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  1. Andreas Christensen

    Thought he was very composed, especially in the second half. Marshalled Kane well and reassured after that blip of a miss kick at the start. Can be given a little bit of a let off for the post hit by Kane (personally thought was a mistake by Dave charging out that opened up the space. Sky pundits were impressed and haven't seen many negatives with him
  2. Random Rumours

    love the Aurier signing but again Van Dijk really feels like an unnecessary signing unless we are to use Azpi at wing backs
  3. Transfer Options

    We gotta do something... haha. As much as i like seeing us get the squad ready... after selling Matic we have sold 17 players... we gotta get some in haha...getting a little worrying.
  4. 2 awful decisions from the ref... goal given against us (pen) and Bats clearly onside
  5. If Cuevas isn't brilliant, surely we must have a youngster on our books who can play left wing back what about Castillo ? we must have someone haha
  6. Izzy Brown

    Plus Zouma at Stoke Ugbo at Barnsley Aina at Hull & Da Silva at Charlton Gotta say our loan people have outdone themselves in terms of quality of loans.
  7. I think its unlikely we will play 2 up top. I reckon its going to be a case of the lads who have played the most in pre season getting a bit of a rest. so it would surprise me to see them line up such as Courtois Christensen Luiz Cahill Tomori Alonso Pasalic Kante Baker Fabregas Morata Bold selection I know, but id assume Bats, Willian, Azpi, Moses, Kante, Alonso etc could all potentially be benched as need a rest.
  8. does anyone know why Izzy Brown isn't with the squad, or any of the other top performing youngsters? Castillo, Hudson Odoi etc. Realise they have played tournaments but surely they would have joined up?
  9. Also Bayerns squad is following: Starke, Hummels, Ribery, Martinez, Lewandowski, James, Rafinha, Tolisso , Muller, Friedl, Sanches subs: Ulreich, Fructhl, Hoffmann, gotze, alaba, colman, dorsch, pantovic, wintzheimer
  10. Caballero, Eduardo, Bulka, David Luiz, Tomori, Kalas, Clarke-Salter, Scott, Baker, Pasalic, Remy, Morata. that's the full bench so assume Rudger hasn't travelled, remember it being previously mentioned he had longer off post Confed tournament.
  11. Pleased with the startling line up, good depth to it. will anyone come in for Kenedy on the bench?
  12. Nathaniel Chalobah

    as everyone has mentioned regarding the squad what does this mean for our HG quota? Christensen ? Moses? Cahill? unless Musonda and Baker are hanging about we are looking awfully thin... i support Conte and the board 100% but i do have to question some of the decisions... wish they would give us some explanation over players leaving.
  13. What is going on? Transfer frustration.

    Completely agree. The integration problem seems to be one of our major flaws. There was a story a few days ago saying Baker was set to sign a new contract and then head out on 2 year loan deal in Prem/Champ - why? by the time he comes back he will be 23-24 when he returns and deemed to old if not good enough to be used. Either sell him or use him if he is good enough. another point and something to think about with the Lukaku deal, although he's a very good player and is a top striker, he does only have 16 goals in 57 games against top 6... he is known for bullying small teams so I still think £75m plus add ons is too much for him. I wouldn't mind not being linked with anyone in the papers but what irritates me is that we are 'apparently' so close to players such as Baka but yet it isn't finalised... why the hold up? wouldn't mind the club giving fans a little more insight into the workings of how transfers are going (unlikely but we can live the dream). Also saw that Kenedy, Musonda, RLC, Chalobah are listed as first team players but Christensen and Baker are not... any clues on that or am I being paranoid?
  14. Romelu Lukaku

    well one can pray.. apparently we won't pay the 12m to Raiola, god that bloke is a nasty piece of work.
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    i reckon there's another twist in this story, medical can be done and fee agreed but until contract signed its anyones game... id be interested to see whether us matching the bid has any effect.. Raiola won't like us so that counts against us