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  1. We need to beat that lot by +3 goals to go top of the Premier League table. I see no reason why we can’t do that against the FSW.
  2. I think Alonso has been our worst player on the pitch. A fullback who can't defend and who is too slow for any meaningful counter.
  3. I am predicting 3-1. For: Morata, Hazard, Pedro/Willian/defender (3) Against: streaky goal from a set piece (1)
  4. With Gooners, there' a lot of unrealistic "delusional" expectation that usually begins one or two days before matchday, which lasts only until kickoff, and then there's the usual doom and gloom for the rest of the week, cussing their players, manager and owners for the team's sh*tshow on matchday. That's how most Gooners who I know are like anyway.
  5. I know it is too early to draw any meanigful conclusion, but we should have the first taste of Sarriball in tomorrow’s derby. There is no better feeling in football than beating the delusional Gooners.
  6. Lord

    Rate our transfer window

    The older core of the team will be slower and more pedestrian compared to last season. That includes four or five players. We added one quality player in Jorginho. And one player on a loan deal. Has our squad improved at all? Barely.
  7. Lord

    Rate our transfer window

    4/10. Everyone knew Conte was a goner after last season. Jorginho is exciting. Plus 1. Sarri too. Plus 1. Held on to Kante and Hazard. Plus 1. Plus points only for these. Kepa is an expensive swap/downgrade on Courtois. Long term deal though. No points. Should have cashed in on Willian. Minus 1. Did absolutely nothing to ship out one or two expensive deadwood permanently. Minus 2. Didn't address the striker's problem. Glaring deficiency. Minus 2. Didn't address either wing. Minus 2. Didn't address the CB position. Minus 1.
  8. Lord

    Mateo Kovačić

    And the number of players across the park we need to move on and replace for next summer is scary. Fabs, Pedro and Girourd are on their last legs. May be Willian too. Alonso isnt getting any quicker. Morata might not improve. Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Zappacosta and Bats are not Chelsea level. Moses is plain average. RLC divides opinion. Cahill will be gone. And then be able to keep the likes of Kante and Hazard from the clutches of PSG and Madid is a tall order. Unless a couple of these youngsters come good, we will be hundreds of millions away from competing for the title in today’s inflated market.
  9. Lord

    Mateo Kovačić

    His contact with Madrid runs into the summer of 2022. There is no buying clause inserted in the loan deal. So that is it.
  10. Lord

    Mateo Kovacic

    Marca, RM’s mouthpiece, are reporting that there is no buying option in the loan deal that has been agreed.
  11. Lord

    Mateo Kovacic

    And assuming he does really well this season and wants to stay here permanently instead of going back, Madrid will ask us a crazy nine figure sum we won’t be able to afford.
  12. Lord

    Mateo Kovacic

    He is unhappy there only because he can’t find a place in the starting eleven ahead of Kroos and Modric. Kroos didn't have the greatest season last year compared with his usual lofty standards, and Modric will be 32/33 next year. They will need to freshen up the midfield soon. If he is guaranteed first team football, I doubt he will turn down the prospect of playing for the biggest club and playing for the biggest trophies. I hate loan deals without a buying clause.
  13. Lord

    Alvaro Morata

    All rumours of a new striker seem to be fading. And with such a big outlay on Kepa, I doubt if we have enough in this window's budget to finance another marquee name without selling a 'starting eleven' player. Plus, time is fast running out. We will be stuck with Morata, at least until January, it seems. He better fire.
  14. Lord

    How much time will Sarri get?

    We will have a fair idea of whether he's all hype or real substance by the end of the year. Understandably, he will need time to instill his ideas and techniques into the players, but I think we should start seeing signs of that by January next year. Until then I will wait patiently. My only worry is if Morata has no potential at all to improve as a striker. It will be a slow rebuilding process at the Bridge, and I hope our talisman doesn't turn his back on us just in case we miss out on Champions League football two seasons in a row.
  15. At least the saving grace is that Spuds haven't signed anyone of note, which has clearly irked Pochhetino, and Mourinho is, well, clueless Mourinho, in his third season. Unless something dramatic happens in the market in the next eight days, I don't see how United and Tottenham will better last season's performances. At least two other top managers/fans look more distraught with the transfer window than ours/us.