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  1. In essence, I agree with what you say, but my original arguments still stand.
  2. Your argument would have been perfectly valid if there was no Jorginho in the side. The lack of creativity with Jorginho in the back and Kante in the more advanced role has been glaring for the last several weeks now. The question is not how good Kante is/was, but one of whether both Jorginho and Kante can fit together in the starting eleven. I have serious doubts. We are too reliant on Hazard's magic for any sort of creativity for goal or the usual Alonso crosses.
  3. You begin by at least trying for the best. Things might not end up being perfectly that way, but nonetheless. And it's not over-the-top optimism to sell two players and buy two players in the summer window. We don't spend the way we used to, but it is doable without playing FM.
  4. Sell Kante to PSG for loads of cash. Get an offensive midfielder in his place. Sell Morata to whoever is foolish enough to bet on him. Buy a proper striker for God's sake. Tie Hazard to a long term deal. We will be good to go for next season.
  5. The problem around here is if you criticise either Jorginho or Kante, you are portrayed as someone who doesn't understand the "game". :)
  6. Think it will be something like 2-1, with around 65% ball possession
  7. Feeling bad for Morata. Well done Sarri et al.
  8. Yes, I would, unless you're looking to play him in his favoured position instead of Jorginho. Sarri will not do that, though. And I don't think Sarri will be too keen to change a winning formation.
  9. I think you're over-reacting instead. :) I never said Azpilicueta is NOT an excellent defender - but he has a lost a yard of pace this season - fatigue, age, World Cup or whatever else. That is all I said. I never said Kante is not good - but he is not doing well in the current advanced role (now that Jorginho is the preferred player in that position). That is all I said. And I almost feel it has become fashionable to criticise someone who questions Jorginho's overall influence in our game.
  10. 75% of Jorginho's passes are either sideways or backwards. Kante has been absolutely poor in Sarri's system. Fabregas is 'nearly' gone. Azpilicueta seems to have lost a yard of pace this season and those crosses are drying up. Alonso is well, Alonso. --- It is scary to see how heavily dependent we are on Hazard in just about every tricky situation. ---- And now the assist.
  11. Kante, Barkley, Jorginho, Luiz are all having a stinker. Morata with barely a few touches is one of the best Chelsea players on the pitch. The lack of creativity in the final third is glaring.
  12. We need to beat that lot by +3 goals to go top of the Premier League table. I see no reason why we can’t do that against the FSW.
  13. I think Alonso has been our worst player on the pitch. A fullback who can't defend and who is too slow for any meaningful counter.
  14. I am predicting 3-1. For: Morata, Hazard, Pedro/Willian/defender (3) Against: streaky goal from a set piece (1)
  15. With Gooners, there' a lot of unrealistic "delusional" expectation that usually begins one or two days before matchday, which lasts only until kickoff, and then there's the usual doom and gloom for the rest of the week, cussing their players, manager and owners for the team's sh*tshow on matchday. That's how most Gooners who I know are like anyway.