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  1. Emanalo The Problem

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Conte and/or Luiz bust-up?...
  2. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Last season we generally saw the best of Luiz. Dependable, aggressive, composed. This season, the 'undesirable' elements have crept back in. Rash challenges, poor decision making, getting caught out of position too often. To top it all off, being viewed laughing on the pitch whilst being hammered by Roma (whatever the reason) should not happen. It's unprofessional. Clearly, this decision is about as 'tactial' as when Diego was left out last January when wanting a move to China. Conte would never let it be known publicly, but the two have obviously had a major coming together. I really hope this is the beginning of a change of culture at the club, which is sorely needed. For too long, the players seem to have ruled the roost. Conte won't stand for that, and unless the board choose to back a manager for once, things will never change.
  3. God, how we've missed Kante. We looked a different team yesterday, and to echo what others have said, he's arguably our most vital player. Lots of positives from yesterday. Christensen was commanding at the back, and the trio of Kante/Bakayoko/Cesc looked our most balanced midfield. If Kante manages to pass over some of his composure to Baka, along with some tips on winning 50/50's, we will have a fine box-to-box midfielder for years to come. Morata's confidence looks back, and the only time Utd could get close to Hazard, they fouled him. My main concern with this team is consistency. The player's seem to 'up it' when the chips are down, rather than give 100% every single game. Hopefully this is the turning point.
  4. If I was Conte, I would make a statement vs. Watford. Rest Luiz & Bakayoko and play Ampadu & Kyle Scott in Midfield alongside Cesc. Failing that, if Christensen can play in the middle, play Clarke-Salter in defence. These are currently our back-up options, so why not use them?
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Of course it's all a matter of opinion and expectation, but to me, comments along the lines of ''more negativity...'' or ''you should be grateful'' are quite narrow minded/borderline insulting. Of course supporters are grateful for recent success, but, I also think we have the right to expect a squad capable of challenging properly. On the subject of Conte, I think there are some warning signs. The next window will be telling. If he get's no further support, or a Sidwell and Pizarro - he's gone.
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Really surprised to see so many people criticising Conte. He sees the players all week in training and starts people on merit. There's no way he'd play someone on reputation - he's made that pretty clear. Secondly, it's not like he has many options. We have a few injuries, plus players suffering dips in form, so choices are going to be limited. Thirdly, the champions league is in the back of his mind. It's his first outing with Chelsea in the competition, and he'll be desperate to make a good impression, despite the lack of resources. I hate to continue banging the 'squad depth drum' but it's plainly obvious to everyone how short we are. Roman and his minions must be in cloud cuckoo land, if they thought, come the end of the window, we had enough quality to compete on all fronts this season. Cahill mentions it at every opportunity, so it's not lost on the players, either. Losing Kante is a major blow and a bit unfortunate as he's one of those players that can't truly be replaced - he's unique. As for the other positions, we only have ourselves to blame as, either players were let go stupidly, or we failed to recruit properly. Presuming Morata is available, a bench containing Michy, Tomori, Scott, Musonda etc is clearly not strong enough. Debating whether Christensen or Rudiger should've started against Palace is irrelavent, as it hides the real issue. (Though for the record, a) Christensen not playing was strange, b) for me, the jury remains firmly out on Rudiger, and c) any combination of first team defenders should have dealt with Palace). My point is, with this squad (or lack of), we will get found out from time to time. Other than Jose's first spell, the club seems to do a great job of making a mess of things immeadiately after winning the title. There's obviously a major problem. Everyone knew both City and Utd would spend big again, yet we didn't press on. We did well in the end to get Morata, and although he's not there yet, I think Bakayoko will be a great addition, but with all due respect, we shouldn't be in a situatuon where we are having to fight for Fernando Llorente, let alone miss out on him. It's a pretty trivial point, but it highlights larger issues at the club. It's not the right mentality. Anyway, happy Monday, everyone.
  7. Dan, maybe this is an agree to disagree. I am absolutely with you on the point of being made to look inferior, as that's certainly how it played out, but for me, it's not an excuse - our schedule was certainly a factor, which shouldn't be ignored. Asking the same eleven (bar Moses) to play two high intensity games against two top sides in a few days (including travelling) is a massive ask, and I think it showed. The alternative would be to 'go at them' from the start, but then what happens just after half time when players are flagging? We bring on three subs and eventually City's squad depth would tell against tired legs. I don't think that's being harsh on our squad, I just think that's where we are at the moment. They have top quality back-up in every position, whereas right now, we don't. It's all hypothetical of course, but my point is, even if we played a high tempo game from the start, in the end, I'm not sure it would've made a difference. Yes we are at the beggining of a season and these are athletes, but I really don't see what more we could've done under the circumstances. Each player will have different individual levels of fitness, and they will all have their limitations.
  8. We were playing way too deep as we didn't have the energy reserves to play higher up the pitch for 90 mins. Conte said as much after the game; i.e. if we had tried to press City non-stop, we'd have burned out after 30 mins. As such, we had to concede space for much of the game and attempt to hit them on the break. It was a conscious decision to give up posession because we didn't have the legs to get at them. Before Morata went off, you could see that he wasn't pressing City's defence. Same for Hazard when he took up that position. Whether that was because they were under instruction to save energy for counter attacks, or whether they simply couldn't do it, we won't know, but again, the crux of the matter is squad depth. Man for man, with similar recovery times, sure we could go toe-to-toe with City's first eleven. In terms of overall squad, they are miles ahead.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I wouldn’t blame Conte for leaving, due to how poorly supported he was in the summer. He would’ve wanted at least 2-3 top signings to compliment the squad and instead we lost a whole host of players, and failed to bring in anyone really top drawer, apart from Morata, who is now the only recognised class centre forward we have. When you get crowned Champions, you have to go for the jugular & reinforce further to remain ahead of the pack. We lost signings to both Manc clubs, and even Spurs for christ’s Sake! Not good enough. And now, as Gerarrd rightly said on the weekend, we will have to prioritise which trophy to fight for as we don’t have the squad to go for everything. I’m sure Conte expected better.
  10. We gave everything on Wednesday night, got back at 4am Thursday morning, had one day to train/rest on Friday & then had to play a team that’s very adept at keeping the ball/has the most expensive squad in the league. It was pretty much the same eleven (bar Moses). Is it any wonder we couldn’t match them today? That’s not making excuses - they’re cold, hard facts! If we had a squad with the same strength in depth as City’s, maybe we wouldn’t have this problem. But we do. After winning the league, we had the chance to seriously press on and make a few class additions to the squad, but once again we didn’t do it. Instead we’re now having to play exactly the same eleven in these situations and just hope for the best. It was pathetic to watch. Credit to city for how they played, but let’s put it in some context.
  11. I had my doubts going into this fixture. It's a big test, and could easily lead to the unravelling of some teams, but without wanting to go overboard, this was a really mature, professional performance and demonstrates just how far the team has come under Conte. There's no denying Jose's record for us, but I've never seen Chelsea play away from home like that. I would go as far to say that a Mourinho team would not (or could not) play like that. We controlled most of the game on their own patch. I can't remember which years they were, but it reminded me of when Lazio and Inter came to the Bridge and played us off the park. They were miles ahead of us. We now have the players and the know-how to play possession football whilst also being able to kill the game in an instant through speed, and individual skill. We've seen evidence of counter attacking football before under Conte, but this was something new. A fully deserved win (credit to Simeone for admitting as much) and it's a promising sign going into the rest of the competition. Barring the slice of luck needed, our first 12-13 players are strong enough to win it. If Hazard, Morata, & Kante remain available for the latter stages, we will have a really strong chance of doing that. For me, those three are key and would get into any team. (P.S - a mention must go to Alonso, who seems to get better with every game).
  12. Chelsea's title credentials

