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  1. No talk about our disallowed goal either.
  2. That was right in front of us and I don't remember thinking for a moment it was a foul (and I am the biggest pessimist going when it comes to Chelsea!). Interested to see these incidents soon on motd as I must say I miss so much at the match!
  3. Doesn't really matter though. It's still a ripped piece of equipment that someone can get stuck to and injure himself My favourite quote from Red Cafe! Complaining that someone could injure themselves on Morata 's shirt that Smalling had ripped! mm
  4. Ha ha love it! Quite liked the fact that Chelsea fans largely ignored him today. Didn't give him the satisfaction of making it about him.
  5. I was amazed to read that! He got so much wrong. The disallowed goal looked wrong and the Baku booking. And they got loads of free kicks which looked very questionable.
  6. Wow! Just reading Red Cafe and a couple of Manure fans were calling Antonio a classless c**t! Really? Because he was too busy celebrating to shake your classless c**t's hand?,oh the f**king irony! Edited to add - I still respect Jose for all he did for us but really pot, kettle black?
  7. Oh and Jose can just f**k off to the far side of f**kland and then carry on f**king off until he meets himself f**king off. My Arse did they deserve anything.
  8. f**king fantastic! Buzzing! On the coach and opened the beer. So happy! Not just the result but the performance. Last 5 minutes aged me 10 years though especially as we were right behind their goal! Anyway beer to drink - cheers all!
  9. I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    This popped up on my FB timeline today - originally posted in 2015 but I thought it was apt today.
  10. Alvaro Morata

    I think he has been poor since his return. Pretty anonymous tonight. I know it's hard to be a striker when the team isn't playing well but he showed no movement or imagination. Agreed he needs to buck his ideas up.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me. He looked gutted in the last quarter of the match every time they showed him.
  12. Fortunately for me I missed that match. I can take losing but there was just so much wrong tonight. Who actually looked like they were playing at full pace with full commitment? No-one at all. And apparently they couldn't even be bothered to applaud the fans until Dave told them to and even then Will Ped and Batsh*t couldn't bring themselves to go over. Depressing.
  13. Wtf was that? Bloody awful performance. No passion, no fight, so depressing. Can't think of anyone who played well.
  14. Who was that who came on and looked like Fab but played like someone from my pub team?
  15. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    My stream has just gone over to the Spuds v Spam game in Arabic. Now, I don't speak Arabic but I'm fairly certain I picked out "f**k up" in there!