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  1. The Blue Flag is definitely flying high tonight.
  2. Gotta say it but Spurs were very good tonight as were City. Wake up call for our lads I hope.
  3. The biggest shock of the night was not losing or tactics or team selection but the lack of fighting spirit in the second half. Sod talk of Tibo crying I reckon our Lion Rampant must be swimming in tears by now. When I think back to our many legends over the years that fought to the bitter end some must be turning in their grave tonight and others must be wondering wtf. Where were our leaders tonight? I saw none - Cahill as captain is spineless. Who were the players who were prepared to give their all? I didn't see any apart from Dave, Pedro & maybe Tibo (hard to judge goalkeepers tbh). Have we got a team of Chelsea players or a collection of highly paid journeymen - here for the money and the promise of the next big contract. Worrying & shameful.
  4. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Does anyone actively moderate this forum? Some of the antagonistic posting on here reminds me of eg RAWK at its worst. Embarrassing.
  5. This is so true - FWIW I thought we had a decent day yesterday. The match was fascinating to watch, it ebbed and flowed nicely and caused agony and ecstacy in equal measure in our household. I'm amazed that some of our fans are expecting pushovers when we play teams that perhaps have a less glamorous history than the usual suspects. The talent in most clubs is way better than even just a decade back. This is the nature of the beast these days. For sure we had moments when our play was off the pace but it is rare for any team not to have a period or two in any match where they are sub-par and why should we be different. Yes, our LH side is vulnerable and that was identified way back and sadly no fix has yet been made and yes, our midfield was all at sea yesterday (again) but without Kante we are always going to be in a makeshift position - at least until Baks sharpens his act up. Re Alonso. There's a lot of talk of him being tired. How can this be so? He's a PL football player, allegedly some of the fittest young guys on the planet and yet a quarter of the way through the season he is goosed. Either people are confusing his lack of pace with tiredness or he is ill. I can't see how someone at his time of life and fitness levels can be tired at this stage of the season. Re Baks. Let's stop trotting out the he's only 23 line please. WTF has he been doing all his life. Let me think, it wouldn't be playing football would it? I thought he was beyond the pale yesterday. At one stage I wondered if he actually understands the interplay between his boot and the ball at the moment of impact so woeful was his passing. For a big lad he looks a total wuss at times - backing out of challenges happens too often. He gave the ball away for one of their goals, casually trotted after the Watford player (can't remember who) with the ball and then suddenly realised we were in the mire and made a way too late attempt to speed up and make an interventionist tackle. He may well have a bright future with us but right now, for a fairly big money signing, he's not passing muster. On the plus side he did help to set up Bats yesterday but that's not really his core job role which is what really matters. Re Bats. Good day yesterday. But we need more from him than being an impact sub. Re Cahill. limitations aside why on Earth is he our Captain? I see no evidence whatsoever of leadership on the pitch. Re Tibs. Please, please, please can we stop the short ball rolls to our back 3 and wing backs whilst our opposition are adopting a high press. The number of times this drops us in the crap in every match is beyond belief. It's bloody frustrating and dangerous and does nothing to inject pace into our game. I realise that this is part of the current football idiom but someone needs to make a stand somewhere and knock this rollocks on the head. To be fair he may be 'under orders' to play like this in which case Conte needs to knock it on the head. KTBFFH
  6. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Agreed - he came at he hefty price that no doubt he and his agent (+ mum, dad & pet dog) all thought he was worth plus no doubt a salary demand that was commensurate with his perceived abiltiy blah blah blah. I think it is all too easy to lose sight of the astonishing amount of money these lads earn and tbh if I had spent £32m of my hard earned (haha I wish) on him and was throwing £4-5m wages + whatever he gets in bonuses and image rights his way every year then I'd expect him to be delivering the goods.
