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  1. 3 at the back has been exposed?

    I’m starting to think 4 at the back is the way forward, and it seems Conte switched to that late in the game. We’ve been getting dominated in the middle and the opposition are creating an insane amount of chances — Watford were let down by poor finishing but they could have easily been up 4-1, Roma also let down by poor finishing.
  2. The problem is we can’t string 2 passes in midfield. Can’t keep the ball and we bypass the middle with too many long balls. Morata is forced to chase down long balls and is forced to play as a target man in some sense. Clearly the midfield 2 isn’t working but we have no players to do anything else. I really hope Conte considers reverting to a 4-3-3 with David Luiz as a defensive midfielder
  3. To be fair, Marco Silva is a very good manager and we’ve been in dire form. This was always going to be a tough game
  4. Ignore him. He’s a troll
  5. We look much better in a back 4
  6. Switching to back 4 it looks like
  7. Here comes Michy...oh dear
  8. This 3 at the back sh*t is getting annoying
  9. Lol he’ll just walk. A class manager doesn’t deserve sacking
  10. Looks like Watford are pressing high just as every other team this season
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    f**king useless board I swear. Can never have any stability. Useless. I might just give up if he walks
  12. This match will be won in midfield and Watford will be licking their lips at the prospect of facing us, no midfielders available other than Cesc. Apparently Christensen can play in the middle? And I think Azpilicueta could do a decent job as a ball winning midfielder? He's played on the right midfield before. 4-3-3 Courtois Zappacosta Cahill Rudiger Alonso Christensen Azpi Cesc Pedro Morata Hazard With this formation, it'll help us nullify their midfield while also giving us something different compared to 3 at the back. If needed, Christensen could drop into the middle of Cahill and Rudiger to sweep up balls.
  13. 3 at the back has been exposed?

    That midfield would get sliced apart by Watford, Dacoure has looked amazing this season and Chalobah/Cleverly aren't slouches -- they can pick out decent passes. In fact, Marco Silva has Watford looking very solid, it'll probably prove to be a tough game.