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  1. MOTD2 - all about Arsenal being so wonderful and then only a short chunk re Luiz. Predictable Beeb!
  2. I wish my body had the recovery abilities of Kolasinic - goes down with a mighty scream as though he was pole-axed and then trots about shortly after with no sign of even the slightest limp. Red was fair but Kolasinic made the most of it.
  3. A real game of two halves. First half Arse realised we had screwed up in midfield. Half goes to Arse. Second half we realised (eventually) that we had screwed up in midfield. Half goes to us. Much as I rate Conte his Kante/Fabregas combo' is a thing of real ugliness to behold - hope I never have to see it again.
  4. Good post. Sadly the media, and even more sadly many fans, judge the success of the 'window' by the big names a club attracts whilst forgetting that a good squad that works well together is what really matters. I thought it was a very good window FWIW.
  5. What an excellent post - spot on!
  6. We officially have an incompetent board

    Which of the top 10 teams ranked here are bursting with home grown youth talent that play on a regular basis? To my knowledge the answer is none. https://www.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/club/index.html The youth mantra is a rheumy-eyed yester-year argument. We are a top club on the global scene - youth need to play elsewhere to cut there teeth before they are good enough to help us realise our ambitions. Very few will ever make it to the top table. In those top 10 teams the total number of players in the squads is around 250 - that's from a global pool of millions of aspirants. Maybe we need to just accept that the academy is a cash cow (a good one at that) that just maybe will throw up a real talent every once in a while.
  7. We officially have an incompetent board

    GI think the owner and the Board are great - they've done amazing things for the club. Great players to watch over the last decade and a half and all those trophies! Brilliant new stadium in the pipeline too. Way too much drivel spoken about their performance - don't like it? Go and support Millwall or some other sh*te penniless London outfit instead.
  8. Media trying to destabilise Chelsea?

    Clickbait - pure and simple. Click the bait, up pops an ad', buy a watch, car, plane etc and the host gets a cut.
  9. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I don't share you 'impressed' view - apologies but no offence meant. A highly paid player trotting back to help defend against a set piece in an under the cosh penalty area is simply someone doing their job - regardless of whether some other strikers do or don't (can't think of too many who don't these days) doesn't warrant the 'impressed' moniker in my book.
  10. Media trying to destabilise Chelsea?

    Now in my 7th decade I have witnessed the appalling dumbing down of the media especially since the dawn of social media which has in itself become a repository of deranged tripe that is treated as verbatim by its readership. The 'traditional' media simply follow suit and play to the same audience. Even well established news programs such as News at Ten have become a joke-fest and hence unwatchable. Just have a listen to the drivel spouted out by presenters on Radio One during the daytime and that gets the tweeters and texters into a knicker wetting frenzy - today we had about an hours worth of Matt Edmonson (spelling?) in a self indulgent piece about a tweet he'd sent to 'Grimmi' about French Fancies - cue tweet frenzy etc. And we wonder why football and our club have dross written about us. Lies and vacuum filling claptrap are de-rigueur nowadays and as such appeal to the braying masses who delight in gossip and scandal.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I think a different slant needs to be put on what Conte is here to do and what the role of the Board is. The Board will be strategising way beyond this season - probably 5-10 years down the track in terms of where the club will be. Conte's job is to manage within the context of that strategy but in the here and now. Who knows what the Board's plans are? Maybe the current season and the next couple are all about paving the way for huge new stadium investment? Maybe this means that they are happy with being near the top of the EPL and with a good run in the CL as this keeps prize money coming in and attracting lucrative sponsorship deals - and, crucially, maybe they are prepared to sacrifice EPL top spot and old Big Ears in the near term for some financial prudence on the transfer front. Maybe Conte is aware/ok with this and any real successes are icing on the cake?
  12. Spuds are a very decent outfit - can't think of any of our youngsters who are going to be capable of worrying this outfit much.
  13. Can't see us getting anything from this match with such a depleted squad. Maybe we need to just park the bus on this occasion and hope to take a point?
  14. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    An over-priced youngster who possibly has some potential. Looked way out of his depth yesterday and blew his chance to impress. Yes, it's wonderfully humble for him to recognise his own faults on Twitter but... he cost us a lot of money and he is almost certainly a very well paid young man. He's paid a lot of money to perform not to reflect on his *iss poor performance. The lad needs to pull his finger out. No apologies for being blunt but I get fed up with this bleeding heart nonsense - these players are paid astonishing amounts of money for their skill and for pulling their tripe out for their club on the pitch. From Michy yesterday I saw neither. I hope to Christ that Morata can lead the line for us this season. With big ambitions we need big players. Michy is currently not in that camp. I can't imagine him in pole position at the Two Manc's, Barca, Real, Bayern etc. They are the teams that we need to give a bloody nose to not some second rate outfit who won one on the road last season and yes, he was probably under-served due to the absence of Hazard & Pedro but at least he could have put a shift in. Underwhelming!
  15. Good post - agree with everything apart from the kit! We have to face up to the fact that our primary kit is pretty dull as far as kits go. Blue with a bit of white here and there - really nothing to write home about. The blue is a nice shade and that's about it really. Despite some efforts to jazz things up several decades back we've never made the steady transition from plain old blue to allow the designers of today much scope to use a broader palette - we've currently got red and that 'muddy' gold in the club crest so why not use that in the design