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  1. Kentonio

    Eden Hazard

    Amazed he's not on that money already to be fair. Wasn't Rooney on it about 5 years ago?
  2. Kentonio

    Hazard ready to sign new contract

    If we hadn't made an offer yet, it might just be that the club were being smart and waiting till he felt happy with the football again (which has now happened). Not much point in opening contract negotiations with a player who isn't enjoying the football and who might just turn you down flat and start setting up a move elsewhere.
  3. Kentonio

    Eden Hazard

    I was talking about 2 of their managers now publicly encouraging Hazard to leave Chelsea for Madrid.
  4. Kentonio

    Eden Hazard

    The last Belgium manager did that as well, its almost like they only hire unprofessional c**ts for the job.
  5. Kentonio

    Jorginho is a Blue

    If there was a player as adept as he is at that role, he certainly wouldn't be happy sitting on our bench as a backup. I think Fab as backup is a great option, and if he leaves we'll find it very hard to replace him.
  6. Kentonio

    Antonio Rudiger

    That's what I was hoping, but got a bit nervous it could have been a groin pull. He seemed to be moving awkwardly a few minutes later (although a knock in the balls will do that too to be fair).
  7. Kentonio

    Eden Hazard

    So happy we don't have to see that sh*t happening any more. Used to make me so damn angry. We'd need a goal with 15m to go, so he'd take Eden off. Fecking genius..
  8. Kentonio

    Alvaro Morata

    Plus United are leaking goals all over the place at the moment, so it should be a good opportunity to keep his streak going.
  9. Kentonio

    Antonio Rudiger

    Any update on that injury he took right at the end? Was really worried about that.
  10. Kentonio

    We've got a new Kepa

    The lads been great so far, really happy with him.
  11. Kentonio

    Alvaro Morata

    I was close to finally giving up on him recently, but absolutely delighted to see him scoring again. Long may it last, there's certainly a lot of talent in there.
  12. Kentonio


    I thought Willian was pretty decent yesterday. Still not the end product we’d like, but much better than the last time out.
  13. Kentonio

    A new striker in January.

    Higuin might have been good for our chances this season, but wouldn’t have been a good long term choice. I’d rather us plan ahead better than that. Let’s be honest, none of us seriously thought this was a title challenging year (and still don’t realistically).
  14. Criticizing people who have a sh*t game while you’re annoyed would be one thing. Slagging off players who aren’t even on the pitch is just pathetic.
  15. It’s one thing to have a grumble about someone not putting in a shift, or just because you’re frustrated, but some of the sh*t on here tonight was way over the top.