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  1. So funny that Roma lost. What a crazy group this has been. Great performance on what was actually quite a tricky away game. If we had lost, it would have created some pressure.
  2. Roman is such a legend. Keeps himself out of the media but you can tell how much he loves Chelsea.
  3. Any game recommendation?

    Picked AC Origins and played a couple of hours. Feels like a solid game and feels refreshed.
  4. Any game recommendation?

    Very tempted to get it. Ive currently got Uncharted 4 but I just can’t get into it. I know I will be shot for saying that but but it’s not grabbing me. Not saying it’s a bad game, think it’s just my own preference.
  5. Any game recommendation?

    Anyone playing the new AC Origins?
  6. Our new technical director is...

    Surely Elemano hasn’t left yet? Normally there is a minimum of 2 months notice with normal jobs, never mind high profile ones.
  7. Jose Mourinho thread

    I thought it was weird Mourinho looking so relaxed on Sunday and his obsession with shaking our players hands. Shows that he’s lost some of his mind games and it’s all abit old hat now. I’m intrigued to see whether or not he is on a downward curve, it certainly feels like it and he doesn’t seem to be able to motivate a team to get that extra 5% out of them Its also obvious how much he and Conte dislike each other.
  8. Our new technical director is...

    Didier has talked about becoming a technical director in the future and he sees himself as one rather than a manager. However I can’t see it happening, too early. Whoever it is, needs to be good at scouting and identifying potential in players. It’s actually a very difficult job. As great as it would be to have him back in the club, Lampard has not proven in any way that he can identify talent and scout players.
  9. We officially have an incompetent board

    Yeah I listened to that as well and thought it was unfair.
  10. Emanalo The Problem

    Telegraph are saying it’s because he doesn’t like the politics at the club and doesn’t want to get involved in a 3 way power struggle between Conte and Maria. Apparently they don’t see eye to eye and there is a clash of personalities. From the little we know, it seems like he did a good job. Certainly identified and convinced some good young players to join the club.
  11. What a fantastic result and performance. Much needed and I hope it gives the team a kick up the backside from now on. All played well, hard to pick a MOM but credit to Morata for the finish. Despite Bakayoko fluffing a couple of chances, he played well and showed more promise. It’s scary how reliant we are on Kante though Fantastic win before the international break.
  12. For those that are questions Fabregas, we will need his creativity against Jose’s bus.
  13. Much better line up with the 3 in midfield.
  14. Mortara needs to have a big game. He’s been poor the last 5 games.