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  1. Les i'll have them mega desperate for Boro ticket.

  2. I,m still looking for one if it,s available 



    1. Les666


      serious??  ok text me on 07801 689888 and i will give you the number of a contact with a spare

  3. He should be sponsored by Marmite
  4. next game im going to is leicester away on tuesday

  5. I will have it if its still avaliable

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    2. Sapper245


      no the next game im going to is leicester away

    3. Sapper245
    4. Les666


      Do you deff want it??   I am swamped with requests.    If so its yours.   A contact has 9 and only needs 8 so is selling the spare.  I will give you his email details once I know for sure you want it.   Once that is done I will give him your details, he will email a picture of the ticket.  You transfer the money to him which is £30 plus post , or collect.  On receipt he posts to you.  That's how it works.   Only ever deal with people you know or are recommended by regular suppliers of spares like myself.  Easy way to check is look at previous posts, the person needs a track record.   Hope this helps.  Les

  6. looks like I will have 2 tickets to Hull if interested?




  7. What a great thread...full of passion. what matters is WE are Chelsea, managers and players will come and go but we remain for better or worse... In any case so what if Jose starts to win things with Man U, going by past form he will only be there 3 years...
  8. sorry, yea I didn't make it clear enough ....although in my beer brain it did seem clear.... ok try again... As you say keep membership free, however.... if people wish to gain access to certain sections of your choice then they need to be a paid up or errr 'premium' member?? i.e must make a donation of at least £1 per year, it's not a lot to ask and people are willing to spend that on the mag available at all the games... I get swamped with people all wanting face value tickets so think how much they save considering the price from touts and other retail sites.... Therefore I would suggest that at the very least the ticket section needs a pay to view policy.... it could show titles but no content unless you cough up a donation.... any clearer.......
  9. maybe we could have a box at bottom of text section next to 'post' or 'more reply options' taking the person to a paypal transfer section ... with a minimum of £1 per year to become a full member and gain access to areas like tickets??
  10. just saw the film 2nd Best Marigold hotel , got dragged to the premiere in Leicester square by my Mrs but I actually enjoyed it, some brilliant acting by Judi Dench and Maggie Smith...
  11. Last movie I saw was the new Hunger Games Catching fire, managed to get a ticket via my Mrs for the premiere in Leicester square...if you liked the first one then see this it's just as good..out on 21st Nov..