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  1. How I wish teams like Stoke were consigned to The Championship. Great result,
  2. What a grubby team MUFC are. Rojo should definitely have gone. KTBFFH
  3. Just as a point of reference and I know it is just personal opinion but: Straight after watching this match we slapped the DVD of our wonderful CL triumph onto the TV - the one that showcases the whole campaign. I have to say that as good as that team/squad was the movement in Saturday's game was far slicker and much faster. I'd wager that our current team would beat them. I'm not knocking the 2011/2012 lads as it was bursting at the seams with great players, and they did a fabulous job, but I reckon this current crew could (with a couple of key new players) be absolutely sensational in the CL next year.
  4. Good result. Sod the penalty shout - they should've had a goal disallowed after that disgusting foul at their place back in September that cost us 2 points. Karma!
  5. We were far from poor at Burnley. For sure we were not at our ever-fizzing best but we were not poor. We dominated most of the game time with virtually all the play at their end of the pitch in both halves. Conditions were, however, poor - it snowed all match and the temperature was at around 2C (according to our car thermometer en-rout to the match)e which is not conducive to great football. Apart from that the pitch was a mare - it was water logged (drainage issue probably) and the grass had been cut long in the typical fashion of home teams short on technical skill. On top of that Burnley were a *loody nightmare with their cynical 'just below the radar' physical tackles and I'm not even going to mention the time wasting. I thought we did ok in tough conditions. Seems to me that some people expect us to romp home with 4/5/6 - nil wins etc simply because a team is below us in the league - in this case a team with the 3rd best home record to date in the league - first being us, Spuds second and then Burnley. It was hardly going to be a walk in the park.
  6. Another grubby & physical side nicely despatched.
  7. Yes, I read it on the Beeb's website - I did wonder if he actually watched the entire game or just edited highlights. Normally he is a pretty good analyst but he is away with the fairies in that article.
  8. @coco Aha! A misunderstanding in my use of terminology. I think of 'our final third' as the bit of the pitch furthest from our goal - I always have although I am probably wrong! Whatever, all the play was at their end of the pitch - shame we didn't capitalise on it.
  9. That was a tough afternoon of football. We (Mrs Bloo & I) were in row X and only had one snow flurry hit us but by Christ it was a cold and miserable watch. We were definitely not at our best but it must've been hell out there for the players - by half time our toes were almost solid and our Bovril didn't thaw them out either. We didn't play that well and I know some have said that Costa was off the pace, maybe he was a bit, but he got very little service to be fair. Burnley were well organised with their 4 at the back morphing into a 6 more often than not - virtually all the play was in our final third. They deserved a point for their solidity and the free kick goal was class. They are a grubby, physical team and use this to their advantage. Barton is a cock. The pitch was cack - the grass looked long and they must have a drainage issue as the ball looked slow across the turf. We looked a lot better when Fab' came on - would've been nice to see him on earlier. All in all a decent point under the circumstances. Burnley need to spend some money on this tatty ground as it is way off the pace for the PL.
  10. Oliver was *loody awful yesterday. Some very biased decision making eg Pedro gets studs in knee and no yellow. Fab' does similar later in match and gets a yellow. Barry has long been a dirty *hite of a player and was on Costa's case from the off - he was deliberately trying to provoke a reaction and eventually got it on Costa's first yellow. Although how the preceding potential leg-breaker of a foul by Barry on Costa escaped a yellow is beyond me. Everton came out of the blocks with some very heavy tackling - they were trying a fast press approach (it worked) but they lack the technical finesse to do it without being clumsy - in truth they reminded me of a Pulis team yesterday. No great talent and heavy on the fouling front. So, crap inconsistent Ref' and dirty tactics were against us. On the other hand we didn't play well and Rom' scored two belters albeit ably assisted by this seasons trademark CFC *hite defending.
  11. Yes, Beeb commentary is very anti-Chelsea, As are other channels. Tony Gale is the worst by a country mile - you can here the vitriol in almost every word he utters about us.
  12. Indeed - an old man who can hardly get out of his comfy pitch-side chair. Picks up a couple of Mill' no doubt for steadying the ship. Much as I loved Guus first time now it's time for him to toddle off and tend his Begonias or whatever it is you do in retirement.
  13. Football's a results business that requires huge spending to stay at the top. If we want to get back to the top again then the youth need to be forgotten about and we need to spend again. I don't see much evidence of youngsters in the big Euro-powerhouse teams ie Top 5 of which we were one until not too long ago - and I don't recollect us having much in the way of youngsters playing for us when we were 'up there'. Growing youth players into first team regulars is a back in the day thing often seen through lenses of the rose tinted variety. I'm sick of the latest, greatest prospects with their agents/managers/Dad's all pleading the case as to how much (think lots) they are worth and quite often skinning the club with big deals that come to nothing. My view is this: bugger off and play football down in L2/L1 and if you are any good you'll soon be snapped up by a big club. This is more like the route of a 'real world' career and avoids having pissy young brats telling everyone about how often they ought to be playin and how wonderful they are etc etc. FWIW: RLC is pants and he'll go nowhere with us. Traore/Kenedy are average at best. Not one of them will ever be big for Chelsea. Smartest thing we have done with RLC is to recently front load his contract so that we can extract maximum pounds/euros from some mug club with too much money on their hands.
  14. I think along similar lines to you. Here we have a very young man raking in Ten Million Pounds a year (and that's without image rights and bonuses). I'll say it a gain...Ten Million Pounds a year. For that I expect blood and a whole lot more and none of this absurd molly-coddling rollocks. We have a player here that earns the same in a year as an average UK guy earns in a frigging lifetime and we talk about wet nursing him to bring out the best in him. The game needs a total kick up the*arse imo. Too many spoilt brats earning colossal sums of money for doing damn nigh fark all.
  15. Interim manager playing interim stylee. Done a great job steadying the ship but has very little passion - it infuriates me no end watching him just sitting there with his arms folded when he ought to be in the tech' area getting involved. He's a rich guy and at 69 this is a just a cherry on top of the cake for him retirement present. Probably picking up a million or two for his efforts. Football and wages - so laughable you couldn't make it up.