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  1. I am amazed that Roman is happy with this. I don’t understand why he hasn’t got rid of Conte.
  2. Yeah think I’m gonna do the same. No way are we winning it, might scrap a draw.
  3. We’re beikg bullied...by Southampton
  4. Got a rare couple of hours to myself whilst the wife and kids are out. Do I persist with this or put the PS4 on?
  5. More from Simon Phillips “Sarri is an option being explored, along with Jardim and Allegri. But as I tweeted earlier today, I’m hearing that Enrique remains the main target.”
  6. To be fair to the club, they don’t normally get manager appointment wrong. I can only really think of Scolari and AVB who were failures and even then I think there were circumstances such as poor language (Scolari) and wrong type of squad (AVB). Everyone else has been a decent to excellent choice.
  7. Tweet from Simon Phillips: ”I understand from information I received this morning that Luis Enrique remains to main Manager target for Chelsea, along with Maxi Allegri. They want Enrique over Allegri, he’s their first target.”
  8. Leo Jardim

    Didn’t know much about this guy but having read up on him, I actually think he would be a good fit. Looking at the way things are going, we definitely need someone who has a proven record of maximising the squad and youth WHILST winning.
  9. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    The forgotten man. Feels like we need abit of David Luiz in the team. Someone who plays with abit of heart and not afraid to play the dark arts. Can't even remember when he was last available for selection. I’m not buying this injury stuff one bit.Clearly Conte has sidelined him.
  10. The temptation for Liverpool will be to sit back and defend. If they do that, I could see them losing as they can’t defend. They’re prob better just going for it. They only need 1 goal and City will be mentally out of it.
  11. Is there any way that we miss out on Europa? It would have to be 7th place and not getting to FA cup final right?
  12. We had top 4 in our hands in January but Conte’s sulking has hurt us badly. Only 3 PL wins in 2018. Says it all.
  13. This is what happens when you don’t get rid of managers, they stink the place out. I love Conte but we should have sacked him after Bournemouth/Watford as it is clear that doesn’t want to be here. We had top 4 in our hands in January but Conte has sulked ever since For once, Roman has been patient and stuck by a manager. Ironically, it has come back to bite him.
  14. Conte straight down the tunnel. Sums it up.
  15. Thought that looked like a pen. Got lucky.