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  1. He should just shut up now. It's one thing to play the clown on the way to training or in the off season, but the pre-season has already started and he's still acting like a 13 year old with an attitude problem. Makes you wonder how impressed Atletico are about this kind of crap, given that they're probably soon to be paying this guy a huge amount of money.
  2. I don't quite get what 'full control' would actually mean in this context. Academy boss is a full time job, so its not like he could take over the day to day minutae involved in Bath's job. It seems completely logical for first team manager and academy boss to work closely together to smooth the transition of players into the team, but surely they should be doing that anyway?
  3. Completely agree. He's more than shown how important he is for us. There will be games where he leaves us too open and we need a more defensive pairing in midfield, but he gives so much opportunity for the front 3 it would be madness to let him go.
  4. Really wish Ash had been a little earlier!
  5. Thats because I can't get over it, I'm usually a miserable fecker!
  6. Oh my god I can't stop grinning like a retard! CHAMPIONS!!! f**k YOU 2015/2016!! THE PREMIER LEAGUE IS BLUE FOREVER!!!!!
  7. I'll be really sad if he leaves, I love the way he can just create magic from nowhere.
  8. Went with Kante, but could just as easily have gone with Eden. Both been magnificent.
  9. It's getting nervy, but once we get Everton out the way we'll be fine. Don't see us dropping any points after that one, and Spurs have some hard games to come.
  10. Spurs form is worrying, but ours is becoming seriously worrying. We desperately need to pull our heads out of our asses and finish strong. As for Costa, if he's not going to improve, he needs to be dropped regardless of whether that means Batman coming in, or Hazard/Pedro playing up front.
  11. Our captain, I can't imagine another one.
  12. Getting a bit worried about him now. His expression/body language coming off was bad as well, especially compared to all the beaming faces.
  13. Palace was just one of those freak results. Could have just as easily been 5 or 6-0, but occasionally things just don't happen.
  14. If it was City 7 points behind, then maybe I'd be more worried, but Spurs? Nah, we've got this.
  15. There's rumours of a Liverpool transfer though, and that would REALLY piss me off.