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  1. Fantastic to see RLC being bought on in a crucial PL game while the result was still to be secured. Looks as if the club have finally got a manager that is willing to give them a go.
  2. In reality, they should offer something like the NFL do - 1 price for all the games, inc 3pm kick offs.
  3. At one point today, apparently Jose had 7...yes, 7 defenders on the pitch. Talk about being defensive.
  4. Question for you...after watching United's style of play on Monday, does anyone disagree with Roman wanting more expansive football?
  5. Yeah probbarly singing "f**k off Mourinho" was too much but he has said that he is "100% United" now. Football is tribal, Jose knows that. He doesn't need to be making digs, criticising the club etc. He is making the relationship sour. He could been respectful but he had to be antagonist.
  6. They will tire out after their trip to Russia.
  7. Jose's team selection pretty much confirms that he's taking the Fa cup match before the EL. All the big hitters will play on Monday. Guess Jose doesn't want another thrashing.
  8. For those that are interested, there is a free weekend of Steep this weekend. You can download it tonight ready and play it Friday - Monday.
  9. City v Stoke is a boring game. City don't look up for it all, very subdued.
  10. Also remember that United play tomorrow night in Russia on a solid, horrible pitch in a crucial EL game. Jose has got to put EL before the FA cup so I expect United to play a weakened team given that they play again on the following Thursday. We should fully expect to beat them and easily too given our form and weeks rest.
  11. Anyone got Ghost Recon?
  12. A trickey away fixture dealt with so comfortably. I was nervous before the game and didn't think we would win it but we managed the game brilliantly. Looking good for us.
  13. The game feels won so let's not let any stupid goals in. Keep the crowd quiet. Fantastic performance.
  14. That's a disgrace from West Ham fans getting on the pitch. The FA need to clean them up.