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  1. Hey this is meant to be unpopular views not "general moans that everyone agrees with"!
  2. Didn't see any. And they took the goals down before the presentation so no opportunity for toddlers scoring anyway. I loved Stefan!
  3. Well, duh, of course he bloody would wouldn't he - erm let's see three league titles, a Champions League, a Europa League, 4 FA cups and 2 league cups vs a couple of FA cups. Who wouldn't swap?
  4. What the hell? When was that?
  5. Let's hope they're not!
  6. Yep that's the one I've got!
  7. I didn't have any reason to doubt your story. Yes, if you are genuinely just trying to find a good home for it, I'd be delighted to have it. I'll pm you my address.
  8. Hear, hear Everyone I've spoken to recently really thinks Jose has lost the plot and lost his love of football (not that I bring it up, but fans of other teams do).
  9. That would be very kind of you And if we are ever going to the same match, there will obviously be a drink coming your way. I know what you mean about finding a home for things rather than dumping them - you know that there must be someone out there who'd appreciate something but trying to find them can be tricky.
  10. Oh sorry then - so often people come on here trying to sell things that I've become cynical! I genuinely think it would be a nice thing to have - the cupwinners cup was one of my early memories and I remember thinking it incredible that we had beaten Real Madrid. If you are genuinely just trying to ensure it goes to a good home, I would be interested - I would bequeath it to my son after I go too!
  11. Nope - me either - I'm outta here because this has just become ridiculous.
  12. I'm outta here - this is ridiculous that any criticism is deemed to be because of race.
  13. So the next step is to conclude it's because everyone is racist? Nope, can't see the logic myself.
  14. Oh it would mean something to me - and I would be very grateful for your generosity in passing it on! Because you're not trying to come on here and sell something in your first post are you?
  15. But still no evidence to even suggest that those that dislike him do so because he's Nigerian. If you had left it at "he's being criticised unfairly" MAYBE people would have thought you could have a point, or at least have respected your opinion. You brought this on yourself the moment you labelled those who dislike him as racist.