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  1. I think it will take a while for this news to truly sink in. Thank you JT.
  2. Went to see Bromley v Barrow today, with the home side winning 4-1. Have to say Bromley were excellent and looked the brighter side from the start. Barrows play off hopes surely finished after today. Bromley are up to 10th and on course for the highest league finish in their history.
  3. Genuine tear jerker at half time today. So happy he FINALLY got that opportunity to address the fans like that.
  4. Kantè is world class in my eyes. Love watching him play.
  5. Still buzzing we signed him. Not sure how we pulled it off tbh
  6. Some are. The others have been replaced by some plastic seats now that give you no leg room.
  7. Really hope so mate. Would be unreal.
  8. Oh my word. Please please Chelsea don't let this fall through now.
  9. Bromley beat Charlton 2-1 the other night. Was a decent game. Charlton looked poor though. RE Hamlet's ground, yeah I agree really nice proper non-league ground. Watched Fisher play there as well, although they've just moved out.
  10. Really not feeling Bromley for next season. Soul has well and truly gone. Don't think I'll be renewing my season ticket. I am looking forward to the Palace friendly though.
  11. Terribly organised, the FA originally said we could leave the stadium in between games and then backtracked on this on the day and said if we left the stadium we would not be re-admitted, which left us with over 2 hours in Wembley just standing around with nothing to do. Complete and utter joke.
  12. So that's it. It's over. Finished. Thank you for everything JT. Oh and f**k the board. :)
  13. Fully agree.
  14. Begovic Dave Cahill Miazga Kenedy RLC Mikel Willian Cesc Pedro Costa
  15. I hope the black armbands are worn on Saturday as I think it's the first home game since his passing? Could be wrong. It's odd how there is nothing about him in the official magazine though.