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  1. It was backs against the wall in the second half and we got lucky to not concede. That said, big performances from Kante, Cesc, Hazard and Rudi, who has looked stronger as the season has gone on. It doesn’t make up for the way we have performed in the league, but great to get one over Jose, and to finish on a positive note. Cheers fellow blues.
  2. Elliott

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    I really expected him to pull through.... How sad. Feel gutted for his family and all those that knew him. RIP Ray. Always came across as a gent. Far too young to die.
  3. Elliott

    Andreas Christensen

    Davey, I agree with you to a point, and usually, we'd be in position to throw someone else in at times. This season, our credible alternatives have been a Gary Cahill whose legs are gone, and the best centre back in the league last season, who is now not wanted anywhere near the first team.
  4. So we're here again..... sigh. I think it's a very simple answer. You bring in a manager, and then you allow them to control all aspects of the first team, including transfers. The less middle men, the better. Otherwise, nothing will change. They HAVE to have the final say on who comes, and who goes. Secondly, as it's quite obvious that the club isn't prepared to spend big these days, the emphasis has to be on youth, or at least (via the manager) bringing in players from elsewhere with plenty of their best years ahead of them. Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Odoi look good enough, for starters. Abraham I'm not convinced by, but he ought to be given a proper chance, as does Barkley (when fit). Palmieri may turn out to be a decent signing, we don't know yet. Ampadu has looked decent for a kid his age, as has Christensen, who is slightly ahead in terms of his progression. Regarding all other first team players, Hazard, Azpi, Kante, possibly Rudiger apart - would you really be devastated if any of them left?
  5. Elliott

    Andreas Christensen

    He's a good young player but, of course, still way off the finished article. If we are going to bench him next season (which I hope we don't) this whole season of him playing and trying to improve will have been a complete waste of time. People want youth to come through the team, yet when they make mistakes, suddenly they should be dropped? You can't have it both ways. He's made a few horrible errors in the last couple of months, which has cost us, but he's also played a few blinders, too. It's going to happen. Unfortunatley, we are taking some of the pain right now, but in the long run it'll be worth it.
  6. A deserved defeat. Everyone hid in the second half. On a more general note, we have zero cutting edge up front when Morata plays. We’ve bought two strikers since Costa left and not one of them comes anywhere close to replacing him.
  7. Elliott

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I would actually be interested to hear a Monaco supporter's views on him. Looked decent for them, especially in their run to the CL Semis. Currently he looks like a fraud of a footballer (see ''George Weah's cousin'' / Southampton circa 1996). He has the physical attributes, but appears to have no football nous whatsoever. Plus, to make things worse, he just coasts around the pitch in some kind of dreamland. The joke that never gets funny. Maybe he hates Conte? Maybe he dislikes England? Maybe he's carrying a niggling injury?....Whatever it is, I'd go as far as saying he looks like one of the worst buys during the 'Roman' era. Sending RLC out on loan again, and bringing this guy in - another addition to the ever-growing list of terrible board decisions in recent years.
  8. Fair result. We’re pretty sh*t - they’re not. Roll on next season when the board treat us to Moyes or Pardew. Maybe we’ll have Glenn Murray up front.
  9. Yesterday’s approach, whatever the reasons was unforgiveable, and the clearest sorry indication yet of a team and manager that has now completely lost its way. You couldn't even call it a performance, because it wasn't. There was no point in even turning up. If Conte wanted to conserve energy, why not play the reserves? I'm not sure what was worse - the complete lack of effort, or Conte trying to justify it, only to then brand everyone else as 'stupid'. Well, there's only one person that's stupid, Antonio, and I think every Chelsea fan has now worked out who that is. I was a big fan of his before yesterday, as I am one of the few who believe he hasn't been supported properly by the board since winning the title. Our transfer business has been horrific. That said, there are no excuses for what the team did (or didn't do) yesterday and it was an idiot move. This is all presuming of course, that the players haven't 'downed tools' again, and were carrying out his instructions. All the blame now quite clearly rests with one person. We played well against Barca, but let's be honest, we scraped a draw. Dire against Utd. Even more dire against City, and now we're about to crash and burn in the second leg at the Nou Camp, no doubt trying to play the same way. Four big games, and as I expect, not one win. Yes, last season may have been a fluke, and City's squad/financial muscle is far superior to ours right now (personally, I don't buy the opinion that we are 'not that far behind / could go toe-to-toe') but there are ways to manage the recent few games, and Conte has failed embarrassingly. Players being played out of position, baffling tactics, bizarre decisions to leave players out - he's sounded his own death knell.
  10. Elliott

