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  1. Lol at United bound! Verratti has made it very clear he wants to win[emoji23]
  2. About damn time![emoji16]
  3. According to Sky no official bids have been made for Aubameyang this window...
  4. Just wanna say you guys are a great laugh, it's still early so ignore the whiners [emoji23]
  5. Local Madrid propaganda piece is calling it a 60m team option so I'm just waiting till the club spills the details
  6. Details are trickling in saying it's 2yr deal 5m/yr and 35.2m team option
  7. Bayern bound on a 2 yr loan deal + option to buy
  8. You would think there was another team in Manchester playing now[emoji38]
  9. Pretty pointless since we can just wait a couple hours and still get our full of their tears[emoji23]
  10. Lol
  11. As previously mentioned he would play a more advanced role next to Hazard and Costa, since you guys use wing backs he wouldn't need to provide width and be allowed to play narrow...
  12. The handful who actually understand their own manager's tactics......James would be a quality player in his system and at Chelsea...
  13. Guys average since his break out season at Schalke, even for the German NT he shows nothing special. Maybe he needs a bigger club but I'm convinced he is a squad player for a top club at best.....
  14. He said a while back Barca would be a dream club....