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  1. Remembering liverpool vs chelsea 0-2

    I knew no-one who wanted them to win - Everton, Arsenal, Spurs, Stoke - all wanted anyone but them!
  2. Remembering liverpool vs chelsea 0-2

    From RWAK - "Well, at least they won't win the league." Well not until the next year! And then again two years later. And you're still waiting!
  3. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Rhymes with choose unless you're one of the county hunting shooting and fishing set.
  4. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Not really nearest or dearest to anyone but me (nearest and second dearest) but can I just point out that Shrewsbury are top of league 1, 5 points clear, undefeated with only 1 draw. And they were one of the favourites for relegation having just escaped last year. Oh and plating good football as well. Would be fantastic to see them in the championship.
  5. Watched it in the children's ward after my son had an operation and was told off for making too much noise! Fantastic night!
  6. Broadcast Bias

    So Stoke have been on more than us It is like they've forgotten who won the league. Ah well, under the radar again and slipping up into first with all the attention on the Mancs as usual.
  7. Broadcast Bias

    There was analysis? I must've blinked.
  8. Broadcast Bias

    And Stoke v Manure is sexy?
  9. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Oh Mata you're better than that don't dive
  10. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    What appalling defending from Stoke there.
  11. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    God this is a tedious game.
  12. Barkley

    I seem to remember her saying it about Lukaku and Barkley in the middle of last season though not just in close season. She never rated Lukaku - was frustrated by his inconsistency and poor first touch as well as his laziness. I really don't think it was when they wanted to leave she was talking about being glad to see the back of them. But I may be wrong.
  13. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    I didn't see the match tonight but your description is so Arsenal. It was something I noticed abundantly in our home match with them last season. Every time they lost the ball they looked at each other as though to say "well get the ball back and give it to me" whereas we just turned round and tried to fight to get it ourselves. Especially Kante. Obviously.
  14. Zappacosta

    Know nothing about him but love his name!
  15. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Can't help feeling pleased that he didn't get his way and we didn't a) sell him for below market value b) loan him to Everton....spit...(never really thought that was a starter, he wasn't happy in London so why would he want to move to Liverpool? - but I was still a bit worried, even so!) Sort of have this daydream where he and Antonio have a massive reconciliation where they pledge their undying love, Diego becomes the second coming, storms the league (or Champions League, I'm not fussy) and they all live happily every after. Ah well, it's always entertaining following and supporting Chelsea. Never a dull moment, eh?