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  1. It's abit concerning that in the last 3.5 transfer windows, we've only been able to sign Luiz, Alonso,Pedro and Papy Djiioboji. Whilst also selling decent squad players like Oscar and Rammy I know it's a tough market and finding value for money is very difficult so I don't want to complain but it is concerning. I do think that we perhaps need to be abit more forceful in the transfer window.
  2. Not heard too much about him. Any good?
  3. "Reports saying Diego Costa and Antonio Conte had talks today and everything has been forgotten. He will return to normal training tomorrow"
  4. Actually think Stones could be an excellent defender for the right team. Unfortunately, he's playing under Pep who places no emphasis on defending.
  5. Diego and the players owe the fans after last season. It was disgrace what happened and they owe us at least one good season.
  6. One thing in our advantage is that clubs aren't willing to take "trouble some" players. Diego is clearly known as a trouble maker, rightly or wrongly. As we've seen with Payet, they won't buy them regardless of how good they are. Payet is available for £35m and none of the big clubs are touching him - for a good reason
  7. We would be fools to sell Diego now. Money is not everything and I'm glad the club are taking a hard stance on this issue. I would even resist selling him in June but if the player really does want to go then, maybe for the right price I might be willing. The difficulty will be finding a replacement. There's no top strikers available.
  8. I might get shot for saying this but Pep comes across as a decent guy. Doesn't moan or complain, congrats the other team and is generally quite honest.
  9. Would definitely like him but can't see Bayern selling.
  10. What's the most we pay? 170k? Hazard our top earner?
  11. Vardy is such a knob. Thinks he's well hard.
  12. Just the start we needed. You sense that if they score, they will be up for it.
  13. I wonder who leaked the news - was it the club or his agent. His instagram picture is interesting and I wonder if it has been blown out of porportion. It wouldn't be the first time. I just hope that it doesn't unsettle the team tomorrow
  14. Slightly worried but I'm sure that Conte has the people skills and man management to keep him on track and be mates again. Drogba seemed to be leaving every season and look how that turned out. Hopefully just a minor bust up, there's no way that we will sell him.