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  1. That's a waste of money. Christensen is better and has solid experience in the Champions League, he's ready to play for us next season.
  2. He'll probably move to Madrid for big money and take Bale's spot as he's been so injury prone lately.
  3. Horrible attitude. Keep him far away from this club please
  4. He has to win premier league player of the season at this rate. Exceptional man.
  5. Pedro has been in tremendous form
  6. Didn't even matter. Both he and Kante got bullied by Wanyama and Dembele.
  7. Hazard, Costa, and Sanchez would be a brilliant attacking line up. I think we can tempt Sanchez, he may want to stay in London, we can meet his wage demands, and we can guarantee trophies, not to mention working along side one of the best coaches in world football. Only thing that puts me off is that he's 28 already, but seeing as Robben is 33 and can still produce magic, then I think Sanchez could have longetivity. He doesn't seem to get injured that much either.
  8. How much would Sanchez cost? 45 mil?
  9. Conte compared Fabregas to Pirlo, and said Cesc is a genius like Pirlo
  10. Can't wait to see Kante in the Champions League next season manhandling the likes of Veratti and Modric.
  11. This kit was very underrated
  12. Joey Barton will probably start and try to injure one of our players.
  13. Why are you still hanging around this forum?