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  1. Andreas Christensen

    The biggest appealing factor for me is like Terry he reads the game fantastically and spots the issue before it arises... works well with Rudiger/Azpi and often keeps Cahill out of trouble
  2. Barkley

    The memories that man created. on a serious note would be brilliant to have someone even as half as talented and successful as Lamps.
  3. Barkley

    BBC Sport and Sky Sports both picked up the Story as an official source now. Usually when both pick it up its fairly clear its a done deal. Happy with this.
  4. Barkley

    In all honestly its fairly clever, we have knocked 20m off his valuation and he's been injured and not played a game. Sensible business by all accounts. My slight query is wouldn't he and Loftus Cheek almost play the same position ? both probably prefer the Central Attacking Midfielder role and with Cesc, Drinkwater, Kante, Baka and potentially Barkley & Loftus Cheek we have a strong midfield.
  5. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    The Style and Type of Striker that Carroll is makes sense, big bloke to hold the ball up and the likes of Willian, Pedro, Hazard etc. Makes sense but not sure anyone would accept Carroll
  6. I would like to see one of Hudson Odoi & Musonda aswell as Ampardu play prominent roles and Sterling and Clarke Salter to be at least on the bench. The likes of Palmer, Scott, Castillo (maybe), Ugbo around but unlikely.... with Ugbo and Palmer I'm not really sure what our plans are for them
  7. Thibaut Courtois

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11195158/thibaut-courtois-says-a-new-chelsea-deal-is-close sounds like a real positive step.. I wonder if this means his family may come live in the UK too? Now if Hazard stays then we are in good stead.
  8. Really unsure which was Conte will go with this ... theoretically a 2nd XI Chelsea team should beat Everton but who knows on his decision. I'd say we will see. Willy Rudiger Ampadu Cahill Zappa Drinkwater Baka Kenedy Hudson Odoi Pedro Bats Bench: Eduardo, Sterling, Clarke Salter, Cesc, Willian, Morata, Christiensen (Scott, Palmer, Ugbo, etc. would be fun!) To be honest It could be anything
  9. Alex Sandro

    I'd prefer Bertrand to be honest.... Knows the Prem, not champions league registered and therefore available plus helps English quota and I'd hope fancies showing Stamford Bridge he's got more in him than his outstanding performance against Bayern.
  10. January Window 17/18

    Realistically the Players who will leave potentially are Bats (Sell/Loan), Luiz (Sell), Kenedy (Loan), Musonda (Loan) if we have to sign and replace before we sell I reckon that we won't see Luiz leave until the Summer. There aren't too many Centre Backs of his (potential) talent floating around and if so they will cost a fortune. The only ones I can think of would be Benatia (Juventus) or maybe Manolas (Roma) ? . Also must remember Zouma has to come back and assume he will play some role next season. Clarke Salter and Ampadu aren't at the standard yet to cover the loss of Luiz anyway (not sure whats happening with Clarke -Salter to be honest). Bats will go on loan I would assume but every chance he might be sold... Everton could use a striker and have enjoyed our Belgian players before? In terms of replacement ? maybe someone Conte has used before? Immobile is having a good season at Lazio and Conte like the Boakye character. Id love Mandzukic as another option but unlikely to happen even if behind Dybala and Higuaín. Kenedy and Musonda may just be loaned out for experience but would surprise me if Kenedy was sold as no long term deal signed like Musonda and doesn't really seem to have a position.. unless Conte fancies him for a left sided Moses. Sandro would be the obvious choice at LWB and seems to be more readily available than before but Gaya, Sessegnon, Telles, Jonas Hector & Philipp Max all seem strong candidates. I could also see a slightly wacky move for a midfielder... maybe on loan to cover CM/DM as may be slightly light here ... especially someone who isn't Champions League registered. This will be crucial in who we sign if we plan to go further too.
  11. Kasey Palmer

    Longshot but I wonder if he will play against Norwich, does anyone know his official return date? Would take some pressure off our attackers/midfielders as proven championship player at least and still fairly young.
  12. Well from his Instagram activity seems that Musonda is most likely starting. Lots of passionate quotes and messages about pulling on the shirt and seeing Stamford bridge soon. I think we see an interesting combination of the squad tonight as I don't believe Ampadu or Scott are ready for first team starts but yet we cant be using Baka, Luiz and Fab too much with big games to come and Drinkwater and Kante out. This game would be perfect for Baker, RLC, Van Ginkel etc. (but won't moan haha) Think squad will be Willy, Rudiger, Christansen, Cahill, Zappacosta, Kenedy, Luiz, Ampadu , Musonda , Willian , Bats Bench: Eduardo, JCS, Sterling, Scott, Fab, Hazard, Morata Not sure about whether JCS will play more significant role or who will partner in midfield but reckon Conte will test the likes of Ampadu, Musonda etc. to step up and play major role. Hopefully Andreas will show class tonight and move above Ruidger and especially Cahill in pecking order which is where he should be (honestly).
  13. Outplayed by the better team today, Conte got tactics wrong and we look tired. Not sure putting Willian on for Morata was right move as no target man... Hazard looked annoyed at that. Christiansen looked really good today and we looked better without 3 central mids although still exposed.
  14. Reckon Ampadu, Sterling and J-CS will all come on if we score another... might as well
  15. Zappacosta

    Makes a lot of sense and reckon he will fit the formation well, Conte obvs knows what he's getting after selecting him for the Italy squad. Better than ox for sure. now if we could sneak some Drinkwater, Llorente, Mahrez and Barkley would be decent.