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  1. Good post - agree with everything apart from the kit! We have to face up to the fact that our primary kit is pretty dull as far as kits go. Blue with a bit of white here and there - really nothing to write home about. The blue is a nice shade and that's about it really. Despite some efforts to jazz things up several decades back we've never made the steady transition from plain old blue to allow the designers of today much scope to use a broader palette - we've currently got red and that 'muddy' gold in the club crest so why not use that in the design
  2. I get the HG angle but that's just rank officialdom trying to paddle the canoe upstream. Couldn't give a hoot tbh re English players playing for us - if I had I would've stopped supporting years back. Maybe I am just shameless - buy the best in and win the lot.
  3. Why though/ What difference does it make. A player is a player is a player...
  4. Genuine home-grown top class talent is rare amongst the top European sides - why should it be any different for us? There's around 500 squad players in the PL sucked in from the global gene pool which drives up entry standards. With literally millions of kids dreaming of playing 'footy' in the top flight it would be a miracle for CFC or any other club to identify 'the one' at a young age. If it was easy there would've been more than one JT - and who's to say that wasn't an absolute fluke? X Factor mentality doesn't help - I was talking to guy the other day whose 10 year old son plays for a local (Lake District for me) team and he is stone-walled convinced the kid has a "brilliant future" as the club coach has told him he is "an amazing natural talent". I think fans as well as parents etc buy into this crap - I've lost track of the latest and greatest kids we've had 'coming through' over the few decades I've been supporting Chelsea. So what if the Academy is a profit centre - helps us buy better players to stay at the top level. Interesting to note that it used to be the lack of local talent getting through that caused angst but now it is home-grown - just shows that sentiment is maybe moving with the times too!
  5. The away kit looks smart enough. The home kit is well..... blue with our club badge and a couple of sponsor logos on it. What more can be said - saves Nike paying a designer a fortune to spend hours knocking up a prototype.
  6. Apart from new players I'd like to see some thought given to who our next Captain should be. Cahill - not inspirational enough for me. Maybe Luiz?
  7. Way to much negativity about the team on here and to read some negatives about Conte is beyond belief. The reality with the FA Cup is that it is played post the PL season. For the top English clubs the big prize at the start of the season is the PL trophy followed by 'getting into the CL next year'. I'd like to say that the CL trophy is also on the radar at the start of the season - the reality is that it is not. MUFC were in with a realistic chance for a number of years and we had a couple of golden moments too. I do not see any English team, including us, as having a realistic chance (excepting a fluke) of taking the CL next year. For a team that has achieved its primary objective or, bettered it, as we did this season then the post PL season FA final is a bit anti-climatic. The FA Cup is not the huge prize it used to be, it's fast becoming a 'nice to have' in the same vein as the old League Cup or whatever it is called now. I think that's were we were yesterday - yes, overtly, our players looked fired up prior to kick off but was that what was going on in their heads? I wonder. On the other hand Arsenal had a poor season by their standards. A lowly finish in the PL, a lot of off pitch controversy re Wenger, a recent takeover bid etc. To the Arsenal players yesterday's match really was a big deal - and it showed. We lost the match not because of the appalling referee, or for some out of sorts performances from a number of players, but imo simply because we had exceeded our seasons ambition three weeks ago and Arsenal were still going full tilt to win something to put some gloss on an otherwise shabby season right up until yesterday. As a footnote we all know that we won the league this season with a good team albeit not a great team. To achieve this from where we started at the front end of the season was amazing. The reality is that if we are to compete effectively at the very top table we not only need greater depth in the squad but we also need a number of far more talented players too. Conte knows this, Roman knows this and I look forward to how we continue to build on our success this season and, maybe, 2-3 seasons from now it will be great to see us again going full tilt for Big Ears. KTBFFH
  8. Nice result - thought the tactics were spot on. Zouma - nice lad but way too ponderous for a back 3. To be fair though he does need a lot more game time. Playing out from the back - yes, I get the drift as to why we do it but I swear on my Lovely Wife's life I was banging on about the dangers of it for the 10 minutes prior to Tibo's mistake Surely the message is dead simple: do it when safe to do so. If not then hoof the bloody ball down the pitch. Silva should get a retrospective ban for that blatant face holding crap - fine player but that was pathetic. Slippy looked gutted in the BT studio - bless.
  9. What like the fact that were robbed of 2 points in our first game against Swansea early in the season?
  10. To be fair Palace played ok today - two nice finishes and some resolute defending. Chelsea are manifestly a team a quantum leap better than Palace and despite the one-sided-ness of the game sometimes this sort of crap just happens. Happens to other really good teams as well. Some of the Palace 'injuries' were amusing to watch!!! The Ref' today was myopic - that should've been one penalty to us and a red card to them. been a very different result following that. Still - 7 points is some advantage!
  11. How I wish teams like Stoke were consigned to The Championship. Great result,
  12. What a grubby team MUFC are. Rojo should definitely have gone. KTBFFH
  13. Just as a point of reference and I know it is just personal opinion but: Straight after watching this match we slapped the DVD of our wonderful CL triumph onto the TV - the one that showcases the whole campaign. I have to say that as good as that team/squad was the movement in Saturday's game was far slicker and much faster. I'd wager that our current team would beat them. I'm not knocking the 2011/2012 lads as it was bursting at the seams with great players, and they did a fabulous job, but I reckon this current crew could (with a couple of key new players) be absolutely sensational in the CL next year.
  14. Good result. Sod the penalty shout - they should've had a goal disallowed after that disgusting foul at their place back in September that cost us 2 points. Karma!
  15. We were far from poor at Burnley. For sure we were not at our ever-fizzing best but we were not poor. We dominated most of the game time with virtually all the play at their end of the pitch in both halves. Conditions were, however, poor - it snowed all match and the temperature was at around 2C (according to our car thermometer en-rout to the match)e which is not conducive to great football. Apart from that the pitch was a mare - it was water logged (drainage issue probably) and the grass had been cut long in the typical fashion of home teams short on technical skill. On top of that Burnley were a *loody nightmare with their cynical 'just below the radar' physical tackles and I'm not even going to mention the time wasting. I thought we did ok in tough conditions. Seems to me that some people expect us to romp home with 4/5/6 - nil wins etc simply because a team is below us in the league - in this case a team with the 3rd best home record to date in the league - first being us, Spuds second and then Burnley. It was hardly going to be a walk in the park.