m wisely ?
  4. Lord

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Reply again again when it is 5 or 6 PM.
  5. Lord

    Next Chelsea Manager

    It is around 6:00 AM in London right now. We can expect the formal announcement in a few hours time.
  6. Lord

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I want an overall change in footballing philosophy at the club. Winning titles will take time. Winning titles may not even happen under Sarri. But if the club plays exciting football that pushes me to the edge of my seat, I'd be more than happy. We are not divinely entitled to win titles all the time, but we can definitely demand the club plays better football than the pile of rubbish that was repeatedly trashed at us last year.
  7. Lord

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Thank you Antonio for the memories. Those touchline histrionics, especially in your first season, will last a lifetime in my memories. Good luck..
  8. Lord

    Next Chelsea Manager

    59 isn't old for a manager! He still has six-seven good years of management in him. No one lasts more than two seasons here, so even if he were 63/64, his age would still be an absolute ‘non-issue’. ;) The fact that he hasn't won a thing is more of a concern to me. And there is still a lot of confusion on whether he speaks English. Addendum: I remember reading that he has worked in London before, so may he does.
  9. Good post Dorset, as always. Will not be able to comment on any of your predicted lineups until we have a clearer picture of what Sarri and the Board’s line of thinking on player-acquisition for the season is. However, I don't agree with your statement that pairs Zidane with Mourinho and Guardiola as “three bigger bear marketeers to be scooping out of wealthy club honeypots on a regular basis in the last decade”. During his two-year spell at Real, Zidane bought five or six “fringe” players. His most expensive buy was 40-odd million for the young winger, Vinicious Junior. His spending stats are incredibly measly compared to the other two you mentioned. Of course, one might argue he didn't need to spend much with all the galacticos he inherited.
  10. Lord

    Next Chelsea Manager

    All over mainstream media now. Conte sacked. No official confirmation yet.
  11. Lord

    Next Chelsea Manager

    So, what next? :O From a purely publicity point-of-view, it doesn't make any sense announcing the big news today, because media pages and TV channels are drowned in sorrow after Tottenham’s exit from the World Cup, hence tomorrow. ;)
  12. Lord

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Let good news tomorrow rub some balm over tonight's lugubriousness. In Sarri, I hope.
  13. Lord

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I am hopeful that situation wont arrive and will be very disappointed if it did. Hopefully, there will be happy faces both in London Russia tomorrow.
  14. Lord

    Next Chelsea Manager

    That logic is not true now that we know Ronaldo has already formally signed for Juventus. Not allowing Sarri to leave before the new season will cost Napoli not just a lot of money (compensation from Chelsea plus usual annual pay to Sarri), but also become subject to a lot of negative press review for clinging on to their former manager while having already signed a new one in Ancelotti. This is akin to a hostage-like situation. And there can also be legal ramifications - they would not want any of that mess. I don't think this will carry on for long. [ (!) and we’ve heard that enough times by enough people in this thread (!) ] They must have been so pissed with our Board’s attitude of refusing to pay the buy-out sum after convincing one of their most successful managers of recent times to break an existing contract, that they really want to drag this thing on and on closer to the start of the season, well aware that we have to give in at some point before the season starts (paying whatever they want). But now that Ronado has joined Juve, Napoli would be under increasing pressure themselves to raise capital and be decisive about which players they want in and which players they’d allow to leave. Delay will only shoot up player prices.
  15. Lord

    Next Chelsea Manager

    True. There was no point being a condescending, smug, smart-arse.