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  1. JM7

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I actually think that he’s been given plenty of chances in a Chelsea shirt but he’s never taken them. Can anyone name an outstanding moment from RLC in a Chelsea shirt? I honestly can’t think of a single moment where he has made an impact on the game. I’m not bashing him but he needs to show more fight and leave a mark on the game.
  2. I also thought that Willian could have done more to put pressure when he lost the ball - he casually jogged back.
  3. JM7


    I really like Barkley and was encouraged by his performance however I fear that Kovacic May have pushed Barkley out of the team with that performance.
  4. I really like Barkley and was encouraged by his performance today. However I fear that he may pushed Barkley out of the first 11 with his performance.
  5. That second half was so much better than the first. Felt like we dominated and controlled the second half.
  6. Nervous for this second half now. Don’t know what to expect!
  7. At 2-0, Sarri should have closed the game down.
  8. 3rd time ball was out wide and they created a clear chance.
  9. It’s great seeing frantic football but sometimes you need game management. Needless goal conceded.
  10. Wow I bet Arsenal really regret missing that chance now. Looking good so far.
  11. RLC won’t be pleased to not even make the squad - his place taken by Kovacic. He desperately needs to do more when he gets his chance.
  12. I reckon Arsenal will be better than what we saw against City. City made us look disorganised and lethargic. Think it will be a tough game. 1-1.
  13. JM7

    *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Pedro seems to fit in Sarri’s style easily, understandable coming from Barca. Good squad player and contributes well. See no reason to sell him. We won’t get much for him either.