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  1. A colleague of mine is an Everton ST holder and she and all the other fans she knows couldn't wait to be shot of him. She thought they had overpaid for him from us. And she can't wait to see the back of Barkley now.
  2. Better than Hank! Is that what the K in @dkwstands for then?
  3. f**k off! Far too American. And I know that that is completely illogical as he isn't a Brit but Chelsea is a British club so it has to be a British Blokey name not Yankee.
  4. Well I was going to say John but there'll only ever be one John in our minds. So, Bob then? But that's Luiz. Bill? Garner. What blokey name could we use? Stan.
  5. We'd just call him Steve.
  6. Tbh I am just pleased that our new striker is not called Lukaku. I pretend that I think Morata is better but I haven't got a scooby really!
  7. I'm not quite sure why but this made me laugh! It's the sort of reason I'd come out with rather than discussing his technical ability, intelligent play, teamwork, etc etc. "yeah, I like his name"
  8. Wasn't Eto signed after Lukaku left though? I may be wrong. But I think he would've got some games if he'd stayed. He was having a good pre-season, then missed that penalty and seemed to panic and wanted reassurance of first team football and insisted on leaving to get it. His time would've come I'm sure.
  9. I wanted him to stay when he was here and was disappointed that he didn't stay to fight for a place in the team. If he had I reckon he would have broken through as our options up front at the time were limited to say the least. But as I said, while he does seem to get the goals, he just doesn't look good to me, clumsy and petulant and expects everything to be handed to him on a plate. Didn't want him back at any price - the price wasn't the stumbling block as far as I was concerned, it was the player but the price just made it worse. Like you, I hope I'm right. Players can change according to the team they're in.
  10. That as so sweet (Klopp) but so annoying (Pep and Jose) especially when you remember that they were saying that Conte was going to be sacked in September.
  11. I couldn't see this? What were they saying? I hope Batshuayi stays, I like his personality and he's been good in the few times we've seen him. Definitely too early to sell.
  12. Isn't it Watford?
  13. I bumped into my Everton supporting colleague today and said "you really mugged United didn't you". She laughed and said she couldn't believe they had paid so much for "that donkey". We both agreed he had been overpriced at £28m when we sold him and she said that all the Everton ST holders were prepared to pay his bus fare to leave. I didn't want him to return and certainly not for anywhere near what was quoted for him. I think (and hope) that we dodged a bullet here. But, at the same time, I realise he has scored a lot of goals. He is a bit of an enigma really.
  14. Live music on TV is always deceptive - usually worse than when you are there, but sometimes better. I was in the audience for the Jacksons and they were fantastic - no problems with the vocals to my ears. Though it's possible I was a little distracted by a full-on domestic taking place in front of me - the husband was so drunk he couldn't stand without his son(?) holding him up (after he had fallen over) and his wife getting so angry with him she was screaming in his face for him to f**k off. God alone knows how they got him back to wherever they were camping as I think that stage is quite a way from any campsite. Chrissie Hynd was indeed wonderful, as was Chic. Barry Gibb again sounded a lot better live than on TV where he sounded quite shreeky. Enjoyed Blossoms and the National - two bands I know little of but will listen to more now. And found She Drew the Gun strangely mesmerising. And for some reason, Ralph McTell singing Streets of London had me in tears. First year I didn't see a Pyramid headliner. Sort've missed the whole extravaganza of that but Radiohead bore me, Foos clashed with Jacksons and I don't regard Ed as a headliner type person really so on Sunday went up to Strummerville, a tiny area with a minute stage among the trees and listened to a couple of songs from some Australian band I'd never heard of before strolling over to climb the ribbon tower (spectacular view) as there was much less of a queue than I've ever seen. Then on to watch the weird and wonderful Arcadia with all it's flame-throwing (google it - it's some spectacle). Oh and Jeremy Corbyn was fantastic - didn't see him on the Pyramid, will have to catch up with that sometime, but in the Left Field tent immediately after where he spoke for a lot longer and was a brilliant orator. Am very sorry there is no Glastonbury next year. It flew by and I didn't see half the stuff I wanted to - despite averaging about 15 miles walking every day!
  15. I am indeed - my husband and son have season tickets in the side stand though so I doubt I would ever use it as when I go it will be using my son's ST if he isn't able to.