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  1. And JT went on Sunday with Cahill too.
  2. Maybe it's turned completely on its head now and every match you watch from now has the result you want?
  3. @Zeta I assume you resisted the temptation to start watching? Thanks for that, much appreciated.
  4. Bournemouth 2-1 Watford Palace 0-2 Everton Boro 1-1 West ham Stoke 1-2 Man Utd Wba 2-0 Sunderland Derby 1-1 Reading
  5. I don't think Kinkladze was implying that it did - none of the teams he mentioned are Prem. He meant that Sutton and Wimbledon are local to each other so there was an added dimension to the tie. Whereas Lincoln v Ipswich had little to interest.
  6. I thought all along there was less to this than met the eye. Mind you I thought the Eva thing would be over with a few apologies and hugs all round..........
  7. Because you get to say what we discuss on this site, right?
  8. Burnley 1 - 1 Southampton Hull 1 - 1 Bournemouth Sunderland 1 - 2 Stoke Swansea 0- 2 Arsenal Watford 0 - 1 Middlesbrough West Ham 1 - 1 Crystal Palace f**k. little bit pissed. Don't know what i'm doing!
  9. For f**k's sake!
  10. And others are saying it was a row with fitness staff not Conte and Conte has just left him out because of an injury. Nothing to see here. Fingers crossed.
  11. Sounds like it may just be they had a row over whether he was fit or not. Hopefully nothing much in it. Please. I hope. For God's sake.
  12. Absolutely! His tackles and general covering were amazing. Hope he gets back to his best soon.
  13. My heart was in my mouth when he was pole-axed yesterday. He didn't move at all for what seemed forever. Was worried he was unconscious and was so glad when he got up again. He wasn't at the level he was before his injury when he was absolutely immense but hopefully he'll get back there soon.
  14. Djilijobby - week in, week out?
  15. We were right to worry Scott!