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  1. Currently in 2nd place, lets hope Newcastle take some points off United. City still a ways out there, be interesting to see how they cope without John Stones if he really has done his hamstring. A string of injuries may be the only thing that derails their path towards to the title.
  2. I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    This is what i find funny about football, no matter how much you win, even if your champions. People will completely forget after a few bad games, I'll include myself in that sometimes, it really is an instant gratification sport that as soon as one season is over it's straight onto the next. If you spend too much time thinking about it you'll realise it's kind of crazy to base too much of your happiness on it because nothing lasts forever. Just ask Liverpool fans
  3. It won't depress me, you can't win every year. I just feel that it's going to be between United and City this year, with Jose's experience coming out on top. I'm more looking forward to being back in the Champions League.
  4. I think United hijacking the Lukaku deal sent out a bigger shock wave than initially felt. It feels like there's been a sense of desperation steadily creeping through the club ever since. Of course the board signed Morata but let's face it, he's unproven in the league and we don't know if he can handle the pressure, that penalty miss wasn't a good sign. I just can't see him grabbing things by the scruff of the neck like Diego did. Early days of course, but this league is brutal from the start, you don't have time to 'build up confidence' beforehand, not if you want to win it. I fully expect United to take it this year. Lukaku top scorer. Matic back in form and a gloating ex manager to boot. Ouch
  5. Funny, If Lukaku had signed for us and scored those two Michy goals everyone would be going nuts. Go on the bats!
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    His passion is legendary!
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/chelsea-boss-antonio-conte-agrees-to-join-ambitious-inter-milan-rebuilding-project-083859005.html http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/10783828/european-paper-talk-homesick-antonio-conte-could-return-to-italy http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/772575/Antonio-Conte-wants-to-leave-Chelsea-Club-begin-negoatiaitons-to-take-boss-back-to-Italy I'll be honest I was starting to get nervous, story seemed to be gaining legs and then I saw; "the Italian has no intention of skipping out early on the club and instead is determined to lead Chelsea into the Champions League next season. Conte, while flattered, made his intentions clear to Inter officials during recent talks." Read more at http://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/chelsea-boss-conte-meets-with-inter-milan-reps-and-says-4170786#wjIvYZrJVzdVs8Xp.99 I really do hate the media but it does sound like inquiries have definitely been made, Chinese money, again.
  8. Should of put the game to bed by now, being just one goal up always makes me nervous as hell, especially if you get the feeling with 15mins to play that we've decided to just see the game out..... Just smash them already!
  9. Random Rumours

    Like his aggression and tenacity, 17 goals and 6 assists in 23 games and still only 23 years old. Dare I say the 5th goal in the video is somewhat Costa-esque Apparently Arsenal are after him.
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Certainly living up to his own high standards so far!
  11. Jose Mourinho thread

    Jose's greatest strength as a manager was his self belief and unshakable confidence, not only in his methods but in himself. This created a 'mentality' that used to literally imprint it's self upon his players and teams, however it now seems to have become 'twisted' and is hence leading to his downfall. Let me explain. Mourinho's sheer force of personality practically drove Porto to Champions League Glory and shortly after he arrived here as the self proclaimed "Special One" a moniker that from anyone else, especially a new manager in a new league, would sound ludicrous, yet José's charisma and the way in which he handled himself in front of the media was a complete breath of fresh air, he was arrogant but you couldn't help but like him for it. Back to back league titles and the Special One's aura, not to mention words, had been firmly backed up. When you examine Jose's managing style from this period it becomes clear that the one thing he always asked of his player was 100% complete and utter commitment to the cause, and no doubt commitment to him. He was the General leading his men into battle, there was to be no defeat and no surrender allowed under any circumstances. The below video is a great example of him breeding this mentality within the Chelsea camp first time around. "We cannot lose, we cannot lose" You follow ME we win, you believe in ME we become Champions. It's no surprise that when you see interviews of former Mourinho players, you often hear them describe playing for Jose was like 'going to war' and that every game was a 'battle'. It's like he wasn't so much trying to implement a style of play on his teams but a mentality and way of being that fought tooth and nail until the bitter end and would achieve success by any means necessary. Any player who failed to show the mental strength or commitment to such a cause was