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  1. Potentially 60 matches with up to 3 a week at some points. It only takes a slight injury to go to be left with no cover at all. It's why I've been a big proponent of Sanchez, we haven't had a backup CF who gets games elsewhere on the pitch since Anelka.
  2. You mean the three games in which Michy was the only CF in the squad not wearing an Athleti Shirt. i think Bats should be second choice, I also wouldn't think that LLorente would be a bad purchase but we can infer nothing from pre season friendlies whilst conte is reshaping the entire team.
  3. A fit, reliable Jack Wilshere is a player you could build a team around. I would have him at Chelsea in a heartbeat. A fit, reliable Jack Wilshere would not be available from Arsenal. There is a reason why at 25 he's played less than 150 games. Unless the penny drops and he makes fundamental changes to his lifestyle and manages to stay basically fit for 2-3 years he will never be more than potential.
  4. Id argue Man Utd last season struggled with a similar problem as us the season before in that its relatively easy to counter Mourinho's tactics, you cant be counter attacked if you don't attack. Mourinho likes his grafters but they haven't had that amount of magic that allows then to unpick teams at will. Zlatan did that to a point but you cannot rely on one player. He does not know how to build a team up to beat teams, he only knows how to exploit mistakes in his opposition.
  5. I wanted Lukaku but I think its fair to say as a comparison and a sounder for compatibility; Teams that play against defensive units hoping for a point: Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus Teams that play against teams that think they could win; Everton, West Brom Lukaku has shown that he can play in the latter, Morata has shown he can play in the former. Its going to be an interesting season.
  6. My bigger issue about Emenalo is that the club have never seemed to be able to trust themselves to choose a path and stick to it. As soon as there seems to be a drop in form they sack the manager, revert to type and stymie progression. How can you go from Scolari to AvB to Ancelotti to Mourinho and expect the players to match each of their very different expectations. How many players have we bought for a system we do not play?? Torres, Batman... when have we ever had a striker who plays on the shoulder? Cuadrado, Salah, we haven't had wingers for 10 years! The Lukaku flat track bully argument is one that can be legitimately throw at every striker outside the top two. Just how many times has Messi scored against us eh? Of course he has scored less against the top 6. They conceded less goals than those below them. It's a given. My misgiving is that I don't think Lukaku plays in a way that Conte wants his striker to play. I don't care how many goals he scored in Everton's system, if we can't play to his strengths then he'll flop. This is Emenalo's job. Coordination of player and manager recruitment as well as development of the youth. So far he's doing a great job of selling the youth. I just wish he could sell them to our current manager.
  7. Heres my 2 Cents. I agree the comparative lack of transfers is troubling, the rest of the league are clearly making moves to try and catch up and we need to improve to maintain our position. HOWEVER... We have no idea who the board are actually trying to buy. Newspapers live to make money and any news sells papers. They are 99.9% of the time wrong. To say we missed out on a player is to be certain we were after that player. Does anyone think we are actually after James Rodriguez or do we think his agent is trying to get him off Real's books? Names. At the moment we are linked with big name players from top level clubs for big money. When has this EVER worked out well for us? Our mid budget signings from middling teams have always proved our most successful Ivanovic, Azpi, Cahill, Didier, Essien, Hazard, Lamps... compare that to Sheva, Torres, Veron. We have a very good squad and improvement will cost a fortune (or a good amount of cash at a big risk) AND hinder chance of the youth players been given games. I for one would prefer to see Conte making upgrades where available, cost effective and a clear upgrade and keeping the squad players from the academy (U23 year old with potential). Bakayoko for Matic with Matic sold to allow Chalobah to remain in the squad. Mourinho's Rule of "2 first team starters for every position" kills progression and always has. We all want the best players but we do not have a competitive advantage anymore When Everton can spend £100mil not to mention the other 5 teams in this league as well, we need to box clever and use our resources properly. Signing a central midfielder to play in the pivot for the cost of Cristiano Ronaldo like many wanted us to do last year for Pogba is folly and as im sure we saw, Kante for a third of the cost proved a much better signing.
