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  1. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Loved watching this guy. A real powerhouse who I think will only get better. Don't miss Matic one bit. Offers way more and hopefully there will be plenty of years left for him to develop.
  2. Watching Matic doesn't make me miss him at all. I miss the squad depth but Bakayoko is already an upgrade. Matic offers very little defensively or offensively
  3. Everton could nick a goal. Come on
  4. A word in Morata, I thought he played well and had some nice touches. However today we needed a battering ram - like Costa or Drogba.
  5. I thought Cesc tried and played decent. He created the Pedro chance which should have led to a goal. Bakayoko played, love watching him. Like a young Yaya Toure. Morata tried his best and had some really nice touches but was far too isolated. Scrappy game and fair result. I think looking at our fixture list, we're doing well so far. In the top 3 having played some tough fixtures.
  6. Scrappy game. One goal wins it I think.
  7. Disappointed that Baka isn't playing. Think we look better with 3 in midfield but I will trust Conte. I just hope it is not a limp performance which sometimes we can be guilty in the big games.
  8. Any game recommendation?

    Yeah Fifa will always be more polished. PES plays and feels like a proper game of football.
  9. Any game recommendation?

    Played a few games of PES 2018. Plays quite well, you can defntely feel the slow pace of the game. Positives - more technical and focus on building up play. Cons - can be slightly frustrating playing slower. Decent though, new kits look beautiful as well
  10. Conte has only beaten Arsenal once in 3 games. Must win game, can't have them being our bogey team!
  11. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I think he's good at what he does - finishing. Unfortunately managers want more than that these days. That's why players like Hernandez struggle to get into big teams. They don't contribute elsewhere. The only thing you can say is that at least he's scoring and getting goals. He must be doing something right.
  12. Arsenal play Europa league tomorrow at home. Shame it's not away but could have an impact with only 2 days rest.