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  1. Costa holds the ball too long sometimes. Some flicks and quick play is needed
  2. Is Conte seriously considering Llorente over Michy?
  3. I try to stay busy with other things in order to move on from a loss.
  4. We badly need a midfielder
  5. f**k me, is Costa even playing?
  6. 5 defenders and 4 midfielders by Poch -- seems defensive but at the same time could counter us. Really hope Kane is isolated but I feel like they may expose us and swamp the midfield with us only playing Kante and Matic.
  7. One thing I like about Pedro is that his finishing is very good, and he can basically score from supposed nothing chances.
  8. Trying to figure out why Michy didn't start
  9. Why would he not start? I'd have to question Conte and the Chelsea management if a player we payed 20mil for can't even get game time against Bournemouth.
  10. Surely this is money laundering
  11. But why bother trying to fit a player like James into our team? Why change our entire system? We really don't need 60mil players to win titles as Conte has shown us getting the best out of decent players like Moses.