    As consistent as we've been this season, it's frustrating that we have left the title so close to Spurs. Any kind of performance at United, for example, would have given us at least an extra point, and in my mind, 5 points would feel a lot more comfortable than 4 for some reason. I didn't expect Arsenal to produce anything and I don't expect West Ham to get anything from Spurs this Friday. This is probably our last 'big' test of character. Re-claiming a four point lead on Monday night after being only 1 point ahead for a few days will be a big statement, leaving Spurs with tricky games to negotiate against Utd and at Leicester. It's within Jose's locker to get a result at WHL when nobody expects it, and Leicester may want to return our title gesture. As good as Spurs have been, if we win on Monday I think it's done. I can't see them getting 9/9 points from the next three games.
  13. MOTM vs Spuds (H) (PL)

    Kante for me. The game passed him by a little in the first half - as it did for most of our players - but the second half showed what he's about. Being everywhere at once and winning impossible tackle after tackle.
  14. MOTM vs M'boro (A) (PL)

    I have to say, I was a bit surprised by SKY’s MOTM award going to Victor. On the whole, he has adapted to his new role brilliantly (especially from a defensive standpoint) but yesterday, I actually thought his end product was pretty poor. He lacked a bit of composure in the final third, and seemed reluctant to take on the fullback and get to the byline. For someone with such raw pace and power, he should be trying to take on his full back more often rather than cutting inside, and I’m sure this is something Conte will have noticed. That said, this is being picky and take nothing away from his development. The prospect of Ivan trying to play this role (if Moses were to get injured) doesn’t bear thinking about. For me, the standout MOTM yesterday was Luiz and I must admit he is proving me wrong on all counts. Since his return he has been nothing short of a revelation. We have (so far) not seen any of the stupid stuff we saw before, he is (so far) leading from the back and his positional awareness (so far) has been spot on. I’m very happy to say he seems to be proving me wrong at the moment, and long may it continue.
  15. Though we got results in our opening few games, it was clear to all that we had only just done enough to get by, without really playing anyone decent. The first two big tests have come; we have failed them both miserably. Even more worrying is the fact that our squad, with such seemingly brittle confidence (and cohesion), looks set to implode once more a la 2015. Too many players not doing their jobs, not having the right commitment, not knowing their jobs, or simply not caring enough. I don't expect Antonio to suffer the same fate as Jose without more of a fight, i.e., I think he will be prepared to make some really bold changes in order to try and get something working in our favour. I suspect the size of the task is only just dawning on him.