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  1. What a useless signing. Moronic that we would drop 60mil on a position we could easily fill with someone cheaper instead of spending on someone who can unlock defenses or score goals.
  2. Why aren't we in for Aubamayang?
  3. Really? We signed and announced Cesc/Kante pretty early during the window, and presented them later. Surely we could do that now and not wait for the contract to end?
  4. I'm not sure if we'll be able to retain the title next season without new players. And what the hell, City and United back to back away matches??
  5. I'll be disappointed if we sign him. I just don't think he's quality and can't be relied on in big moments.
  6. I'm liking this potential of having a strong French speaking contingent with Hazard, Courtois, Michy, Kante, Bakayoko, Tolisso, Zouma. They're all relatively young and will possibly gel very well. We should try pushing for Griezmann.
  7. Our midfield is dog sh*t. Can't see us winning anything next season if Matic is still here and we don't address our problems.
  8. Captaining us to his 2nd title. Maybe he'll lead us to a CL title next season
  9. That's a waste of money. Christensen is better and has solid experience in the Champions League, he's ready to play for us next season.
  10. He'll probably move to Madrid for big money and take Bale's spot as he's been so injury prone lately.
  11. Matic is so sh*t man
  12. Horrible attitude. Keep him far away from this club please
  13. He has to win premier league player of the season at this rate. Exceptional man.
  14. Pedro has been in tremendous form