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  1. Kentonio

    Mateo Kovačić

    Thanks for the info!
  2. Kentonio

    Too many midfielders?

    Would you like to buy some magic beans?
  3. Kentonio

    Eden Hazard

    I agree with the rest, but on this one point I do have some sympathy with him. Dave and Brana were incredible that year, and it would have been difficult to justify dropping either of them when they were probably the best FB partnership in the world that season.
  4. Kentonio

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Stewart Robson thinks Jorginho is rubbish and can't see any qualities in him.. Absolute tool.. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1004407/Chelsea-news-Jorginho-Maurizio-Sarri
  5. Kentonio

    Our New Stadium

    We're catching them. They still top the global shirt sales (as of 2017) with 2.85m, but we're in 4th with 1.65. We have an ever expanding global fanbase, great commercial deals and we've won a hell of a lot more than them in recent years. Unless they get back to winning titles again (or we drop off), there's no reason we can't close that gap significantly. You know its funny, I quite often forget just how big we are these days, because of growing up watching us in the 80's. It's like when you hear some top player say they dreamed of playing for us as a kid, and my immediate reaction is always 'Blah, blah, sure..', but then when you think about it, they were probably kids when we were emerging as a top European side competing for the CL every year, and smacking Barcelona around for fun. God I feel old..
  6. Kentonio

    Eden Hazard

    Arrigo Sacchi: "When you see Sarri’s teams play, you know how they train. He is a genius." Pep Guardiola: “I have no doubts that Sarri is one of the best managers out there. He achieved something incredible with Napoli.” Fabio Cappello: “Every 20 years there is an innovation in football. After Ajax there was Sacchi’s Milan, then Guardiola, who rather sent football to sleep. Fortunately now we’ve got Sarri, who can wake football up again.” Sarri may be a relative newcomer to top level football, but to say he doesn't have status overlooks the massive regard he's held in by some of the greatest managers the game has seen.
  7. Kentonio

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Probably explains why he's so careful with money.
  8. Kentonio

    Eden Hazard

    Building around a player doesn't mean the player can just do what they want, and the manager will just let them. We're talking about a professional sport worth billions of pounds, and managers and head coaches on multi-million pound salaries. No-one is that good that they could get away with just totally ignoring the manager of their club and doing whatever they want, not even Messi. Building around a player just means the coach builds around that players strengths, including potentially giving them more freedom than normal to play to those strengths. Remember when Jose made Eden track back more? Did Eden just laugh in his face and ignore him?
  9. Kentonio

    Victor Moses

    Ah cheers, hadn't heard about that. Really good move.
  10. Kentonio

    Eden Hazard

    These could well be the 3 most mental things I've ever read here. Seriously. Sarri is one of the most advanced attacking coaches in Europe. It's literally his job to teach players how to play in a way that advances their potential and makes them perform at a level above where they currently are. Some of the most legendary coaches in the game have called him a genius and a revolutionary for his ability to do exactly that, yet you think he has nothing to teach Eden? You should really take yourself outside and have a word.
  11. Kentonio

    Victor Moses

    I’m guessing he didn’t want to disappear off to the ACN for 2 months in a season where his club future will be determined by whether or not he can convince Sarri he can fit into his system. If he was sold, you’d have to assume it wouldn’t be to a title challenging team, so it’s probably quite important to him to prove his worth.
  12. Kentonio

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Surely we can't be lucky enough to get Sarri and Monchi in the same season? Monchi would be an incredible boost for the club structure.
  13. Kentonio

    Alvaro Morata

    More than one game of the season would be a good start..
  14. Kentonio

    Mateo Kovačić

    The future is blue.
  15. Kentonio

    Mateo Kovačić

    Don't know if he's a depth player, it sounds more like he's bigger than that. I haven't seen much of him, but I've heard a number of fans of other clubs talking about a Kante-Jorginho-Kovacic midfield as quite possibly the strongest in the league.