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    My thoughts exactly. I feel very disillusioned with the club right now and with how it is run. Last season’s title masked the same old problems, and I’m done with it. The board always promises years of stability and support to a manager, but never deliver. If your manager is successful, you stand by him. That’s the bottom line. Couldn’t really give a toss about the rest of the season. Watching us scramble to a top four finish before inevitably sacking the manager and starting all over again? Not for me. This all stems back to the row with Costa, but guess what? You back the manager. The one who’s just won you the title. If the club didn’t want Conte here this season, as is clearly the case, they should’ve had the balls to sack him last year.
  11. Elliott

    Riyad Mahrez

    Agree with others in respect of Guardiola (and City) getting too much credit. They are undoubtedly the most impressive to watch at present, but they've only managed to make that style of football work after spending an exorbitant amount of money. They have by far and away the strongest group of players in the league, and that's what wins you football matches. If you add those players to any premier league side, they win the league. It's a very similar situation to when Roman had been here for a couple of seasons and our then crop of players, man for man, were head and shoulders above anyone else. Nobody else could compete, and even when they threatened to, we bought (or tried to buy) their best players. All that being said, clubs know operate (or at least some of us try to) in a world of FFP, and this is my only exception to how City carry on. For example, since last season, including Laporte, they have now spent £215m on defenders alone. How can that be justified to UEFA, unless there's been some serious book fiddling going on? Pep claims, in the grand scheme of things, City haven't really spent that much, as they have bought numerous players, rather than spending hundreds of millions on just one (a la United), but as we all know, that's not really the point. Do City really generate substantially higher revenues than us? In 2016/17 it was about 100m EUR higher, which isn't much by today's standards, and now they're prepeared to increase net losses even further by spending on Mahrez. It's gotten so ridiculous, they're now attempting to sign players to cover injuries of 6-7 weeks. As others have said, you can't knock their attitude - they've spent the money to bring in the top bracket players. This is what we have done in the past, and is exactly what we should have done after winning the league, but honestly, what's the point in FFP right now. Either we all play by the same rules, or if you choose not to, there must be consequences. If City are prepared to ignore/bend the rules, why are Chelsea so afraid?
  12. Elliott

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    It's a done deal as BBC are now reporting Michy has gone to Dortmund. No way we would let him go without knowing someone else is coming in. Not sure how I feel about this one. Half my brain tells me we are signing an average player. The other half says, a) he knows the league and b) it's a better option than we already have. Either way you look at it, it still pales in comparison to how City are going about things.
  13. It's a real shame that we didnt at least have Musonda on the bench to chose from. He would have slotted in perfectly to replace Willian to make sure we continued with a high front three and it would've been interesting to see how he played alongside Hazard and Pedro. Massive oversight on the club's part. Who's call was that? Whilst accepting we have a couple of injuries, the fact that one player going off caused so much disruption is scandalous for a club of our standing. Our only attacking options were a player who hasn't played for the best part of a year, and a striker who struggled to hold the ball up against Norwich.
  14. Elliott

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Conte has been supported (to a degree) but nowhere near as you would expect for reigning Champions. We had a horrible summer transfer window, despite getting Morata (who, in my view, is a downgrade on Costa) and our squad is still in need of at least two to three top class signings. A token £15m Ross Barkley gesture is not enough to convince me that the board are fully behind Conte, and sadly, I think he knows he only has a matter of months left. This is Chelsea, after all. It seems we're not happy unless we immeadiately follow up a successful season by undoing the good work, only to get a new manager and the whole cycle starts again!
  15. Elliott

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Someone needs to stick a rocket up his arse. If only Wisey was still around...