  8. Err... Us virtually every season ever. We have never really played with a goalscoring striker. Didier only managed 20 league goals twice in his career for us, Hasselbaink only did it twice. Anelka got the golden boot in a title winning team and only managed 19!! Our strikers have much more been about bringing others into play than being out and out goalscorers themselves. Its probably why we havent had any luck with half our fwd choices, they just havent been the type of striker than plays the Chelsea way.
  9. Maybe a little premature but I will 100% agree with you if we sell or loan Zouma AND stick to a back 3. I agree we need a top quality bit of competition for Cahill/Dave* but I think beyond that we should have Zouma, Ake and Christiansen all at the club and all getting a reasonable bit of playing time in the 3. If we move to a 2 again I can see the justification for only having Luiz, , Cahill, Christiansen and AN Other. Our current system allows Ake to be a absolute nailed on option in 3 different positions, I have no idea why we have allowed that kind of versatility and talent to move. Its a real shame we just do not want to put our neck on the line for any development of OUR youth. £20 Mil is alot of money and I do applaud the board for rinsing that much out of a club the size of Bournemouth but if is further proof that the Transfer market is absolutely mental and cannot be our first option when it comes to squad players. First 11-15 players, absolutely, buy the best you can, beyond that we should be using the youth team players we believe could have a first team role in the near future. *who I only mention because I would like to see him at RB/RWB.
  10. I dont disagree, however we have truly made our bed with the Diego situation, had we played Batman we wouldn't be held at gun point with our other negotiations now Diego has made his intentions clear. He is either: Not good enough and thus we spunked £32 million for no reason or We were incompetent in our utilisation of him thus we have spunked a years worth of development time and potentially decreased his value. Either way it paints a poor picture on his transfer. I think he has potential, we wouldn't have parted with so much money without, I just don't think we have any idea how good he could or how he'd fit Contre's system because we haven't seen enough of him.
  11. Lets be frank, Oscar for Kante + £33million is the best piece of business in the PL ever. Shame we blew that £33 mil on Michy and then never played him but hindsight eh.
  12. Which is partially because we don't play with a 10 and thus don't have any in the squad. We don't have any particularly great wingers either, doesn't mean selling Cuadrado was the wrong choice. In the right system KdB is an awesome player and certainly better than anything we have in our squad now but if we did play that system we wouldn't have sold Mata and would have played to Oscar's strengths better.
  13. €10 million and a 15% next sale profit, I know negotiated buy back arrangements arent allowed in French football (Source, amongst many) so im really not that enthralled about losing him.
  14. It is the Third(?) most expensive transfer of a Gk ever. To Everton. Only Buffon and Ederson have cost more. That is not from a club spending their standard annual earnings, not when they could have bought Joe Hart for £10-15 mil and certainly not when you have pressing concerns in your squad like Barkley's clearly wanting out and in his last year of contract, Phil Jagielka as your first choice centre back alonside Seamus Coleman who is out forever with that horrible injury together they comprise two of only 5 first team Defenders
  15. My guess is that Lukaku and Bakayoko are already signed and any unveiling of them now would have to be with Adidas as the main sponsor, holding an Adidas shirt. By delaying the announcement until the 30th June they can then get everyone holding up Nike shirts, as a grand unveiling. Cesc and Kante signings didnt have the same pressure, we had the same main sponsor and kit manufacturer before and after, in fact i think we played our last game of the previous seasons in the next seasons kit if im not wrong, this year we havent been able to do that because Adidas paid us until the 30th and the Nike deal starts on the 1 July. As far as i can see,people are getting a little antsy because City have been spanking the cash, I truly believe we have bought the big buys already with Conte looking to assess the rest of the squad in pre season before looking at more. Either that or Everton have decided they actually have money for once, Everton are not a club that will traditionally spend £30 mil on a GK and a further £50 Million on a midfielder and another striker (as is rumoured), my guess is they have agreed a deal for Lukaku and are using the silent period to reinvest before every club realises they just hit a £70 mil jackpot.