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  1. Hope to god that we win this one as apart from the top 4 connotations there's a lot of pride at stake here.
  2. Bloo

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    What would be truly amazing if these young players came to us full of humility and a true sense of their worth. I will eat my hat (1975 Chelsea - much prized possession)) if I ever hear of the latest, greatest, most amazing starlet approaching our club along with his agent and/or family members and says: 'Look, I'm not the finished article, I'm going to take a while to adjust to the premier league plus I'm going to have off field issues to deal with whilst I settle into a new country... I really don't expect you to pay me too much for the first year or two...' Instead of the usual demands for mega-bucks salaries, bonuses, image fees etc etc. If you can't hack the league/country then don't expect top dollar.
  3. Bloo

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    'Amazing chance' ? We shouldn't be in the realms of 'chance'. For sure City have dominated but its only a dozen or so games back that we were slugging it out with Utd for second place. And then Conte downed tools as witnessed by his massive reduction in technical area '12th man' activities. Our play in 2018 has generally been dire - defensive (wouldn't have been quite as bad had our defence been water tight) and with limited attacking purpose. The guy needs to go as soon as the season ends. No way does he have anything in his managerial toolkit to make the much needed changes next season.
  4. That was a hard match to watch. Some nice football on occasions but overall what a turgid & lacklustre display. Watching, I was thinking that City, Liverpool and Spurs would've ripped Swansea to shreds with a 3 or 4 nil result. It's just not our way is it? We generally grind out small margin wins (when we are not losing) and teeter on the edge for the last 15 minutes or so whilst we wait, heart in mouth, for a late equaliser by the opposition. What the hell has happened to us - for a long while we were in the top 5 teams in Europe if the historic co-efficient stat's are anything to go by and what are we now? Probably scraping top 15 on a very good day? Its just pathetic how we have lost our swagger and now, far from being regular top table diners, we are reduced to the scraps that might become available should Spurs and Liverpool screw up at the end of the season. Mind boggling.
  5. Was at the match (great seat behind the goal - us first half and them second). Good result but we are miles away from being slick. Morata was poor - he really is a puny individual and is easily muscled off the ball. Giroud was good (not great). Hazard was mesmerising and a couple of link ups with Baks (!) almost came off. Other standouts were Kante (brilliant and all over the park) and Cahill (very solid). Emerson? Was ok, he's not had much game time but I was expecting more from him. The hard core Burnley fans made an incredible racket and the atmosphere was great.
  6. Bloo


    OMG - what a stunning stunning goal! Whole stadium gave him a standing ovation.
  7. Bloo

    Andreas Christensen

    AC is an indictment of the team we have become - he would not have got anywhere near playing in the 04/05 & 09/10 teams. Plenty of potential no doubt but still a mile away from walking into a genuine top team.
  8. Bloo

    Eden Hazard

    Is he really that good? Over 6 seasons in the PL he's averaged 11 goals and 6 assists a season. Ok but hardly mind warping stuff.
  9. I also count myself as one of the few (?) that wouldn't be bothered if we sold him. For all his amazing dribbling ball control skills his end product often disappoints. As an oft touted contender for the one who could replace Messi/Ronaldo as the clock winds their abilities down, he doesn't cut the mustard for me. His PL record for us on the goal scoring front is a fraction over 11 goals (& 6 assists) per season which is hardly outstanding. But worse than that is his ability to disappear for long periods of time within some games. Very frustrating. Even in the game against Palace yesterday there were periods when he was drifting about at walking pace esp' second half. I don't see him as instrumental to a successful future for our club. If another club wants to throw silly money our way then let them.
  10. I can only manage 45 years and we have had worse times but in the 21 century maybe not many worse than this. Conte was an absolute tool again. Finally when we get two strikers on we start getting into the City box but... oh look, we've run out of time! What a tosser of a manager he is turning out to be.
  11. FO Conte - two strikers on when the game is nigh on over - PLEASE take the long walk.
  12. Dross performance. Conte has lost the plot. hazard is no false 9 and looks like he would rather be at home with the kids. How far we have fallen.
  13. MOTD didn't even mention the onside disallowed goal. FFS.
  14. Bloo

    Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi

    I can just see Valverde rocking up at The Bridge with a youngster with very little senior level play time under his belt on Tuesday. Let's be real here, he (HO) looks useful, has potential but I wouldn't want to throw him in against a very experienced, extremely talented team like Barca who have had enough problems with us in the past to take the forthcoming match very seriously. We're not exactly their favourite team to play against. Softly softly with him or else we may catch a cold on the pitch and/or end up with a deluded youngster whose agent/mum/dad & himself suddenly start demanding £100k per week and it all going tits up from there.
  15. Bloo

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    I was a bit underwhelmed with him but then it's his first outing with a new team in a new league. Several good moments but he seemed a bit uninvolved. On the other hand with the Willian/Fab/Giroud show going on down the middle we didn't use our flanks much - at several points in the match I had forgotten Zappa was playing.