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  1. Really hope these lads push on now... I wonder if we will see any of the youngsters by the end of the season? obviously all depends on results but who wouldn't love to see the like of RLC, Chalobah, Aina, Ake, Solanke being joined by Mount, Chalobah, Castillo, Sterling, Hudson Odoi, Ugbo etc. reckon if we seal the title Sterling, Castillo and Ugbo may feature... Sterling was another class yesterday
  2. our passing has been truly awful
  3. Feels like a great time to put Michy on
  4. Does everyone want to chill out a little bit.... yeah we aren't playing we'll but lets not go nuts yet.
  5. Alonso has looked so shaky in this game... like a gangly teenager
  6. After his performance for U21's and with a few key players maybe nursing a knock or two id love to see this, optimistic i know and probs will be the usual bunch but this feels like a game to get a few players involved Begovic Cahill Luiz Ake Azpi Alonso Kante Matic William RLC Pedro Costa Courtois - hips always a little tough to shrug off and an extra week would help Hazard - little rest due to long season and knock at belgium Moses - Maybe just rest for one game Also i know this is pessimistic but if anyone saw Benteke against Russia he looked lethal in the air.
  7. Hmmm suppose that's true... Zouma would be a good idea I reckon though .. he wont get ahead of the normal back three at the moment ... and Ake has come back to get game time whilst Terry, Ivanovic and Aina would fight it out for the other spots.
  8. Completely agree with powerful centre mid such as Kessie from Atlanta or Bakayoko who would fill that. Veratti a little optimistic and very expensive. reckon Ake can fill LWB but another RWB would be good. Also in terms of outs and maybe a little optimistic but what about Zouma and Loftus to Bournemouth for the rest of the season if we could work it? they play counter attacking football and we know they need a centre back whose comfortable on the ball and Zouma could use the game time and further Prem experience and would slot in to their team instead of Ake and gives them time to replace him in the summer. Loftus is just a guess but would rather him their than Newcastle. We must all admit Wilshere has looked since he went to Bournemouth and I reckon Loftus would like Howe's tactics. Also completely off topic but has Solanke's contract been sorted out? and if it has or hasn't.... why?
  9. Great squad player if he did come... not sure West Ham would be too pleased about one of their fan favourites joining us. Gotta admire his determination and I like the wing back role but wouldn't mind some whose a bit better at defending... didn't cover himself in glory when he filled in at right back for West Ham.
  10. Yeah its a shame as all 3 (Brown, Abraham and Solanke) could be great for us but we are gonna struggle to fit them in unless someone like brown switches to a wing position. Realistically out of that lot with the return of loans and if we signed Llorente and had Bats. Costa - Starter (1st) Bats - Rotation (2nd) Abraham - BackUp (3rd) Solanke - Prem Loan (4th) Brown - Prem Loan or Sold (5th) Llorente - 1 season then sold Remy - Sold Bamford - Sold Traore - Sold (Great player but English youngsters key unless he converts to wing has to be sold) Moving back onto topic slightly, Conte seems to like that taller, aerial striker as he did Llorente when he signed him as back up, giving a different attacking dynamic to the team. Llorente transfer makes sense to his previous squads and makes me believe Abraham will be the one to succeed out of the others with maybe Solanke getting through.
  11. Apologies... scary as in what on earth are we going to do? That's a lot of forwards around the same age (Bats, Solanke, Abraham, Brown) - won't count Bamford as I reckon matter of time till he leaves... what are we gonna do next season with them all? they are going to be looking at Chabolah, Loftus Cheek and Aina and reckoning they should at least be around the squad... not to mention Traore to come back
  12. It does seem like an odd one and maybe strange seeing as hes cup tied but I reckon we have to trust Conte. He' s managed to get the most out of underperforming players such as Pedro and Fab, revitalised players we had Q's over like Luiz, Alonso, Moses and Chabolah. Gotta trust that what hes sees in this deal is right. If Llorente comes in on a cheap deal and contract and Bats gets lots of playing time it can only be a good thing. Moreover, I don't see Solanke playing anytime soon until he sorts this contract sh*t out (WHICH IS AS FRUSTRATING AS HELL). little worried about it because our Frontline selection is scary - Costa, Bats, (Llorente potentially), Abraham, Solanke, Brown and Bamford... somethings gonna have to give.