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  1. Pedro has been in tremendous form
  2. Didn't even matter. Both he and Kante got bullied by Wanyama and Dembele.
  3. Hazard, Costa, and Sanchez would be a brilliant attacking line up. I think we can tempt Sanchez, he may want to stay in London, we can meet his wage demands, and we can guarantee trophies, not to mention working along side one of the best coaches in world football. Only thing that puts me off is that he's 28 already, but seeing as Robben is 33 and can still produce magic, then I think Sanchez could have longetivity. He doesn't seem to get injured that much either.
  4. How much would Sanchez cost? 45 mil?
  5. Conte compared Fabregas to Pirlo, and said Cesc is a genius like Pirlo
  6. Can't wait to see Kante in the Champions League next season manhandling the likes of Veratti and Modric.
  7. This kit was very underrated
  8. Joey Barton will probably start and try to injure one of our players.
  9. Why are you still hanging around this forum?
  10. Might be better for us that Hazard is out. He's been pretty average these last few matches and switching up personnel could give us something different. What's the chance of Conte playing a 3-5-2 with Cesc in over Hazard?
  11. Haven't we learned our lesson about singing over the hill strikers with horrible injury records?
  12. Thank god we're not in the top 4 race. We absolutely cannot lose to Arsenal this weekend.
  13. Why? He's an extremely limited player. I haven't watched a Schalke match in almost 2-3 years, but back in 2012/2013, he wasn't even that good.
  14. Conte always seems to gets his tactics wrong for these types of games. f**k
  15. It's also an issue that it seems he's our main source of creativity -- and sometimes our only available option for making things happen. We should probably aim to sign someone like Sanchez or Griezmann in the summer to take the chance creation burden off of him.