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  1. Having been reminded, gonna add: 3-1 City (away) 16-17 - just got one hyphenated word to describe this game: sucker-punch 6-0 Arsenal (home) 13-14 Also, can't forget: 2-0 PSG (home) 13-14 - don't think I've seen a group of players so delighted to win a game when the whistle sounded. They played and celebrated with so much passion.
  2. Oops, well spotted. Wish I could say I saw those games in the 70s and 80s but bit before my time.
  3. Curious to see everyone's favourite games where we either didn't win a cup or a title. For me, it'd be: Manchester United (home) 1999-00: Destroying United 5-0 at home. Watched the highlights show as a six-year-old. The first league game I can really remember. Stoke City (home) 2008-09: Belletti and Lampard score late to keep Scolari in a job (at least for a couple more weeks). I remember going absolutely crazy while watching this, screaming without actually making any noise because Mum and Dad were sleeping in the next room. Arsenal (away) 2009-10: Drogba and Ashley Cole tear the Gooners a new one. A double for Drog and an own goal from Vermaelen. This was the game that proved to me once and for all that we got the better deal out of the Cole-Gallas swap. Everton (home) 2015-16: Honestly, the best I think I can remember us playing. Any of the seven-goal wins from 2009-10 or any time where we made a game look like a training run and could not stop scoring.
  4. I hope they wire Bakayoko the moneys so we can wrap this deal up as soon as possible.
  5. Ampadu even looks a bit like Jake! That's awesome!
  6. Perfect. Now we need a Two And A Half Men photoshop of Caballero, Rüdiger and Ampadu. Two And A Half Signings!
  7. I would think that too...but it's Sky reporting. Have been wrong in the past but normally with Sky or BBC, there's at least some truth in it. I reckon we've made an enquiry at least.
  8. I think he's great. He just knows where to be and what to do at all times. It wasn't his fault United kept drawing every game.
  9. I must admit I thought Zlatan would be worth a move when I heard he'd been let go...but there is the case of his injury and how much he could really do/play this coming season. So it's probably not worth it. Shame as a fit Zlatan is still a world-class striker. Rashford would be as unlikely but for different reasons. We would know United would probably only let him go overpriced. No question as to whether or not he'd be wanted here, the answer is obviously yes...but reality is it probably ain't happening.
  10. Nice of Bats to come out with this...even if the word 'literally' drives me crazy when it's not used properly P.s. Don't watch the vid if you don't like needles.
  11. Another absentee was Diego Costa, after it was agreed with the club that he should have an extra few days off.
  12. I didn't mean you. I just meant that fans of other clubs have always been having a go at us for buying players rather than bringing our own through and 'doing it the right way'. Just seems they think we should bring youth through just for the sake of it, as opposed to them actually being ready or good enough. I apologise, I should have made that clear. Personally, I don't mind the system we have with our academy. If they are that good, they should be able to make it with us. If not, they go on loan or sold for profit. Good point about Pogba though.
  13. Doing all that cost us what exactly? We're not going to win the league every year so bringing in Eto'o for Lukaku did not stop us finishing top in 2013-14. It just seems the only reason for bringing in youth players is for the sake of having the moral high ground in arguments (supposedly doing it the right way). Well, even teams who do bring through youth spend ridiculous amounts of money on players anyway. I respect your opinion and agree that it would be nice to see youth come through...but what players that we've got rid of could you honestly say would have improved us to the point where we are kicking ourselves that we let them go? I refer to youth here, not players like De Bruyne, Mata, Lukaku. I'm sorry, I just do not think we deserve that much criticism for having a mentality that: 1. other clubs do and 2. is successful in different ways (winning trophies).
  14. I agree, bring him out of retirement. Worth whatever we pay
  15. Why? We have one of the most successful academies in Europe. If a young player is going to be THAT good, we play them. They obviously haven't been so didn't make it. Remember when McEachran, Kakuta were going to be the next big thing? I agree it would be nice to see more youth players break through but it could mean a couple of lean years without trophies. That's just not what our mentality is as a club. If the choice is between our current system or going potentially years without the league, I know what I'd prefer. Anyway, we are certainly not the only club to do this...yet we seem to be the only one that comes under fire. That was my point.