  7. I'm not convinced by 'Baka' yet - some of the pre-season hype was about him being a younger version of Yaya Toure which really excited me. So far he looks like a pale imitation. For sure he has a turn of speed and is very direct but...watch him closely and he is reticent to really mix it when a heavier tackle is required. His short range passing is also dire at times. Yesterday there were several occasions when delivering a <5-10m pass he was a metre or two wide of his target. What the heck do they do on the training ground these days? Maybe less time at the bloody hairdressers and more time at Cobham is in order here.
  8. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    This lad is not going to make it with us. The days of CF's floating around the box waiting for the right ball to come their way are long gone. A modern day CF has a high work rate (BATS doesn't), mixes it with the toughest defenders (BATS doesn't), harasses the living daylights out of the oppo's GK (BATS doesn't) and holds the ball up (BATS really really doesn't do this). Poor buy and at £32m someone had their pants pulled down here. What's he earning? £4-5m pa? Ludicrous world of football. Still, he's a nice friendly lad and is humble on Twitter so maybe he can be forgiven for being out of his depth and costing us a small fortune along the way.
  9. I don't think we can put this one behind us - that loss on top of the previous two has just cost us the season. Seriously - 1-2 down and our best option is to bring on a 21 year old who just might if the planets line up be useful in the future. Squad depth is way too light for a top table team. Both City and Utd are streets ahead of us - how the hell has that happened? Really angry at the moment.
  10. Full marks to Palace - deserved winners by a country mile. Bats - seriously BATS; you cost us £32m and you deliver so very little. You're a lovely lad on Twitter but jeez you are not fit to wear our shirt ever again. Utterly, utterly clueless. Baks - big lad but you back out of challenges and for gods sake go away and practice your passing accuracy. Hazard - was he playing today? Has he fooked off to Real Madrid already? Ballon d'or candidate my arse. Conte - I still have faith in you but for heavens sake make the obvious changes sooner rather than later. As already posted that's the title gone for us - 3 defeats in less than the first quarter and we are now dead in the water. Top 4 at best. City purring and they are going all the way imo.
  11. Yes - you've nailed it perfectly there!
  12. This plus the absolute lash up of a substitution following Morata's untimely demise. We have a terrific coach on-board but on (rare) occasions I am gobsmacked by his tactics. Put this one behind us and move on.
  13. MOTD long ago ceded to any attempt at honest reporting - a reflection of the media at large. At the end of the day it is a lightweight show, heavy on bonhomme between old pro's who have latched onto the Beeb's gravy train of tax payers money, and short of anything remotely interesting to say about any match, not just ours. The standard of technical insight is just about worthy of someone who has just decided to take an interest in football and has no prior knowledge - it's that bad. It is way way overdue a shake-up in it's format (more stat's and high tech' analysis needed), it needs to be a much longer show that starts earlier and most of all Linekar needs to go. He's a charming enough presenter but he offers so little in return for his £2m a year. He's rooted himself in a job that will probably dump another £40m or so in his direction until he draws his State Pension. It's the same with many of the 'Treasures' across the sporting spectrum - holed up in 'cushty' little numbers doing the bare minimum for big bucks and living off the back of their glory days. Good day for us though and I couldn't give a stuff about The Potters being light on defence for the match - happens to all clubs at some point in the season. Some just manage the situation better when they are light - Stoke didn't and paid the price. They should've gone for a point from the off and started with 2 or 3 parked buses instead of trying to take us on as they did. Good to see that sourest of managers Hughes looking so glum after the match too. KTBFFH!
  14. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Had a lot of fun watching this guy and he really made the difference in many games not just by scoring but by scaring the crap out of some of the 'hard man' defences we have in the league. Was great to see the usual defensive thugs get a run for their money! What lost him to me was the fact that he wanted away when we were on a title charge - despite the occasional badge thumping on the pitch this just says that his heart was never really ours. Great player (most times) but the ultimate modern day footballing mercenary. £35m on the purchase/sale deal too - what's not to like?