quickly surplus to requirements, and we all know that Jose has no problem showing players the door. Whilst this method has proven greatly successful for Mourinho, the only problem is that when your relying on implementing a 'mentality' rather than a style of play or a footballing 'philosophy' then you have to keep that mentality up yourself, at all times, you have to become it, you have to always be 'top dog' and never show any sign of weakness, never back down or budge an inch. How many times have we seen such behavior displayed by Jose? You needn't have to count anymore. So when did the rot set in? Well I think we all know that Jose was sacked first time around by Chelsea because him and Abramovich clearly didn't see eye to eye in regards to both how the team should play and also the players that were coming in. A part of me feels that Roman felt threatened by Jose's increasing influence and power within Chelsea, he was becoming Chelsea and the whole 'Shevchenko' situation seemed to signal that both manager and owner were clearly heading in different directions, Abramovich clearly wanted Mourinho to know who was in charge and thus the post became untenable. Even so, when Jose returned to Stamford bridge after his sacking for the first time as manager of Inter Milan, you can quite clearly see how he still owned the hearts and minds of his former players. Soon after Jose went on to win his second Champions League title with Inter and again showed what happens when a team buys into him. The bond with his players was unquestionable and at this moment in time he was the best manager in club football and soon Real Madrid came knocking. Now just try and imagine how Mourinho must of felt at this point in time in regards to his own success as a manager, not only was he a double Champions League winner but he had proven once again not only to himself but also to Chelsea, that it was Him that brought success and that it was Him who delivered trophies, regardless of what anyone else tried to say or do, he could go to another country, another league and still come out on top. He knew that it was because he did things his way and that his success depended on this unequivocally. To put it simply, a man who had never had a problem displaying his Ego now had absolutely no reason not to believe in his own hype, and that anyone who objected to this just lacked the respect that he clearly deserved to be shown. When he tried to cement this fact upon the Real Madrid dressing room by dropping Iker Casillas from the first team for committing the cardinal sin of trying to smooth things over with the enemy (calling Barcelona players) his war mongering style was becoming tiresome for a group of players who were keen to prevent fractures developing within the national team. This time Mourinho's antics hadn't just been confined to his own team but were starting to be felt within the larger context of Spanish football, and for many were leaving a sour taste in the mouth, or in Tito Vilanova's case, a sore eye. However, what seemed to hurt Jose more than anything was not so much the reputation he was developing in Spain but the fact that his players and club didn't love him and that they wouldn't die for him, for a man that demanded complete and utter loyalty this was a huge blow, it was high treason. Yet for a manger who's success derives so much from the mentality he displays, one in which he himself has beome consumed by, the only way forward was to continue in the same vein and become more and more defensive and vitriolic to any perceived slights levied against him. We all saw how this started to play out after the 'fairy tale' return to Chelsea the second time around, where I believe his aura at the club was still strong enough to carry him though until things turned sour again. the 'Eva' incident showing how his 'paranoia' and requirement to always have a scapegoat available when results on the pitch were not forthcoming had gotten way out of hand. The reason why Mourinho's behavior has become increasingly antagonistic without yielding results is because even if his players don't seem to be responding to his methods any more, he can't let go of them himself. He has become his own methods and his ego is built upon that fact, to admit mistake is to admit he is wrong within his very own being. Basically his ego is doing everything within it's power to survive this absolutely crushing realization, and this is the problem because now this 'fear' is seeping into the mentality of his players and his teams. Ironically it's Jose's mentality that is now proving to be his undoing, because when your greatest strength in motivating a team to success starts to fear for it's own survival it starts having the complete opposite effect. If Jose changes so do his teams, because his teams are built in his image! The once, arrogant, charismatic, confident, charming and inspiring Jose has now become the arrogant, petulant, paranoid, angry, and unfriendly Jose It really is a case of 'The emperor's new clothes' and I fear until Jose recognizes this within himself things are probably going to continue to become troublesome for him. There are few things harder in the world than becoming aware of one's own Ego, let alone changing it, especially when it's taken you to the top of the world. "I cannot lose, I cannot lose" My two cents.
  12. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    GEEZER And on the pitch Happy to welcome him back tbh