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  1. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Fair play to him, wants to play CM, we aren't guaranteeing him that. I think he should ask James Milner how being guaranteed a CM spot at Liverpool goes. For me he's an ideal signing. CM, RW, RWB cover with the potential to be first choice in those positions. But if he chooses Liverpool then Cé La Vie. Choosing one nearly team and stepping down to another without even the consistency of FA cups.
  2. Isn't Fabregas on everyone's wave length. When given the time he was today he is the best footballer on this team Think its fair to say we are missing Hazards directness too. Pedro likes running onto the ball and Willian hasnt got the same cutting edge as Hazard.
  3. Completely lost their focal point in Lukaku and replaced him with Sandro who lets be fair even in todays market looks expensive at £5 mil. Would love to have seen Rooney as a proper 10 infront of a decent Double Pivot. Cannot see how they are going to play him, Sigurdsson and Barkley in the same team.
  4. That was poor. Nothing to do with fitness, absolutely about not paying attention and sensing danger. Marvelous Athlete who still needs to learn how to play football.
  5. His goal rate isnt though.
  6. Pedro, poor miss, Moses shocking miss. This could and probably should have been 4.
  7. He goes to ground there and that's a penalty. Those two diving cards recently obviously making an impact and making him stay on his feet.
  8. Are you worried about the squad size?

    I think you are about right there, Ox and Drinkwater would add the depth we need, id add Shaw in there too if Utd go for Rose. I think all of them could be done reasonably cheaply, whatever that means in this market, £100mil combined (Euurgh) and would solve our other problem, Home grown players. Think you are bang on about Remy, no one will pay his wages and no one will offer us a price which would be more valuable than his intrinsic 3rd choice striker value. Unless we get someone else in who, Lorente for instance, I just dont see the value in selling him. BTW, Drinkwater, Lorente, Remy... Really setting my sights high.
  9. Danny Rose

    His fitness is in question, im sure our staff could work their usual magic on that but his position... At Southampton he basically was a wing back but in a 4 man defense. He has an absolute engine on him, much like most Pochettino players and under Conte I think would thrive. He has a much higher potential than Danny Rose.
  10. Danny Rose

    Let Utd have him, there is no way Levy would sell for anything like his true value. Id be happy with taking Luke Shaw off Utd's hands to free up some cash for them.
  11. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Potentially 60 matches with up to 3 a week at some points. It only takes a slight injury to go to be left with no cover at all. It's why I've been a big proponent of Sanchez, we haven't had a backup CF who gets games elsewhere on the pitch since Anelka.
  12. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    You mean the three games in which Michy was the only CF in the squad not wearing an Athleti Shirt. i think Bats should be second choice, I also wouldn't think that LLorente would be a bad purchase but we can infer nothing from pre season friendlies whilst conte is reshaping the entire team.
  13. Jack Wilshere

    A fit, reliable Jack Wilshere is a player you could build a team around. I would have him at Chelsea in a heartbeat. A fit, reliable Jack Wilshere would not be available from Arsenal. There is a reason why at 25 he's played less than 150 games. Unless the penny drops and he makes fundamental changes to his lifestyle and manages to stay basically fit for 2-3 years he will never be more than potential.
  14. Alvaro Morata

    Id argue Man Utd last season struggled with a similar problem as us the season before in that its relatively easy to counter Mourinho's tactics, you cant be counter attacked if you don't attack. Mourinho likes his grafters but they haven't had that amount of magic that allows then to unpick teams at will. Zlatan did that to a point but you cannot rely on one player. He does not know how to build a team up to beat teams, he only knows how to exploit mistakes in his opposition.
  15. Alvaro Morata

    I wanted Lukaku but I think its fair to say as a comparison and a sounder for compatibility; Teams that play against defensive units hoping for a point: Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus Teams that play against teams that think they could win; Everton, West Brom Lukaku has shown that he can play in the latter, Morata has shown he can play in the former. Its going to be an interesting season.