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  1. From memory Cech, Drogba and Luis didn't play much that season it was virtually the same team we play now. I get some players are older but it was only 2 years ago not enough to go from champions to where we are now, last season was a disgrace. Where did the spurs performance come from if the team lacks physical or/and technical ability? As I mentioned and this is where you are right regarding Cech and Drogba the team seems mentally weak or don't give a damn. As brilliantly talented as Hazard is I think he's lacks confidence and is scared of making mistakes, he doesn't what the responsibility of the team on his shoulders. If you could transplant Sanchez's brain into Eden I think we'd have a player up there with Messi. I have to admire the determination and never say die attitude of Sanchez, something our team is missing in abundance.
  2. I noticed the exact same thing, something isn't right the Kante of last season would have got back tracked Ozil and prevented the goal. Has the Chelsea Poison already got to Kante? Where is the determination and passion at 2-0 we still could have had a chance seemed like we'd already given up. Something is seriously wrong, the Spurs performance last season highlighted this most to me. We can play amazing and the title winning team is in there somewhere but it seems the team is mentally weak or don't give a damn. I don't doubt the ability of our players, well maybe a couple but I just have this gut feeling that there are a couple of bad eggs that are undermining everything. Why on paper are we above everyone bar City maybe but on the pitch we are mid table, and I don't blame the managers.
  3. Does anyone think Moses is just a naturally fit guy who needs little to no preseason to get up to speed? Given he looks to be our best player every preseason only to be left out the final squad. Do the rest of the team just catch up in fitness and sharpness and overtake him leaving him looking not so impressive? Out of all the youngsters I do think Ola Aina should be in the squad for the new season. I think the fact that unlike the other full back options we've used he's gone by slightly unnoticed, but in a good way feels like he's been there for years, no drama just steady and safe. He may need to be tested against better attacking teams, but Ivanovic and Baba didn't look safe against the weak opposition we've played so far.
  4. I particularly enjoyed the part where he said something along the lines of - People might consider us as under dogs but that small flame flickering can grow into a blazing inferno.
  5. I don't believe we're even thinking of most of these players, just paper talk. Benteke and Gyan have done nothing to deserve a chance at Chelsea. Surely the club has learned from signing has beens like Falcao & Pato? What happened to us buying young potentials like Hazard, Oscar, De Bruyne, Mata and the like? I have a feeling Roman is going to properly back Conte and has realised if you what to stay at the top you can't rely on cheap transfers and loans to fill out the squad. I still think we have the pull and money to go out and get a Pogba or Griezmann. Both may be a stretch but I would love us to get them both, add Koulibaly and that would be a dream. 3 big signings rather than 6 average players is what I want the other places should be given to youth players.
  6. The greatest goal scorer I have ever seen! 2003–2008 Udinese Apps 39 Goals 11 2004–2006 → Modena (loan) Apps 53 Goals 15 2008–2010 Rennes Apps 48 Goals 14 2010–2012 Sunderland Apps 34 Goals 10 No way good enough add him to the Falcao & Pato failures
  7. Not sure we'll make top 4 four but in the last 6 games we've gained 4 point on United and 7 on City and Arsenal, so you never know.
  8. Hiddink set the team up to attack early on so we didn't have to push too hard late on. This is what we should do all the time! Usually this season if we do score an early/first goal we then sit back - what was it at the weekend that made us continue attacking? Is it mental or just the instructions from the manager? I still believe the team from early last season is still there somewhere and we should be steamrolling teams more often. Its often said teams that are quick out of the blocks seem to continue the tempo throughout the match, where as I think we've been too slow and only start playing once we go behind eg. Man U. Maybe I'm still dwelling on the Utd game but I feel they have been there for the taking over the last few seasons and we've given a poor Utd side too much respect and as Sunderland proved if you get in Utds face they can't handle it. We give teams too much respect and don't trust our selfs. I think we'll have the same issue vs PSG, sitting back and inviting pressure. The positive is we finally battered a team, been a long time since I felt that feeling of being comfortable before half time. Fabregas and Costa where back to their best, hopefully Hazard can follow and we can have an enjoyable end to the season.
  9. I'll give it a season before Balotelli tries to revive his career at Chelsea.
  10. Seriously I can't see the point, why bring Pato in on the chance he finds form again, its not like its worked for Falcao. I'm not one who keeps banging on about our youth players, but why don't we try out some of the youngsters you've got to admit it's the best time to throw them in as we're not getting a CL place. If none impress we've not lost anything. Why can't we keep the money and the squad space and use it in the summer when better players are available and when the new manager can decide? The only thing that I can think of is that they believe it will help Hiddink win the FA Cup/Champions League?
  11. Well the Guardian is now reporting we are after him. A little more respectable than the make it up as you go papers it was reported in earlier, but still no source or evidence. I think the source for this rumour could well be other papers reporting stories from other papers, but it seems to be a daily thing now so maybe there is something to it. If it is true the question is will Juve and Pogba agree with our terms?
  12. I'll never forget Crespos late winner vs Wigan in the first game of that season. Class written all over it.
  13. Another article here. Makes me feel better about the signing especially coming from JT, someone who's played against him in his prime along with every other world class striker.
  14. He just needs minutes under his belt