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  1. I think tonight has highlighted how important Christiansen is now. After watching Luiz constantly follow Deeney out wide all night leaving a massive gap down the middle vs Watford. He even made Dave look average.
  2. The stat correctly relates to the 2 seasons both have managed in the premier league. Not just this season.
  3. I was never worried, honestly.
  4. We actually started to press higher up the pitch late on. Confidence coming back after a really shaky start. Hopefully we can build on this.
  5. I predict 3-0 to Chelsea
  6. I'm glad Fabregas starts in midfield, we don't need 2 defensive midfielders against West Brom. We need someone who can turn and make a forward pass from deep to make use of our attackers. For me we've really stuggled to transition from midfield to attack, we need more quality and speed of pass and I think Cesc is the best we have for that.
  7. This ones been working so far http://foundationsports.com/chelbour/
  8. DarkMata

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    But paying an extra £10 million transfer fee is the equivalent of paying Dzeko the extra salary. I think they calculator the fee and salary as one package. Like I said the money doesn't add up. £15 million sound much more realistic. Hopefully Michy can get some proper game time at Dortmund and come back a much better player.
  9. DarkMata

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    That sound much better. The numbers didn't add up, not with us refusing to pay for Dzeko.
  10. DarkMata

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    If alls correct we're getting the worst deal here. Dortmund get Michy for free, We pay £35 million for Giroud and Arsenal get Aubameyang for the equivalent of £25 million
  11. DarkMata

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    I'm not convinced we'd pay so much for Giroud seeing how much we seem to be haggling over Dzeko. A great deal for Arsenal if its true, we pay £35 million for Giroud then they pay £20 million on top of that for Aubameyang.
  12. DarkMata

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    I think Giroud is a top player. The price is a bit much if its true considering his age, but we are a bit desperate and its getting late in the window so we are bound to get fleeced. Also he can play in the Champions League unlike Dzeko. I'm happy with this, although I'd be happy to give Michy more opportunities.
  13. DarkMata

    Dzeko the Gecko

    and Carroll the barrel?
  14. DarkMata


    I've just noticed Ash left in 2014! Less than 4 years ago.