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  1. Chelsea's title credentials

    As consistent as we've been this season, it's frustrating that we have left the title so close to Spurs. Any kind of performance at United, for example, would have given us at least an extra point, and in my mind, 5 points would feel a lot more comfortable than 4 for some reason. I didn't expect Arsenal to produce anything and I don't expect West Ham to get anything from Spurs this Friday. This is probably our last 'big' test of character. Re-claiming a four point lead on Monday night after being only 1 point ahead for a few days will be a big statement, leaving Spurs with tricky games to negotiate against Utd and at Leicester. It's within Jose's locker to get a result at WHL when nobody expects it, and Leicester may want to return our title gesture. As good as Spurs have been, if we win on Monday I think it's done. I can't see them getting 9/9 points from the next three games.
  2. MOTM vs Spuds (H) (PL)

    Kante for me. The game passed him by a little in the first half - as it did for most of our players - but the second half showed what he's about. Being everywhere at once and winning impossible tackle after tackle.
  3. MOTM vs M'boro (A) (PL)

    I have to say, I was a bit surprised by SKY’s MOTM award going to Victor. On the whole, he has adapted to his new role brilliantly (especially from a defensive standpoint) but yesterday, I actually thought his end product was pretty poor. He lacked a bit of composure in the final third, and seemed reluctant to take on the fullback and get to the byline. For someone with such raw pace and power, he should be trying to take on his full back more often rather than cutting inside, and I’m sure this is something Conte will have noticed. That said, this is being picky and take nothing away from his development. The prospect of Ivan trying to play this role (if Moses were to get injured) doesn’t bear thinking about. For me, the standout MOTM yesterday was Luiz and I must admit he is proving me wrong on all counts. Since his return he has been nothing short of a revelation. We have (so far) not seen any of the stupid stuff we saw before, he is (so far) leading from the back and his positional awareness (so far) has been spot on. I’m very happy to say he seems to be proving me wrong at the moment, and long may it continue.
  4. Though we got results in our opening few games, it was clear to all that we had only just done enough to get by, without really playing anyone decent. The first two big tests have come; we have failed them both miserably. Even more worrying is the fact that our squad, with such seemingly brittle confidence (and cohesion), looks set to implode once more a la 2015. Too many players not doing their jobs, not having the right commitment, not knowing their jobs, or simply not caring enough. I don't expect Antonio to suffer the same fate as Jose without more of a fight, i.e., I think he will be prepared to make some really bold changes in order to try and get something working in our favour. I suspect the size of the task is only just dawning on him.
  5. Easy to blame the ref - the truth is, we should've been 3 nil up by half time and we didn't put the game out of reach. Hazard went through 1v1 to possibly make it two nil, and he fluffed his chance. Those are the ones (for a player of his quality) he should be burying.
  6. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    So we have about 500 players out on loan including Christensen, who is looking brilliant in Germany, and would be perfect as a third choice centre back in the absence of Zouma, panic that we are short, fire off a load of bids for everyman and his dog to no avail, then re-sign a defender that, most crucially, can't defend. As you can tell, I'm delighted with this signing. Well played, Chelsea.
  7. Well, it was enjoyable being the team to finally put the nail in Spurs' coffin, however, for me, the game (as entertaining as it was) also acted as a stark reminder as to just how badly we have 'performed' this season. Let's be honest with ourselves; most of the players have behaved like spoiled children during the campaign, or just failed to show up at all. Before Spurs lost their heads we looked more vulnerable than them, just as we saw when we were played off the park by the likes of Southampton, Bournemouth, Palace, Liverpool etc. We could've been 3 nil down by HT, and when you actually think about it, this match being our 'highlight' is laughable. As much as it pains me, credit must go to Tottenham for building the hungry young squad that they have and they will surely be there or thereabouts next season. By contrast, most of our first XI should all be wondering about their futures. Some of our players simply look past it (Ivanovic), some haven't clicked (Pedro), and for quite a few, I just don't know what they contribute any longer. Where has that fight been all season? The club has got a lot of work to do.
  8. I think Courtois has some rebuilding of his reputation to do. Yes, it hasn't helped that we haven't defended properly for most of this season but his decision making has been questionable and despite his age, he's a very experienced keeper, with top coaches around him. Would I have preferred Cech in goal this season? Unquestionably yes. Does that mean Courtois is a bad keeper? No. But he has a long way to go yet, and it would undoubtedly come back to haunt us (again) if we allowed him to leave.
  9. Don't remember feeling so disappointed/embarrassed with a Chelsea match for a long time. So many players just going through the motions - no desire, leadership and very little quality. Ruben was strolling through the match like a seasoned pro who's won all there is to win. You wouldn't think he's a 20 year old lad trying to break into the first team. It wouldn't surprise me to see 5 or 6 so called big names sold this summer & it can't happen soon enough.
  10. Everton v Chelsea FA Cup

    Well & truly fed up with Costa's antics. At best it's embarrassing and at worst it's a disgrace to the club. For every good game you get out of him, he spends another involving himself in the unnecessary stuff & I wouldn't be surprised if Chelsea have already decided to cut their losses at the end of the season.
  11. There's an article in the Guardian today that sums up Chelsea's current predicament quite accurately, and echoes exactly what I was thinking last night. £16m spent on Filipe Luis (although admittedly most of this was recouped) followed by £15m on Rahman, who apparently can't be trusted to play in the big games, therefore we play a 20 year old Brazilian forward at left back. In the champions league last 16. All the while, Ryan Bertrand is probably one of the premier league's best in that position, and is probably England's 1st choice going into Euro 2016.
  12. Jose Mourinho thread

    I feel relieved but not sad. It's been desperate to watch this season, and Jose only has himself to blame. What a mess. Clearly some of the players no longer wanted to play for him. No one is bigger than the club, and for once we got it right this time.
  13. Cesc Fabregas

    If he was prepared to come to Chelsea, I'd take him in an instant. It's a no brainer.
  14. Matic

    Pondering about the Matic deal is futile in my opinion, as we'll never know if he would have developed in the same way if we had kept him on our books, but sent him out on loan instead. Would he have got the chance on loan to play regularly at a club like Benfica?... Somehow I doubt it, & for whatever reason, it worked out for him there & It wouldn't necessarily work out for him just as well at another top club - that's life. I actually think we are lucky. The planets have aligned and we are lucky to have a very, very good young player coming back to give us the attributes in midfield that we so desperately lack, and we are lucky to still be his No1 choice considering we let him go so easily. Imagine he went to United... Arsenal... City or Liverpool and turned into a force for them? That would be a million times worse, & at least the KDB money will offset most of the outlay. People will soon forget the details once he starts putting in the performances.
  15. Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    We do seem to be going around in circles, so i'll wrap this up. 80% of us now fear Torres has about as much potency as a gnat. 20% of us feel he's doing a blinding job!