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  1. Huge game on Sunday. We definitely cannot afford to lose. Spurs are at Palace so they’ll probably win that easily. A lot of people are very confident but it will be very tough to win. Jose doesn’t normally lose the big games and if he does, it will be close. Jose will have play more attacking football being at home so there will be opportunities. 1-1.
  2. Can you imagine if Cahill or Bakayoko had made that error. The abuse...
  3. Big call to drop Morata. However look at it from Conte’s perspective, it could be that we want to attack Barca so 3 attackers is the best bet for that.
  4. Not feeling confident at all with this game. I can see us losing. First leg is crucial. We cannot conced more than 2 otherwise it’s game over.
  5. Better than them going out. Another fixture for them.
  6. Replay for Spurs would be good. We don’t want them exiting the cup early.
  7. Race for Top 4

    Absolutely. Great point. We need Morata to be scoring again.
  8. Race for Top 4

    Scary to think that we could be 6 points behind after our nextv2 games. That alone could finish it.
  9. Race for Top 4

    So, 12 games left. 3 out of next 4 games are very tough (United, City and Burnley away). Personally I think depending on how we do in these games will determine if we finish in the top 4. We need a minimum of 9 out 12 points in these games which I can’t see us doing with the Barca games squeezed in the middle. Burnely away is also after the 2nd leg of Barca so we could be on downer. I think we will struggle to finish top 4. January killed our advantage and we blew some easy games. 1. City 2. United 3. Liverpool 4. Spurs I want to be proved wrong though!
  10. Good that Spurs and Liverpool are going through. We want them distracted for top 4 race.
  11. Massive game. If a performance similar to Watford then I think Conte is gone. Hoping the rest has done the players good.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    Does seem strange. Reckon it’s nothing to do with a back injury and something mental. Didn’t his close friend die? I’m all for being compassionate and caring but the team really does need Morata at the minute and we’ve been struggling without him. I don’t like to use the phrase “pull yourself together” but there is an element that he does need to do it. Think it’s not the first time it’s happened either.
  13. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    So according to the media and reports, the club are trying to calm the situation down. Apparently Conte isn’t in immediate danger of being sacked unless top 4 is looking unlikely. I’m amazed that he hasn’t been sacked, it felt like a Leicester 2016 moment last night. Im hoping there has been some clear the air talks today between the players, board and Conte. Get all the crap out and focus on the important games. Our season is all about February. Weve got 12 PL games left, the focus needs to be on that as a ALOT hinges on us getting top 4 - income, Hazard, Tibo, new signings
  14. “I can see both sides of the argument on Conte. The biggest problem, I believe, is there is no trust left between him and the club. That seemed to go last summer.” Matt Law. Hes quite well informed. Think it’s a case of when, not if.
  15. Contes post match interview definitely feels like a good bye. Saying “I give my best but the club can make their decision”. He’s downed tools. One thing is for sure, we must get top 4. Our finances won’t take another hit of missing CL. We got away with it but of winning the league. Should Conte go, the person who comes in needs to be told to prioritise the league. Missing out could also have bigger implications about players signing new contracts and new players signing up.