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  1. Enjoyable match, thanks for the streams.
  2. How do you get this to work, its asking me to create an account?
  3. Yeah, and I could care less about the League and Champions League, but I don't think I will.
  4. Benjamin Mendy

    He looked less than average vs the 11 men of Bournemouth last week. Not really a missed opportunity either he apparently said to the Monaco vice president ‘If it was Chelsea, I’d stay; but if it’s a chance to work with Guardiola, I want to go.' Don't like the guy anyway, taking the mick out of the Brighton defenders OG and Bats too.
  5. Broadcast Bias

    Like most have said the tv coverage will even itself out. I do believe media bias towards certain clubs exists though. Just like last year they eulogize over Pep, rave over Liverpools attack, elevate Spurs English players, and worship a 6th placed team that's made 2 decent signings. Yet completely dismiss Chelsea. It took 13 wins in a row before the media gave Chelsea any praise, and still I felt they were hoping for Spurs or City to pip us to the title. I'm quite happy for us to go under the radar again.
  6. Alex Sandro

    The fact we didn't seem to be looking for any other left wing backs after Sandro makes me believe this will happen next year. I think Sandro has agreed to give Juve one more year, at which point the Spinnybloke will be back from his loan and be the perfect replacement. I'm already looking forward to next summers transfer window.
  7. Are you worried about the squad size?

    To be honest everyone seems to be banging on about other teams squad depth compared to ours, but looking at Utd's bench at the weekend (one of the main comparisons) compared to ours when everyones fit and available I think ours is better and we have a better starting 11 too. Chris Smalling

 (pants) Jesse Lingard
 (pants) Marcus Rashford Sergio Romero

 (pants) Ander Herrera
 Marouane Fellaini
Matteo Darmian 
 (pants) Willy Caballero Tiemoue Bakayoko Willian Charly Musonda Michy Batshuayi Andreas Christensen Antonio Rudiger and thats not including Zappacosta and Drinkwater. City are the only team I can see that beat us squad wise. Plus we only need to get to January before the reinforcements arrive.
  8. Deadline Day Drama

    The adaptability of our players is a plus, the problem is when you get injuries to your adaptable players. If Luiz and Dave gets injured we've less cover for their main position and the ones they can play.
  9. Deadline Day Drama

    Do you mean Superspuds reply, if so I have to agree.
  10. Deadline Day Drama

    I feel this could be right. I find the whole thing strange, I mean what kind of medical could a guy who can't play football for 3 months with an hamstring injury do?
  11. Deadline Day Drama

    Sooo who are we going for in January then?
  12. Deadline Day Drama

    Well the right one has Moses and Cahill on the bench, 2 players in the lefts starting 11.