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  1. Yeah me too. Loved his dance to Blue is the colour after the Champions League. And his singing on the bus afterwards.
  2. Bury 1 - 2 Fleetwood Town Coventry 0 - 1 Bristol Rovers Gillingham 1 - 0 Peterborough Northampton 2 - 1 Oxford Utd Oldham 0 - 1 Sheff Utd Strawberry 1 - 2 Bolton
  3. Brilliant! Will have to remember that one!
  4. SlashFootball‏Verified account @slashfootball 9h9 hours ago More ''What's the first sign of spring?'' "When Arsenal get knocked out of the Champions League. It happens every year in the 2nd week of March"
  5. David Luiz and Gazza describing Conte's training. Had to laugh at David - "Focus, everyday he says that, focus"
  6. That came up on my Facebook memories too! Still makes me smile!
  7. Ah! I've said it before but I loved Meireles - complete and utter scary nutter but even with his Liverpool connections, he stole into my hear for some completely inexplicable reason.
  8. Mentally or physically? Some of them don't seem very bright.
  9. Arsenal have never been known as a team of fighters but this season they're ridiculous. No effort and no desire. It was evident at the match at the Bridge that when they lost the ball they just didn't try hard enough to get it back. No leaders either. And Whinger has obviously just let them get away with it.
  10. Love this from one of the comments on Arsenal TV: Mourinho came to Chelsea in 2004 and won the league 2005 and 2006. Wenger in 2005 - building the team. Ferguson won the league 2007, 2008, 2009. Wenger in 2007, 2008, 2009... still building the team. Ancelloti came to Chelsea in 2009 and won the league in 2010. Wenger in 2010... still building the team. Roberto Mancini came to Man city in 2010 and won the league in 2012. Wenger in 2012... still building the team. Pellegrini came to Man city in 2013 and won the league in 2014. Wenger in 2014... still building the team. Mourinho came back to Chelsea in 2013 and won the league in 2015. Wenger in 2015... still building the team. Claudio Ranieri came to Leicester city in 2015 and won the league in 2016. Wenger in 2016... still building the team. Antonio Conte came to Chelsea in 2016 and already taking the EPL by storm until 2017. Wenger in 2017... still building the team. Wenger are you building the Ark of Noah.?
  11. Thanks for that @Boyne - I was just thinking today I'd have to check if there was any news on this.
  12. Yeah I worked out that if both City and spurs lose all the games upto the Manure one and we win all of ours, that's the only way we can win it at theirs.
  13. Oh definitely. Goes without saying I think.
  14. But even after finishing second, no-one seemed to want to go there really/
  15. Meh they didn't really attract anyone after they finished second did they? In fact Suarez decided to leave.