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  1. Really impressed with Cesc's latest interview where he talks about having a winning mentality, telling Hazard to score more etc. Showing real leadership skills. I hope that there is a place for him next season to stay on and Conte can find a way to use his strengths. We saw the difference when he came against Spurs how much more we controlled the game.
  2. Wasn't expecting to win. Should be a good confidence booster.
  3. Thought Bats has had a decent game. Hasn't had much service but some good touches.
  4. Great dive by Moses there. Anyone else see Bats trying to get the pen? Cheeky!
  5. Have to say, I think Spurs will smell blood and look to try and get a pyschological edge
  6. If we bottle the league, Costa will get absolute pelters.
  7. We do need more English/homegrown players. We only have Cahill, Cesc and Begovic who qualify I believe. Would take him.
  8. #Chelsea’s off-colour performance at Old Trafford has partly been put down to a bug that affected a number of key players. [Guardian] Alonso was not the only player still suffering from the virus which had set in within the squad towards the end of last week. [Guardian] One theory considered by the club is that the bug actually spread through the squad at a team bonding meal last Thursday evening. [Guardian] For the sake of our performances, let's hope it's true and it was a physical problem
  9. I don't understand where all our confidence has gone. Why has it suddenly disappeared as a team? Surely the Palace defeat hasn't impacted the much, especially as we played against Bournemouth well.
  10. Thought he was in the process of signing a new one year deal?! lets send him off with another league medal!
  11. This is where Conte will earn his money and prove his mettle by getting the players over the line. Weve seen this scared tactics from Conte before where we go into games looking scared. We're so much better when we're on the front foot attacking. Just go for it
  12. WBA haven't won in 4 games and haven't scored ANY goals in the last 3 games. Whilst I agree it's tricky game, there's a tendency to over think fixtures at this stage of the season.
  13. I think the manner of the defeat that is the worst. Cystal Palace fair enough, we dominated but just couldn't break them down. Yesterday, we deserved nothing. If anything, we flattered United. Seeing Conte so flat is a worry. He came across as defeatist which is not like him. Neville's point about Alonso's was interesting. He said he can't believe that we're that highly tuned that Alonso has such a massive impact - not to the extent of yesterday anyway. Hopefully, the player will reflect and pull themselves together. At the minute, we don't look like champions - we look found out.