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  1. Actually think he would be good in a LWB role - quick and good offensively.
  2. It's ironic that we've got a manager that we could all settle on and he seems keen to not stay around too long.
  3. Its actually quite refreshing to see a manager play hard ball with the board and not commit. It might actually force the board to demonstrate that they are willing to actually back a manager rather than just over demand of them. Weve got one of the worlds best coach and the board appear to not want to give him what he wants. Just seems ridiculous and short sighted.
  4. Yeah it looks like it's Morata or bust. I hope the club know what they are doing because we are going to look like idiots going into the new season with Bats and some random loaner as our main strikers.
  5. If true - oh dear. Looks like it's Lorrente leading the line then.
  6. Well Dortmund have set a deadline by 24th July (?) for PEA situation to be sorted so the board need to be sure that Augero is available and City are willing to sell him to us. Otherwise, we're knackered.
  7. #Chelsea believe Aguero could be open to leaving Man City as Jesus establishes himself as their main striker, but a deal is unlikely. [Mail] Pep Guardiola and Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarek maintain they do not want to sell Sergio Aguero. [Mail] Time for the club to move on and stump up the cash for PEA. He's the only striker that is available and we need someone who is prove. We can't risk not getting someone in. If we don't get him, we will be absolutely screwed next season and it will be embarrassing for Conte.
  8. Really can't see this one happening. We should just sign PEA instead and be done with it. We can't afford to mess around on strikers as Dortmound have set an 8 day deadline.
  9. Taking soooo long.
  10. Sounds like their deal was actually with United and not us. We didn't get gazumped I just wonder what our strategy is for strikers and who we're going for.
  11. Explains more about the United transfer and Lukaku actually being their first choice rather than ours.
  12. This is an interesting article and explain alot
  13. Gary Linker tweeted that Lukaku was always first choice for united and signed his tweet off with - "fact". I d wonder if it's true and we're not that interested in Lukaku.
  14. Darren Lewis just tweeted: " "Told the race for Lukaku is not over. Chelsea still in it, very much so. @MirrorFootball"
  15. Don't get this. I thought this was a done deal and we were waiting for Everton to spend their money before finalising it. Seems United have just come in gazumped us. I'm not too fussed about losing Lukaku but who the hell are we going to sign to replace Costa?!