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  1. JM7

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Jose asking for respect from Chelsea fans is abit too much for me. Yes he has been fantastic for us and we won’t forget the times we had....but since he got the United job, he’s been smug and throwing digs here and there, kissing the United badge. He just wants to be loved and he’s not loved by United fans. That’s the thing about moving to a rival club - you’re will not be properly loved by either club and think Jose is finding that out now.
  2. JM7

    Alvaro Morata

    The sad thing is that Morata has everything he needs to be a world class player. He has quick feet, instinct finishing, good header, fast....and yet, he has such a weak mentality. I really like Morata but I refuse to spend anymore energy on him. He’s not doing it, he’s thinking about himself rather than the team. Move him on and get what we can for him. I’m done with him.
  3. Can’t see us scoring. We look a mess.
  4. We haven’t actually created that many chances. A lot of long shots.
  5. We’ve let this game go.
  6. We should have killed this game in the first half. United have come back into it.
  7. Rudiger really has been a phenomenal signing. He’s becoming one of my favourite players.
  8. Poor marking from United. Free header.
  9. That yellow card for Matic is bad for United considering he’s their main defensive midfielder.
  10. United getting in some decent areas.
  11. In other news, Real Madrid currently losing to Levante. Time to bring in Conte, Real..
  12. That United midfield of Pogba, Mata and Matic looks slow, immobile and easy to get at.