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  1. not that i think we will get him, but i doubt that is correct. He was outstanding against us and i thought during the game conte would do worse than grab him on loan. I reckon we have asked about him and it is genuine interest, but it is going to come down playing time i guess
  2. Not a chance he leaves Arsenal now, unless psg offer silly money. wont leave to pl team
  3. lol. as if
  4. He will go. Not close to our level, and this is even more reason to think he will be let go IMO
  5. £30m? lol good one Swansea. Prem based backup strikers hmm apart from Llorente. I'd take Rondon aswell tbh, something about him i rate. Benteke meh. Think we may have missed a trick not going for Iheanacho
  6. I wonder if Monaco feeling Man city and PSG have been illegally tapping up Mbappe, is having a bearing on them refusing to do a deal for Mendy?
  7. seen it now. Not convinced, it says June 2017 on the tab. Although so does this
  8. di marzio saying this is close and also claiming Danilo to City. At first i thought the city rumours were a bit strange but he seems to be right on both
  9. i cant see what it was, have a screenshot?
  10. dimarzio says City have agreed a deal, 30m plus 5 in bonus. And we are close to Morata.
  11. That MARCA article about City and Danilo is literally a 90% copy and paste of the one they did like 2 days ago saying we were signing him. Just swap team names and manager names. Mental, i am a little skeptical that they only report it since sky italia claimed they were advanced. Weird thing is, UOL Esporte and globoesporte in Brazil also claim he is on his way here. Someone is bs'ing. Either sky italia, or the brazilian outlets
  12. he will sit on City's bench. Unless we were never in for him all along... imagine that although brazil's 2 main sports outlets in UOL and Globo say hes coming here. who knows
  13. Batshuayi and Llorente would not be good enough. Not even a debate. Belotti would suffice, not at 100m euros though
  14. Imagine being a City fan and thinking you're a bigger club than us therefore players wouldn't leave you for us. what a crock of sh*t. You were a relegation fodder side before the cash, winning sod all Funny thing is Wenger has been adamant all summer Sanchez is not going to a rival, yet City fans come up with ridiculous theories and crap to suggest the deal will happen. From body language, believing journos on twitter just because they're Chilean etc Yet for example City saying Aguero wont leave is cast iron. Double standards
  15. I dont see Morata happening. 90m euros is utter extortion for him.