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  1. Beerqueen

    WC 2018

    I give you my guide to who to support in any game in the World Cup (stolen from my Facebook post during the 2016 Euros, hence the reference to Eudur): Scoring system for "who should I support in this match?"a) Did they sing their anthem better than the opposition? +2 ptsb) Is their anthem better than the opposition's? +2 pts c) Deduct 1 point for each sh*t haircut or 3 for a particularly awful one d) Ditto tattoos e)Is Ronaldo in the team? -50 points f) Any Chelsea players? Add 2 pts each g) Any ex-Chelsea player who you still like? Add a point h) But if it's Eidur Gudjohnsen, add 10 points i) Ditto Juan Mata j) -5 points for each example of over-acting. k) Is it Russia? - 50 points Feel free to add your own items of personal importance.
  2. Beerqueen


    If you want to tell me the details, I'll happily do it on your behalf @yorkleyblue
  3. It's funny because I often have two conflicting views/feelings before a game. One is what my head logically tells me is likely to happen and the other is a gut feeling. Often my gut feeling is anxiety (my default mood when it comes to Chelsea) even when my head tells me we should be clear favourites. But on Saturday, whilst almost everyone thought Manure were clear favourites, my gut feeling disagreed. I did acknowledge that we could easily lose. But I also thought that they weren't great, were short of ideas, were turgid and although they finished three places above us, weren't any better really. At worst I thought it was 50/50 which way it would go. Even though my head (and other people) were saying otherwise, I really thought we had more than a decent chance. And I thought all along that the most likely score was 1-0 - well, both of us are pretty defensive and I couldn't see it being an entertaining goal-fest. I just wish I'd had a bet on it!
  4. Ah it's like old times Davey - I can't be arsed to articulate what I feel but come on here to find you've done it for me. Always goddess to get a trophy. And beat Manure. And beat Jose. Sweet.
  5. Beerqueen

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Yeeessss! Shrewsbury beat Charlton in the first (away) leg of the play off semi! Come on you Shrews smash them at the Meadow!
  6. I'm frustrated too but calling our players c**ts is not on.
  7. Do fouls on Willian not count at all?
  8. We started the half so badly . No life. No spark. COME ON CHELSEA - GET THE TWO GOALS WE NEED.
  9. sh*tting fuc king hell! how was that not a foul on Will?
  10. Seems very quiet from our fans so far?
  11. And now winning a header!
  12. He deserved something from that!
  13. I agree. I didn't think we were bad at all. Will be interesting to see it back on motd.
  14. They were also holding up 5 fingers so I was saying "yes that's how many times we've won the premier league. Remind me again how many times you have?"
  15. Always great to end a match with a sing and dance to One Step Beyond - especially when you're right next to the Scousers to rub it in! Funnily enough they didn't join in the dancing but started shouting at us!